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nerdy writer type. mostly harmless. co-host (!!), wnyc's @radiolab. host, #theotherlatif and #connectednetflix, both out now!

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Voted for the first time as an American citizen!! Was so excited I forgot to take a picture at the ballot box. Do i… @N3on_Online @wudanyan @longformpodcast Thanks Jesse and Wudan for listening and sharing!
@erindavisjune Congrats! Really crucial work.Listened to this whole series about the Iran nuclear deal in one sitting. Super clear treatment of a topic that -… @artcrimeprof @MansoorAdayfi I know! I'm so excited for him! And for whatever he makes that I can watch!BIG NEWS. #DrawTogether with Wendy will continue for the rest of the school year!! Every school day, 10-10.30am pst…
Retweeted by Latif NasserWanted to shout out my bud @HrishiHirway who turned his note-perfect podcast @SongExploder into a @netflix series.… It's John. I made a podcast about the plague, because my biggest worry is that we do not live in unprecedented…
Retweeted by Latif Nasser @daydreamingmian @Reuters Ha ha ha. After the episodes were all finished, I wanted desperately to open the poop on… @maxlinsky @runethelrun @longform Wouldn’t expect anything less. @runethelrun @maxlinsky @longform Lol. @maxlinsky? @andizor @netflix Thank you for watching!
@luolkowski @maxlinsky Thanks Lu!! We are overdue for a meetup! @duffinkaren @maxlinsky Ha ha. Don’t want that job but here’s a job I would love: a @radiolab @planetmoney collab.Was such an honor to talk to @maxlinsky and @longform!! The last question in particular made me laugh pretty hard. @mwestramke Soooooo cool. Wow. Tell them I said good luck! IT'S HAGFISH DAY?! IT IS! Celebrate by exuding defensive slime, tying yourself in knots, and diving headfirst i…
Retweeted by Latif Nasser @jon_menjivar @maxlinsky thanks bud! 🧡I talked to @latifnasser about how to find stories and the art of asking dumb questions and embracing the idea that…
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@psanwikarja @netflix Thanks Patrick!
Pretty extraordinary - Tom Lehrer, aged 92, has decided to put all his lyrics and sheet music into the public domai…
Retweeted by Latif NasserNASA is attempting to bring home a piece of an asteroid for the first time. This afternoon, the spacecraft OSIRIS R…
Retweeted by Latif Nasser🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲 New The WALKING Podcast in your feeds, Season 4 premiere: "Walk…
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Everyone should see this! A weird/tragic/empowering/fun doc that feels like a parable for our time.
@ugurarcan My pleasure! You can try to use it for your all your Twitter followers’ followers and see if it works! @erikras Ha ha ha. What a great team that was. I was only involved at the very end, but they put together some terr… @RaphaelSanis Ha ha. Thank you Raphael! I take your insomnia as a tribute!SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE: “The Place that Makes Us” - my wife Karla’s doc, which I EPed - will be making it’s NYC pr…
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@khannakanika111 Of course! DM me or pitch via the Radiolab pitch page. such a wonderful sprawling convo with @MGawdat. Thanks for hosting me, Mo! @aebaeder @Radiolab Thank YOU Amy for watching and saying so!! 🙏🏾 @SohailParvaiz Thanks Sohail!!
@ArmsControlWonk @irandealpodcast @erindavisjune Me too. I think about him all the time. @ArmsControlWonk @irandealpodcast @erindavisjune 🤩Billions of years ago the Sun could have stripped away Earth’s atmosphere - but a magnetic field shared with the Mo…
Retweeted by Latif NasserEverything is terrible but this gorgeous photo helped. It's a 20 million-year-old ant. The detail is magnificen…
Retweeted by Latif Nasser @karimkanji @netflix @Radiolab Thanks Karim! @PurlMaster55 Ha ha ha. Thanks. I’ll tell my barber who also happens to be my wife.
This story from @PopUpMag is incredible and reminds me what a unique incubator of great talent and storytelling tha…
Retweeted by Latif Nasser @aymanndotcom I always think about this story ...'s crazy to me that in addition to doing his own very complicated high-stakes job of keeping these kids safe and… are only 10 or so minutes, and the third one "The Virus: Actual and Perceived" is especially knotty. When… proud of my bud Chris Eide, who is turning the nightmarish uncertainty of running a K-8 school in the time of CO… @HunterFleetwood Ha ha ha. Thanks Hunter! Got a new Radiolab story I’m working on that I’m really excited for you to hear! 🦋 @goosegeisen @JadAbumrad @Radiolab Loooooooooove this!
@Jeremy_s_Bloom 🥜😱 @irandealpodcast YOU TALKED TO TOM LEHRER?!starting today, the first season of FIASCO, on the 2000 ELECTION and the FLORIDA RECOUNT, is free on all podcast pl…
Retweeted by Latif NasserThree years, eight months and two days ago, I got an email about a man on death row in Mississippi. His name was Cu…
Retweeted by Latif Nasser @Jeremy_s_Bloom This is so fun, I feel like I'm traveling with you. And also smashing a lot of nuts?! @rbiek Wow never heard of this! So interesting! Thanks for flagging!Why does this look like it would be an amazing cocktail?
Retweeted by Latif Nasser @wilsymonds @Radiolab She is the BEST. She is very kind very clever very persistent. I’m a huge fan.
@HiraQureshi7 @USATODAY Congrats! @Jeremy_s_Bloom Wooo. Can’t wait to hear/see it! @lmisitzis @sayrequevedo Can you do drivers ed for podcasters?New essay out today. It is about watching my son lose the skill that made him so good at dealing with chaos.... as…
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@MansoorAdayfi @sundanceorg @ar_aiello Really excited for you, Mansoor!!Happy National Coming Out Day to my friends in the LGBTQ community! There's no wrong time to come out & you can cal…
Retweeted by Latif NasserThe front page #OTD in 1973. Vice President Spiro Agnew resigns after being charged with evasion of federal income…
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@LaurenWitzkeDE Don’t need to do this but what the hell. My family is from Tanzania, East Africa. I got a PhD from… @cristalliond @sarahegeis @MansoorAdayfi @ar_aiello Wow. Terrific news. @LByock @stevesilberman @IraByock Wow what a great dad you have!Wishing Jonathan the tortoise a very happy 188th birthday. He is the oldest known living terrestrial animal in the…
Retweeted by Latif NasserThis is wonderful. [I fact-checked it and it's legit.]
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In today's @nytimes, @carolrosenberg profiles Sufyian Barhoumi, who like Abdul Latif Nasser, is one of the 5 detain…, @Radiolab's @latifnasser was on @TheAgenda discussing his new science show #ConnectedNetflix which helps us…
Retweeted by Latif Nasser @cwillyard @ScienceWriters’t wait for you to hear this one. Final episode of Season 2 of @InTheDarkAPM out Oct. 14.
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@risk1_reward2 Thank you Abhinit!How is the internet not all over Floki, the COVID-sniffing dog?! 📷: Kelly Barnes/Getty Images… @wellerstein WOOO HOOO!!!CALLING ALL LAWYERS WHO LIKE DEMOCRACY! Your help is needed to help protect the vote in 2020. Please check out…
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Thread: weird medieval depictions of God creating Eve. First up: Eve looking like a novelty balloon. (Morgan Lib…
Retweeted by Latif NasserCheck it: @KCRW Presents: How to Negotiate Podcast IP with @meuceph @Eventbrite
Retweeted by Latif NasserIf anybody wants to learn more about the discovery that won Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier the Nobel in…
Retweeted by Latif NasserIf you are looking for a great, accessible primer on today's Nobel Prize, this episode from Radiolab a few years ba…
Retweeted by Latif NasserBetty Gilpin eulogizes GLOW for V.F.: "If in between fighting you need an escape, I suggest watching GLOW."
Retweeted by Latif Nasser @emilycchiu @tweetShanghai @netflix @CiaoSamin Aww thanks! I’m crazy about @CiaoSamin too! Plus @HrishiHirway’s new…
@AdeTheux Lol. I think you either need to ask a meteorologist or a gastroenterologist.This video is essentially why the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way got the #NobelPrize today: They tracke…
Retweeted by Latif Nasser @Fariska @JadAbumrad @lmillernpr Ooooh. Funny that they used the pic of us instead of say, Michelle Obama who is al… internet has dozens of smile-inducing animal feeds from around the world, here are some highlights
Retweeted by Latif NasserThis is incredible. A snowball fight filmed by cinema pioneers the Lumiere bros in France, 1896. It's been colouris…
Retweeted by Latif Nasser‘GLOW’ Season 4 Canceled Due to COVID-19 Pandemic
Retweeted by Latif NasserI try not to get too upset about cancellations. But I'm so sad about GLOW, bc I fell for that show the minute I saw…
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@katzish Congrats!! 🎈Thread: The "Football" is a dangerous anachronism. The risk of a bolt-out-of-the-blue attack remains extremely low…
Retweeted by Latif Nasser @lostpear @sarqari @Radiolab Thank you Hafiz! If there are any new developments we will keep covering the story!Finally finished this series. Thank you @latifnasser @sarqari @Radiolab. One of the best pieces of journalism I've…
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@sutherlandben15 🙏🏾If you live in: Arizona Arkansas Florida Georgia Hawaii Indiana Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi Ohio Texas Your v…
Retweeted by Latif NasserI can say this objectively since I had nothing to do with making it: the latest @Radiolab ep is shocking. Just fini… @luizbento @Radiolab Obrigado!!
A woman in federal prison wrote me, "If the president could not avoid the virus, what chance do correctional office…
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Hi! So I’m on this week’s ep of @Radiolab trying to figure out what’s the point of the police. @sarqari and I disco…
Retweeted by Latif NasserWhat are you doing this weekend? You could join a hackathon to use space data to solve real problems!
Retweeted by Latif NasserIf you missed our First-person Storytelling in Audio Journalism panel at @newmarkjschool yesterday with…
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