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@FstewartT I hear that all the time
I was insanely attracted to him and considered hitting him up for sex several times in the months after this. That… @HNewlevant It's the "students and teachers" option, I just got it cheap on Black Friday because I need InDesign an… is truly à propos of nothing other than the fact that I still think about it sometimes: I went on 3 dates with… @HNewlevant Idk if you’re doing this already but use your SVA .edu email for cheaper subDo I know someone who could take care of my hamster while I'm in Brazil? Everyone has cats @colleentie I wanna get the ALIEN one as an immigration joke @WhoIsJensine @beatonna Blessed!!
@colleentie I bought a box of 100 of those for $3 on AliExpress. Not to encourageThis feels so lucky, found it in the dollar bin – I’ve always wanted a book with a Gorey cover, and it’s even bette… @LaerteCoutinho1 😍😭!Girl on the train wearing short skirt and boots – no tights, no pants at all – really makes me feel like some kind… after a car crash where I suffered from a concussion that gave me amnesia: I should get bangs again
@redrawnoxen That’s it @andrevalente Que coisa🅱️lease, 🅱️uds! Apply to CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo)
Retweeted by Laura LannesMy dog sounds like Marge Simpson @colleentie Unhinged. Thanks
you can be white and latino, you can be black and latino, you can be brown and latino, LATINO JUST MEANS YOU’RE FROM LATIN AMERICA!
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @colleentie Can I get that link @scumbelievable Would love a Ted in my life @plaest2k Do you have your tattoo prices listed somewhere? @scumbelievable I love him!! @scumbelievable Who is this??Why don't they have a name for that off-white sticky goop that oozes and spurts from within the penis?
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @spideretc Everyone is way too rich and also the new actors are bad @madame_chalaska Ops esqueci de responder, oi pupa, devo estar no br final de dezembro! Saudade, vc mora em SP ainda?
The determining factor of a drawing’s quality is whether I did it. Did I do this drawing? No? Oh, it’s quite good,…
For anyone who’s been following my year of crisis, this is my first drawing since I think May @hibikitikibi It’s yours, how can I get it to you?I have an iPad now. First iPad sketch don’t know if this is weird but does anyone want an Easy Walk harness? It came with my beautiful dog, who eats we… @ADACTIVITY @0KF0X Thank you for this
Ruthie Wilson Gilmore: "Philanthropy is the private allocation of stolen social wages." this is the most important…
Retweeted by Laura LannesDelighted to share that my dog wore a sweater today
“Before she was able to finish it, she was killed at home in a missile attack ordered by President Clinton.”
Retweeted by Laura LannesPosting “The straights are at it again 🙄” under a video of a pelican eating a live rat
Retweeted by Laura LannesThis tweet relies on you knowing the Irish tweetEvery year: “did you go back to Brazil for Thanksgiving break?” Aye Moira yer spot on. Went back to Brazil for the big Thanksgiving Carnival
Retweeted by Laura Lannes
Being my own boss has really brought out my professional side (catch me at Bluestockings in NYC on December 13)
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @spideretc @madame_chalaska Everybody’s DMing me I can’t do this I’m gonna delete the damn tweet @IgnatzHaderach When you do this you’re enabling me @coleott @HulloJackie Oh! Oi is hi in Portuguese. @IgnatzHaderach Me? I put myself literally on the page, correct name & face, and make a big scene of begging for everyone’s love @coleott @HulloJackie Oi?
@madame_chalaska Ai q linda essa meninaSurprise! @cartamonir will be @BKLYNlibrary on Sat. 12/14 1-3pm for "All the Details?? Making Zines About Sex." Go…
Retweeted by Laura LannesOver the next week I'll be listing some of my original pages for sale, if that's something people are interested in…
Retweeted by Laura LannesNot good if you ask me @spideretc I figured no one is really half and half right down the middlejust sold 1000 guns to "CONGO" in my most radical act of self care to date
Retweeted by Laura LannesThe Pros and Cons of Sex, from Hellbound Lifestyle, 2016
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @fevertrick FatalityPosting again w current photos – looking for someone to sublet my room in Ridgewood for at least Jan & Feb (I’m fle… from yesterday: one kid is drawing realistic, using photo ref etc, the other is using a brush pen freely. 1st… y/o [to the tune of Aqua's "Barbie Girl"]: I'm a VSCO girl, in a VSCO world 🎶hydroflasking 🎶 with my scrunchies
✨hi! $5 off ALL of the prints in my shop rn w/ code 'CYBER' - offer ends at midnight!💅
Retweeted by Laura LannesI’m flexible so lmk if you’re looking for a longer period. I have a lot of plants now so would love it if you could…’m going back to Brazil until at least end of Feb due to illness in the family, so I’m looking for someone to subl… @zachhazard I would go by units, considering 1 unit = 1 bookFill in the blank about yourself: I’m a cartoonist and I read ______Mark is going to be fine
Retweeted by Laura LannesDo you think she ever looks at him and just kinda ponders bc like he’s funny, like it’s fine, but he’s not really f…
Frequenting the corner mom and pop drugstore instead of the big box one and becoming friendly with the owners, your… birthday
@YouthinDecline @spideretc Happy birthday Mickey ❣️ you know my dog is insane
I sent this text and immediately felt so vulnerable love this picture of Billie Holiday with her dog Mister
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @scumbelievable Damn bitchI feel so superior for not having used Amazon in years, I don’t even click links, yet here I am, on Black Friday, e…
@guttergeek I've only heard bad things. Personally, I have a PS4 and use that controller with my Mac for computer gamesLol five dollars. They cannot get rid of this thing ICE *IS* the moderate stance. How many of the ICE employees to put in jail is the stance I’m willing to d…
Retweeted by Laura Lannes“The thing I had not realized about my own family estrangement until it came was that it was not an act of punishme… @fevertrick He's bonkersThe French poster for PARASITE is amazing exactly the vibe you should walk into that movie with I want this on a t…
Retweeted by Laura LannesShe’s a huge fan
Anyone who thinks "communist sex worker" is just a trend should read a book. It's a centuries-old archetype! And for good reason.
Retweeted by Laura LannesHonest congrats to everyone who got into SOI, AI etc. The first and only time I applied to SOI, it was the student… @carefulblackgrl Extremely fucked upDifferent student but this is one of my favorite artists. He’s drawing the cover for his comic first issue of “Wars of Erneton” being put together. He is collating and stapling everything y/o: are you boomer? Me: no, I’m a millennial 12 y/o [clearly disappointed]: oh Me: my parents are boomers 12 y/…
@saralautman Sorry I went to work and forgot to reply – yes let’s exchange tchotchkes (this is the spelling I am most familiar with)!What I mean is a fusion of these two images @HNewlevant Dude whatever the issue is, I’m glad you are kicking it in the butt. Your recovery is something I can g… you’re browsing Twitter and someone’s posted their awful horny art of some terrible sex thing and even as… does this look like my dog’s photo in a NYT piece on “after #MeToo me be clear. Google just fired 4 of my coworkers for daring to ask the question "is Google helping separate fam…
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @colleentie I just can’t post my 2009 face
(L) The hotel suite where the White House Thanksgiving turkeys are being kept until one is slaughtered (R) The bedr…
Retweeted by Laura LannesTo the tune of Paul McCartney's "Single Pigeon:" Single titty On the front cam Did she pull you out Yeah, she did,…
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @saralautman Thank you for your faith @saralautman That looks great, I found one on the curb and don’t have enough for mine :-/ @CaseyCaseyNowak Shut up (but actually I’m crying)The real 2009-2019 is pictures of your WORK really offering a master class in the manufacturing of consent today
Retweeted by Laura Lannes @rsnbrgjrdn In Our Hands rescue @ericoassis @squinkyelo Entrei quieta, deixaram passar!