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Laura E. Hall @lauraehall Portland, Oregon

Narrative, immersive, puzzles, ARGs, experience design, world-building, mysteries, play. Escape rooms @MeridianAdvCo. Katamari Damacy @bossfightbooks. She/they

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potion bottles ✨
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“Visiting Day 2027 - misty weather brings guests”
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall @wolvesmaw @Rozolen EXCUSE ME BUT ARE YOU PUBLICLY SHARING THE SACRED TEXTS?
Retweeted by Laura E. HallI found this Furby cult pamphlet sitting on a table and my hands are physically shaking
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall @slimyswampghost @speederaserhead The Conversation is one of the all-time greats! Haven’t seen Sorcerer so I clearly need to rectify thatThis Sims 4 build of the Parasite house is 1. an exact intersection of my interests and 2. a MASTERPIECE
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall"Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow!" This pangram (a sentence using every letter of the alphabet) is so much mo…
Retweeted by Laura E. HallToday was a fun day, I wrote some software to convert images of birds on wires into music in real time~
Retweeted by Laura E. Hallah, a very specific intersection of my interests
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fresno nightcrawler flock
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall @karenyhan @jujuadams This is the absolute truth. Solid gold!Hey GDC goers, come to this! CO-OPS FOR SURVIVING CAPITALISM - a short talk + meet and greet for people in co-ops…
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Retweeted by Laura E. HallNancy by Olivia Jaimes for Sat, 22 Feb 2020
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall @catacalypto How far off the ground are we talking @Kevin_Church I’m really enjoying it! Just caught up today good
@ammonite Pin the tail on the donkey, but putting the scoop on the coneFaith really slays 🔪
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall"Cities are made up of the accumulated memories of people, which have the power to transcend their own time" — The…
Retweeted by Laura E. HallWord? We must NEVER forget the time Lee Pace had the other girls SHAKING serving look after glorious look. Cis di…
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Today, February 24, in 1989, FBI agent Dale Cooper enters the town of Twin Peaks for the first time (Twin Peaks, "N…
Retweeted by Laura E. HallDoes anyone know what movie this is? It looks really fun ☺️
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall @jennifersandlin It’s part of the seasonal Zoolights exhibition at @OregonZooguys i just learned about silky anteaters and we must love and protect them at all costs
Retweeted by Laura E. HallKatamari Damacy - @TaikaWaititi, starring @TaikaWaititi and whoever else he wants to roll up into a ball and shoot…
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@marc_laidlaw Cannot WAIT for the next one! June can’t come quickly enoughJosie and the Pussycats, “3 Small Words”. Absolute banger 😻 @EmmaKidwell Happy birthday!! 🎉🎉 birthday to our favorite scientist and skeptic, FBI agent Dana Scully 🎂🔍🎉
Retweeted by Laura E. HallI needed a little break from cyberpunk, something a bit different. So here is my first try doing fantasy animation,…
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall首が長いーぬを作ってみました。
Retweeted by Laura E. Hallgood morning. does Medusa shave her legs. & if she does how many snakes is she murdering in cold blood. does she ha…
Retweeted by Laura E. HallThese haunting medium format slides with images of an unknown woman walking into the sea were found in a Virginia t…
Retweeted by Laura E. HallToday, February 22, teenager Laura Palmer writes a diary entry about an eerie dream she had that took place in a st…
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Retweeted by Laura E. Hall @todayonscreen @ThatsOurWaldo @matttwood X marks the spot! You’ve found the treasure, and the treasure is pettingsyo. here's my Narrative techniques bracket
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall @spindlypete This is me in the residential Roman neighborhood of EUR, a sprawling 1:250 scale model displays the glory of ancient Ro…
Retweeted by Laura E. HallWent to check out Morrison Market, a new food hall at 722 SE 10th that just opened this week. It’s huge inside, wit…
Have been enjoying Avenue 5. I like Iannucci, I like Hugh Laurie, I like sarcasm in space. The vibe is kinda like i… "filmic" quality in the art of Kobayashi Kiyochika (1847–1915)
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall @hoverbird I think we’re basically siblings, haha @waxpancake ‘Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man’! (Apt, as I’m seeing 63 Up tonight) @SleepawayChamp Haunted mansion mysteries are the unifying thread of my whole lifeAll of these, plus detective stories, the macabre, aliens, and fairies. In elementary school I got special permissi… @toiyakfinley Saaame @agamemnus_dev @isabella_shey It is pleasingly round and smooth. I would like to pet itneed to get it out of my system
Retweeted by Laura E. Halloh the be a duck held in the palm of someone’s hand in front of a field of sunflowers
Retweeted by Laura E. Hallbase from 🙂 (default) eyes from 💀 (holes) mouth from ☺️ (smile)
Retweeted by Laura E. Hallour lady of sorrows
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall @tominsam @twoscooters That’s exactly the content I crave @virtualbri Yeah. I’m partial to those kind of stories too. My brain craves answers so it’s kind of a relief when i… also: Shin Godzilla. Also in Battlestar Galactica when a documentary team visits the bridge during a space skir… @robotviking Yesssss, please!! The way the documentary eps in BSG suddenly reframe all the ship fight/space action… @MattBors Me watching Avengers: "Jesus, how the hell is the city going to pay for that cleanup. Do you think insure… @MattBors I'm just tired of superhero-scale drama. Give me paperwork and bureaucracy—stresses that pretty much ever…*taps the sign*
I love this SO MUCH. If you are in NYC today, there's an auction at 5pm where you can bid on items liberated from D…
Retweeted by Laura E. HallHey gang! San Francisco’s second annual Immersive Design Week kicks off today and runs through next weekend. Eve…
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall @tigershungry news today from the #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons Nintendo Direct session. My wishlist was like: ✔️ Resetti sta… killer, Cat cafe, Pspspspspspspspspspspspspsps
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall @RobertHayden @acwilliams According to IMDB, Lana is but Lilly isn’t listed. That may just be because it’s early an…
Ohhh heck yeah time to get weird
Retweeted by Laura E. HallLet’s Get Mild! Our eclectic exhibition of experimental videogames is returning to GDC this year. Today we are sup…
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall @hutchison15 John Wick 4: SimulacrumWhen your thirst post only gets 2 likes excited that they’re currently filming the next Matrix film! There’s lots of pics and video floating around.… @acwilliams They’re filming the fourth movie as we speak so there’s still a chance, but I think we all need to hang…“I know what you've been doing...why you hardly sleep, why you live alone...and why night after night, you sit by y…[linnaea borealis] twin flower [phacelia campanularia] desert bluebell 🌙
Retweeted by Laura E. Hallfyi the doom and animal crossing communities keep posting crossover fanart in each others subs and it's just the gr…
Retweeted by Laura E. HallGood news; Dracula's back.
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall @downtohoerth That’s somehow even more ominous than a lurking red lightStrange lights in the dark street
Insecure Surveillance Cameras Provide Dystopian Peep Show Caroline Buttet's Virtual Peepho…
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall @DesilvaErlinda Capybaras are semi-aquatic, yuzu baths are a way that Japanese people celebrate the winter solstice tweet is doing the rounds again today. My wish for everyone is that you may one day feel as relaxed as these w… SPACE.
Retweeted by Laura E. HallOn a chilly day, one can *see* birdsong. What a gorgeous photograph by Mikhail Kalinin. Thanks to @bemusedpuma fo…
Retweeted by Laura E. Hallme and the girls having a great day
Retweeted by Laura E. HallGhostbusters: “don’t cross the streams.” Wild boar:
Retweeted by Laura E. Hall @mrgan Hm... not sure if I know any books in contemporary settings but there's a doc, "Into Great Silence". For his… @mrgan What time period?
@kentbye @mediamolecule We’ve been watching lots of stream VODs as people go through creations and I’m VERY excited to play with itCome for the crabs with mythological faces, stay for the crab memes and experts arguing theories in the comments o l e i l 🌻🌻🌻
Retweeted by Laura E. Halli wrote about tools! ❤️🔧 lots of cool tools! 🔨😎 new post about the wonderful world of tools made by small teams, so…
Retweeted by Laura E. HallMary, Queen of Scots (2018) has an interesting mix of lovely, contemporary framing and shots that look like baroque…
@marc_laidlaw The boarding school in the original Suspiria is deeply unsettling to me. And anything with a creepy d…"Yo WHAT UP, it's ya boi Anubis, back at it again with another soul unboxing video. Now as you can see, this one i…
Retweeted by Laura E. HallWhen @LAIKAStudios’ #Coraline was first released, I drove to Austin to a screening presented by Henry Selick. This…
Retweeted by Laura E. HallToday, February 16, in 2009, Coraline and her mother shop for a school uniform in a Presidents' Day sale. Coraline…
Retweeted by Laura E. HallWhen that “natural grace” takes practice 🐬
Retweeted by Laura E. Hallescape room employee: if you tug on an object and it doesn’t move, don’t force it. that means it’s not part of the…
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Rhythm リズム
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