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Laura Goode @lauragoode San Francisco

I teach writing and feminism @Stanford. I talk about them everywhere. Podcast (with @adriandaub): @FeministPresent Newsletter:

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@YoungJean_Lee paging @UnrealCitoyenne @carambalache @tressiemcphd I'm so sorry @tressiemcphd Tressie. The last time I was bodied this hard a 9lb baby showed up 8.5 months later. @women_want_more @mollypriddy @tressiemcphd I was so naïvePatty, you are....incorrect, after seeing august minds like @mollypriddy and @tressiemcphd tweet about being regularly destroyed by the cat… @juliafspa Sister Julia, this is an iconic tweet. Peace be with you.UPDATE: people who say “never meet your heroes” need to get better fucking heroines @juneericudorie The MOST comfy pants
@MorganJerkins This sentiment is the perfect harmony line to "So be it. See to it."So sorry to see this. All the little San Francisco kids know the Tom and Jerry house because of these guys' beautif… @amalt @MorganJerkins I loved this book. As if it weren't enough that @MorganJerkins is THIS good a writer, she is… @kbert Keri this is a wildly accurate depiction of how hard my entire body is vibrating @imjasondiamond @aarongoldfarb This is v nostalgic and makes me wish deeply that Chloe Caldwell were still on Twitt… @anthonyocampo dr. ocampo can you PLEASE prescribe me....the ability to get through this interview without full-body sobbingnow would be an ICONIC time to subscribe to @FeministPresent, please grant me a single ounce of chillGood morning hello oh my god please come be my friend!!!! @Lollardfish Just a lil love nuzzUpdate: my mom calls in backup @juneericudorie You already have, bright star.
This week on our podcast, The Feminist Present: Laura and Adrian talk to former Congresswoman @KatieHill4CA about q…
Retweeted by Laura GoodeI LEAPT at the chance to subscribe to the paid version of @yanyi___ 's The Reading—this newsletter has become an es… @meganstielstra @alexmlwrites Omg. DREAM TEAMThe @FeministPresent was SO excited to talk to @KatieHill4CA: liberal lion, proud bisexual, new author & dedicated…
The emotional dissonance of seeing this adorable, wholesome picture—Eric Carle is 91! And still drawing! And on Twi… @DujieTahat @CPhillipsPoet @SiblingRivPress This poem reminds me of @alexanderchee's EDINBURGH retold in like 100 words. @esmewang @angelicabastien @vulture She's so good
This is one of the most truthful, capital-R Real Talk accounts of How To Be A Writer that I’ve ever read. The doubt…
@mollypriddy @tolandback Bless you, Molly.So all I really want to listen to right now is podcasts that recap shows that are 20 years old. Who wants to make m… @adriandaub Adrian.
I just got to interview @lyzl (with @adriandaub for @feministpresent) and she is even more magical than my wildest dreams @tressiemcphd @Sarah_Smarsh's SHE COME BY IT NATURAL hit all my Great Book checkpoints: I laughed, I cried, I was l… 2 see the genius of @Sarah_Smarsh in print-that-shit-and-put-it-on-your-wall form"[Vanessa's] mother was our mother, a woman who had never sent a child to the military, but who trusted its promise…
BELABORED by @lyzl is useful for so many reasons; one of my favorites is the script she offers for pregnant women t… / co-worker / classmate pro-tip: Always assume people are going through shit rn. The truth is, they may n…
Retweeted by Laura GoodeGood morning, I am aged and wizened and the youth had to tell me very slowly and in great detail what finstas areI loved speaking with @lauragoode (essential feminist voice!) & barely contained Dolly stan @adriandaub (has a new…
Retweeted by Laura GoodeRead an excerpt from @Sarah_Smarsh's brilliant SHE COME BY IT NATURAL, at @Slate (, then li…
Retweeted by Laura GoodeHEAR YE: today is decreed the high holiday of @Sarah_Smarsh on @FeministPresent! Celebrate by praising Kansas, cran…
@lesbrains I will preorder that shit SO FAST Myriam @yanyi___ @lesbrains’s MEAN is the funniest book about sexual assault I’ve ever read. @jeannakadlec Jeanna this has been on LOOP for me these last few weeksMaybe @page88 and I should be besties because I also love to praise @adriandaub for his erudition just before roast…
@suesswassersee @Remember_Sarah @adriandaub new guest giftThis is a wonderful & really generous offer: if you click through, you'll see these authors are offering FREE class… majority of Catholics in America believe in the right to choose. I'm directing today's rage into donations to @Catholic4Choice. @carambalache you will NEVER drink 5 glasses of water today, you absolutely cannot find any joy whatsoever in writi… @kbert @alexisrichland recently told me "the basic unit of story is change" and now I feel like I have to do my ent…
@hels The 2003 White Girl Becoming vibes of this mix are absolutely lacerating in their recognizability
The peerless @esmewang once again summing up my feelings in concise elegance @jenidelao @YorkLitReview This took my breath away. Thank you so much. @meeraonthewall The memories of all your previous voting dates are living like happy little fairies in the eternal… this less because I think my TL needs convincing that the arts are essential to our survival, and more beca…
@jdesmondharris @DjurdjaPadejski These bundles and exchanges are so beautiful!! Friendship and solidarity! What a concept!!!! @jdesmondharris That thing you tweeted a while ago (what is time) about planning elaborate presents for your friend… @mollypriddy Bonus round: pronounce it like "Richfield" and watch the Edinans lose their mindsKamala keeping all her answers to a crisp two minutes while this yoho takes a steaming dump over every one of Susan… @esmewang Hot
@DujieTahat wow I really needed to be reminded of this iconic email today @polumechanos @ChloeAngyal This essay is canon."It is incumbent upon those of us that the institution was not made for to remember it is not that the institution… YOU CHERISH: -secret past lives in entertainment -the magnificent resilience of African-Americans in the US -… it is virtually impossible not to fall in love with @MorganJerkins's charisma, talent, & BURNING intellectual… @mollybackes @Millicentsomer Molly I have loved you since you plucked me from the cold street outside my cousin’s house and I always will @Millicentsomer @mollybackes Yes!!!!! That’s exactly when his face just went ASHEN @Millicentsomer @mollybackes That is all. Thank you for granting me this audience. It was the funniest moment of my… @Millicentsomer @mollybackes I guess the moral of the story is....don’t have phone sex in front of your coworkers?? @Millicentsomer @mollybackes And, I mean, I was well into ENTRE FOTOS Y CUADERNOS ENTRE COSAS Y RECUERDOS before I… @Millicentsomer @mollybackes His face. I wish I could bottle the look on his face and visit it on sad days. I wish… @Millicentsomer @mollybackes And my primal brain kicks in just like it did when I saw that photo, and intuitively,… @Millicentsomer @mollybackes You know what’s coming, right? Eventually, “Estoy Aquí” comes on his car stereo. @Millicentsomer @mollybackes So time marches on. We teach the youth. I listen to him lie to his girlfriends about n… @Millicentsomer @mollybackes I should mention that I think it’s generally dickish not to disclose that you speak a… @Millicentsomer @mollybackes This goes on for some months, him feeling increasingly secure in having these conversa… @Millicentsomer @mollybackes He’s speaking entirely Spanish, and it doesn’t come up that I speak passable conversat… @Millicentsomer @mollybackes Mario has, judging by the conversations he has in the car, has at least one wife and t… @Millicentsomer @mollybackes So the year is 2008, I’m teaching in a juvenile justice center in Santa Clara. Most of… @Millicentsomer @mollybackes Thank you for understanding my deep, gravitational need for chisme @Millicentsomer @mollybackes I’m so sorry, you didn’t ask for this, but I need to tell you my best story about this song @Millicentsomer @mollybackes *whispers* todo lo que fue @Millicentsomer @mollybackes I saw this picture and my brain automatically just went YA....SE QUE NO VENDRÁS @juneericudorie Cute baby but that doula is a BABE
All my love for the only child vibes in this gorgeous @GuernicaMag essay by @advanyoung: "My favorite pastime grow… @Danez_Smif @Harmony_Holiday all the way @IsiahWhitlockJr @ArtDecider ?
@lyzl Fuck. Cannot wait to see what inevitably bigger and better job this frees you up for.
Self-care is not an antidote for institutional violence.
Retweeted by Laura Goode @mynette @JYKFilms @reenadutt !!Since KFC fired me a few days ago... the 11 herbs and spices are: Salt, pepper, basil, parsley chilli powder, lemon…
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@carambalache YES @toddedillard Same shirt but just make the text MARY OLIVERToday is a good day to think about empathy: who receives it, and who is always denied it.
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For no particular reason today, I would love to Discourse about how Susie Misner is one of the most underrated trip… @SamuelAshworth @michellelegro Delighted to see you having such a leisurely day off, Michelle @anthonyocampo honey you should see the struggle choirs at the WHITE churches