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@TheWrongtom Half an hour of electro disco made exclusively by people dressed eg as centurions. The listeners would… @TheWrongtom Omg I love them. DID mix? @Jacqueline_Gold @BBCRadio4 I’m so glad you enjoyed it! And look at this pic... I miss being able to get this close… @mattd_t No rules, really - it’s going back to a special moment or time in your life with the music that soundtracks that story @mattfromconsett I MEAN. Just popping some PP in later for youThis morning on @BBC6Music - inspired by this story -it’s all about LOST THINGS. Truly you don’t know what you’ve… for a dash of Christmas spirit? @fieldmusicmusic’s future festive classic “Home for Christmas” is unwrapped b…
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How totally fab #GBBO#GBBO and #QueensGambit finales on the same night. My adrenal glands are basically RAISINS. @_NicHancock @kidcamel @nemonemetaxas @ChrisHawkinsUK @maryannehobbs 💖💖💖💖💖 @kidcamel @BBC6Music 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰If you want to know how this little snippet fits into the Field Music canon, keep your ears peeled, put your Rudolp…
Retweeted by Lauren Laverne @fieldmusicmusic 🥰🎄Thanks to everyone who tuned in and contributed to our @BBC6Music Recommends top 10 AOTY show and huge congrats to… @MarthaFfion @beefheartzappa @BBC6Music ❤️❤️❤️Counting down @BBC6Music‘s top 10 albums of 2020 on the show today. Catching up with artists and the DJs who voted…
@iamfinlay How absolutely lovely - thank you! So glad you enjoyed.We’re #Cloudbusting @sarahlovesmaths @FryRsquared @BirkbeckLibrary Bartleby is all about inertia, which we should cover at some point! @LoungeSocietyHB @BBC6Music Such a pleasure. Love it! @queenp602 @BBC6Music That’s a lovely pic. Sending you both tons of love xxA big thanks to @laurenlaverne for giving ‘Burn The Heather’ it’s debut radio spin on @BBC6Music ! The track is no…
Retweeted by Lauren Laverne @D_M_Fairbairn Glorious! @sarajcox Having presented the programme from home most of the year - with two kids home schooling, two cats and a… @freshnet I see listeners are now doing requests on your biscuit run?! It’s too much! Thank you. Much love and have… @sarajcox I’ve done it so many times myself! Don’t worry. I think the walls are made of eg LEAVES?
"I think the club was quite crazy to appoint a guy like me." Nine things we learned from Arsene Wenger's Desert Is…
Retweeted by Lauren Laverne @julianlawson @markdwelsh @BBC6Music We need to talk about your flair @markdwelsh @BBC6Music All time favourite. I read Melville’s “Bartleby The Scrivener” a while ago and realised it w… you’re having a tremendous Sunday. If I can start your #MondayMorning off with a request on @BBC6Music let me… @RockettNeil Lovely!Tune in to @BBCRadio4 now to hear Arsene Wenger on #DesertIslandDiscs. Which eight songs will he pick? 🎧 Listen:
Retweeted by Lauren LaverneWenger wisdom: "Find the meaning in your life... then if you win or lose, it's just part of life." 😌 Full intervie…
Retweeted by Lauren LaverneThis morning at 11am - he was @Arsenal’s manager for an extraordinary 22 years but today he’s our castaway. Arsène…
@puddingchaps @bbcgoodfood I made that a while back. Delicious. @bbcgoodfood I’m looking at youWhy did none of you tell me how easy it is to make cheesecake? I thought we were friends.This is not a drill! Tune into @laurenlaverne ‘s @BBC6Music show this Monday 23rd Nov for the world premiere of the…
Retweeted by Lauren Laverne @Fineshiz @CBeebiesHQ @TeeandMo Thank you so much! @CBeebiesHQ Same. If I can reach that high. @TunesLennie @CBeebiesHQ @TeeandMo 💖 @MariaRe81972313 @CBeebiesHQ That’s so lovely! I hope she enjoys it! XAbout to play out on @CBeebiesHQ - with a happy ending, I promise!
@Reglisse 💖 my Dad named me after her so I love that!Do you like yelling “what?” Get married
Retweeted by Lauren Laverne @poprecsltd @LowellSwift @BBCRadio4 *Legit killed by ”Tease Me” earworm* @FabienTempest @BBCRadio4 I did actually have a conversation with a Radio 3 DJ who received letters in Latin for a… @cornwalljess @BBCRadio4 I’m in the @bbcpoetryplease studio so I would have thought compendia, scrolls and the odd couplet.You know you’re at @BBCRadio4 when the signs tell you off about your detritus @samthesparrow @BBC6Music @MassiveAttackUK ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍ALL TIME fav playing rn. @acrmcr all the way. @robinturner @stuartctaylor @heavenlyrecs The one with the motorbike lyrics is a deathless banger. POWA. @shaunwkeaveny Thank you x @CarlLoben @BBC6Music Garth who directed Sing! listens every day as it goes! He‘s in Paris working on the follow up.... @ellibin @sawatkiss @BBC6Music White with one, please @Discovery_Mus @mariemarie0 Lord! @Discovery_Mus @mariemarie0 I remember the gig so well! The floor used to actually bounce when people jumped up and down!! @benopause ALWAYS @chellemccann @6music @billieeilish Oh YES! Love BE! @robinturner @heavenlyrecs She remains my Queen @eddowie @BBC6Music Pleasure! :)Who are you wearing and what do you want to hear? Shoals all over it with Floyd.... #TShirtDay @beefheartzappa @BBC6Music SUCH a look xDonna’s on. Let’s do it. #TShirtDay @BBC6Music @Discovery_Mus @mariemarie0 Ha! I remember drawing that!
@katywayne @BBC6Music Hahahaha yes please - it’s a vast improvement on what’s up there atm x @LynksLynksLynks It is a joy to play it! Keep the music coming! XMy problem is - what do I do when the pronunciations department give me a note that says ”-oo as in ‘book’”Lots of people asking about @LynksLynksLynks Pedestrian at Best cover this AM so a bit of info here. Love it. mean I was planning to play Living on the Ceiling by Blancmange later so this is a pretty good shout @BBC6Music @BBCSounds @BBCArchive The opening bars of “Feel Too Good” by The Move has to be up there.Reminder: Wash your favourite tee in readiness for #TShirtDay on Friday. #TShirtDay is... 🙏 all requests from 7am-…
Retweeted by Lauren LaverneThe most wonderful 6 seconds or so of drumming in any song is...? 📻 Join @laurenlaverne for a drumming…
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This weekend on #DesertIslandDiscs, legendary #Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger chats to @laurenlaverne about the 8 so…
Retweeted by Lauren LaverneJust incredible to share Lee’s story and some of his playlist on air today! Find him here if you want to follow and…
@ChrisPe13881283 @RozzerG @BBC6Music @shaunwkeaveny @maryannehobbs @steve_lamacq Thank you both so much for listening!Along with the @TeeandMo team I spent some of this lockdown working on a very special new show. Little monkeys can… you enjoyed @laurenlaverne’s special salutes this morning, here is pioneering synth composer, Wendy Carlos on Ho…
Retweeted by Lauren Laverne @CraigStewart14 @BBC6Music @BBCSounds It’s still on - will be when it’s finished tho!Happy birthday #WendyCarlos! Our #6MusicSalutes tribute mix to a music pioneer is on the way @BBC6Music @minxymye :) :) :)*Buffs nails*
@CBeebiesHQ @CBeebiesHQ Pretty jazzed (especially hands-wise)Ooo exciting! 🙌 @laurenlaverne
Retweeted by Lauren Laverne @AndrewNeal66 🥰 @timminchin @YYYs @BBC6Music Can't wait! x @lau_ra_lau_ra @RobdaBank @BBC6Music @freshnet Morning, Tom! We must stop (m)eating like this! Thank you - hope you have a fabulous week too XX @KumaYama100 @YYYs @BBC6Music This is amazingMORNING! Warming myself on the gentle flames of the internet while playing @YYYs on @BBC6Music and wondering what’s… @katywayne @BBC6Music 💖 v famously Labi’s backing band on “Remember my Song” and have therefore entered the annals… @katywayne @BBC6Music Chas and Dave are bonafide music legends. Head Hands and Feet AND Labi Sifre! COME ON! @ClareGeordie @penny_munro @BBC6Music My kids get worky ticket a lot
@dbainestoronto @Pmarber I’ll go anywhere they serve you wine from something wicker @claraamfo What a hero! The look on you was insanely gorgeous! @Pmarber £3 a pizza. Great times. Regular spade up joint for me and one of my oldest and bests. I just sent this to… @greg_jenner The cover is not the book. Banger.