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Lauren Boebert for Congress Account: Congresswoman for CO-03. Owner of Shooter’s Grill. I’m the mom who told Beto HELL NO you’re not taking our guns!

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The Second Amendment has no asterisks.When deciding how much stimulus money we should give to illegal aliens, the number should be somewhere between zero and zero.OR, you can donate $2,900 to my campaign just to avoid that waste of time. does @laurenboebert go to get her apology?
Retweeted by Lauren BoebertJoe Biden has made America a sanctuary country for illegals.1.6 million people make wages at or below the minimum wage in America right now. The CBO report claims 1.4 million… will run this country into the ground using immigration as a weapon. If we don’t solve the illegal immi…
The CDC is allegedly allowing shelters handling child migrants to expand to 100% capacity, abandoning a COVID requi… should complete a full audit on where all COVID funds that have been allocated so far have gone before we give o… is paying for these shirts and signs? Does anyone actually believe this is just an organic caravan of people? 1 should be called HR 451 as the Democrats take a flamethrower to the US Constitution.Looking forward to this!
Good thing we’ve been conditioned for a year by our government and now know how to bend over take it bEcAuSe ItS a… Democrats united around the principles of destroying our election system once and for all. If HR 1 becomes l… COVID positive migrants to illegally cross the border is a huge slap in the face to Americans who have had… is what I said when the Democrats gaveled me down. If you agree, LIKE and SHARE. We cannot let this bill pas…
Retweeted by Lauren BoebertAfter these first 43 days, I’m starting to see why no one let Biden do anything meaningful for 47 years.
Every single bill should be read aloud so the public can hear very clearly what’s in it. Joe Biden thinks many peo… every one adoption referral given by Planned Parenthood, they aborted 133 babies. Defund Planned Parenthood.Democrats claim the 2020 election was the safest election on record. So why are they pushing the more than 800 pag… 1: Democrats make it too expensive to hire employees. Step 2: Small businesses are forced to utilize Big Tech… 1 would render state legislatures completely irrelevant when it comes to election laws. The concept of 50 state… don’t run on unifying the country if it’s all talk with no follow through. Just be honest that it’s your way o… Biden allowed Vladimir Putin to sell arms to Iran. The Democrat Party is SILENT about it. Why? They love Iran & they love Russia.
Going to the House Floor to vote these days... bribed Democrats with $2,000 checks just so he could get into power to bomb Syria and pass a bill so Hunter c… @GregAbbott_TX God Bless Texas!As conservatives we know your happiness doesn't come from the government. We believe in God, freedom and you! do you call a bill that has 9% COVID-19 relief and 91% wasteful liberal spending? Certainly not a COVID-19 relief bill.The Biden presidency is delivering incredible results for the governments of Russia & China. The people of America? Not so much.When is a Republican sponsored bill coming to the House Floor for a vote? Take your “bipartisan” talk and shove i… 1 is the pretext to abolishing the Electoral College.When I picked my Cuomo Bingo Card, I didn't see "Taken down by a sex scandal" outperforming "Killed thousands of el… second thought, fifteen days is too generous! Open schools. Open businesses. Reopen America NOW!
We should give the government 15 days to end the lockdowns. conservative movement is unifying more and more every day. President Trump laid it out clearly. It’s time to g…’s March 1, 2021 and most of us still have no idea who is actually running the Biden White House.Andrew Cuomo’s true deeds as Governor have come out. The only question here is how many journalists covered up hi… @CPAC with @RepBoebert - proud second amendment supporter 🇺🇸
Retweeted by Lauren Boebert @KIR_bigg50 @chadfelixg @CarmineSabia Thank you! @RalphKr66310710 Fortifying* @Shella_Bella I love him, too!You just heard what a real President sounded like once again at #CPAC2021! We have the next two years to fight har… The SWAMP Act. Plain and simple.
Biden “revoked an executive order cracking down on sanctuary cities has effectively ordered a shutdown of ICE, halt… have to elect more America First Republicans to protect the Second Amendment!The GOP won 26 of 26 tossup races in the House! America is behind the Trump agenda today as much as ever!We get you President Trump!The Green New Deal is another liberal pipe-dream not based in reality.President Trump is naming names. Y’all are being called OUT!H.R. 1 is a disaster!President Trump is right, biological males are competing in and destroying women's sports. How is this even a debate?Can anyone imagine Joe Biden speaking with this much conviction or stamina.... ever?After Biden rescinded the Presidential permit, I joined 83 Republicans in introducing the Keystone XL Pipeline Cons… believe in standing up to China.We reject left wing lunacy and cancel culture! 💯Hearing President Trump describe Trumpism sums it up perfectly. He’s got an ally in me!My World Health Organization Accountability Act holds both the WHO and China accountable for their COVID failures.…’s so nice to hear a President talking about how much they love the country. We don’t hear that enough anymore!The Biden regime are fracking liars!The Paris Agreement is a disaster and will cost us hundreds of thousands of jobs. I have a bill that requires Senat…“In just one month have gone from America First to America Last.”Who else is proud to be an American? 🇺🇸Our Executive Board is on the ground @CPAC taking law enforcement issues that not only affect our members, but the…
Retweeted by Lauren BoebertHaving a great time in Orlando with my fellow patriot @Kat_Cammack! We’re fighting to drain the swamp every single… forward to the State of the Union address today.The Democrats blew their chance at “unity” by passing the first major piece of Biden legislation on a completely pa…
There has never been a time in history where the people burning books and censoring speech were the righteous ones.If blue states would stop wasting taxpayer dollars providing lavish lifestyles to illegal aliens, they wouldn’t nee… future of the Republican Party is bright. We have a few lions in Congress now like @laurenboebert and a wave of…
Retweeted by Lauren BoebertWhere’s the beef? Colorado’s #2 industry shouldn’t be under attack. I stand with the Cattlemen. Who is ready for…’s the last time you heard Joe Biden bring up homeless veterans? @nayray88 Thank you so much, Nancy!The Democrats aren't stopping with the Second Amendment. #CPAC2021"The Republican Party is called the party of no, but we're saying no to their noes." Rep @laurenboebert #CPAC2021
Retweeted by Lauren BoebertOnstage at @CPAC right now with @RepVernonJones, @RepAndyBiggsAZ and @DLoesch! Tune in: with @FoxNation along with @RepAndyBiggsAZ! #CPAC2021 did so many people become convinced that it is wrong to put the needs of our country first? Let me say it loud… @lisalynete50 Okay... be more inclusive will Disney change Darth Vader's iconic line to, "Luke, I am your parent"?Less than 2 months after the Dems took back the House & Senate, they've reinstated the corrupt practice of earmarks…
President Trump gave the GOP a much needed spine transplant in 2016. Now I’m here giving them glocks on their hips… the record, Congress has NEVER authorized a war with Syria.You never miss what you had until it’s gone. is inviting the illegals that Trump deported back into this nation. We could be housing the homeless, feedin… COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that government has WAY TOO MUCH power. @SEDundon He’s precious!It only took Joe Biden 36 days to bomb a country in the Middle East. Sadly, given his record, this won’t be his la… is the proper pronoun for the tomahawk missiles that Joe Biden launched at Syrians last night?Was Biden informed? Becerra is one of the most radical nominees ever put forth for confirmation. He has almost no experience in…
Mr. Potato Head has now been renamed to be gender inclusive. He’s now just going to be called Potato Head. When w…'m raising my boys to be men, and I'm darn proud of that. “feminists” who run around with pink hats glued to their heads are silent as women’s rights get completely obli…"This is a government using its power to tell us to bow down to the will of a cultural elite in this town who want…
Retweeted by Lauren BoebertNancy gets a subway. Schumer gets a bridge. You get $1,400 and lockdowns.I went from standing in line for government cheese to standing on the floor of the US Capitol as Congressman. That’…
The Left and the RINOs call them "common sense" gun laws, I prefer the term unconstitutional.A bill that sends 90% of the money to Democrat pet projects and 10% to COVID-19 relief cannot, by definition, be cl… madness from the left. Because of legislation like the "Inequality" Act we will see more skulls of women broke…