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Cycle time has the biggest impact on your speed of development. How long does it take to find out that you have a missing curly brace? @dizzyd Can we put this on a billboard somewhere? It seems strange that we keep "promoting" people to manager based on any other skill. @cbzehner Green sock, Rust, Rome @dym_sh Welp, I’m screwedI feel like I need to add r/showerthoughts before too many people see this 😅 @cassidoo Is this like the knights and the knaves? I swear I did this logic problem in college! @techgirl1908 Accurate @amber1ey 😝😝😝 @cm_stead I don’t know. Is it completely bleeding edge and undocumented? If so, count me in! @rheinardkorf Who says comedians aren’t nice! 🙃 @amber1ey I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I have a birthday video that proves otherwise! @Battle_Nerd_1 Camp two.I’m starting to worry that in tech twitter you fall into one of two camps. Grifter or comedian. Praying I’m the latter 😳 @ctrlshifti Nah, seems about JavaScript @TatianaTMac @valeriecodes I’m sorry, this would save too much time!
@neutrino2211 Eh, I’m not sure the dude questioning people’s technical credentials needed to say anything at all @kurtkemple It’s lasted for like a day 😳Everyone should head over to infosec twitter. This is wild. @Dixie3Flatline That’s a new one. Must prefer machines to humans. How about pets? Are they allowed?The list of tech I need to try is getting really long again 😬 @cassidoo Breaking the 4th wall! Bold directorial moves here. @kurtkemple Also, @jhooks knows this but a conversation about that room divider screen everyone has resulted in us… @kurtkemple I need a new office first 😅 @kurtkemple I’m considering setting up my LEGO builds in the background and then adding these lights. A girl can dream! @johnlindquist @Dayhaysoos The videos that are intros to the next videos kill me. So much wasted air time!Don't be afraid of asking for other people's time! Often it's a lot easier to work on a new area of code if you ge… @freiksenet Thanks :DAs requested, my post on designing reasonable and effective technical interviews.
Retweeted by LaurieI got a sneak peek at this the other day and it's amazing! So much great information for developers of all levels. @rheinardkorf It's up! @laurieontech I saw this today, thought it was relevant
Retweeted by Laurie @karim_elna 😂 that's perfect @egong4real Given the variety of tech roles out there it's still astonishing that they all have such similar interviews.😒 not replying is an option you knowOn one hand, I got pretty tired of all the new JS sugar, but, on another, this is a pretty cool kind of sugar.
Retweeted by Laurie @Arlo_Clarke I don't think that's a list anyone can make unfortunately. @catia3045 @fabkatie @TheCodePixi @ceeoreo_ @waterproofheart @maxcell @AishaBlake @techgirl1908 @ceeoreo_ Looks awesome!As requested, my post on designing reasonable and effective technical interviews. @fabkatie @catia3045 Any particular tech area? There are so many good ones :D @alephnaught2tog @ThePracticalDev @ceeoreo_ I whole heartedly understand @TerabyteTiger Ooh I like it!The one benefit on Monday is fresh eyes. I had no new ideas when I put this build error down on Friday. I do now!Ok Monday, let's do this. @ladyleet 😂 heck no. Successful is relative, but I get up around 8 most days and think I’m doing just fine.Those experts you think know everything? They aren’t smarter than you. They’ve just spent a lot of time doing that specific thing.
@tlakomy @NikkitaFTW This is gonna be good! @ceeoreo_ I'm glad my explanation makes sense. But I also forget most things about 5 minutes after I read them. Goo… @marcysutton Sounds delightful. Don’t mind me. @jordanyonodev If you use eslint-reply-guy everything is an error! 🙃 @cassidoo Nyxt.js because everything else is too mainstream @marcysutton Ooh favorite animal? That’s a good one! Mostly nocturnal 😂The number of ways you can iterate in JavaScript is truly staggering. Just came across a code snippet using forEac… @felabon @ceeoreo_ Yes. It has a JS engine that implements a JS runtime. In the case of Chrome that engine is v8, w… @ceeoreo_ I think I sent you my layers of JS thing before, right? It might help. The main thing to remember is that… @techgirl1908 @AuMayeung 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 @judicael_andria @4lpine Heh, I did the same yesterday. It’s great fun @ceeoreo_ Anything in particular tripping you up at the moment? Or just a whole lot of weirdness? (All answers are valid) @ceeoreo_ You are not alone 😅 @dan_abramov Looks like you’re taking that educational video games talk to heart! @madalynrose @4lpine @GranolaDaniel Oooh that’s cool @stevebarolak Abstract Syntax Tree MDX is a markdown format in which JSX syntax is also valid. It’s not a valid ac… @tlakomy Now I just want to know how much that domain cost 😂I like working with ASTs a weird amount. I blame @4lpine and MDX 😅 @kurtkemple The hair color and bow color is just perfection @shortdiv @FrontendMasters @1Marc How did I miss this?! Amazing! Congrats Divya 🥳 @courtneynash This is the correct answer.A pup is tired @amber1ey Intrigue! @rickbrunstedt It doesn't have one at the moment. It's on the feature list 😅I have no idea what I was doing that one Sunday in February but this is my Sunday GitHub graph. I loathe this grap… one can actually help you learn faster. There is no cheat sheet. The best thing is to discover what types of… @willjohnsonio Happy birthday! @ceeoreo_ Nope. Definitely the right idea if you're interested in both roles.I have no idea what's going on. I will never be this absurdly productive again. Anyway, here is my walkthrough of…
Retweeted by Laurie @AlSweigart Actually, proof by induction is really recursion. So that one could be argued. @gurlcode @Mandy_Kerr I would love to see that attempt @AlSweigart 🤔 addition, subtraction, modulo, sometimes division or multiplication What don’t I use? Topology, calc… @gurlcode @Mandy_Kerr Sorry, not cute enough @penelope_zone I’d assume that’s based on Rust more than anything else. But who knows.This is most definitely a joke. I do not care. I swear. @virtualkirill Oh no 😳 what have I just stumbled into @JacobMGEvans @PrettierCode Looks like they're working on a formatter. Haven't checked to see if it's actually in the bundle yet or not.Welp, we had a nice run Rust. "First, Rust style is to indent with four spaces, not a tab." 👋🏻 @marisamorby @marisamorby It may not be from google, but the fairly oddparents are here for you! @brandon_skerrit I am the noobiest noob! I look forward to discovering the challenges you just mentioned. @brandon_skerrit I've definitely played with it for about an hour so curious what makes you think of it as slow to write? @ryan_c_harris @chrisbiscardi For sure. Looking at the Rust Book now and then going to work through some videos :)I have no idea what's going on. I will never be this absurdly productive again. Anyway, here is my walkthrough of… @AlaaZork @jlengstorf Nicely done! And very appropriate. I've seen this reply guy argument many a time. @AishaBlake I don't even have a facebook anymore 😅 @amber1ey @chrisbiscardi I like the Gopher too!Does anyone else have this new twitter messages pop up on the bottom right-hand corner of the browser view? Reminding me of google chat! @AishaBlake Well that's adorable @madalynrose, I've decided to switch languages instead. I think I'm gonna go learn Rust 😎 @molly_struve Sorry, I don't recognize that syntax 🙃
I just tried to write `if else` 🤦🏻‍♀️ Maybe I should stop there.