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Author of the Monster Island and 13 Bullets series. THE LAST ASTRONAUT, a novel of space horror, is available now! He/Him

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Oh, absolutely. But now when people come to Frank to talk about conspiracies, he politely and empathetically debunk… employee: oh hey u guys are back early astronaut: moon's haunted nasa employee: what? astronaut: *loading…
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It's hungry again.
Retweeted by David SKELETONAround 2003, @lesmcclaine had talked about @LastTrilobite's Monster Island, which was being posted in chapters onli…
Retweeted by David SKELETONThat’s still my favorite drawing you’ve done, Joel. People got tattoos of that one!
Retweeted by David SKELETONA great quick read, and an accessible introduction to Barker’s work if you’ve never read it. Pick this one up! true. It has a power that comes from the actors thinking they were actually in danger... they aren’t ACTING sc… WAS FULL
Retweeted by David SKELETONIllustrations by Fred Banbery for Alfred Hitchcock’s HAUNTED HOUSEFUL (1961).
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Creepy ass thread for you. @TheKaufmann @TheNuminous1 This movie is so ingrained in my soul I don’t even have to watch it anymore, I just close my eyes.Got a light? Peaks Season 3 Episode 8 World
Retweeted by David SKELETONThe election’s, like, in a couple days, right? They’ve been talking about it forever!I wish we could get this stupid election thing over with so we could focus on what’s really important—you know, #Halloween 🎃 @TheKaufmann I wish we could play it with you!Today’s obsession is fordite (aka Detroit agate), which was accidentally made from layers of auto paint overspray i…
Retweeted by David SKELETONHOLD ON. Incoming alert: your mind will be blown. Uncle Henry from the #HauntingOfBlyManor ? That’s Henry Thomas.…
Honestly the biggest mic-drop in literature
Retweeted by David SKELETONIt’s autumn, when all the space trees produce their astronaut nuts for the squirrels to bury. @sexyfacts4u I even have a soft spot in my heart for Amelie. @flglmn Sorry to be earnest for a second but that’s precisely why I loved your vision of Mars so much. It felt more… film I ever bought on DVD. #Lovecraftcountry was just brilliant start to finish. So many powerful storytelling choices. Even the flaws se…
There are no books in that bookcase. People who read books don’t die. It’s a well known fact.
Retweeted by David SKELETONBoth black and white stories about the origin of evil. Both standalones where they spent a big chunk of the budget… feel like ep 8 of #HauntingOfBlyManor is a reference to ep 8 of Twin Peaks The Return (slight spoilers in next tweet).My neighbor’s “Skeleton Zoom” display rules.
Retweeted by David SKELETONThis beautifully-written essay articulates all the feelings of quiet dread and paranoia and general sense of helple…
Retweeted by David SKELETONMy three brain cells trying to make it through October 2020
Retweeted by David SKELETONPersonally I’m prone to “Horshoehead,” though if you have to go, “Suddenly” sounds pretty good. heard this year at the haunted corn maze someone touches your eye
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just saw the greatest closed caption of all time
Retweeted by David SKELETONdo you guys follow The Frankenstein Project? it's a group of doctors who produce videos making fun of the monster they created
Retweeted by David SKELETONOur books will not read themselves unless otherwise advertised
Retweeted by David SKELETONAmazing that one of the big selling points is clearly “we can project advertisements on the concrete ‘sky’!”
TWP #198
Retweeted by David SKELETONBut why was it trailing blood?
Retweeted by David SKELETON"been chasing people in their dreams so long i forgot to chase my own"
Retweeted by David SKELETONExcited to share this new zine created with the wonderful Bron Hazelwood & @claire_voon ! Together we made recipes…
Retweeted by David SKELETONH.P. Lovecraft witnessing a horror that's fully describable
Retweeted by David SKELETONToday, I’m teaching “The Yellow Wallpaper” from a room I haven’t left in 6 months.
Retweeted by David SKELETONHow could this possibly go wrong? actually sounds kind of good. Keep in mind I was a big Sonic Youth fan in the 80s. @slimyswampghost Have you checked out Mothership? It’s a zine DIY version of the same idea, and it’s so good. My gr… Myers: My mask is anonymous yet uncannily familiar, representing the unknown quanta of strangers. Freddy:…
Retweeted by David SKELETONNice to see Garth Marenghi wandering about Bly Manor.
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As hard as they try they can’t take autumn away from us. (VHS Recording From 10/18/98)
Retweeted by David SKELETONits nice for me when someone thats good at tiktok crossposts their videos on twitter so i dont have to humiliate my…
Retweeted by David SKELETON @LastTrilobite a new french review of Zombie Story, Tome 3 : Zombie Planet on Babelio : "Dans la continuité du T2 :…
Retweeted by David SKELETON @LastTrilobite a new french review of Zombie Story, Tome 2 : Zombie Nation on Babelio : "Ca part en vrille, avec la…
Retweeted by David SKELETONI refuse to learn from this ham-fisted morality tale. I will use my supernatural powers exactly as I please. 25 years from now at any event with young people who don’t remember quarantine or Trump. #2020worstyear
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Not sure if it’s slightly worse or slightly better when the famous version is better than the one you wrote...The worst feeling, as a writer, is when you write a story and it gets rejected. Then a year later you see the exact… @TheKaufmann Episode four made me feel even less connected to Dani—I assumed she’d actually earned her ghost instea… shows once again that the secret to making a Turning of the Screw adaptation is that you nee… @TheNuminous1 I grew up in Pittsburgh, where they would play Dawn of the Dead in prime time, with basically no edits. A yearly tradition.This looks incredible—certainly this is one non-renewable resource we can afford to squander. Hydrogen is a clean-b…
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I dunno who needs to hear this but women without children have families too.
Retweeted by David SKELETON @TheKaufmann I’m several episodes in and I keep comparing it in my head to THE TURNING, which came out just pre-Pandemic. I saw it for free! @HitzhusenLauren Can we have both? And can they star Wesley Snipes?Long workday and it's not over yet, but there's still time for Fallen, a movie about an average middle class worker…
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this can’t be the same brain i was using to read 750 page novels in 3 days during middle school
Retweeted by David SKELETON @Bookish44632342 @RedLaceReviews Thank you! @RedLaceReviews Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. And I agree @megantusing was great! She was a finalist for the Audie award!My review of THE LAST ASTRONAUT by @LastTrilobite is up, what a great time in space. 🚀 #HorrorCommunity
Retweeted by David SKELETON @LastTrilobite a new french review of Zombie Story, Tome 1 : Zombie Island on Babelio : "Original et bien mené. une…
Retweeted by David SKELETONFinally!!! 😱🔪
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Here’s a problem for you: I used to listen to dozens of hours of podcasts every week because I walked so many place… looks like they’re underwater. taken at dawn
Retweeted by David SKELETON @sexyfacts4u Oh, that’s all super cool! Flying through the molten core of the planet bugged me. I recognize I may be alone in this. @sexyfacts4u I would almost agree except the last ten minutes the creators basically said, “oh, btw, science doesn’… saw Cleopatra trending and almost had a heart attack. It turns out she didn’t come back to life as a mummy.
Retweeted by David SKELETONLook, I could make a joke about space condoms, but we’re already 90% of the way there. is healing
Retweeted by David SKELETONHere’s the truth: Frankenstein is the name of the monster
Retweeted by David SKELETONIt really is a failure of imagination that approx 80% of all extra-terrestrial civilizations across many movies dre…
Retweeted by David SKELETON @SPBxv Thank you! @LastTrilobite no, @LastTrilobite that would be #TheLastAstronaut ! #scifi #books #reading #horror #spacehorror #greatreads
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Good morning.
Retweeted by David SKELETON @TheNuminous1 Caught this one on HBO just as I became old enough to sneak down stairs and watch tv while my parents…
@flglmn Who will think of the sidekicks and the super babies? What will they do without their billion dollar weeken… is like one of those Most Interesting Man In The World ads but actually funny
Retweeted by David SKELETON @sexyfacts4u It’s pretty good! Enjoying your movie takes, btw.Probably the best sf book I read this year. If you haven’t read McDonald you have a real treat in store. BIRTHDAY JONATHAN #ANTSAT
Retweeted by David SKELETON @sexyfacts4u No, I totally got that. Have you seen The Third Day? It wears its Wicker Man DNA on its sleeve, and it’s a great homage. @THEKitMann If you’re wearing pants while working from home, you’re doing it wrong...As someone who spends a lot of time with no pants on, it would really be nice if my phone didn’t open the camera ap… think both movies have their high points. Midsommar has the best depiction of an acid trip I’ve seen on film. But…
Retweeted by David SKELETONEveryday I don’t live in abandoned greenhouse with a horrifying backstory is a day lost.
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