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Yes, I reread Susann and maybe you should, too.Honored to be helping anyone in these times, so I'll share the book I'm currently reading: @MelanieBen's The Swans…
I made brisket. I make matzoh from scratch at Passover. But a Presbyterian has her limitations.Daughter at Youth Services on Zoom, no one can find a shofar, I handed her a harmonica.With his own newsletter?MSNBC?Where did Kevin Dolenz end up? (For context, he was a young rebel when he wrote this circa 1985 for the Washington…
@PKhakpour Recipe? @parabasis My fellow students who so enjoyed the show were never heard from again so that helps. @parabasis Oakley Hall visited the creative writing class I took in college and I was chosen to have my work critiq…"We will now play an original tone poem entitled Don't Litter the Streets of Philadelphia." @TerryTeachout1 But there's a podcast about Cary Grant where the first episode is 10 hours+! @JackPendarvis BTW, "Dialectic Jazz by Peter Rugolo" is one of the best screen credits, ever. @JackPendarvis "He looks like that guy in How I Met Your Mother but not as cute.""IS THAT A REAL CIGARETTE? DID THEY NOT KNOW ABOUT SMOKING?" Possibly most shocking moment in movie so far.[Long @lyzl 'esque discourse on the historical/political attempts to control women's bodies; daughter requests to curse some more.]Me: Yes.10-year-old: "BULLSHIT.""Can I say a curse word?" Me: Yes.10-year-old: "Back then, was it also like a crime for a man to love a man and a woman to love a woman?" Me: Yes.Watching the original Where the Boys Are with my 10-year-old because, hey, it looks like that's where we're all goi… @saribotton Love this, Sari! @lsuzanne You are, as ever, one of the classiest, loveliest people I have ever known.
@kris10thinks Uh-oh. @elizabethlittle Our experience is OK, but we haven't been having the tech problems that seem widespread throughout… @davidulin I haven't but I will now! @sternbergh @Rumaan I know, right? How dare he? @sarahw @Rumaan So happy about this!Gabino is such a sweetheart, one of the writers here who's always cheerleading for other writers. is such a great thread but if you read it, you'll be in danger of learning something. @NewYorker is celebrating Roger Angell's 100th birthday on Sept. 19 by sharing some of his pieces, but I'd like to…
@billroorbach I know, Bill!And it was perfect.I said: OK, please ask him to make me another drink, get out the vermouth bottle, show it to the gin — and then put… @alafairburke avert your eyes.Waitress: The bartender says that’s what happens when you add the vermouth.My drink arrived. It was amber.Requested a very dry martini at reliable bar-restaurant in Baltimore tonight. (Patio) I have had divine martinis here before. @davechase1 Are you suggesting I have to succumb to a world that is indifferent to my need for instant gratification? @bryonq With an extra helping of kale chips, right?Also that’s the Sunburn grilled cheese with tiny little pieces of bacon.And by the way, cauliflower pizza almost won, all you smart asses.Hot Lunch Thursday had a choice of cauliflower pizza, grilled cheese (on fresh baked bread) tuna salad (ditto) or a… @scottynola If we share the same brain why did you get all the memory cells? @paperhaus I was actually paid by a nefarious corporation to tweet that out and they're going to round up all the old people who liked it. @scottynola There we go, sharing the same brain again. @scottynola Currently not available for streaming but I've had an audacious thought MAYBE I COULD RE-READ IT. (As g… @scottynola Send help quickly, Greg, because I feel my only other recourse is to watch Rod Stewart videos with Kay Lenz in them. @scottynola It shows up on Amazon's Starz subscription, but then comes up as unavailable. @paperhaus I was forced to diagram sentences from The Girls in Their Summer Dresses in high school, it left a mark.Meanwhile, if anyone can tell me how to watch the 1970s miniseries based on Rich Man, Poor Man, I will be your friend forever.Boomers going to boom.Real Irwin Shaw situation here.
@pamelacolloff @lyzl I just let an email languish for days AND I WAS RIGHT.I promise I will not contest the results of this election, unless I win, in which case the fix was clearly in. @chrisfholm @bryonq You know, one day your pinned Tweet is going to have to read: For the love of God, I actually like Laura Lippman. @BCDreyer By the way, it's my hunch that being edited by @BCDreyer is the single most common fantasy among writers on Twitter. @BCDreyer When I feel my hackles start to rise because the copy editor is inevitably right about many things, I jus… @elesscom Book Twitter hasn't turned away a member yet. Although I met LZ when she was promoting her first book and… page into my copy edit and I've already whipped out my first STET. @meganeabbott @alisongaylin @scottynola You're my hero. @alisongaylin @scottynola @meganeabbott You go get a real glass and real booze, goddammit. @davechase1 I halve the Mark Bittman recipe: Heat a griddle. Stir together 1 cup flour, 1/2 TBS baking powder, 1/2… slivers of jalapeños in my margarita and wondering why that doesn't immediately conjure up @scottynola
@chick_in_kiev Talia, you know my whole career is based on embracing no-longer-fashionable genres. @jamiattenberg So tempted to make a joke, but I will resist that impulse and say: I felt gorgeous. In inviting peop… @jamiattenberg I never doubted it. @jamiattenberg So are you over 6 feet now?Just kidding, most of the people closest to me manage to stay close by never reading a thing I write.Only myself. list is endless.“Mom, I’m hungry, can I have some pancakes?” Another silver lining in distance learning. love this book so much and I knew nothing of the wonderful things that are happening to it and it makes me feel c… @alafairburke This is why I love you. @JamieMason_ I wasn’t complaining, I’ll tell you that much. @sarahw Maybe it should be the new author photo?My daughter combed my hair with a back scratcher and wanted her achievement recorded for posterity.
@believethewomen Excellent suggestion. @KathrynCasey The bookshelves are still in the room, just against a different wall. @SaraSpock The large piece is by Jenny Holzer, an artist I’ve been “stalking” for 20 years. The two pastels are by… @TerryTeachout1 You are such a gent.And some great brand new art. end of summer’s at hand/I thought the summer was grand/And here I am with the same undamaged heart/that I had a… Ann was the unnamed friend in the Real Simple piece who told me I better start using my gorgeous flatware. I l… Ann has much better things to do with her time, alas, but I still yearn to do this. I imagined it as an episto… you’ve ever seen Night Shift, I am very much the Michael Keaton character, full of brilliant ideas, one was a bo… @victoriadecapua With pancetta. @monetwithlove I make EXCELLENT Sloppy Joes and there’s always extra.I wrote a poem. I call it “You, Mary Oliver.” in Sex ad the City 2 is Bonnie in Betsy Ray’s Puget Sound essay in Heaven to Betsy, everyone who understand…
@esmewang Wonderful news, congratulations!Another episode idea: Guess the season. I think even in the original season, there are episodes that surprise with… I never realized an episode from Season 10 was based on an Ed McBain story. I loved McBain/Hunter, but Colu… @bryonq @sarahw @unlandedgentry If the rube fits . . . @beyerstein @parabasis @peacockTV I will be done with my copy edit Oct. 1, knock wood, let’s seriously set up a tim… @TerryTeachout1 @parabasis @beyerstein @peacockTV The Rockford Files are like perfect little short stories. Early C… @parabasis @beyerstein @peacockTV Exhibit A: The “fancy” restaurants in Season 10 look chintzy.Hey @beyerstein and @parabasis, with ALL of Columbo now available on @peacockTV can we revive our podcast idea and… @sarahw I did the same thing and I I have a hunch we’re talking about the same author. @unlandedgentry? That book is just . . . WOW.