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Program Manager of #Kubernetes Special Interest Group (SIG) + Release Team | PM at a travel company | Marie Kondo of JIRA | law degree-haver | SRE enthusiast

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This is bad. ICE just told students here on student visas that if their school is going online-only this fall, the…
Retweeted by Lauri Apple 🍎🖥🇪🇺 @AlexB138 Bikes from @canyon_bikes -- made in Germany. Mine is the black one and my fellow's is the pricier blue on… through wine country. Lots of paths everywhere, and one sees many elderly people riding around. Saw a castle…
@jrrickard Oh no! Heal up soon...
@dims @jbeda @RichSalz +1! Rich, thank you for taking a principled stand. You would find many people of like mind in K8s.Happy #AllCountriesMatter Day from Rhineland-Palatinate. Lots of solar panels on the houses here, and bicyclists an… @stephenaugustus I miss(ed) you all! Was spending the night in here, you get the community you stand for. I respect @RichSalz's decision to leave a project that actively doe…
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@celeste_horgan The cows and pigs don't think he is friendly, either @zakgreant After 5.5 years over here I've come to learn that any US recipe requires 1/5 to 1/6 the sugarWow @maria_fibonacci @stephenaugustus Hanging with Rudi on rails (Rudi is a baby, son of my travel companions) @maria_fibonacci @francesc @Carlapvera @90DayFiance I studied Spanish for years in the 1990s and we never learned "… Also to take care of yourself--there is no virtue in burning out. It's also important not to export this attitu… @Noah_Abrahams @jaicesd @nishakmr Apparently Uruguay and Paraguay are doing well in this pandemic, while one is pol…
@jesslynnrose @brntbeer @editingemily Ah, you told me about this at FOSDEM, Jess—need to share with some folks. For… @bdimcheff @markyjackson5 Jealous of yr Jenkins fashion @bsideup Thank you Sergei--I do know some folks there. :) @claushoefele @fuzzyKB +1, we have a good K8s scene here and the more the merrier @monkchips @breakawaybilly @kubermatic_os Thanks everyone—Bill and I are chatting tomorrow :) @HALOWorldwide @monkchips Thank you, Sally! When teams come to this realization it's a great day. :) @BartEnkelaar @JimWaal Thank you, Bart :) @thaJeztah Thank you, Sebastiaan -- I've not worked as a product manager (been doing program mgmt + filling in as a… everyone, still wondering if anyone's hiring program managers (or product owners) who can work from Berlin:… @celeste_horgan @stephenaugustus @tophee I'm gonna have coffee soon, out of one of these Italian things... I am an… lot of fighting about pancakes on Berlin Twitter rn 🥞 @soledadobrien
I am 100% here for the collapse of the professional persona and hope we never go back.
Retweeted by Lauri Apple 🍎🖥🇪🇺A wonderful writeup of @HashiConf from @richburroughs. I agree that waking up early (Pacific time) was a bit wild,…
Retweeted by Lauri Apple 🍎🖥🇪🇺Today we are launching Cloud Native Community Groups – an easy way to host community meetups and cloud native event…
Retweeted by Lauri Apple 🍎🖥🇪🇺 @Soham_tweet Cool, I plan to get this started 3rd week of July :) @garylosh Hey, nice to see your name pop up! I hope you've been well these last few years... @AgileChrisYYC Often it makes sense to have user docs and dev docs in a repo to address the different use cases @AgileChrisYYC I have seen it done fairly well -- usually an indicator is "how much friction does a new member of t… @AgileChrisYYC Certainly, but often docs help reinforce the "why" behind decisions to provide context, no? @AgileChrisYYC Write those docs! :)If you're looking for ways to contribute to Kubernetes, check out these items marked "good first issue":
@jaicesd Outlook? I had the Illuminati pegged as Hotmail users @thaJeztah Yay! Yes, busy times indeed ... hence my delayGreat new doc: "What It's Like to Be ADHD and Black" will get this started third week of July @catallman Marie Curie! @leepatrick0 @prex4 Sorry, I had deleted it by accident! @bdimcheff @stephenaugustus @danpopnyc @IanColdwater I was looking for references to double guitars and found this.…'s wrong with the US, in one tweet Berlin museum has become a purgatory for some of the city’s statues. There they are neither revered nor destroyed…
Retweeted by Lauri Apple 🍎🖥🇪🇺 @LenaLovesStuff @MissAmyTobey Would these same orgs also profess to be agile? Because unit tests are some basic Def… @markyjackson5 I had to move my stuff the other day before having a shower. Felt really grimy, and it was about 85F. @maria_fibonacci My company is now using GraphQL, it is pretty neat. This was the tutorial the tech leads who had u… Glaser's 10 rules for designers #RIP #miltonglaser
Retweeted by Lauri Apple 🍎🖥🇪🇺 @archer_rs Always nice to be reminded that my country (🇺🇸) doesn't have the monopoly on "inconceivably idiotic." I'… @semioticrobotic @josgroen Nice new picture! @detiber Thank you Jason -- you make the world better @jrrickard @bdimcheff @kerrizor They might Express their rage differently but most of them will have face tattoos @mikegcoleman I'm sure the Coronavirus will respect his opinions about it. @jrrickard @bdimcheff @kerrizor If the nu flu comes from pigs, the pigs need to be violent and murdery. Then we're all set. @bengold Maybe this is something I should do. I have no TV, no Netflix or other subscriptions, no gadgets besides a… @gigatexal @editingemily Wilkommen!
"Defund the cops." "Juneteenth is an official holiday." "Ok but the cops?" "We changed a syrup bottle!" "The cops?"…
Retweeted by Lauri Apple 🍎🖥🇪🇺More details about the upcoming Joint Meeting – 15th Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making and 9th Symposium o…
Retweeted by Lauri Apple 🍎🖥🇪🇺Don’t let the #BlackLivesMatter  protests disappear from our TLs. This is Minneapolis right now. These protests ha…
Retweeted by Lauri Apple 🍎🖥🇪🇺 @Troy0820 @stephenaugustus @ehashdn @bryanl @kelseyhightower SO MANY ONIONS BEING CUT AROUND HERE!! @mattklein123 @moderat10n @litacho @copyconstruct @mccv @zuercher
Retweeted by Lauri Apple 🍎🖥🇪🇺 @bdimcheff @crewjam oh now it all makes sense! @bdimcheff @crewjam What is this "booger hook"? Want to translate it into German @ralphbod @newrelic Here is an SRE job at @giantswarm: @tlockney @lisaphillips Wishing you and your mom strength and better news/health. People are being careless, it's enraging.Berlin isn't adhering to social distancing or mask use 100%, but on the trains this weekend I did not see anyone wi…’s talk about High Agency: an attitude I’ve seen in every successful product manager & leader I’ve known. Some…
Retweeted by Lauri Apple 🍎🖥🇪🇺 @monkchips My partner and I moved my stuff into storage, ate vegan pizza and noodles and planned our bike trip acro… @jimmysjolund Yes, with cheesy villains and everything
@rschoening @mattstratton +1 that ridicule isn't the answer—the whole "two wrongs..." cliche, etc. As for causes: n… @rschoening @mattstratton I think "lacking in empathy" = going around not wearing a mask, coughing and breathing on… @jrrickard @stephenaugustus @dbentley @aronchick @JimmAngel @bridgetkromhout Happy birthday, Dan!The police keep on giving us more and more reasons why they need to be defunded and/or disbanded. This is absolutel…
Retweeted by Lauri Apple 🍎🖥🇪🇺 @WeVsMe @mekkaokereke My friend from M'bach had this experience too. She'd do the silent treatment when he did something "wrong." Not cool. @Lauri_Apple imo every serious SRE team needs pgm capabilities, but few realize it
Retweeted by Lauri Apple 🍎🖥🇪🇺 @MissAmyTobey Agree 💯 @MissAmyTobey Ah, that's the kind of work I do but I am s program manager. Now I am thinking, "could I rebrand myse… 100% believe in non-coding SREs. There is a metric ton of glue work that SREs need to do to make the whole thing…
Retweeted by Lauri Apple 🍎🖥🇪🇺If you think of current politics as a sad self-humiliating reality show then this makes total sense
Another great doc from @DeutscheWelle. This one examines what's happening in China since its first big Covid outbre… @celeste_horgan Potato bread ... also simit, the Turkish bagels with sesame seeds. Those are my favorite bready things around. With ajvar... @jeefy @stephenaugustus @jrrickard @ParisInBmore @maria_fibonacci @celeste_horgan I came back for the second time last June after 1.5 years in Dublin and something really clicked. T… @jrrickard @stephenaugustus @ParisInBmore @maria_fibonacci This guy achieves 2/4 of those things — maybe he writes… @mekkaokereke Since moving to Berlin years ago I've felt no pressure to engage in this BS at work. During my first… @jrrickard Nice. I've made some baked goods from this blog: Trick is to use ~1/6 to 1/4 th… @editingemily Yeah, vegan cakes are everywhere here! I made this cake once ( and consistenc… @jrrickard Do you have any vegan joints near you? I swear vegan cakes are better than non-vegan ones. It's amazing… goes out to all the #KarensGoneWild article on using data to make retros more meaningful and focused. @celeste_horgan I fear it will have butter in it but will try! My favorite place around there is a Yemeni restauran… @thekaranmenon Well done! 👏if you don’t want to read a 5k word explanation of qualified immunity, this is the next best thing!
Retweeted by Lauri Apple 🍎🖥🇪🇺 @markyjackson5 @Noah_Abrahams Only did about 4.5 due to partying down with the KubeFriends (KEPs! Comms! Plans!) th… @celeste_horgan Ah I will! Really love the area so much--hope I can find a house there again and actually stay in itBeing vegan is OK. This cake is from Zuckerbaby in Rixdorf, Berlin. It has berries on it so I'm calling it fruit.’ve asked this in interviews at my law firm for 30 years: What legal action do you take at home? Many answer they…
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