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@politico Do we even need journalists... that is the question we need to be asking.Good morning to everyone except Chinese agents in the White House press corps
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸My week on Twitter 🎉: 2 Mentions, 1 Retweet, 1.25K Retweet Reach, 1 Reply. See yours with’ve never been paid for any post, nor would I accept any remuneration. Ever.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸I'll be voting for President Trump this November because he was right about China, he was right about manufacturing…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸 @KFILE It’s all true though.Will be interviewed by @SeanHannity tonight at 9:00 P.M. Eastern on @FoxNews. Look forward to it.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸 @DailyCaller @IAmSteveHarvey needs to STFU
I was criticized for reporting this weeks ago, glad it's now been confirmed.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Wouldn’t it be phenomenal if one of these reporters would ask........ Sir, can we help?
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸"People from both sides are calling me a hypocrite." Should tell you something there.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸What should the world's response be to China if Boris Johnson or another world leader dies of coronavirus?
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸 @occamsrazrburns @Dees4454 @NaplesAlleycat @s_martan @GrahamLedger The left set the rules. Now they must live by them!
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸 @NaplesAlleycat @s_martan @GrahamLedger Anyone do a search to find out what hospital Erika works atItaly thanks Trump!
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Don Lemon has ben credibly accused of sexual assault.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Jake, name the last time you retweeted something you didn’t agree with.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Why didn’t the I.G., who spent 8 years with the Obama Administration (Did she Report on the failed H1N1 Swine Flu d…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Wisconsin, get out and vote NOW for Justice Daniel Kelly. Protect your 2nd Amendment!
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸 @CP24 @Ilhan some people caught somethingRemember when your administration depleted the federal stockpile of N95 masks & never replenished it????
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Didn’t stop you from chugging his nuts. #INSTABLOCK
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸NY Times runs a story about how Trump is hopeful that a drug which has numerous Doctors feeling it’s working to fig…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Somewhere in #Wuhan, people moving body secretly as "zero new cases" has become a political task, and communities d…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸 @Terri101092 I got 2. Never been arrested and never skydived.This is what a fraud looks like.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Speaking of squatting, how’s your mom doing now that basketball is cancelled? #INSTABLOCK
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Breaking News President Trump has tested positive for being the Greatest President and handling this pandemic like a pro
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸reminder: this hack works for a paper that told people to get a grip over their virus concerns, that we should bewa…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸My week on Twitter 🎉: 12 Mentions, 1 Retweet, 10.7K Retweet Reach, 11 Replies. See yours with… fact: China also never reported a single death at Tiananmen Square
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Stories, tips, leaks -> JackPoso at ProtonMail dot com
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Our biggest fans this week: GayPatriotTM. Thank you! via are a fraud. This is about holding the media accountable. You go after Trump & Kavanaugh saying Believe Victims…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Don’t you have a bottle of Chardonnay to finish in the woods or something?
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Good morning to everyone except national press organizations that remove American media networks in favor of Chinese propagandists
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Ocasio-Cortez Appears On 'The Price Is Right,' Guesses Everything Is Free
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸The President isn’t responsible for: • What city/state gov does day to day • A whole hospital having 1 thermometer…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸If you want to know why media ditched Rose McGowan for Alyssa Milano as their go-to celebrity spokextress for MeToo…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸This is pretty accurate, unfortunately. The numbers are so skewed.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸As the butt plug slowly drops...
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸It's easy to avoid reporting that people died of coronavirus when they actually died of a gunshot.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸 @ChrisLoesch @DLoesch
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Thanks @dbongino for the generous shoutout on today's show!
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Joe Biden’s podcast has now plummeted to #48 on the Apple Podcast “News” chart. Al Franken’s podcast is #43.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Is this your apology to Justice Kavanaugh? If so, you might consider including the words "I'm sorry."
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Oh dear! Trump scolds a reporter! yet you said that hydroxychloroquine, which helps treat the sick, was a Trump fin…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸"We built the greatest economy in the world and I'll do it a second time."
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸In case you wanted to laugh, CNN failed to place ONE SHOW in the top 20 cable rankings for the first quarter of 20…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸I buried that clown. And did it with a golden shovel. I’ll get them all. One little bitch at a time.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Twitter said they would suspend accounts that spread misinformation about coronavirus
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸
Awesome work Dad. Incredible news! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸NBC just deleted this 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸 @eastfeed Nice.Well @Alyssa_Milano answered my ? about why she hasn’t spoken up for Tara Reade, the Biden staffer who accuses Joe…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸"Even though we should believe women ... that does not mean at the expense of not giving men their due process."…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸 @David_Leavitt Please cancel yourself so America can begin healing. @stclairashley I do a video on Alyssa Milano’s history of supporting men with a (D) next to their name who assault women????
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸My week on Twitter 🎉: 34 Mentions, 1.45K Mention Reach, 2 Retweets, 34.5K Retweet Reach, 4 Replies. See yours with…“Healthcare workers can’t work any harder!” Maybe a few less dance videos then
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Let's be clear, no one has suggested this, you giant scum sucking twat.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Our biggest fans this week: tillmanair, Brianhere4Trump. Thank you! via you gone to The Hague yet?
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Ten bucks says if Maxine Waters tests positive for coronavirus, she takes hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. Any…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Anybody out there speak Biden? Curious what he is trying to say here.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Then the coronavirus shouted “This is MAGA country”.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸China lied people died
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Smollette Round 2.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸 @ValerieJarrett I was honestly unsure of him until you tweeted this. Now I know he's compromised.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸 @realDonaldTrump Joe’s too busy in fantasyland, fighting the cornpopvirus to call.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸I’m going to go ahead....and say @CBSNews didn’t put any effort into vetting this person or the story she’s telling…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸 @SamCrowley @redsteeze Lol. Sam you win for best tweet for the day @redsteeze Will there be pens?
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Trump: It is a nice day today. @CNN: Trump Claims It’s Nice, Ignoring Ongoing Pandemic @nytimes: Trump Believes I…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸What is this?
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸The term "Karen" is being used as a sexist and racist slur. Considering this is an equivalent of the n-word for whi…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸 @journalistew Ok Karen.Then YOU, doctor, need not take this medicine if you get the virus.  And the media and Mediaite morons need not tak…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Does anybody speak Joe Biden?
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Take a look back and RT what the liberal media and Joe Biden said about President Trump's aggressive, early respons…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Advertising in the Failing New York Times is WAY down. Washington Post is not much better. I can’t say whether this…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸 @jameshohmann Please cancel yourself so America can begin to heal."The coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan, China, sometime in the autumn, perhaps as early as November. It accelerated in December.
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Apparently some governors thought they could get elected, then sit around and wait for the federal government to do everything
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Maxine Waters & Valerie Jarrett both say "trust Fauci". All of a sudden I don't wanna trust Fauci. Is it just me?
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸 @washingtonpost Again.... not an American. Not our problem.She’s been to The Hague. Dear Lord, can it get any crazier?
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸My week on Twitter 🎉: 31 Mentions, 6 Retweets, 44.4K Retweet Reach, 9 Replies. See yours with… biggest fans this week: tperronne. Thank you! via good job NYT you’re only weeks behind me
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Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸I made a Tiktok video. Rate 1-10
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸Dear @united, I get your business is hurting but my friend just flew from Northern Cal to NYC to work as a 1st resp…
Retweeted by 🇺🇸LATIN PATRIOT🇺🇸This daddy and his baby girl singing, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” to one another is the COVID-19 Twitter content I’…
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@TMZ One thing that’s not different? She is a total c*nt in both pics.China must be held accountable or something worse will happen
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