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@bettyfelon BOY DO I @Oni_Spumoni i’m down to trade zillas straight up @Oni_Spumoni okay!!!
@mollyconnolly john mulaney @AQueenoftheRing @alexa_brooke616 hello yes i agree with alex across the board @samhumphries @AtomEve SUCH AN AMAZING SURPRISE 😭😭😭😭!!!!!!!! @AtomEve HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT @_aubrey oh fuck yeah i have SO MANY NOOK MILES thank you!!!!how do i get the big godzilla in animal crossing @cowboygems ugh same 😞also my sheets and towels and hand/kitchen towels but the sweatpants were the most importantlaundry is working and now free in my building and i washed my favorite sweatpants so i feel very accomplished @LenaRockerHall UHH WAIT THESE EXISIT OH MY GOD PLEASE I NEED @erinfinnerty wow we were supposed to be reunited tomorrow @AQueenoftheRing ALEX IM ACTUALLY CRYING TEARS OF JOY ITS INSANE @mulaney thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank youif you haven’t watched oh hello on netflix oh my god do yourself a solid and watch it right heckin nowuhhh i actually teared up this is the best news i’ve gotten in the last two weeks??? oh my god???? @Butternutgouach my wifi is taking it’s sweet time but that’s where it is!! CATCH ME DANCING IN MY ROOM TO THE NEW HAYLEY BOP ALL HECKIN DAY WOW @Dnellicious fuck i just realized i said their not they’re and i’m ANNOYED @artxcore @AQueenoftheRing aside from not seeing friends, not seeing this match hurts the most 😭😭😭 @BigHapaPump @Dnellicious yyyyyyyUP @Dnellicious like that doesn’t mean their hurting it means they give a slight fuck about the people that work for their company but ok @Dnellicious wow what a bad take from the op?? all companies top execs should be doing the same exact thing so they… @BigHapaPump @TipToewithTullo @KingLily_ @Philpesapane1 HAHAHAHAH OH MY FUCKIN GOD THAT WAS W I L D @TipToewithTullo @BigHapaPump @KingLily_ @Philpesapane1 just crying over shinsuke per usual nothing to see hereMy 6 year old is supposed to leave notes in the “mailbox” if I’m working, and I found this gem today while he was t…
Retweeted by lauren moran @RivkaGheist 😽😽😽😽THE R O M A N C E WE ALL DESERVE @RivkaGheist HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU GORGEOUS, UNSTOPPABLE FORCE OF NATURE 💕💕💕 @whitners 💖💘💗💝💓💖💕💖💘💗💘💓💖💞💝💕💓💗💗💘💞💘💖💕💖💕💖💘💕💓💞💘💖💖💕💓💗💘💘💞💕💓💓💗💘💘💖💕💓💓💗💝💝💖💘💕💓💝💘💖💕💓💓💘💖💖💘💕💞💓💓💗💞💝💖💘💕💗💞💝💖💕💓💞💝💘💕💓💗💝💘💗💞💝💖💕💓💘💖💖💕💓💓💝💘💘💞 @CandidlyCandy_ YOUR!!!! MAKEUP!!!! the glitter placement???? i’m obsessed??? @cowboygems A PERFECT ANGEL. his voice??? like are KIIIIIDDING ME?? @cowboygems dude my roommate and i talk about this ALL THE TIME. seaweed F O R E V E R. @cowboygems FUCKING YES @AQueenoftheRing same 😞😞😞😞😞i read the body count out of the paper and now it’s written all over my face @AQueenoftheRing FUCK @LostInStereoLiz ahhhh gotcha gotcha gotcha @LostInStereoLiz wait green lantern was in that? @Stella_Cheeks YUP ABSOLUTELY. @facelessNES RIGHT? @PissedoffWaltz YUH @ecmuller14 BIG same!!
@Ms8Bit RIGHT!! she gave no fucks and it was amazing @alexa_brooke616 hahaha it’s 90% tees and skater skirts but i have a few cute things!!! @nicaanne @AQueenoftheRing @vanessa_dealba yES OMFG i will literally buy a union jack dress RIGHT NOWanyone else playing dress up with all the outfits they were gonna wear in tampa this week 🙃category is: posh spice in that scene from spice world where the all go to boot camp @SarahTheRebel he’s been all over my timeline today and i wish that’s how it was everyday @erickstevens82 @artxcore uhhhh if you don’t actually do it i’m gonna be BUMMED @LostInStereoLiz @artxcore LETS DO THIS @artxcore FUCK YEAH LETS DO THIS @artxcore DO WE FORM AN ART TEACHER DREAM TEAM? @edgarmomplaisir i’m gonna start writing wholesome educational mcr parodies just incase i switch careers @edgarmomplaisir it’s so good!!! i love their energy so much toouhh do i want to be an art teacher now??? 1 April 1
Retweeted by lauren moran @TravisReilly @KrystiPryde i said what i SAID @KrystiPryde @TravisReilly oh FOR SURE @KrystiPryde @TravisReilly listen we have to disagree on SOME THING and i will die on this carrots are bad hill if i must @KrystiPryde @TravisReilly i cant even LOOK at a carrot without gagging i hate them i hate them I HATE THEM @KrystiPryde @TravisReilly KRYSI YES THEY ARE BAD @TravisReilly no they’re the worst @TravisReilly carrots are fucking disgusting @AQueenoftheRing fuck i think i need to draw britney??? @AQueenoftheRing ON NOT IN COME ON IPHONE @AQueenoftheRing why does the snap from goofy to fierce turn me in SO MUCH????? @cowboygems *eee not we lol @cowboygems 🥰 we thank you!! he’s a little wonky in some spots but so am i so it’s fitting @definitelyvita i’m gonna do that but instead of tossing i’ll just bring you down and cradle you in my arms like the sweet bb you are!!! @cowboygems big shippy and a lighthouse! he was my first!! @treswritesstuff YESSSS HELL YESalso thanks to y’all for not roasting me for having domino masks hanging on my wall @treswritesstuff YOU FUCKIN GOT IT BUDDY also also when this fog is lifted i want to try boxing stuff with you if y… @samhumphries oh my GOD top tier tweet holy shit sam @definitelyvita LET ME PICK YOU UP @vanessa_dealba ILY"And Then" is a visually dreamy short film about two women who meet in Tokyo and grow closer to each other through…
Retweeted by lauren morany’all try and stay out of the grocery stores today if you’re not on WIC — you gotta let the WIC homies get their su…
Retweeted by lauren moran @thsheridans it’s on amazon prime! i was watching it the other night ☺️ @thsheridans whew, GREAT selection! i’m riding a talking heads/paramore & hayley wave pretty heavily right now @thsheridans also i thought i was following you this whole time??? i’m a bobo!! @thsheridans BIG BIG fan of this discovery!!!“No matter how buried it gets, or lost you feel, you must promise me, that you will hold on to hope and keep it ali…
Retweeted by lauren moran @TipToewithTullo YES @kevinxku MY SON @GrampaCaramba AH NO but it’s on my list!! @Dnellicious right back atcha, it’s a tough week for all of us 😞😞😞 @Dnellicious thinking about how i was legit supposed to be at disney world today city’s cemeteries humming i’m wide awake, it’s morning. @LostInStereoLiz well i may be able to help you with that someday! @sholanng WELL THATS GOOD cause i would love to tattoo you!! @TipToewithTullo OOOOH THIS IS GOOD TO KNOW!! hell yes thank you! @whackkat to help me cope i don’t think of one long tunnel, but a bunch of tunnels? some are longer than others, bu… @vanessa_dealba DAMN GOOD APRIL FOOLS JOKE