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Writer and editor, previously and variously at Wired, 538, NYT, The Verge, Offworld, Femfreq. Chaotic good, karaoke enthusiast, optimistic cynic, total champ.

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@bburbank Itsa your surgeon! The test results are concerning! @bburbank Itsa Mario! Watching you! In your home!I have been to (and been nominated at) many Eisner Award ceremonies and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced or hear…'m sorry Ms. Jackson (Oooooo)/ I am four eels/ Never meant to make your daughter cry/ I am several fish and not a guy
Retweeted by Laura Hudson @bburbank I don’t like this @ThatDamnCatATX @ocularnervosa @neilhimself US government is honoring an 83-year-old Muslim cleric who hid 262 Christians in his home and mosque during an…
Retweeted by Laura Hudson @ApolloEars Standing up for your beliefs is one of the most American things you can do. Saying people should shut u… @CotySJ1 @ArcEntel @FoxyJazzabelle Oh yeah Why is this every dayGOP spin vs the GOP base
@usebomswisely mexico @MicheBangtan @lenikacruz Following me has finally paid offICYMI I’m in the Atlantic talking about BTS. To be clear, I did not write this piece, the excellent @lenikacruz did…
My hair today has got that Phoenix Force energy now God why is every day like some sort of perverse Mad Lib created by 12-year-old deities @jaytholen Nope I refuse to believe this, I willfully choose not to contemplate or accept it @jaytholen I feel like I’m looking at a monster created in a lab whose very existence is a tragedy and a curse No… @jaytholen They took perhaps the worst popular musical ever and spent tens of millions of dollars summoning it to l… @Sentient_Chaos I’m gonna file that under “the least they could do, and still disappointing” @HamillHimself Ceci n'est pas, dammit Mme. Hoffius would be so disappointed in meThe internet is a strange place to have lived all my life @Sentient_Chaos The billionaires said they were putting up €600 million and have so far put up €20 million which is… @HamillHimself Ceci ne pas un retweet @OhNoSheTwitnt I sleep with something like this around my eyes and ears and listen to white noise and it significan… shit though will not save us @living_marble @sydneypadua Rich people are always most interested in their escape hatchThis is professional behavior. It’s been v tiresome to me, as a journalist, to watch the right try to mambo out of… you want to get the taste of CATS out of your mouth, here is an excellent dog
Retweeted by Laura Hudson @pixelatedboat This is officially too hot @RBryant2012 @velocciraptor @dynamofire I still have her collar from that age; it is pink and covered in skulls and… @oranicuhh “The law is not that you have to swear on the Christian Bible. That is not the law.” 😮 “You don’t know that?” 😮 @velocciraptor @dynamofire I love your baby too how old is she @velocciraptor @dynamofire I painted her @dynamofire @velocciraptor My baby @UnburntWitch Madam Secretary
@GeekySwede Yes precisely @bijanstephen I just wondered how their buttholes will be depicted and I resent the movie in the extreme for thisIf you want to get the taste of CATS out of your mouth, here is an excellent dog @stonefruitblues Tori Amos and LizzoHonestly some of the best times on twitter are when we all come together to yell about optical illusion dresses and… @origamikid Listen I’m not the one who made her a cat
Retweeted by Laura Hudson @origamikid Listen I omitted the video out of respectAbsolutely no one: The CATS movie: what would it look like if Snapchat cat filter and furry fan art had a baby tha… @plante @Polygon @chrisgrant Chris! Congratulations! @jeeyonshim My fav part of that entry @jeeyonshim There’s a short story too! middle grade or YA authors want to help out a teacher at a Title 1 School who lost her entire 2000 book classro…
Retweeted by Laura HudsonOh god this is awful’s a good multiplayer (not local co-op) game on Steam that is not shooting oriented or is generally something I would like
I’m a very mature professional @jonpaulmaki Listen it’s really cold on that campsiteMy Animal Crossing character has discovered wang and it’s a big moment various anxieties whenever a family member calls is the fucking point of this
Retweeted by Laura Hudsonreferring to the US Civil War as "the American Sengoku period" to enrage every person I've ever met.
Retweeted by Laura Hudsonlol this guy owns
Retweeted by Laura HudsonAre there community centers or volunteer opportunities or causes that could tangibly help POC/immigrants where you…
Every single one of us has a moral obligation to do whatever we can to reject this racist rhetoric in tangible ways… someone who has spent years working with immigrants students, I’ve rarely heard as much love or hope for America… Trump tells members of Congress who are US-born or US citizens to “go back” to another country based on their re… @CCriadoPerez No one is owed access to you, fuck them @CheriLevesque @PaulTobin How would I explain this to children @tvoti Just do 2-3 seasons and knock them out of the park @saladinahmed Broken neck ladyRep. Omar has been a U.S. citizen for 6 years longer than Melania Trump.
Retweeted by Laura Hudson @mollylambert Oh no it’s the story of heterosexualityWriters! A reminder that I am always looking for compelling first-person essays on identity (race, gender, sexualit…
Retweeted by Laura Hudson @legobutts I was terribly misunderstood, let me say the thing I meant again and hope that people will not think it’… @kateleth I delete my tweets for a constellation of reasons, including “I feel like it” @mvzelenks Oh no @Reagandow @hyperion5182 But then again, you’re arguing none of this in good faith — you’re just looking for any re… @Reagandow @hyperion5182 you’re clearly being petty bc you don’t agree with me in other ways, but if you write and… @megganpez
@johnosborne169 @ScorpionSketch It also has to do with the ways that we perceive strength and ability and how they… @bombsfall @lightsinthewood @m0gar The degree to which Nicholas II and Alix worked to foment their own downfall and… @bombsfall The Matthew Weiner/Amazon anthology show The Romanoffs is completely different but also interesting if that’s your sort of thing @bombsfall The talking head shit mixed with high production drama still jars me every time @CloneNic XuxaY’all, having sled dogs has been so good for my body image. And not because mushing is a joy-filled, physical outdo…
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I was there last Sunday for a party. It was absolutely packed, with happy kids running all over that playground and…
Retweeted by Laura HudsonDid this monkey just call me a cop @FoxyJazzabelle Oh shit do you have extra risk factors? I’m so sorry. @FoxyJazzabelle Honestly one of the reasons that motherhood is terrifying to me is that it takes the entitlement pe… @FoxyJazzabelle A responsible mother also lives her best and most successful life as an example to her child, this… @charliejane Pretty!Oh this can’t possibly end well you don’t pronounce arugula like you’re a cartoon horn, are you really living?
Retweeted by Laura HudsonBig bot mood @KurtBusiek I dunno Kurt he says “trust me” so I’m not sure we have any choice
@jessnevins Sometimes people just suck and that’s ok @NewOrleansStsFn @KurtBusiek Tell the guy who wrote the punisher more about the punisher, clearly you are the exper… shit this rules
Retweeted by Laura Hudson @kohquette Wow @andykhouri @PaulTobin @dmeconis @OhColeman I believe he is called Li’l Elijah @Saninicus @dukedudebro Criticism is a normal response when you don’t like something. It’s not fascism it’s called…