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@donavon I assume this is a joke but I certainly don’t get it. This has nothing to do with software and that’s very cool.Happy Sunday could not take me eyes off this @rikki_js @kumar_abhirup I can understand why you wouldn’t given the it’s contents.As we head into the Olympics this is still one of the funnier articles I’ve ever read. It’s just too accurate. @kumar_abhirup @rikki_js That’s super not ok and I’m sorry this is happening to everyone involved @genehack @IanColdwater What? If more people did that we wouldn’t have all these critical systems going down. It’s just lazy. @rikki_js @kumar_abhirup People suck @IanColdwater But Ian. All you need is to download Norton Antivirus. @cherthedev Glamazon! @TechEmiiily @0xtavian Oooooh @rikki_js @kumar_abhirup Why would someone do any of this? How horrible. @QuinnyPig Why’d it have to be .NET?!So what conference is gonna do this for me? I’ll submit to the CFP right now 😂 @JemYoung @AmarachiAmaechi Yessss @Dayhaysoos Say 10x 😈 @Dayhaysoos I’m telling you. CURSED.Pretty sure I’m a developer because I’m impatient. Spending one week on the same bug may seem like the antithesis… reminder that I am not a woman, my pronouns are they/them, and while it is very sweet of you to think of m…
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@cassidoo 😂 this reminds me of the automatically generated emoji stickers that Google took from a picture of my fac… modern video game dilemma. Do I want to save money or do I want to look cute? All the fun looks always cost money!! @oddballbanks Gameboy will never be beat. It’s my childhood/ @jlouis666 Absolutely. @rikki_js This makes me sick. I’m so sorry you had to read this Rikki. You’re wonderful and I’m so happy to know you ❤️New email feature idea. The ability to disable reply all for specific email lists 🤦🏻‍♀️Liquid buttons with CSS/JS 😱
Retweeted by Laurie @seldo @SilvestriCodes @bitandbang Ya, I’m gonna need someone to write a book on this oneOlympic US track and field trials 🔥 @bitandbang Happy birthday Tierney! @abisalde @avneet_paul 🥰🤗 @mj_potatoes Wooooow that dude is an asshole @seldo The mental gymnasticsWhy do the people with the worst takes always have something about “realist” or “objective” or “logic driven” in th… @johnsaa Everything @eveporcello has is gold! @marktechson Happy birthday!I love that GraphQL is an API signature more than anything. When I first learned about it I assumed it was the acc… @avneet_paul My dude. The Nigerian market is not equivalent to 10k for a kubernetes role. The idea that it is is wh… @kf It’s at a startup based around transportation. They asked for SAT scores too. And it’s not a STEM role. It’s absurd. @ericwooley They’re both complicated and that’s not necessarily a good thing. The point is that belittling things y… @AmitKum32531743 It’s super small! @quoll 😅 of course you have @MarshallOfSound @gsnedders Of course you’re wondering that. Because you’re you. @cherthedev I like it @cherthedev How are these connected?! @sc_codeUM 😈 @QuinnyPig Bless youStarting my weekend off by very intentionally ignoring the “frontend isn’t as complicated as backend” trolls 💅🏻
@cherthedev @medus4_cdc Playing 3D chess right there @stevekinney @philnash That’s meta @philnash Chrome certainly will 🤣So today I learned that you can inspect the inspector. It’s like browserception!It’s a rare day when an intentional hot take results in very pleasant responses. Tech twitter, did the HBO Max ema… this week felt like a sprint...but there was no deadline in play. Self imposed productivity brain is not… @developerayo 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about something like this and it’s xenophobic as hell. @leelasrin It's a candidate market, no question. And if you're going from one cushy gig to another cushier gig, by… @editingemily @QuinnyPig Ya, I get what Corey is saying. I've always done it because it's what's expected and I did… @engineering_bae @PolyworkHQ Hell yes!Most people think the problem with copy/pasting code is that the developer doing so doesn't understand it. The big… @kyliebytes This is CURSEDTake the five seconds to confirm your assumptions. It'll save you from building the wrong thing. @threepointone Excited to see where you're headed! @jamesqquick Class structure and things like CRUD APIs are pretty repetitive. Beyond component definition I haven't… @JessicaMulein Haha I got youBackend code requires more copy/paste than frontend code. I said what I said! @cassidoo Oh ya, this was added in the last ES release? Maybe the one before? It's super useful! @Accept_Crime_ @ashleypeandev To me that's a lack of trust. You shouldn't have to prove you were busy. @Bobert51 @hardysoerarso @rickhanlonii @dan_abramov I'm choosing to believe that's what is happening because the al… @tvanantwerp I actively play with fidget toys and my teammates know it helps me focus @cherthedev @EmmaBostian @ASpittel Wait...the WOMEN are the ones saying CSS is not a programming language?!? That's a new one.To me, remote work is liberating because it removes the requirement that I "appear" busy. I can lay on the floor a… @DevopsTux CI runs on PRs lolAnd we’re done! @FrederikGoris Haha, I have that set behind me! And it's between CI. It'll take a bit for it to be complete.Friday means tiny LEGO desk projects while I wait for CI 🥳 @shaundai Java was my first language. But these days I'm much more familiar with JS.I think the hardest switch back and forth from Java to JS is actually existence check syntax. Also, modern Java is… @outragedracoon Neither. That's the best part.Apparently, there are jobs that are making people do algebra in interviews?!? 1. I love algebra 2. I feel like I c…, there is an inverse correlation between the number of people who participate in a joke and its shelf lif… @HBOMaxHelp Dear intern, You have more developer experience than your average duck. Be sure to tell this story in every job interview! @GloomyLumi 😅 @Adtopia4 That’s not me... @DivineOps It’s never the threads you expect, is itI did it yesterday! I’m not sure it counts since we don’t have any users yet 😅 But still! @ChloeCondon @DearEvanHansen “I’m willing to wait for it” @realmaplesyrup @garethgreenaway Employed* 🤦🏻‍♀️ @realmaplesyrup @garethgreenaway I’d love to look at the past coding mistakes of any employees software engineer wh… @rickhanlonii @dan_abramov Well you’ve just dissuaded me of any notion that I spend a healthy amount of time on thi… @iamaponte Interesting theory 🤔 @kazemicode @hibaymj Either that or the opposite. Someone knew they were using production but thought the email pie… @kazemicode 😂 I don’t have an email, I have no idea what number it is @hibaymj My best guess is that someone is setting up a new system that pushes messages and ran their tests using prod credentials @kyliebytes @hbomax Omg! Please someone message her. We’re all riveted.No, I’m not trying to reverse engineer the scenarios that could have led to integration test email #2 in my head.… @mattstratton @QuinnyPig I’m disappointed that I didn’t realize he’d do this sooner @IanColdwater Ok wait. That’s actually amazing though. Please keep this as your villain origin story. @ceeoreo_ If they do then their management is incompetent. Anyone can make a mistake. Clearly their systems don’t h…