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Laurie ඞ @lauriedere hello kitty island adventure

twitch streamer :3 • Twitch Afilliate • G3 NA League • she/her • 21 years old • leo • professional approacher • @CircusJG❤️ • @FallenIrisYT • @spoiIed_milk

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@_Beora I’ll let you know when I set it up @DemonNoises Show me ur genitals @RetroMedPurple As u should be @Spookback FACTSTHATS RIGHT I just have sex with themM*n are stupid and I don’t respect themsoftie @kittyjuless Yea @Velleka_ Date me?REST IN PEACE @turbo_random 💔
Retweeted by Laurie ඞ @strangebun You’re doing great bb @nyanchieroo BET @nyanchieroo ILLL BUY IT ONCE DA UPDATE DROPS @Kiwi_Dodo If subtweeting him worked if have a wedding ring a baby by nowIt’s always “hey” and never “can we start a Minecraft realm where I mine for you and collect stuff for you to build… @nyanchieroo Wanna start a realm @Ryan_Recon @Icy_Rapture @Valheimgame IM SO SAD THE TREE LOOKS SO GORG @Bigtomo00 My moufGummi frog
@CircusJg Do u like the way I can’t get out of bed to shower @hahcheupriv @vertpriv1 It’s not @PisslowGaming Thanks baby @Jadposts HAHAHAHA NEVER @Kallisttaa I think so tooThey don’t know I’m famous on twitterTalked to old irl friends today and they’re just as lost as me in life feels okay to not be so alone @Startempler It’s a broken iPhone 7 @LukeTrys Owiehi i lost like 100 lp in the last 2 days how are you guys
Retweeted by Laurie ඞ @LukeTrys This girl ints your clash games wyd @KukoveczA Good @yuumi1trick @CrybabyFel He said “baby I have a bit..” @kayteaqt THANK U BABIEI’m so pretty lmaoNo way.. the bonuz @dillbuns Suck on my bombies @enjxyce THANK YOUUU I’m kinda dinging it too @spoiIed_milk Kiss me @HahcheuNocturn thank you sweetheart @AerialQueenLiz and i got the mommy milkers to be mf lets go @HahcheuNocturn BRUH @thundermilkk THANK UUU im happy to join t he squad i love ginger hair @esexIover hiiiiii wanna dateHair has faded and I’m a ginger now @AerialQueenLiz YES @AerialQueenLiz I HAVR NRVA SEEN A SELCIE BEFORE OMG QUEEN @RetroMedPurple @awkoweeb i can teach you kalimba its easy @RetroMedPurple @awkoweeb we should start a band @awkoweeb music collab when (its really good) @nyanchieroo first of all youre so fucking pretty and second of all thank you for sharing ilyif he cheats on me thats my bad. i'm sorry i wasn't good enough. i will try every day to make it up to him. @ItsStevenDuh FIVEMARGOBTOAS @yeoli if he cheats on me it is my fault. i shouldve tried harder to be what he needs. i'm sorry. i will fix myself for him. @ItsStevenDuh yes that'll be five milon dolars @yeoli trad waifu lauriecall me old fashioned, but i was raised to take care of my husband make his plate every night, wash his work cloth… @esexIover cause youre funny @JoshMysto HES SO DUMBBB @KXNXKI nah he's just having surgery so im cleanin g the house so its easier on him @KXNXKI goin to my dads to finish cleaning ^-^ @pikachusmexy gm pretty girl @kaipriv97 @CircusJg LMFOAJFLKDJF @rassi_max u r mean for comparing me to him lose my number @rassi_max i could take him in a fight @yuumi1trick i had left for like 10 mins and i come back and the first thing he says is lol rammus mains b e likeclip from valheim last night jake thinks he's soooo funny @WIFICUTlE Hope you have a good day darlin 🥺 @Nikks3141 Gm to ur big forehead @KXNXKI MORNYY @dillbuns Kiss it lol @kaipriv97 Gm my love @Droudrou_ Ty weenie @dillbuns @em0fairyyy Yeah? 🥺 yeah you silly goose??I am sleepy but good morning from my big forehead @hamster0flove UOURE SO PRETTY AAA @femaleghst @CircusJg @Frostlole Bring back the twitter mafia 😭😭 @RaiderWho We want specific cum in our mouths @peachseedling HELLO BABY GIRL @Icy_Rapture @Ryan_Recon @jrxsv_ @MyNameIsCaitiee Hello ladiesgoodnight guys we made it through another day I love you @t022400 I TRIED @t022400 cawwy on den she's not ugly though :( that's mean @NotNavilol @t022400 you literally bully me too @t022400 DID YALL BULLY HER FIRST? @ambiloquos GIRL YOURE MY ANGELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL @t022400 well stop lying >:( about people that r really sweet @t022400 wym she's pretty @DJ_Y4SSIN i channeled you but it didnt work @CircusJg @hatelucki i said what i said @hatelucki i wish @hatelucki he's being my kitten tonight @oscar1710_ sus think its winnable? @lolAmbie YEA @shoerix kis..s @shoerix YEA SERIOUSLY @dillbuns yes kitten