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Lauren Walsh @LaurenWalshArt Philadelphia, PA

Illustrator • Dynamite, Critical Role, and DnD fan art • • Website, Patreon, Twitch, Ko-Fi, & store in the link below • She/Her •

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Since I’m in the mood of finishing sketches who wants me to finish Korra?
Free shipping in the US until Christmas Day! Order before 12/16 to receive your order before 12/26… 💕 I started this sketch back in June and just had to finish it! #SheRa #sherafanart
Retweeted by Lauren Walsh @Handsome_Frank Can’t show the one I’m most proud of just yet but it would have to be a tie between these two. @torchythepirate Haha Aw thank you!!Sketch //// Final @IcewreathArt Thanks!! @willatastic09 Thank you!!! @Ghost_Hack Yay! That’s the goal!Posters are now available on my shop too! Get your order in before Dec 15 to receive it before Christmas! 💕 I started this sketch back in June and just had to finish it! #SheRa #sherafanart peak!’m so close to finishing Adora. I just need to sleep
She’s almost done! @AnchoriteAirmed NyahahahaToss a coin to your Witcher oh valley of plenty... Got ya! Good luck getting it out of your head!
@cniskala It’s like you open a can, see the already open can, try to drink that, get distracted, open another can,… are three half empty cans near me right now. I’ll be going about my day and think “Remember when Pandemics and Plagues we a sci-fi/fantasy backdrop or…
Finally coloring #Shera #illustration
Retweeted by Lauren Walsh @Scarlemagne I know you more than most #wow @Scarlemagne Omg no 💕💕 @kozmos92 Aw thank you!Finally coloring #Shera #illustration
A year ago I had just committed to being a full time freelance illustrator. Since then I’ve worked on comic book co…
Happy thanksgiving everyone. I’m so grateful for all of you! Now be merry, have a great day, eat all the food, and drink all the drinks.The hardest thing about being an illustrator is finishing an AMAZING piece of art and not being able to share it right away because of NDAs @Nemo2342 feel like I’m constantly stuck between people telling me “Lauren you are so good!” and me saying “Yeah but I want to get better.”
Full image is available for patrons btw!!Cover coming soon! @Oeming Omg that’s a genius idea!Nothing beats an all caps “LAUREN!!!OMG!!!!” from your AD.See the full WIP on my patreon!🔥 🧡🔥❤️🔥
@jijidraws Absolutely!!! @jijidraws @naomifranq @yoshisquared @Radimudio I love this picture from c2e2. I guess it cute. Ugh I miss cons @Sea_Stitches World of Warcraft @forcelest Welcome to the new follower squad!I just hit 17k?! What... I’m just so thankful for all of you. It’s because of your support that I’m able to call t… this darkness is temporary. Hold fast and remember dawn is coming.For anyone who doesn’t really know the lore behind Night Elf Druids, the position was predominantly male - Men beco… fully admit I got emotional last night when I was finally able to give my female NE Druid golden eyes after 13 ye… @LillianEsther10 Beautiful stuff! @Briek58454521 This was procreate. Most of the standard brushes in the programWorking on something cool! @Guardianmind If artists are saying don’t RT then I don’t understand why they are on twitter. Some artist have issu…
@CelestyArts I want to hug the first guy! @ccmfortablynumb Lovely stuff! @GailSimone Keep on keeping on!Listen I’ll say it, I love @GailSimone’s twitter. It never disappoints.Hi new followers! Wow there’s a lot of you recently. If you are an artist, I’d love to see your work! @xXAutumnIvyXx Omg I need to use this as a reference for EmyraLook at this amazing gift from @MyrDraws! It’s a commission of my sweet Mishka by @KikiDoodleTweet. Thank you so mu… @kevinpanetta He listens to JRE and follows Ben Shapiro and if he’s challenged he says “no one can voice ideas anymore.” @siroc_co Absolutely gorgeousI’m just normal sick! Wahoooooo *cough cough*I’M NEGATIVE FOR COVID! Omg I was legit so scared.
@jwijaya_art Amazing work!Sharing a cemetery shot I drew for a #castlevania themed project!
Retweeted by Lauren Walsh @tomality Aw thank you!!!! @emilypearsonart Aw thank you!! @cyleidah All lies lolIt costs $0 to RT my artwork @thepjskittles Ah! Which store is it?Commission for @PhoenixHeart815 @caitmayart I love this so muchSo if you ask me, “Hey lauren how are you feeling?” My reply would be, “My whole body hurts, I’m delirious, and I… @algenpfleger 😍 I love this so much @CoreyBrickley Happy birthday!!
@QuelFabulous Oh god. I’m so sorry. I just went through this a month ago. Enjoy every moment you can. @MichaelCrits Have fun!!! @TylerWalpole Coffee ready! @pixelllls All of my money on jesterWhat do you do when you feel sick? I usually end up watching documentaries about ancient history and mummies lol @babsdraws @CriticalRole It’s beautiful!!
@GracefulDescent It’s 100% in her necklace lolAlso while the white area was hard, I really enjoyed the struggle and sense of accomplishment after.I finished it! I’m sad I lost that one piece. I blame my cats. I’m legit excited to turn on some documentaries and… @priyatori Follow the grid! Lol @LiarsClub88 HahahaI wish I drew half of the ideas that pop in my head.
Without posting your age, post your first anime crushes. Don’t judge me for the last one. I was so young haha… @ericalindbeck Ah yes. I see you are also a person of class and culture. @Alterici Seconded by a tired artist @DuvalKingJacob @DNDJordanLea @lonzogonzo1 @Goblinkatie @PBSmitty @ThreadRaiders @GM_Corry @DevanIsNotHere @Taylora_art In context of European history, the barbarians of the dark age were just anyone outside of the Roman E… @xavierck3d Seriously! Most things are directly from worship of Greco-Roman and Egyptian Gods down to the architecture of churches.Also I had no idea how absolutely Pagan Christianity is and that most of the Barbarian Tribes, excluding the Viking… @rick_leonardi Nope lolI’ve been watching a lot of historical documentaries lately and there’s always one constant, people taking advantag… @realDonaldTrump Will someone please collect their unstable uncle? He’s screaming at the mailboxes again. @PBSmitty @ThreadRaiders @GM_Corry @Goblinkatie @DevanIsNotHere @DNDJordanLea @thisiskaiya buff ladies will be blessing your TL and I’m so excited for it @ThreadRaiders @GM_Corry @Goblinkatie @DevanIsNotHere @DNDJordanLea @PBSmitty @thisiskaiya Bloody but alive is putting it lightly hahaha @Ryuutsu Yeah I’m hoping it’s something seasonalThe scariest thing is I’ve been social distancing since March. The only place I’ve been in the past few weeks has b…’m getting tested, but there’s such a high demand right now I cant get tested until Friday. @terryblestorm I love her!!! @CrystalSully @Wizards_DnD It’s gorgeous!!!!