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She/her. Techsplainer at Google. Personal opinions, publicly shared. I swing a big earring.

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Cher lives with her family and dates a baker. @serg1125 @HotzeHealth Load up your shopping cart and then forget to purchaseBean bag chairs
@ashleymcnamara I found dancing - silly, or even just some old school ballet bar moves - helped me shake off the nerves. @tekgrrl Your approach to problems has struck me as methodical and persistent - a great combination for making how to content.
📺 New Video! Learning Observable: JavaScript && Observable 💻 JavaScript powers @ObservableHQ notebooks, but to en…
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@steren But often, they are just data inspired. :)Announcing... 🥳The Flutter @CodePen Challenge, starting July 6th! A month-long challenge to show off your amazing…
Retweeted by Lauren 👁👄👁 Buchman @GinBroguesHats @enandini_ 😂 @enandini_ Gatekeepers gonna gatekeep. Find a place smart enough to harness your talent. @developingamber Yes!Listen, as a former hostess at the TGIFriday’s on Foothill Blvd, I can say that without a doubt, Oreo Madness was, and is, the best dessert.Fractals are cool @Guthriepuggle @darth Happy birthday Guthrie!
@cowperthwait I loved Kabuki. Terrible the way they changed it @tripathiuttam Thanks!
@seldo He owns his own law firm. One question: has the Missouri State Bar taken a look at this?I know this is a small and self-centered victory, but I just got cleared to start running and hiking again after th… @replyall listeners in Europe! I work for the show from Berlin and would like to hear your local story ideas. An…
Retweeted by Lauren 👁👄👁 BuchmanI just wrote "above and beyonce" and I just want you all to know the phrase has officially been changed.
Retweeted by Lauren 👁👄👁 Buchman @mmlafleur Can you sign-on to the #StopHateForProfit and get Facebook to stop promoting white supremacist content on its platform too? @thisisADAY Love your clothes (am currently wearing a pair of ADAY pants right now) but it's such a bummer to see t… @elchefe Today, I ate three handfuls of almonds
@ashleymcnamara Old school reduce, reuse, recycle @swongful I also added all of the followers to a little list “Bot Army Followers” @swongful Done
I just saw a TikTok where Aunt Tabitha became the voice of Siri and now I would like to start a petition to make it happen @emmadmazhari Hard same @justinpirie We dismantle white supremacy, silly! @JSQimprovements why are you following white supremacy accounts on Twitter? Does it help you get more pool customers?And when I say “sign me up” I mean put me in the game, gen z coaches.Y’all, I’m obsessed. 👁👄👁 Sign me upall you people know is “monetized” “seed round” “growth hack” like relax haven’t you ever just had fun online while…
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Search trends for Racial Injustice. every time someone calls me a girlboss, I will openly call a male executive a boyboss.
Retweeted by Lauren 👁👄👁 Buchman @tdesignerwth You’ve got this. Go Nancy!
@Serena Kindness is one of the most powerful tools to bringing about change. (But kindness != no backbone) @underpincompany @BevyHQ @DerekjAndersen @joelrfernandes Bevy is a great product. So valuable to companies growing their communities.I don't know who needs to hear this right now, but as an individual you don't owe strangers on social media platforms anything. @benyt Absolutely not
@markmirch @grapesfrog @annnwallace @pvergadia 😂😂😂 @_bondit_ Software development is a team sport! Love highlighting the impact of QA teams. 🥰
@Serena I’m so sorry Serena.So, I don't have kids, but I am attending my first SFUSD public forum this afternoon to help try to save the only p… @elithrar “We need to get aligned on strategy”Phone buddy system connects SF homeless hotel residents with volunteers for regular chats. weird that all this time Starbucks and McDonalds employees were the key folks plotting to dismantle police bruta… of my favorite people @jason_a_scott @ashkeshiri at @googledevs @GoogleLaunchpad @GoogleStartups just opened a…
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@_JamesWard Shhhh. Quit telling @YasmineEvjen 😂 @steren @creativecommons @Google Steren, you’re so talented and a wonderful colleague.I just released a set of ladybugs into my backyard. I hope they're hungry for the bugs eating my herb garden.Happy Monday fellow tech workers! It’s a great day to build the future and also to arrest the monsters who murdered #BreonnaTaylor @FiloSottile Give yourself a border of cinnamon. Sprinkle it liberally. They typically won’t cross it, plus it smells nice @FiloSottile Cinnamon @johnwineman 🚜🌽👯‍♀️ @theryanbradford Eating in the tub is revolting. Drinking in the tub is the best. @theryanbradford I can’t speak to shower beer but I can speak to bath wine.
And no one else.
@seldo It me. @eldsjal Do your girls know about Joe Rogan?
@entemper My mom went to junior high in Oklahoma and didn’t know about Tulsa and Black Wall Street. She’s pissed. @bleything I can share my pre-troll block method with you. @bleything Welcome to the party!
@Cass_Ferrara Oh Cass. I’m so sorry.⏱ 24 hours of #googleclouddevtalks start next week! Join the Google Cloud DevRel team and community experts from a…
Retweeted by Lauren 👁👄👁 Buchman @kelseyhightower 😂SCOTUS is giving hope @MinaMarkham 😂
Announcing the Google for Startups Accelerator: Black Founders. @jewelmelanie @GoogleStartups @googledevs
Retweeted by Lauren 👁👄👁 BuchmanIf your go-to move at work is to escalate first, and clear things up later, you’re a cop. @futurebehaviour Raises hand @tdesignerwth That’s 100 departments that would be STOKED to have you on their team. You got this. @jplts BRB, quitting my job and filling out an application for YC Fall 2020 Class. @IanColdwater Cinnamon @gregsramblings But does it work for YouTube? 🤔
📢Calling all Android Developers! We've got a codelab where you'll learn how to: ✅Enable enterprise Single Sign-on…
Retweeted by Lauren 👁👄👁 Buchman @qhardy I’ll be using the phrase “Undersecretary of Sanctimony” in future dinner arguments. Thank you for your service, Quentin.
@TheDeepti Thank you Deepti! @ChrisMuellerPGH I hiked 100 miles in the Alps in my Oboz with orthotics @inafried HikingIf you don’t know, now you know. Follow @EmmettTill to learn how you can support the Anti-lynching bill being held…
Retweeted by Lauren 👁👄👁 Buchman @puf YepThis weekend we went camping for my husband’s 40th birthday and I ate too much the whole time and have a tummy ache @kmbannerman Halitosis epidemic
@SenatorCollins Anyone actually believe her? @ritlocus @talia_nassi @gabe_g2i Ritesh.
@evacide Anything of note for zucchini?
@jgrewe Hey Jim, Utah-born kid who grew up skiing. I was an Alta Little Ute Skier, and my family has a cabin betwee… after me: gatekeeking technical knowledge is anti-inclusion.
I don’t know who needs to hear this but listening to NPR and nodding your head most of the time doesnt lead to progress. @shereeserenee 🍿
@cindywu 👍💚 @cindywu What kind of plant babies? @mabouza Aunt Tabitha! I found her on TikTok. Love her @theryanbradford Is she pulling a Snape? 🤔We've been given a calling. #BlackLivesMatter
Random thought: if some of y’all defended Black people the way you defend your favorite framework, we might actuall…
Retweeted by Lauren 👁👄👁 BuchmanWe are looking for technical writers for Google Cloud in the Warsaw office. I am amplifying this but don't have det…
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