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@SevDawn PRETTYYYY @Lvl25Magikarp as soon as texas is safe you can come over and get love loves @RottenPapi You’re my favorite 😂 @TheSpaniardsHut LOL @fallowrune lol truuu, been hers since we moved in.Bro. My cat. We must protect her at all costs. up on some behind the scenes works again today. I promise I’ll be live later, but I have a lot of work to… @casualtycosplay A whole QUEEN! @PlayWithJambo Aw! Thank you! I adore it.
@JaxAndJake Don’t I know it. @368 You’re welcome, now go wash your hands, it’s time for supper.Hey you. You’re doing great. Stop comparing yourself to others. Your journey is just as spectacular. ✨ @skatieb This guy is literally my favorite. @BDTeej Right?! Honestly reminds me of your avatar. Love it. @mxiety I adore you with my whole heart omg. Lol @OhTotesMagotes Omg! I can't wait <3 @BloodyfasterTV Omg me. Literally me!Huge shoutout to a viewer of mine who goes by Thomas_Ingram98 on instagram (he does not have a Twitter). He made t…’t sleep. Just thinking about how I was full on ✨ Todoroki vibes ✨ the other day. @OzDadGaming Tysm!!! @MythicTreez @MaevriPlays @ArielJadeLive @RezzananceTV Thank you for tagging me! Hi, @MaevriPlays my name is Kool…’t been tweeting/ posting because I’m working really hard on a few things behind the scenes. Send good vibes y…
Cell phones in horror movies
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@skatieb @LTeeBear I loved this movie!!! @jasonsulli So sorry for your loss Jason!! Hope your family is doing okay.This is the only Cinderella that ever and will ever matter. 💯
@iiDarkCraft Thank youuuu @GabSmolders Thank you!!!! ❤️💜I know y’all are all hype for my new hair, but I’m also live rn, cosplaying as Freddy Krueger:… @Draskia Thank youuuu !!! @CeddyOrNot LOL THIS. @thatnerdviolet Awww thank you!!! 🥺😍 @kimmykims24 Thank you!!! @SmashleyTwitch YOU FIRSTTTT @Smirky_16 Thank youuuu @EnbyGaymer Lol adore youuuu @RockerReborn Hehehehe @skatieb Omgggg! Thank you! @abb3rz07 Why do we kinda look the same too tho?! Lol @abb3rz07 OMG!!!! Love it! @CharOnTwitch Haha thanks my dude!!! @thatenolaleone ❤️💜❤️💜 @MoonLiteWolfPro Thank you!!! @CharOnTwitch Haha it’s cool right?!New hair, who dis?!’m 25 and I can’t cross my eyes. @SeanAndTheSeans Looburoobl 😂😭 @Deadlykitten160 Nice. @SmashleyTwitch TRUUUUU heheheheI LOVE IT. Will show it off soon! @99JakePualer How old are you?
@GullibleGambit I have been wanting to do this forever, but never knew which extension to use! Thank you for this.Y’all this hair style is either going to make me look super crazy in a bad way.... or super crazy in a good way. Uh… @thepuffness Sounds wonderful! @EnbyGaymer A freaking legend. Look at that perfect black lip. Wow wow wow wow wow. 🥺😍 @thepuffness Hey girl! I’m always down to act. Been trained since I was 6! Let me know. ❤️ @EthanRothamel @TheSimpsons @VANS_66 You need those last shoes. They are so you. @renee @JOJOsaysbreee Double ye @dcoded4 Awwww! I hope this turns out cool. I’m nervousssssNew hair things. (My hair stylist, the receptionist, and I are the only ones in the salon, and wearing masks, btw) ✨ @rockyoneida_ Right?! We will see I guess. @third_artifact This!!!! The reason I was teased all through out middle school and high school was because of my fr… @BBNotYourWaifu @novarift @iamBrandonTV 🥺😭❤️ @novarift @BBNotYourWaifu @iamBrandonTV Omg I adore you @BBNotYourWaifu might go away for us in the US in 45 days. So I’m using this time to literally post what ever I want. Whene… @QueenEliminator @ConcealedBones Yea, @C6URTNEY is my closest friend but I have a hard time making it to her stream… @OhTotesMagotes @disobey Oh wonderful! Hi, @disobey I’m very interested! My channel is horror variety focused! Rec…
@renee @FallGuysGame Listen, I feel 10x stronger in only 2 days. 10/10 will do it again. @thatnerdviolet @jasonsulli I’d love to learn Poop and Loop! 💩You know how I know I’m bad at @FallGuysGame ?! 2 days ago I streamed myself playing it, and every time I didn’t q… @BloodyfasterTV This is so good, first of all thank you for sharing this, and second of all, I’m so glad you’re pri… @SmashleyTwitch @TeamStreamGifts This is next level. Yummyyyy @Corrinian OMGGGG THANK YOU!
@kimmykims24 Omgggggg girl. I’m telllinggggg jk 😘🥰 @thatnerdviolet Omg no youuu 😍🥺 @CheeringXBoxer @EthanRothamel Omgggggg @HeyLochNess Omg no youuuu 🥺 @thatnerdviolet You have built such a welcoming, wholesome, community. It’s inspiring. @KatFTWynn 😍🥺 @sarahjaneTL Omg thank you queen! 💕Idk man, I just felt super cute yesterday. 💕 @shayylatte @SwingPoynt Also Bolin @shayylatte @SwingPoynt Iroh LOL @GoobzR6 @SwingPoynt Lol it’s ok, I just rewatched the show so it’s fresh in my memz @sailortea_ @SwingPoynt Lol nah, I adored Ron. @GoobzR6 @SwingPoynt I’m quoting Zuko dawg @ChrispyGameplay @SwingPoynt Pshhh I know I am. He is so wrong, @sailortea_ @SwingPoynt SAMMMEEEE @sailortea_ @SwingPoynt Yea everyone but Katara :(((((Me and @SwingPoynt talking about what character I am from Avatar: The Last Airbender... Me: I’m definitely Toph M… @Friskkmkay @LogitechG @ASTROGaming @Twitch I’m so so so happy to hear this. Congrats girl. You are so loved. @jordinlaine Hahahaha I love this. @ambertheblog @RocketBearLive This is DOPE!Im live now with @FallGuysGame and I have not stopped smiling. This game is gonna make my face hurt! 😂…
@RottenPapi Lol I love this.RT if you are: -depressed -love your dad -gay -pee pant -seen a bird b4 -wanna FUCK rogue the bat from sonic…
Retweeted by KoolySmiley @Friskkmkay Girl. You and your puppets need a vacation. I’m so sorry!!!! @Cataliexo This is exactly what I’d say too lol @ToffeesTV Yes! This. @Gagsy92 @ShaxxMotivation Lol thanks gags!