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Puddles Pity Party Croons a Clever Mashup Combining the 'Gilligan's Island' Theme With 'Stairway to Heaven'… Designer Ben Burtt Deconstructs the Audio Effects Used in 'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back'… Dad Hilariously Works His Way Up to 9 Miles Per Hour While Riding the Treadmill in a Laundry Basket… Dog Sounds Like a Chatty Chewbacca Loops Seemingly Random Syllables That Form Whole Words By the End of the Song Trio of Pensive Cats Are Startled When an Excited Dog Tries to Join Their Bird Watching Activity… Experiments That Show What Happens When Mercury and Aluminum Are Combined
Postmodern Jukebox Performs an Upbeat 1950s Cover of Toto's 'Africa' With Casey Abrams and Snuffy Walden… Touching Animation Exploring the Beautiful Person Behind a Brother's Profound Learning Disability… and Glasses Shatter and Reassemble to the Sinister Soundtrack of 'Toccata' by Bach J.B. Smoove Gives a Welcoming Tour Inside His Incredible Tricked Out Recreational Vehicle (RV)… Modern Remix of the Earth Wind and Fire Classic 'September' Created With Music From MGMT's 'Kids'… Adorable Puppy Bravely Learns to Swim Under Watchful Eye of Their Concerned Pacing Mother Monk Performs a Badass Cover of the Judas Priest Song 'Breaking the Law' on Classic Instruments… Miranda Premiering His Song 'Alexander Hamilton' at a 2009 Poetry Jam at The White House… Dog, Little Bunny, Fuzzy Duckling and Adorable Guinea Pigs Live Together in Beautiful Harmony… Attempts to Battle Rap With His Baby Son Who Keeps Interrupting With Adorably Contagious Laughter… the Names of Countries Around the World Taste Like According a Person With Synesthesia Biologist Explains That Tortoises Are Quite Affectionate Despite Their Tough Exteriors… Incredibly Smart Dog Who Understands Over a Thousand Words in the English Language Al Yankovic, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Lip Sync 'The Hamilton Polka'…
The Fascinating History of Ten Letters That Are No Longer Part of the American English Alphabet… Incredible Medieval Cover of System of a Down's 'Toxicity' Performed on Traditional Instruments… Bright Red Handcrafted Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar the Orphaned Baby Wombat Learns to Walk'Weird Al' Yankovic Performs Beautiful Acoustic Versions of His Parody Songs In a 2010 NPR Tiny Desk Concert… Opossum Plays Dead for Young Photographer Fallon, The Roots and Original Cast of 'Hamilton' Perform 'Helpless' With Instruments Found at Home… Adorable Bulldog Puppy Climbs Inside the Washing Machine or Dryer Whenever It's Available to Him… Strategically Pose With Matching Album Covers to Complete the Picture in the 'Sleeveface' Project… Musician Sets World Record With Guitar Solo Played at an Astonishing 1600 Beats Per Minute… Incredible Steel Star Wars Death Star II Fire Pit Map Visualizing the Entire Field of Mathematics
Roger Waters Recalls the Argument That He and David Gilmour Had Over the Song 'Comfortably Numb'… Creates Paper Cutout Vignettes of Movie Scenes Using Everyday Objects Found Around His Home… Brilliant But Appropriately Anxiety-Inducing Animated Video for The Sparks Song 'The Existential Threat'… Performs 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' Theme Song As a Traditional Irish Pub Ballad Paraglider Watches Television on a Comfy Couch While Soaring High in the Sky'Weird Al' Yankovic Hilariously Mashes Together 'The Hamilton Polka' With Clips From the 'Hamilton' Movie… Adorably Watchful Shiba Inu Tends to the Customers of His Own Sweet Potato Stand in Hokkaido, Japan… Supercut of Characters From 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Using the Phrase 'Some Kind Of...'…
Russian Automotive Engineer Replaces the Rear Wheels of a Car With Sturdy Metal Walking Legs Video Game Where You Play a Stray Cat Navigating a Futuristic Robot City in Order to Find Way Your Home… Animated Optical Illusions Showing How Images Are Not Exactly What They First Appear to Be… Stevens Releases Updated Version of 'Where Do the Children Play' With a Powerful Animated Video… Humorously Describes a 'Beautiful' $800,000 Single Family Home Listing in Fresh Meadows, Queens… Mannered Dachshund Wipes Her Wet Feet Before Coming Inside After Seeing Her Human Do the Same… Places a Microphone Next to Baby Red Squirrel to Record Their Adorable Eating Sounds… Family of Bears Gleefully Enjoy Themselves on a Children's Playground Set in a North Carolina Backyard… Mournful Medieval Cover of 'Creep' by Radiohead
Dan Harmon Applies His Often-Referenced Story Circle to the Primary Characters of 'Rick and Morty'… Intricately Badass Cover of 'Whole Lotta Love' by Led Zeppelin on Acoustic Guitar Gorgeous Violin Medley Showing How the 'Star Trek' Theme Has Evolved From 1966 Through 2020… Cleverly Plays Into Giant Piece of Pipeline to Accompany Himself With an Echo in Perfect Pitch… Man Attaches Tiny Hummingbird Feeders to His Glasses For a Close Up View of the Birds… Masks Custom Printed With Your Own Face Animatronic Spy Pig Becomes the Unfortunate Victim of a Very Defensive Male Komodo Dragon Young Leopard Investigates a Defensive Porcupine Artist Brilliantly Reconstructs a Face From an Empty Skull-Shaped Bottle of Crystal Head Vodka… Group of Dutch Ravers Dancing to 'The Benny Hill Show' Theme Song 'Yakety Sax'
Buddy the Iguana Comes Running Like A Dog When His Human Calls For Him Inside of a Full Suit of 15th Century Armor Determined Beagle Implements a Clever Strategy to Steal Chicken Nuggets Baking in the Toaster Oven… Dane Gets Scared When His Human Dresses Up As Ghostbusters' Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Circles, The Amazing Phenomenon in Which a Cat Will Always Sit Inside a Circle Created on the Floor… Budgie Imitating the Sounds of R2-D2 Vociferous Cheetahs Meow and Purr Just Like Domestic Cats While Waiting to Be Fed Pika Channels Freddie Mercury's Audience Vocal Call and Response in an Amusing Mashup Squid and Octopus Tea Bags Secret Lives of the People Living Upstairs Who Create Apartment Noises As an Art Form Guilty Pit Bull Hides Behind His Dachshund Brother When Confronted About a Chewed Shoe Insole… Teeny Tiny Hedgehog Goes on a Camping Trip
Bill Hicks Commentary About Choosing Love Over Fear Seals Thoroughly Investigate a Visiting Diver Dummies Act Out Deadly Scenarios Caused by the Misuse of Fireworks in a 2020 Consumer Safety Video… Startled Owl Puffs Up to Appear Much Larger In Order to Intimidate an Equally Defensive Family Cat… Amazing Continuous LEGO Marble Run System That Automatically Returns Balls to the Start Will Only Walk Backwards Through Doors Bulldog Wearing a Bulldog Mask, A Giant Spinning Brush That Cows Rub Up Against to Clean Themselves Star Trek Redshirt in the Age of COVID-19 Adorable Vocal Dachshund Excitedly Reunites With a Favorite Piggy Toy He Hasn't Seen in Five Years…
The Road Movie, A Wild Documentary Made From Compiled Russian Dashboard Camera Footage Cartoon Style 'Broken' Furniture Motion Footage of Popping a Balloon Inside a Balloon Inside a Balloon Inside a Balloon Magnificent 425 Million Image Timelapse That Documents the Activities of the Sun Over 10 Years… the Use of a Green Screen Can Go Wrong Bursts Out Into Humanlike Laughter Whenever Her Human Tickles Her Feathery Sides of Animals Lying Flat on the Floor With Clever Puns Describing Their Varying Moods… Rats Can Easily Swim Up Through a Toilet Bowl Physics Professor Effortlessly Draws Dotted Lines on a Chalkboard During Lectures and Son Build a Hilariously Loud Trombone Rifle That Toots When Fired
Homer Simpson in Real Life Clever Refrigerator Magnet Stop Motion Animation That Recreates a Super Mario Video Game Level… Robotic Spy Squid Has an Unexpected Encounter With a Couple of Giant Potato Cod Fish Seagull Steals Bag of Crisps From a Shop Man Sweetly Serenades His Pet Donkey With a Timely Cover of 'What the World Needs Now Is Love'… 3D Mural of a Tetra Fish Made Out of a Plastic Wrapper That Promotes Recycling and Reducing Waste… the Cockatoo Knocks Down a Line of Dominos Modern Dot and Line Tattoos