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1) Out of sight out of mind 2) in your sight in your mind 3) out of sight in your mind 4) in your sight out of mi…’s the opposite of “out of sight out of mind” ?Why are NYPD stalking this nonviolent protestor in his own home? Why are they demanding to enter without a warrant?…
Retweeted by Alex Zhang HungtaiFor Beirut: Thank you to everyone that tuned in yesterday. I tried to recreate another vers…
2020 bandcamp day, anything you can support today goes 100% directly to artists. ☯️🙏🏽They kill us and then they beat and gas us for protesting our deaths. "Die quietly", says the solta, "you keep dis…
Retweeted by Alex Zhang Hungtai Mike you will forever be the champ in the hearts of boxing fans across the world @room40speaks 😂🤡🎭👋🏽 @The_Doleman So sad and sorry but thanks for tuning in. This was the last piece that was built from scratch on the… were some poetic moments too from the city, birds, LAPD sirens, fire trucks, people shouting, all made an appearance.This was the last loop that was built from scratch note by note that was still on my pedal. For Beirut. Sorry again… @anxietypuppy The last loop was still on my pedal played a whole set with no sound...sorry to all the people that watched. Played my heart out too. @anxietypuppy Thank you man ...I’ll try and do another one on my own @anxietypuppy Bummer just found out tooGoing live in 10min
Had a dream last night where the earth’s core was a mini black hole slowly sucking everything in and everything was… my set to friends in Beirut. I’ll be playing at 5:30pm PST, 7:30pm CT, 8:30pm EST… Graves on the coronavirus Graves: A Mind-Body Deal will run at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Philadelphia from 25 September to 2…
Retweeted by Alex Zhang HungtaiMilford Graves on talking drum and Bata live from the quar in S Jamaica Queens @FullMantisMovie @nytimes
Retweeted by Alex Zhang Hungtai @warghetti @nytopinion Heartbreaking to read...but glad everyone I know is alive. And glad you’re safe Lina."Growing up in Lebanon taught me that an explosion resonates across time, that the shock reverberates forward into…
Retweeted by Alex Zhang Hungtai @fieldinghope Yeah it’s textbook gas lighting making it a debate about “the end justifies the means” pushing the li… sobbed through this entire account. So much love so much love to everyone in my city except the motherfuckers tha…
Retweeted by Alex Zhang Hungtai @DEBBYVENDREDI Everything mystical is becoming literal at this point
I have cried so much since yesterday that I feel I might physically fall apart from the sadness.
Retweeted by Alex Zhang HungtaiLove and endless respect to the master. @kalonge93 Same...this image broke my heart.This breaks my heart but also gives hope. Milford Graves surviving stiff heart syndrome through his music… a quarantine concert in my apt tomorrow August 6 Thursday 7:30pm CT, 5:30 pm PST, 8:30pm EST. You can strea… Death toll raised to 50, 2700 injured in #BeirutBlast. Officials are calling for international aid and a…
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Hoping people in beirut are safe😔 🙏🏽 @SharifSehnaoui Stay safe Sharif... @samphillips202 Media is mostly compromised at this point, I find history being the most helpful to sift through mi… @SharifSehnaoui Wtf !!!!! What happened ???? @samphillips202 But like you mentioned earlier, it is not something I’d subscribe to. There is enough suffering in… @samphillips202 With the current crisis you can say that accelerationists got what they wanted. A further push to t… @samphillips202 There’s a lot of critique on capitalism that I agree with in terms of “mismanagement from the rulin…
hk government 🤝 us government activists who oppose our violence are foreign agents who dese…
Retweeted by Alex Zhang Hungtai @VtrDss This was in the 80’s. But regardless of timeframe difference in language and culture and history all play v… @VorheesMusic In this current context it is truly tragic comedy now 🤡Just had this random childhood flashback of watching the Cosby show in Taiwan w my family. It was dubbed in mandari… @antonnewcombe 👋🏽 history bruh, composer and improviser Roscoe Mitchell turns 80 today. He has been a restless explorer of f…
Retweeted by Alex Zhang Hungtai @EdSunspot @nytimes Sickkkkkkkk 💙Re: Spotify
Still in the first wave @willcarruthers he looks like he’s in good shape man. But also I love his DMT stories @willcarruthers Yooo same. I love early period Tyson. He is training now for a fight against Roy Jones JR 🤯Born In Flames Trailer sometimes when you look back at counter culture history from the pas… US healthcare system
Retweeted by Alex Zhang HungtaiTfw you delete negative shit you about to tweet and just sigh and put down your phone and go smoke a cigarette by t… @samphillips202 man really interesting read at part 2 rn, thanks for sending this!
Starting to realize freedom means different things to different folks. To some, it’s freedom from accountability, f… month this one hits a little harder
Retweeted by Alex Zhang Hungtai Spotify guy said ppl are making lots of money just not you.
Retweeted by Alex Zhang HungtaiHere's a look at the scene and atmosphere in Portland right now.
Retweeted by Alex Zhang Hungtai
Never realized the significance of this album cover until recently. We can all look at the same image but don’t pro… @samrolfes This is amazing xoxo @ChaseWi42115532 In your opinion, what is the truth ?Bye or Buy or Bi @thefader After Fast fashion, now fast music. I see where this is going...time to find a day job!The only way I can see Spotify working w/out killing new music is if they have two formats: 1) for deceased, retire… @room40speaks After fast fashion, now fast music.Quantitative music is death. This is some late capital halitosis right here.
Retweeted by Alex Zhang HungtaiHad a dream where I was walking around DTLA and saw crosshairs on everyone’s back. Woke up just now and wrote this… obvious social progress, changes& inclusion, these magical crosshairs reminds us again that at a moments no…, it is the same for working/middle class white folks. The minute you decide to join hands with fellow Americ… list goes on and on, with Muslims and sadly even Sihks are targeted in this senseless violence...cuz they can’t… goes for Latinos in this country. With very strong roots here in the south west, but under certain presidents… term “Asian Americans” sounds assimilated& accepted in regular life America, but a virus can immidiately take a… folks from middle to upper class backgrounds can enjoy the quality of life its class/economic status brings,… crosshairs of America. A thread: as the pandemic continues to unveil the preexisting flaws of systemic failure… @ZOLAJESUS The wilderness is force quit from society. !!! That’s the digital “wilderness”!!“The United States has none.”
Retweeted by Alex Zhang HungtaiAI Pretrained in the style over 7k+ bands...lofi heavy metal ai radio - riffs for false nostalgia 24/7 via @YouTubeAfter the Coltrane AI, now this: Music Deep Fakes in the Style of Nirvana covering Gorillaz - Clint... via @YouTube
So they can build this for the rams but can’t fix the potholes, sweep the sidewalks, or fund public education in in…
Retweeted by Alex Zhang HungtaiReally is amazing to watch this happening in Belarus:
Retweeted by Alex Zhang Hungtai @CBSNews The worst part about this is we can’t pack our bags and leave this country. The world ban us from traveling
Retweeted by Alex Zhang HungtaiWhat’s the digital equivalent of this: An ordinary person goes into the wilderness and in solitude, apparently un… normal society.
Retweeted by Alex Zhang HungtaiWonder if the US will end up splitting into territories~Ep 106: Be Water~ As its "frontliner" tactics spread to anti-authoritarian uprisings worldwide, we discuss the st…
Retweeted by Alex Zhang HungtaiOf all the major tech co. Amazon, FB, Apple, etc Google will be the hardest one to not engage with. Google maps sav…
Already permanently deleted Facebook and messenger. Felt great.Ready to delete Instagram. @Doc_tarry3 @JChengWSJ @MZHemingway @jessenewman13 My thoughts exactly. Mail from foreign countries are usually opened/inspected by DHSIf the United States saw what the United States is doing in the United States, the United States would invade the U…
Retweeted by Alex Zhang Hungtai @MairBosworth & I have been working on this episode for months & I’m so happy it’s out! Spoke with Naomi Shihab Nye…
Retweeted by Alex Zhang Hungtai2020 mood
Retweeted by Alex Zhang Hungtai @chinoamobi 🎭🕳🎟🎪🤡NYC is taking after Portland - a trans femme protestor was pulled into an unmarked van at the Abolition Park protes…
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Public outrage is an initiation: once initiated, you know where you stand. the rest is living an existence in testa… the repeat of human history, civil unrest leads to a power vacuum, how the switch of hands in power is the scrip…