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Joined Twitter 6/17/09! BACURAU! @shutupsmalls The third one there... really hot stuffThis one is also up there's talking about the looting in downtown Chicago, nobody's talking about the 15 year old the cops killed t…
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Retweeted by Laura Lannesthinking about the absolutely seismic effect this one pic had on online communication
Retweeted by Laura LannesTony Soprano is on the Epstein flight logs @Lanei_Kasir Love it!tbt
Retweeted by Laura Lannessorry to everyone for anything bad i've ever said. i don't think it was bad and i stand by what i said
Retweeted by Laura LannesThis one only applies to people in long-term relationships. If you have mostly done the casual thing, the thought p… being in a relationship for a while and going out with a new couple. Remember that. And they’re all happy… @venusiadavis You can be lazy!
@Fixtha_Fernback Text me! @Fixtha_Fernback If you come to Crown Heights say hi! @scumbelievable Only unsullied character in the showthis paragraph from @bransonreese's Dick Tracy letterboxd review may be one of the best pieces of film crit i've se…
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @scumbelievable Ohh so it was about Gigi and Ralphie. Got it. At the expense of Bobby, really (old man Bacala was due anyway). Poor Bobby @scumbelievable Such a stressful scene. I’m not clear on why Tony sent himThey can never call me a careerist. I have been turning down offers to be published for years now. They should go w…’m heterosexual because I am not attracted to people like me (cartoonist) @nervanaofficial You are a little cat now!This is what I think is funny at 1 amWhat would your Middle Ages profession be? I would be a corpse @puiupo A quantidade de tinta que eu já bebi nessa vidaA new version of this: which one is my drink
@0KF0X I have no idea who started it or who it’s about but always jolly to be part of cum talkI’m always very late to twitter discourse. Why were people mad at some guy eating cum. We should all be so lucky @AnkeGladnick Wish I did! I think it’s hard to meet like-minded people in general.It is amusing @aehSaehSaehS Too many @aehSaehSaehS Oh hey sure I love to travel
Retweeted by Laura LannesI made this one a square by mistake. I don’t want to deal with that right now thought this story was funny 1919, five socialists were elected to the New York State Assembly, then expelled, became a cause célèbre, went t… @maxhuffman Lookin good!!
Angela is adopting a cat and the person fostering it is a Game of Thrones actor who lives in Ridgewood. This is why I had to move away @atothe_d @Totally_Big_J @scumbelievable It looks like comics lettering! @angelafanche This almost looks like it was written specifically so that it’s clearly legible on camera @scumbelievable I think it would look like this but in no world is this Tony Soprano's handwriting. He would evidently write in incomprehensible scribbles @puiupo Vai nada eu que vou arranjar trabalho e finalmente comprar trabalhos seus de maneira legal dentro da lei at this cool photo @aadevil25 took of my baby the other night @puiupo Pui eu estou literalmente há anos esperando ter dinheiro pra comprar originais seus. Sou sua fã número 1 @AndrewAvocado Thank you! @HNewlevant 🥰
@HNewlevant Ohh thank you for bringing this to my attention, very happy to be a throwaway line to slight Adrian Tomine!i love to be nice to girls
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Retweeted by Laura LannesPages I would like to sell. Thought this would be a good time to do it seeing as nobody has jobs anymore
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Retweeted by Laura LannesHim or Jair are the sickest men alive
Retweeted by Laura LannesCentrists: Landlords are honest people. Landlords:
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @michael_deforge I liked “Weather” by Jenny Offill. It came out in February which is technically 5 years agoFragile egos, drama, fixation on loyalty and respect and who’s disrespecting whom. And they’re all “fake,” they cal… had no idea The Sopranos would feel so close to a housewives reality show. Same hyperfocusing on small gestures.… I meant August 1st. I will not fix @atothe_d @vinnieneu Wow, I hadn't even spotted it. Some real detective work there @vinnieneu @atothe_d I had never heard of this and couldn't find "krish mosó" on google! I wonder how they arrived at this spelling @waiting4codot Ohh thank you! That's very interesting @vinnieneu And what is thatIs anyone able to tell me what this is @colleentie Thought of you today when on Sopranos they said both "mountain" and "Mario"
@faggy_dyke Ash, I am so so sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences.hi everyone. my sister died a few nights ago. we don't know yet if it was covid but it likely was. i'm in shock and…
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Retweeted by Laura Lannes @jukeboxcomix This country hates women so much...The deli closest to my apartment does not sell M&M's which is such fucking misogynyhave you ever seen an image that described a whole country
Retweeted by Laura LannesThe United States is still the only country to commit a war crime of this magnitude, and people in the US are still…
Retweeted by Laura LannesCheck out this photo of my dog next to a tree that got downed in the storm
Lmfao going through my old HS reel of our school news and found Meg @theestallion in one of my segments.
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @samthielman @daveweigel I LOLed
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @samthielman i read the article. this rules
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Retweeted by Laura LannesYears of guys trying to get me to watch this shit, and now I’m doing it in bed alone for pleasure. Could get insane…’s kind of insane that I am watching The Sopranos and will watch The Simpsons next and I am alone in quarantine,…!!! Drawing whatever u want LIVE
Retweeted by Laura Lannes“i’m good” • no. 27
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @maxhuffman Yeah man don’t let it wash over for you. That shit’s for losersI’ve made yogurt once a week since this discovery, and still every time I am delighted on opening the pot! I made t… after that Vogue challenge, actual Vogue magazine reached out to black illustrators, lowballed them offensive… @bigger_trousers This is so pleasant to look at
My old neighbor is polish and her English is sometimes surprising for fun, the terror of cooking fruit
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @menahmenahmenah Thank you!This is kind of King Lear y’all
Retweeted by Laura LannesNot happy with where I am with my work but it could be worse. Only way out is through