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I got both wassup @fanfan110_ @plooful all deserved <3officially leaving @BigFramesGG .. sorry to everyone who supports us but there are internal issues that i cant hand… pls help me I'm actually gonna derank
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@in0X_fps @Cryocells_ Aren’t u the dude sand bagging not only our scrims and tourneys but also our ranked games @in0X_fps @Cryocells_ arent u the dude who drinks dasani religiously? @nurfed25 @Cryocells_ @in0X_fps No way this dude lied to the whole team just to try and dig himself out of the hole he’s in @JimmayWNC ... @akaSinatec Cheater no cap @twobooo Close ur eyes, that’s what I did @plooful we nothin without our smoker @itsPHON_ not even a little bit of luck @koalanoob @fanfan110_ u turn 18 and start acting weird on the TL bro, go to bed @plooful thats ur duelist right there @ToastedVAL im jus built diff idk what ur sayin @fanfan110_ I can make you the 4k 😳choked the 4k @in0X_fps No... the monkey noises live on. I can get by without the beatboxing though heyy @fanfan110_ LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOon a scale of 1-funny number, how seggsy do i look with a checkmark next to my name?
Retweeted by Sammay / svL @GreshyPoo @Juuki_ @WedidValorant Idk what y’all talkin bout rn @WedidValorant Nah man.. need one to complete the trifectaSuperlight buff: ✅ Virgin buff: ✅ GF buff: ❌ 2/3 buffs until I am rank 1 NA...pls fix @RiotNu @RiotZiegler IM DYING TO A FLOATING GUN @JerkTBE
Retweeted by Sammay / svL @jjujubeanss No way rn
@DekyFPS @viavmber good looks wario appreciate u doin that for me @tsuaeri i like her @jessicahkim It’s worse knowing that the person who said it to me is silver, and they got the balls to comment on e…"This is your clip" - @Laudando7
Retweeted by Sammay / svL @karagii No way u just said this @fanfan110_ cringe lol @GreshyPoo sorry for breathing @fanfan110_ ? @1LouVAL my bad i guess...? @nurfed25 yeah its so lame.. i refuse to 5stack @karagii Aight maybe EUW is yours..
@DekyFPS Fr my yoru said I’ll flash us in and threw that shit onto my brand new yeezys so I couldn’t see shit @MatthewCElmore @BigFramesGG We’re working our way up👌🏼 thanks for the words @fanfan110_ yeah wassup where u at @fanfan110_ yo wassup ah ha hamy teammates in ranked are built like lego star wars characters
@DekyFPS Mf built like me no cap @fanfan110_ 😔
@fanfan110_ glad it was fun, love you <3 you deserve it all @DekyFPS plat players are better than radiant players anyways @karagii @BobbyTheKidd I ain’t say all that I’m jus not a weeb @WedidValorant Wish you the best man, kill it this year @karagii Weebs out @ChoicePlays @VanguardChamps @BigFramesGG @koalanoob @in0X_fps @Cryocells_ @nurfed25 See you next week for the back to back part 2...? @megasofer @BigFramesGG Hey thanks @in0X_fps @fanfan110_ Shut up Dasani lover @fanfan110_ Hyperflush emoji @DekyFPS Free ion phantom @DekyFPS Go back to bed man @DekyFPS I been single my whole life @Onmarti loved this @juanith_thomas @ez5gg @VanguardChamps @nurfed25 @in0X_fps @Cryocells_ @koalanoob I didn’t record anything, so prob… @in0X_fps This shoulda stayed in the drafts🏆 First ever 3 time winners of the Valorant Sunday Showdown @BigFramesGG 🏆 🥇@koalanoob (HyperX MVP) 🥇@laudando7 🥇…
Retweeted by Sammay / svLGGs to @ez5gg as we win @VanguardChamps ! won 3/5 VCS tourneys with this roster. shoutout to my teammates @nurfed25 @triskkkk @BigFramesGG GGs man. Y’all got insane potential @jessicahkim God ur so FUCKING good5 mins til we play in the finals of @VanguardChamps come watch if ur boredNah I’m jus married to the game
@in0X_fps @WedidValorant anything.. but.. dasani.. @veloceCS hey @DekyFPS we going down in virgin squad next act
Retweeted by Sammay / svLhes aight i guess @fanfan110_ why u roasting me :( Thought u were mental support coach
Retweeted by Sammay / svL @J_Laudando Wassupyo my manager is cracked btw this mans doesnt play val and had the sickest 4k @1LouVAL @BigFramesGG @Caders_ ggs man gl in the rest @plooful @rekseII @DekyFPS Cringe korean girl gets radiant @plooful YOU LOOK GOOD!!!WE LOOK SO GOOD IN RADIANT 🥰❤️
Retweeted by Sammay / svL @DekyFPS I don’t use a mousepad I play using one of these @plooful Bring in the incendiary bullets for stim beacon fr
2021 yo @fanfan110_ @in0X_fps Trash @pickledturtl @DekyFPS Hope it was fun man ❤️ @itsvivinguyen @DekyFPS Nah Zack up good fr no way this man claims to be down bad @plooful @jessicahkim HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY @DekyFPS @rzn_mike My bad I’ve been on my death bed fr @DekyFPS @rzn_mike But we gaming tmrw so wassup?
when people say my streams make them happy or helped them through a hard time i borderline cry, yall are the reason… @fanfan110_ POGGERSCHAMPION I’m proud of you ☺️ @kwistenkim I’m built like a bitch @thwifo @PowerGPU sheeeeeeeeeesh
@fanfan110_ You’re already my lil bitch @wendifulz Tag me next time @yawhnn @_Miruux Hey
@nurfed25 <3whaaaaaaaaaat another frag montage already? YOUTUBE LINK: please view & like 😃👍 edited by…
Retweeted by Sammay / svL @fanfan110_ Hey why are u going to pass away ? @kiisumii WOOOOO @aaroncave7 😂😂 miss the wingman days