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@lyleisland This is so wonderful... I would like to order one someday... @maxhuffman Love the new car
@doctopmaru @doctopmary How do I see all the large prints? @zachhazard But my birthday is coming up. I need to look spiffy for absolutely no one @carefulblackgrl I’m gonna look like shit on purpose. In fact I’m starting nowTaking photos with an iPad because I’m 56 and my son just got me this and it’s so nice I can make the letters big to read email.The cut I gave myself in like January keeps growing. Trying to figure out if it looks crazy enough that I should fi… @gregjhunter Gallery wall
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @gregjhunter That’s such a long room, it’s hard to think of something a person wouldn’t eventually get sick of @HulloJackie @vinnieneu Support BDS @gregjhunter Is the wall in your apartment?
I like drawing now!Julia at work (a study) @gregjhunter This is wonderful. I love people like this @gregjhunter What a small world! Do you know if he has done or published anything else? @WhitTaylorComix “City of Quartz” by Mike Davis @nivbavarsky The paragraph is from “City of Quartz,” which touches on some interesting stuff about LA — the reputat… @nivbavarsky The history of LA is really fascinating, I’m learning about it during my visit. I think the city got v… @andypressman The “nightmare at the terminus” oneWhy did I come to Los Angeles, people ask me @puiupo Jamais @plaest2k Incredible stuff @plaest2k Do you use a line stabilizer? That’s smooth as hell
@HulloJackie Yeah and I wish they wouldn’t @zachhazard @lane_lane_lane I laugh at the thought of burn victim Tim @puiupo LINDOpreview of a recent short comic. full story can be found at e em português no…
Retweeted by Laura LannesKind of insane how much damage that little asshole Cody Pickrodt was able to cause. What a shit @d0rts Parabéns!! @faggy_dyke Happy birthday to you, me, your aunt and Karl Marx @faggy_dyke That's right baby. The big five-one-oh @faggy_dyke Am I remembering this wrong or do we have the same birthday? @faggy_dyke I don't know anything about astrology but I'm a Taurus and from what I've heard it's THE sign for historical materialismHappy birthday to Karl Marx @saletasubmersa 💗 @flavushh Um elogio seu vale 10 💞Bad
What a delight to be taken, after clicking on an excerpted, nondescript Rotten Tomatoes review, to the one and only World Socialist Web Site @boxbrown May god allow thisLately I’ve been having a lot of trouble accepting that there are artists I look up to who like my work. Don’t you… can’t I meet a nice little Elliott GouldWe stock lots of great comics from @retrofitcomics in the US!⁠ John, Dear by @LauraLannes:⁠ This is a book about a…
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @richiepope Not too long ago this year I threw out my back for sleeping wrong :-/"Feels like an Arby's night." @maxhuffman @peel_carrboro !!!!
@dirtbagg I hear great things about TorontoMy lease is ending. Should I move away from New YorkDrawing on iPad with q-tip @HulloJackie Get that check
Congrats to Chinese Premier Juan Guaido
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @alexander_laird Love to start the Socialist City of the future, where people live in adobe houses full of bugs and… @alexander_laird It sounds like it was a big mess from the start, I’m trying to find more info because I can’t tell… @alexander_laird I’m glad you think so!! I’m finding this story so wild!Starting out, people lived in tents or adobe houses. The directors didn’t live there and threatened with eviction a… found online Dolores Hayden’s book “Seven American Utopias — The Architecture of Communitarian Socialism, 1790-19…
Retweeted by Laura Lannes de espelho
Retweeted by Laura Lannes
would you still love me if my penis wasn't so big that it makes a cartoon boi-oi-oing sound effect every time i unz…
Retweeted by Laura LannesHow it ended. Incredible burn by Aldous Huxley. know this is a lot of text but this is the part of the book about Llano del Rio. It’s very interesting. By 1916 “…“Its founder Job Harriman was Eugene Debs' running mate in the presidential election of 1900. In subsequent years,… May Day! 107 years ago today, a socialist colony sprouted up in Antelope Valley, outside LA. You can still go… Waters fans won’t fuck me because they come to my house and can’t see my ebooks
Day 1
I’m high and in tears of laughter over this screenshot which I just took should all do the David Hockney challenge @colleentie Very hard to doP.S 2
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @IgnatzHaderach Wish someone had
@plaest2k Here I go taking the filler sketch to final againI'm sharing this again solely because people thought I was blaming my pain on eating an apple. But I actually meant… @natAndrewson That man is made of chutzpah. He applied to art school with traced drawingsWow this maniac guy is seriously packing from a short comic I made for a contest in which I didn't get selected. full story on my patreon (link in…
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @bigger_trousers Oh my gosh! But isn’t that a blessing, that your sketches are such quality they slip into print! @natAndrewson Wait what... who is this... I would love to speak to this person @plaest2k Lol but do we though... I’m always surprised @westcoastnoir @cathrynvirginia Thanks so much, such an interesting story!An alternate version I also liked @tball @cathrynvirginia Thank you!For Vice, I did this illo for an article about the fascination with the homes of dead authors. Thanks again to my A… @mmegannnolan Bit unrelated but I loved your book — read it in one sitting, rapt!
@edxjohnson Final attached! @echoes_bones Check, check, checkSometimes I'm so happy with a sketch I think I should just stop there. Send it in to the AD. "Doesn't get better than this my dude"I’m starting to get kind of a 90s Seinfeld situation with my mullet. I don’t know if I should shave the back of my…
@stephmannheim Thanks Stephanie! @MarcAspinall Thank you!Gameplay examples
Retweeted by Laura LannesTy @maxhuffman for a pic of it in print is my ideal reading companion