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Morning—how is it December already? over a week’s growth. Paperwhite narcissus
@jgarrettgilmore What!? @balagonline Can’t wait to read it again. So lucid in its purpose. Thank you!Currently (cc:@balagonline). Truly a remarkable piece of writing. white farm owner speaks the words of slavery .”At the end of the day we are feeding people. Are you worried abo…
Retweeted by Diego Millan @blacklikewho It has been said of other terms (improvising, imagining), but here we see how opacity can be used toward cruel ends as well.No one: Not one person in the early Republic: Charles Brockden Brown:
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“But we can at least agree this isn’t a good book” —I still remember the comment when this realization dawned on me. contact reference sheet this year had an * that read (glossed): unless absolutely necessary, please use this (dos… @BlkGrlBrilliant Austerity is the lie. If anything, demystify the endowment/academic finances aspect of things as t… @magshenny Lovely! @idilatweets Congratulations!!
@blaqueerflow @keguro_ I have one chapte **radio crackle, internet breaks** 😂 Seriously though, dm if interested.LRT, I don’t know the specifics because I do not need to. If M NourbeSe Philip has not given that edition her bless… the irony how it was contract the slavers enacted the massacre. Because you’re too caught up in what republishi…
Retweeted by Diego Millan @Silver_Press_ your little press must rot. No one should entrust their work w/ you. You have brought dishonor to th…
Retweeted by Diego MillanYou lot are truly wicked @Silver_Press_
Retweeted by Diego MillanFriends, do not buy @Silver_Press_’s reprint of Zong!. M. NourbeSe Philip does not give it her blessing.
Retweeted by Diego MillanNot just the economic theory, but how and where it took shape, what sorts of worlds they produce. I’m glad to know… should be asked to consider (not necessarily answer) questions about labor conditions and how they select… talking about antiracist teaching, etc., I always ask whether a student in a given major has reckoned with: a)… don’t know a thing about McMaster University, and thus should shut my mouth and enjoy my dessert (pound cake, of…
Retweeted by Diego MillanWatch to see if any Black Studies units (assuming they even exist at the university) actually benefit from this ill…
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boosting pls donate rt
Retweeted by Diego MillanA midday early afternoon run and saunter home. Buoyed by some final pops of color along the way @DrJonathanRosa Ha! @blacklikewho Whoa 😳 @profgabrielle Sending warm thoughts for you both. I'm so sorry for your mom's current discomfort (with prayers tha…, slow starts
@GeorgeAumoithe @blaqueerflow Appreciate you both, and am glad knowing you two are in it, understanding and aware s… @blaqueerflow Yes! Like I always understood the “I work so you don’t have to work like this” I wasn’t ready to fu… @blaqueerflow It made me want to weep. This shit is so broken sometimes. @blaqueerflow Yes, it truly is. This reminded me of the time my mom asked my postdoc salary before telling me it wa… 7+ months of cooking at home, today feels like a day of showstoppers. When are we assembling this cookbook? @writedarkmatter The panade looks amazing. And the colors on the soup! Both bites look ready to please and deliver.Happiest Season is making me yell at the tv—Harper is Elrod Commons is open 7 days/week between 9am & 5pm throughout winter break. The #wlu food pantry is on the th…
Retweeted by Diego Millan @minhyoungsong 💕they look lovely. You paid attention well growing up! @blkchimera Wow, thanks for the recipe, too. I see that below. @dem8z That pound cake! I’ve requested new old Bundt pans from my in-laws in hopes of approaching such perfection.… @dem8z Good morning! You know it was, and I did sleep deeply. Perhaps part of it was knowing these were chilling in… @writedarkmatter @CiaoSamin Absolutely love peanut soups. I bet it tastes even better the day after. And while I’m… a last-minute recipe for stuffing? Do you also like unsolvable puzzles? Years ago I requested the family rec…
Retweeted by Diego MillanUpdate, it did not make it through the night. 😂 just got the _Culture as Catalyst” volume (published by @TangMuseum ed. by Isolde Brielmaier) in the mail and…
Retweeted by Diego Millan @dem8z Yes. The things that take time but maybe less attention. @kwazana Brisket sounds yum. Just some stuffing and regular dinner (chili garlic tofu). Once the kitchen’s reset, I…
@YalidyM Thank you! Happy bakingAnd finish. Vegan stuffing that will likely not make it through the night. @YalidyM Vegan Stuffing for fun (we aren’t doing a big meal tomorrow or anything). I hate to say, we bought a pie 🤭… @idilatweets 🥺no you’re* crying. What a love. His sister stroked his back early on because she sensed his nerves.… @dem8z I would love all of this (including friends with such baking skills*) *may my excellent friends never see this. @YalidyM Oo what pies? @dem8z Gorgeous: and she has beautiful bundt pans, and it looks like a serving platter made for them?A middle @kwazana What’s on?Anybody else cooking this evening?A beginning done so made us so nostalgic that for too many of us we can’t hear the continuity between this and Trump/ism.
Retweeted by Diego Millan @jdgtranen @tmjames Lovely! Really like the vase to bloom ratio.As somebody named Diego (and who shares initials)—Maradona was a common reference for uncles to relate to me, even… @curriculargeek As in did I add any or you are in need of some (could drop off if latter). I did add two that I am… prob go well on a bland poultry item, or a meatloaf. Many non-vegan things need seasoning.👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 whenever I hear calls for financial lit*racy, I wish it was more of this (and corporate finance) and less be… of the context and content of what stein meant—I always misunderstood the “there is no there there” line to… about borders / boundaries today, I'm drawn both to Glissant's poetics of Relation, which he said is not "…
Retweeted by Diego Millan @BlkGrlBrilliant Oh that’s Hartman, if I’m not mistaken, from one of these many wonderful webinars (back when I att… mom’s xmas cactus: @BlkGrlBrilliant So glad students already bring the brilliance they learn in your classes to mine. Waiting for “thr… @Shikha_bas If it ever fruits, or even grows enough to cast a bit of shade, we will share it. @Shikha_bas They do?? 🥺thank you for the encouragement. Also, omg a mango farm??? Ugh, sounds incredible. My hope… @Shikha_bas It was a gift, likely from a clipping. Either way, it came with no IDs, so I can’t say for sure. If it… learned today that these limp mango leaves are maybe part of the process. Faith and plant growing. @hystericalblkns Tweeting this must have inspired the bulb the get moving: all honesty, the best way to give thanks is not over a shared meal but rather in acts of service and kindness. Y… @hystericalblkns Yes! We picked a smaller one up and repotted it. It's really taken and started to bloom. Waiting o… @nkoyenkoyenkoye @keguro_ omg...this gif. 🤣 @keguro_ @nkoyenkoyenkoye A hot pocket of evil? @hystericalblkns Good morning, Christina. 💕
@dem8z What a gorgeous cake! (Also, we were admiring your kitchen rug) enjoy!Tonight’s moonrise “Q: Ms. Morrison, you mentioned that you wrote a thesis on Faulkner. What effect did Faulkner have on your l…
Retweeted by Diego MillanSecond time he’s been by, I think Santa’s casing the joint. @blkchimera I need to reread. I think I have an extra copy in the office. It’s time for a good laugh. @blkchimera Yes!!! I didn’t want to say it before you’d gotten there. I’d forgotten the “pickled” part 🤣🤣🤣open your wallets already
Retweeted by Diego Millan @BlkGrlBrilliant A combination of language (parents’ primary language is Spanish) and me being an overconfident know it all child.As a child (10?) I convinced my parents that turkeys were supposed to be broiled. Hours into cooking and the center… @Halfrican_One Whoa!! That’s amazing. We’ll be watching. @proseb4bros @ProffWolff Oh right the clusters! I’d forgotten about those. And the bibliographies beneath each list, too. It r… I thought of it then, I would have treated each list as an excuse to make a syllabus/thematic survey rather tha… my experience, it lends itself to fast reading/glossing. It also resulted in lists being shared/recycled, which… Tufts English: 6 period-based lists (+2 courses meant to count as competency). You make the lists (only one is s… everyone dealing with bouts of insomnia (or anything else): I hope that all of your encounters are with people w…
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