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@The_Bigbie explain ?
@DeeGJB damn this is smart @BoarderPNW @sumosuperior who are ASTRALIS ?NO AWPERS @Mod645 @SPUNJ Fold ur sandwich mod @diss_cs @CapCasts yea but cap is a polygot i play csgo lmfao @heliumbrella lesgoogonna boink some europeans am a dawnbreaker mainBLAST Premier Spring Showdown Fantasy game live with skin prizes
Retweeted by laupenhagen showdown @HLTVorg @Ax1LeGOD Beast mode again ?i remember when s1mple once wrote me “hard to play vs u on ramp” and it stuck with me
Retweeted by laupenhagen showdown @scottiyioioioio W @gla1ve_csgo @nicothepops @coleboyya Everybody deserves a second chance wtf.. @genedits Second home of Max Burger
SuperstituM waiting roomWhy is everyone having their career best performance vs Astralis 😂 @cettobincsgo Inspiration struck like Lightning @Tgwri1s Big vinART DEMO ART DEMO ART DEMO @coleboyya Lessgooo 🔥🔥 @nicothepops @OnFireAnders Try me @OnFireAnders Crap did I forget to stand on the designated food stickers again I’m gonna get kicked out of hereTook my first nap in laupenhagen @PanYijingFlora @_BrianCS @RyanAtRBM I hate when they forget to put the top bun on my burger @mezidog The night of ? Watched? @Big_MacKis @AleksibCSGO Copenhagen pizza near me @launders @AleksibCSGO
Retweeted by laupenhagen showdownI gotta have more faith in people This website changes you @AstralisCS @arTcsgo Banger @Vladyslava_Z Can I come!CSGO is the 2nd most popular game on Steam China, above Dota2
Retweeted by laupenhagen showdownYess more of this content! Players are killing it right now 🔥 @JesusJameChrist @OG_BDN0tail No matter how many hours they got- I’ve got more @OG_BDN0tail You look like a movie star @WoodyAllenHey Not before me son50 true convictions is not worth 1 false one. Please update @ESIC_Official @MiGHTYMAXcsgo I’m sorry max 😭Easily one of the best videos I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. Just watch it 🔥.@STYKOcsgo teaches me how to play Nuke 🎥 prophecy is fulfilled once again @OGcsgo @flameZcsgo @BLASTPremier New Flame 🔥 Excited to unveil one of the world’s greatest upcoming players as the last member of our CS:GO roste…
Retweeted by laupenhagen showdownSPRING SHOWDOWN ROSTER UPDATE 💥 We have a role swap with @BanKsEsports doing remote interviews and @FreyaSpiers be…
Retweeted by laupenhagen showdown @nitr0 Chat: Where do you get these quotes Nick: GoogleIt’s time to start spending money on clothes again @flameZcsgo Everytime I play an ep it starts in English and I throw up how do people stoop this low I hate non elitists so muchSpent the whole flight watching aot. I am no longer the same man that boarded hours ago @RarkarCS @version1gg Stream @EliGE @YouTube Nice man what’s it like @FionnOnFire When xqc played stilt fella @semphisss @semphisss I’d be huge
@pr0nogo Nicee @Fasffy I do tyTy u guys are awesome @launders isnt able to stream today so watch me suffer in european prem queue instead!
Retweeted by laupenhagen showdown @negendum TyBest phone game for plane for iOS I left my switch at home( I’m coach)now @hazedCS Gotta take the rice out @DeemsTree @BLASTPremier @fl0mtv 😭I never feel uncomfortable going to the airport knowing they looked up every detail, provided all the documents and… to say thank you to BLAST for being insane at handling everything c19 travel related once again. I showed th… @chloe_hime7 Durians banned on public transport it perma smells cars you can’t lie to these poor north americansI forgot to pack my switch 😨 do you think they’ll hold the flight @STYKOcsgo Danger zone is the pinnacle of cs @flameZcsgo @MonteCristo for non residency ? @BlackEspanolito man @Ax1LeGOD 🙌🏾 @JamieQ95 honestly i dont think 3 players can peak in a bad system, no coincidence as far as im concernedwhy cant navi prepare this well :lgambit are unrealomg this is today @awakendgg @Karneasy just a yoga mat for me :D300 pizzas later @aimlevel_ Namaste187 lbs Most I’ve ever weighed in my life FeelsAmazingMan @priusOBS @ScrawnyCG @zipelCS limewire and osrs are you a time capsule @OnFireAnders @skybox @ESLCS @YNk imagine if you had a bit more self confidence, you could've skipped creating this… @EmmettRocha1 tpb was down yesterday i thonk @tflxdd @FBI torrent site do people main nowadays @fl0mtv :smile:I played a CS:GO tournament with @fl0mtv. 📺 @vENdettaCSGO ready to see this 90% winrate dig in action xI fly to cph today for one of the most fun events on the calendar! The blast showdown :D We all know who’s gonna win @ROSEMARTHESLOVE I wish I got a pro max thanks @nicothepops bad influence @CPerfectworld Nice can I come @RyanAtRBM TFT mobile nice ? @piethrouer @tarik pieWise @TomPickering Honestly most lobby’s are fine just stay quiet for a couple rounds and see what the moods like. Once… csgo soloq is so bearable compared to every other game. We’re like the last major game besides BRs that do…