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Hey Comrade Comrade Comrade Comrade Comrade! Let's all seize the means of consumption, instead! well, there’s a shock. The people I loathe most, though? Those within our own community who KNEW, who KNEW this…
Retweeted by Atheist MessiahismBut what it comes down to is this. The Labour Party did not have to choose a man who spent decades cozying up to a…
Retweeted by Atheist Messiahism @EvanCull You'd look at a mirror and swear it wasn't you. These are voters Labour needs. RLB is devastatingly unpo… @EvanCull The demographics that actually vote, and are disproportionately concentrated in the red wall towns rather… @WysoxxTech @davidschneider I'm on the side of the invasion being wrong, but the Iraq civil war (Which saw 95% of t… @WysoxxTech @davidschneider Not intervening in Syria has arguably led to hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths.Attention Labour Members: The country already deeply dislikes Rebecca Long-Bailey; Please do the sane thing and vot…
@Tommy_Lewis0 @CEOemail @larsTudor @sunny_hundal @HallamRola Conspiracy theorists who pretend this hasn't been prov… @Sara_Rose_G Dump enormous amounts of wet leaves into the car park for him to fight. Even while he's there, just wa…"I thought it was Best Foreign movie! Did this ever happen before?" says Donald, outraged. Well, The Kings Speech w…
Retweeted by Atheist Messiahism @CEOemail @larsTudor @sunny_hundal @HallamRola Nothing a conspiracy theorist would believe.Virtually every far-right terrorist of recent times has a hatred of 'the mainstream media', that they invariably be…
Retweeted by Atheist MessiahismExclusive: Windrush review concluded Home Office was 'institutionally racist' over hostile environment policy towa…
Retweeted by Atheist Messiahism @CEOemail @larsTudor @sunny_hundal @HallamRola The Syrian air force was carpet bombing civilian towns with chemical weapons.The only reason we are ignoring this ongoing massacre is because we don't want to admit we should have intervened i…
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Ted Cruz’s antisemitic tweet should get as much outrage and airtime as Ilhan Omar’s did.
Retweeted by Atheist Messiahism @BareLeft @tristandross According to the Labour Party rulebook the funds go to the Labour Party.Not all heroes wear capes. On the other hand, personally, I wear a fifty foot cape, woven from the dried tears of… @robfree0 @shaunjlawson His voting record shows he voted against the Anglo-Irish Agreement (which began the peace p… @mrsmoneypinny @shaunjlawson You have to be joking. Parody account? @MrTickle3 Even a "please help me understand" would go a long way. @MrTickle3 Certainly appreciated.Oh snap. @MrTickle3 I always try to avoid commenting on these things for a day or so unless the broad facts are instantly ap… @RCDidles Kim Il-Sung is still technically the Eternal President of North Korea, y'know...Corbyn: I'd consider making it absolutely certain that Boris Johnson is reelected in 2024. @WysoxxTech @idr_labs Hah. Now I can call you a trot or something, yay. @hughster @idr_labs I beat you. (I'm pretty sure this is how it works). Communism Test score makes me Somewhat Communist (35%). via @idr_labs I'm also somewhat… I wonder if those Tory supporters insisting Boris Johnson isn't a racist simply forgot that he stated Bar…
Retweeted by Atheist Messiahism @lancewalton Economically inactive people are mostly retired people IIRC, who wouldn't appear on the unemployment figures.Strong Energy. @supergutman Ho ho ho. is your regular reminder that a million Muslims in China languish in gulags.
Retweeted by Atheist Messiahism @Bitdefender @SFFakeNews @Bitdefender_Ent @BitdefenderBOX @BitdefenderLabs @BitdefenderFR @Bitdefender_DE @Bitdefender @SFFakeNews By having your adverts appear on the Canary, the Canary receive a fee. Thereby, you are f… @Lionhearted70 @OriginalKooLaLa @shaunjlawson Jeremy Corbyn opposed what became the peace process, because he thoug… @FisherAndrew79 "A blizzard of lies" @EvanCull You earn another 24 mute, for pretending a woman bullied out of her party by anti-Jewish racists, had not… is a shameful, disgusting attitude to have towards a pregnant Jewish MP who was forced out of her party by ant… @DawnButlerBrent This is a shameful, disgusting attitude to have towards a pregnant Jewish MP who was forced out of… @UKPoliticsLive A good number of the economically inactive will be people (mostly women) who stay at home to look a… two Labour leaders born in the last 120 years have ever won an election.
Retweeted by Atheist Messiahism @The_Ops_Room Text is a bit blurred.This in itself is fine but there are huge double standards Salma Yaqoob *stood* against Labour and 2 years later wa…
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@MawganTS @ThomasEvans1984 I'll go this far - the area between where SD ends and centrism begins is fuzzy. To the e… @MawganTS @ThomasEvans1984 RLB supporter DemSoc would say that, hah. ;-) @Peterminto1 @ThomasEvans1984 Nope. Two distinct traditions within socialism. @ThomasEvans1984 There are two standard flavours of socialist. Social Democrat (Centre Left, think, Blair). Democ… @TheBrit96 Did it get within torpedo range of your frigate? @adamlangleben Hah! @TheBrit96 You have your ASW ships out well ahead - but no ASW screen to East or West. Confident of no threat lurking there?For Godzilla's sake Labour! I want a Labour government, and this would guarantee Labour not being elected by the B… @HowlingPaolo Why are you a bad human? (oh, you're supporting RLB. Shock).So I reckon its worth letting people know that the person I referred to in the post below from November 2017 was fi…
Retweeted by Atheist Messiahism @IanClar60794044 @PeakyOswald @leekern13 @Baddiel Holocaust denial is intrinsically racist, as it requires the beli… @CaptBlackSK4 @mrwtch The two members pushing a VONC were a conspiracy theorist who often appeared on a David Icke… @IanClar60794044 @PeakyOswald @leekern13 @Baddiel He's a holocaust denier.
@defencewithac I'm sympathetic to the idea too, but if we give the Marbles as part of the trade deal in particular,… @BorisRudolph73 @WysoxxTech @GrantTucker @CalumSSherwood Oh My. That is conspiracy theory crank central. Incredible stuff. Mad as cheese. @WobH @WysoxxTech @GrantTucker @CalumSSherwood The antisemitism built up over time. It started like any other CLP,… @WysoxxTech @BorisRudolph73 @GrantTucker @CalumSSherwood Unknown, but it goes back more than 2 centuries. @BorisRudolph73 @WysoxxTech @GrantTucker @CalumSSherwood Go away racist. @BorisRudolph73 @WysoxxTech @GrantTucker @CalumSSherwood Go away, racist conspiracy theorist who spreads Nazi-esque… @WysoxxTech @BorisRudolph73 @GrantTucker @CalumSSherwood Of course. This isn't that. This is a conspiracy theory ce… @BorisRudolph73 @WysoxxTech @GrantTucker @CalumSSherwood Oh shocker, ranty man angry about… @jack_sommers In this revealing memoir I think we need the best domestic and international support for the dead. @Alex_Niven @singleaspect I'll go with 'Tried to make a joke on the most stressful day of her career, worked out it… @singleaspect @Alex_Niven She was replying to Ash, who had just said her step father is a "pink-ish" colour. @WysoxxTech @GrantTucker @CalumSSherwood Yes, few left wing papers have been willing to stand up to the growth of l… @WysoxxTech @GrantTucker @CalumSSherwood She stood up to immense bullying, and did what was right, not what was easy. @WysoxxTech @GrantTucker @CalumSSherwood The Wavertree CLP is clearly toxic. This is from before she decided she'd… @WysoxxTech @GrantTucker @CalumSSherwood Luciana's a hero. @WysoxxTech @GrantTucker @CalumSSherwood The Israel-helps-ISIS, 9/11 Truther one, is Kenneth Campbell. Liverpool W… @WysoxxTech @GrantTucker @CalumSSherwood Alex Scott-Samuel was the Rothschilds one. Also spread that antisemitic vi… @Muqadaam @gimmehendrix1 False. He's on video ten years ago complaining that people are calling him an antisemite. @WysoxxTech @GrantTucker @CalumSSherwood He's right. Luciana was hounded out, and Labour Liverpool Wavertree CLP k… @StrategyBin Lad needs a talkin' to. @RealGaryWebster @AyoCaesar She was replying to Ash's statement a minute prior that one of her parents was a "pink-ish" colour. @per_incuriam @AyoCaesar She looked at Ash because she was replying to Ash's statement a minute prior that one of h… @Garysmurthwait1 @SocialistSuper @EnglandYankin What Corbyn said, was: "The Jewish people of the East End of Londo…, please report this holocaust-denying racist account, ta. @twlldun The Elders of Zion, obs. @rian_kadi @PeakyOswald @IanClar60794044 @leekern13 @Baddiel I want a Free Palestine. You're a racist. @rian_kadi @PeakyOswald @IanClar60794044 @leekern13 @Baddiel You seem more like his friend, the Grand Mufti of Jeru… @SecularOutpost Could you give some examples?And now I have various holocaust-denying Nazi accounts on my TL protesting that they're not Nazis. What a great website! @PeakyOswald @IanClar60794044 @leekern13 @Baddiel I browsed your timeline. You're totes a Nazi. Reported. @PeakyOswald @IanClar60794044 @leekern13 @Baddiel ^^Found the Nazi^^Miracle competition; Ba'alites Lose, Terminally. @maimonides_nutz Miracle competition; Ba'alites Lose, Terminally.
@StickEddie Beep beep. @hughster @Falcon_Malteser I fuckin' love apple strudel. Sold. @edward0sullivan @DefenceDailyUK Of course, RLB's idea of more pressing matters, is nationising the bees. @crusaderproject Perhaps I follow more left-facing people who were principled enough to stand up to Labour antisemi… @EngageStrategy1 @ryanramsey14 @TotherChris @gjb70 What was the T22 b3 OSD originally planned as? @crusaderproject I was aghast at Labour antisemitism, and also disgusted by no10 employing a eugenics supporter.Utterly chilling: German far-right terror cell was planning large-scale, simultaneous Christchurch-inspired attacks…
Retweeted by Atheist MessiahismThe Labour Party refused, for years, to expell Maureen.
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