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America has been quiet for too long. It’s time for everyone of all races to be outraged.
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Retweeted by RickyBobbyI look at Minnesota wayyyyyy different now lol
Retweeted by RickyBobbyMiss me with all this donation shit, if you see a cop with his knee on my neck shoot the cop. I really have no pati… riots ever happen in MoCo or DC PLEASE destroy the speeding/red lights cameras first!
Retweeted by RickyBobby @kasscade8200 @JimSatala @icecube If you don’t stuff a shoe down your own throat Karen. 👟I apologize to everyone expecting to see me on Good Morning America today, but after the events in Minnesota with G…
Retweeted by RickyBobbySpend that $20 on a few boxes of bullets..... but they tried peacefully kneeling and yall had a problem with that too.
Retweeted by RickyBobbyRapper Desiigner Steps Up During Outbreak, Declares Rent Relief for His Tenants
Retweeted by RickyBobbyJust remembered Mall of America in Minnesota
Retweeted by RickyBobbyDavid Hollenbeck, wrestling coach & substitute at Bethel High School in Spanaway, WA (253) 683-7000 Principal email…
Retweeted by RickyBobbyYou ever been on a vacation by yourself?Niggas said Big Sean albums still available in that target
Retweeted by RickyBobby @SuggSavage @tonykill_ VocalsSigned today.
Have some class when discussing black voters. @noorrrrrk Your not alone ...That’s my cousin. Ahmed
Retweeted by RickyBobbyHer: Can I get some dick? Me: You do all your chores?
Retweeted by RickyBobby @kush_jones_ Keep cranking out hits. You and @FutureTiming lifted me up tonight with everything going on. Music re… @kush_jones_ @DjNativeSun I’m wit it... foreal. Something where we can get piss drunk @DjNativeSun It’s not a game. Tryna shut clubs down again with that one. 😂
Retweeted by RickyBobby @kush_jones_ I second this LOL
Retweeted by RickyBobbyLove u G. We need Brick Booty out when the clubs open. Double box set with the USB too.
Retweeted by RickyBobbyBig ups to @kush_jones_ this one is a classic. @FutureTiming Got two on me rnWhenever I get hungry now, I roll up. I’m fastingListen to The Colours That Rise - Deep Space (STW Premiere) by Stamp The Wax #np on #SoundCloud ⁦@bradleyzero⁩ like someone that wants you to know. @rammthagreat Preach @muvamoonbeam Naw it’s a bottle and half the time when their like that all you have to do is turn them over and pou… @muvamoonbeam Lol wowtwo metres.
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@residentadvisor Welp was comfortable knowing that I’d grow up seeing everything Bernie mac put out. “May he rest his shit”
This man @lastdreamcast officiated a wedding w no shirt on
Retweeted by RickyBobbyI’m about to go from ashy to classyWorld Class Tings!!!
Retweeted by RickyBobby @Luxuriouss That’s something, happy birthday
@FutureTiming guy @lastdreamcast built like a Martinelli’s apple juice
Retweeted by RickyBobbylisten 10 years from now were gonna be looking for a 30 for 30 about @FutureTiming , from apple fields to being sh…
Retweeted by RickyBobbyCan somebody yell at the top of their lungs NOBODY DOES IT LIKE @fatbellybella 🖤I luh deez covid 19 beards and natural hairlines with no edge up . 😍
Retweeted by RickyBobby @OneMpyr @balenciaglo Underrated @balenciaglo Yall say she annoying imagine you finna fuck somebody and they girl pull up she either had to look goo…
Retweeted by RickyBobby @_saadashraf You live in the boonies @1future @karlibrije toxic. 10 years from now were gonna be looking for a 30 for 30 about @FutureTiming , from apple fields to being sh… one thing we gone always be able to say. PAULE GEORGE WAS NEVER AFRAID TO GAURD THE BEST PLAYER ON THE FLOOR.… George somewhere in deep relief
Retweeted by RickyBobbysometimes i smoke my feelings under the tableEvery day he stoops a little lower.
Retweeted by RickyBobby @danielatlarge Like shitWhy he keep counting the same $900
Retweeted by RickyBobby @_TherealAdaBoo is the shit I’m talking about.. shout out to @jujujordash more lifeIf you want it come get itA short story
Retweeted by RickyBobby @NBCPolitics Headline should read: Donald is non-functional; stricken with dementia, drug addiction, or brain disorder. You are welcome.
Retweeted by RickyBobbyMan this brought tears to my eyes if ya know ya know.... may Allah protect these brothers and keep em steadfast
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My plans. 2020
Retweeted by RickyBobby @javaun___ Real niggas know @_toyinka People act like your supposed to like everybody. Calm down @itsZoeWest You need to be whooped with a belt @taylortorea Why do I feel like my ex wrote this trifling assThis is why I’m single @OfficialDeTroyt @OfficialDeTroyt if you want the 2k work sign up @Chayyslayys I mean’re a bird
Retweeted by RickyBobby @TaeFrmLBC @kimafoote @APthaG Exactly how I feltI real live been pressing my barber out for a fadeJust playing some Go-Go in LA....
Retweeted by RickyBobby @DjAlizay ayo, whenever you free let me know. I got a system at my spot to bro. @djoserdc Lmaooo, you have hbo ?? @DjAlizay Wanna do this thing at beyond? I’ll bring my ps4 @DjAlizay I’m on PlayStationY’all wrong’m tryn see @DjAlizay on 2k20 Wasup
@1432R__ youve gone mad. tupac gone body slam mary
@WRLDBLDNG Shoes in the fridge @rammthagreat @el_budget Lmaoo I know he was on the couch sick.Spiritual war going on outside - forces unseen @SenayKenfe
@el_budget Sounds about white. man has spent the past 17 years of his life dedicated to praising all things MJ and denouncing Lebron only to…
Retweeted by RickyBobby @notChvnel You mad becuase love and hip hop canceled @benbenbenering Kirby be smoking pcp @arabdeshea We did @DuttyJermz I can’t unsee it now Walka is on another level.Thirstyness is your issue, you do this shit for the wave this ain’t really in you. 4 that I can’t commend you. @ValenGOAT @CrypticNo I'm fucking WEAK
Retweeted by RickyBobbyIt ain’t happen yet, that’s what intuition is @arabdeshea Lol this was less about you and more about being in a lyft. taking lyfts and ubers rn 🧐😔 you can really do is be kind to people. That’s the motto. Until they do some weird shit, then you can slap em l…