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Gabriel is the reason I watch Emily in Parisme making a tinder but never messaging anyone back
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🙁 for what reason
Fucking hell hahahaha is that the gingerbread man off shrek
Retweeted by LD @JX11DEN literally found about 1 that was funnyIf u find fake tan offensive plz block me x
Retweeted by LDthe whole “what gives you the ick” crack is dead
I’m impressed that boys ac notice this that’s proper not his first tab
Retweeted by LD @Richy_DR I was thinking this 🤣eh how is this the zoos fault u think this is funny or cool seek help.
Retweeted by LDthis has made me realise how many men have never seen boobs irl and believe that all women have pornstar tits
Retweeted by LDomds i miss that butterfly feelin u get when u hear the beat walking into the rave
Retweeted by LD @eleanordobson22 early for this @ my landlord after he’s ignored my 3rd text about the broken shower
Retweeted by LD @AnrijsC *irrelevant @AnrijsC who are u arguing with I’m not denying it’s facts it was just completely in relevant @AnrijsC Didn’t really answer the question tho did itRandom person: *breathes* Me: sure I’ll stick them in me private story
Retweeted by LDSocial media got 23 year olds thinking they already failed in life 🥺🤦🏽‍♂️... your life just starting fr
Retweeted by LDpeople are so gross it’s predictable
Retweeted by LDUni? Not a clue what’s going on mate
Retweeted by LDjust say u hate women n leave @aidenjeffreyy Concerned xxxsorry what with the Travis Scott remix taking fucking liberties...
Retweeted by LDActions speak ten times louder than words, I will genuinely never go off someone’s words most the time they mean nothing
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apparently molly mae can’t have an opinion on anything without everyone crying @JX11DEN hahahha yeah mine says 38 cos I’m a size 5 @JX11DEN Shoe size in eu sizing XSee this tweet once a week
Retweeted by LDClout is the new drug, People will ruin friendships & relationships over it
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@miabrodrick hahahha the worst gives me mad anxiety the next day too @alex__isaacc Ur laugh makes this tho @kalaghmm Kal I’m HANGING pulling thru thome 🤝 telling everyone my secrets after 1 drink
literally so hard to stay positive about life rn so shit
Retweeted by LDHow it started: How it ended:
Retweeted by LDThis wee cunt at the end man 😂😂
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when I’m eating out with my friends & I see a flash in my direction
Retweeted by LDHow is this man even real what
NORMALIZE FRIENDS OUTGROWING EACH OTHER WITHOUT ANIMOSITY!! We all move differently and have different priorities.…
Retweeted by LDI'm still confused as to how London appears to escape the rise of infections that we see in the north.
Retweeted by LDYeno how lads call girls princesses imagine a girl sayin to a lad how are we ye little prince
Retweeted by LDno one: me after 2 glasses of wine to everyone’s Instagram story: so true bestie❤️
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If anyone seen me stoned in on the bus with my hamster this morning then mind your business we had some business to take care of
Retweeted by LDSo over covid now.. I’ll wear my mask. I’ll wash my hands and use sanitiser but if I can go to work, The pub, out f…
Retweeted by LDwould give my right arm to be able to sleep easy, the longest most painful process every fckn night man
i can’t believe i used to share water with like 15 strangers at shows jesus christ
Retweeted by LD @antoniagatesx ur lying @anna_farrer @bethbuchanan24 @jasminaabel hahahahha us when we ran outa mixer at ours @hxllyknight Don’t think a could ever move back nowMe reading a text and ignoring it until I gain enough energy to be social again
Retweeted by LD @hxllyknight Changes ur lifeDo you ever look at someone’s story and just delete them ?
Retweeted by LDsurely not after your fucking mates anorl if u know they’re doing ridiculous amounts don’t just turn a blind eye
Fuck me how is this video still going round it’s painful
Retweeted by LDI’m fucking sick of this now this is vile, how much longer can we live our lives like this
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@leemoody123 pains me the most about this story is the fact she was brave enough to tell her story to someone in hopes that…
Retweeted by LDGot that Sunday feeling of dread
Retweeted by LD @leemoody123 no❤️24 hours ago buying him 2 half’s instead of a pint. Both happy as. Lads please talk to each other. Love you loads d…
Retweeted by LDThe North East has THE highest suicide rate in the UK. That’s absolutely devastating. PLEASE check on your friends…
Retweeted by LD @katmgoddard @Maz67 @bethbuchanan24 didn’t know Ruth was retaking her yearneed it
Really just miss dancing you know
Retweeted by LDfind a banger > rinse it for a week > absolutely despise it, thats how it goes every single time.
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Online classes
Retweeted by LDI miss clubs so much @aidenjeffreyy who put 50p in uno
PLEASE carry on sharing there have been some suspected sightings around Bishop Auckland so we think she’s just wand…
Retweeted by LDjake, i can PROMISE YOU, you’re not getting a girl. ever. i mean it.
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Can’t be real life anymore
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what’s left of ur student loan after u take the rent away / BISHOP AUCKLAND Begging everyone to carry on sharing and looking - if you see a slim husky then look o…
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*** STILL MISSING CASH REWARD IF SHE IS FOUND FROM YOUR INFORMATION please share as she could be in West Auckland o…
Retweeted by LDWhy are they called “daddy long legs”? Not just “long legs”? What’s the “daddy” bit about???
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@BrookeBurdess @H0USEPL4NTS I actual am I’m sorry 🤝xxxNicola sturgeon was not invited to gaffs when she was younger n it shows
Retweeted by LDif u need me urgently and u choose to text me on snapchat that’s a you problem
Retweeted by LD£200 fine for more than 6 in your house, 40 people party, £5 deposit on the door if you get caught, get it back if you don’t
Retweeted by LDShe’s still missing & no sightings reported any information leading to her whereabouts will now have £ reward , mes…
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Honestly people better not start with the can’t go see my other half tweets just fuckin go and see them and shut the fuck up no one cares
Retweeted by LDcovid when everyone’s at the pub during the day
Retweeted by LDmen.. pls get rid of these jeans for the love of god,, hang it UP
Retweeted by LDIt’s so sad that these are meant to be the best years of our lives but we can’t even live them fully due to covid🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
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The moth to my lamp
Retweeted by LDActual get heavy embarrassed crossing the road as if it’s not a pure normal thing to do
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Clearly never lived in countryside mate
Retweeted by LDI’m not arsed about anyone social distancing or breaking lockdown but if you know you’ve got coronavirus and you’re…
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@itim18882 issa joke ❤️