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@secos Already been here for 75 min... @trinertech Virginia technically :( @shahedC I already got that one! This is a stupid damaged registration sticker 😭😭😭😭 How I cannot do this online is beyond me! @molly_struve I have the real id! I already did my time! [gif alt: Sirius Black saying “I did my waiting”] @gsingers I wish! Not here 😭But honestly. Everyone needs to have REAL ID now? A copy pulls you over for out of date registration? A huge majori… @davidbates But why can’t they build a portal for getting replacement stickers! I ask you. @traces42 Not at all! I absolutely agree with what you said. Though I suspe cry some people still don’t learn the… @ObedParla @cfp_land It won’t give you CFPs but it at least gives the list the of conferences to watch out for (man… @ObedParla @cfp_land This is a great resource too! @dan_abramov I’ve been enjoying it thus far!It becomes “isn’t it cool I know how to use this now!” Instead of, “I’m comfortable in the knowledge that I don’t… often mid level engineers write really terse/clever code because they’ve been told this is what proves they’re a… @wolfhoundjesse @simonstl I need to replace damaged stickers. Aka stuff they send you in the mail. This should be done online!!!! 🤬 @dan_abramov One of the first engineers I worked with would continue to go to the left to explain things happening… @simonstl Damnit! How can this website agree on nothing?!?Ok twitter, I think I have one thing you all can agree on! The DMV is the worst 😣 [gif alt: sloth DMV employee fr… @Obinnaspeaks It’s a practiced skill for sure! My main talk in 2019 had me live coding in front of an audience. That helped a ton :) @molly_struve No more CfPs! My schedule can’t handle it 😅 But I also have a new talk and a half! So feel you there. @barmijo Such a good one! Here is mine :)
Been finalizing some of my last 2020 speaking engagements 😊 Scaling back this year but that makes the stuff I’m at… @bitandbang @madalynrose wrote a post on this! @amber1ey Damnit Amberley. I had hope! And FYI, it was totally your repo that broke the silence took 60 seconds. I swear.Alight, I got through all my github notification emails at the end of the week. Now nobody move! A girl can dream, right? @eggheadio Take a walk @marcysutton I used to at least be able to star the important stuff! Now I feel like there are 50 important things… @codeability was a time in life where I could keep up with my personal inbox. I am sorry to say, that time has very much… @MrJNowlin 🤣 @tvanantwerp Don’t want to scare the dog @edwinthinks Heck yes! part of remote work? You can scream into a pillow when overwhelmed and then get right back to work 😂 @isvictoriousss I got to cheat as my coworker was running the software to conntect with Twitch! So I was just on zoom. @justinjunodev @mikebranski @kentcdodds @wesbos @markdalgleish @jasonbahl @saronyitbarek @ericagetsreal That's so kind! Thank youIf you move fast, you generally break things. Maybe not such a great idea. (I speak from experience atm 😅) @toddlibby So glad! Thanks for joining :) @annwitbrock Haha, I can see how the original tweet was misleading. I'd just opened terminal for the day! @borland Haha nah @annwitbrock To be fair, I started at the top level of my machine. So half of that is my file structure lol. Only ~3 levels was the project.Proof that you've spent a bit too much time in one repo lately? You can navigate 7 levels deep in the file structu… @laurieontech gave a very informative and though-provoking talk at last year's conference on writing more readable…
Retweeted by Laurie @chrisbiscardi YesssssSeeing lots of great CSS posts recently so thought I’d throw mine in the mix. And the cupcake picture onto all your… @jonathanfmills @mhartington @kc_dc 😬 the principal caught me cheating @girlsnamewillis @ashleymcnamara This is the love story my twitter feed needs! @mhartington @kc_dc Missouri Mike!
@manekinekko That’s a great one! Thanks for sharing. @jlengstorf Indeed @Mandy_Kerr @wiredferret has a great post on this! @jlengstorf Grumpy cat try really hard not to compare myself to others. But sometimes you hold yourself to high expectations based on s… @_joeygallegos Next month! But this one will be uploaded to YouTube and should still be available to watch on twitch I believe. @elyktrix Kyle! 😅 @dan_abramov The scary part is I didn't even need the last line. I've had something similar occur 😬“We style our websites using CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets. But what does Cascading really mean?“…
Retweeted by Laurie @gill_kyle @gatsbyjs ONLY 380? 🙃 Guess it’s time to get to work! @domitriusclark @jamesqquick @gatsbyjs Thank you ☺️What’s a twitch stream without some technical difficulties and on the fly live debugging 😂 But seriously, thanks t… @RCAbney @gatsbyjs That’s awesome! @jamesqquick @gatsbyjs Thanks so much for joining! @jenlynnbarnes @BekahHW I absolutely needed this today.Going live on Twitch in ~40 minutes! 🥳 @swyx A huge portion of my opportunities come out of twitter DMs @shannon_crabill A general one is abstracting a function so that multiple things can use it. But if you need someth… reminder that sometimes DRY actually makes future changes way harder! @neqone Touche! @tvanantwerp Unfortunately, that survey felt incredibly biased to specific demographics, so I'm not sure how repres…’ve noticed a lot of what looks like magical capabilities in other people is preparation and experience
Retweeted by Laurie @techgirl1908 @TatianaTMac Oooh this is an awesome one! @_mikefrancis 😅 not inaccurate @bitandbang @JacobMGEvans Sounds like we’re on the same wavelength today. is often not a great platform for asking what technology you should use. Context is key in making those de… @donnacamos88 3 PM EST @bendhalpern Ya, I suppose it feels like a form of gatekeeping? It’s interesting because ideally hosts do this beca… @jhooks @eggheadio @jlengstorf @marcysutton Not yet! But thanks for the reminder 🥳 @jhooks @eggheadio @jlengstorf @marcysutton And sometimes you get new board game recommendations 😉Tomorrow I’ll be doing a twitch stream on building a blog with Gatsby! Come check it out :) notes are so important! I’ve been noticing a lot that hosts will say “that link will be in the show notes” and… @bendhalpern Insider humor might be a no. But humor over all is great! Keeps things from feeling too academic. #CodeNewbie @halftes6 Genius!They all seem to be 45-60 minutes, which means great content. But I’d probably start/finish more of them if they we… @morjodomo @CodeNewbies Video while recording goes a long way with this. I notice this with remote work. It’s so ha… @brob @CodeNewbies Absolutely! I asked @chantastic how he did this a while back. I feel like every time he intervie… @brob @CodeNewbies True! And then there are deep dive episodes i listen to BECAUSE I know the tech. Those are so mu… @brob @CodeNewbies Ya, I need them to be really informative or entertaining. Preferably both! I get sidetracked easily. #CodeNewbieI don’t tend to listen to a singular podcast and all it’s episodes. I check the feeds of a whole bunch and pick the… @brob @CodeNewbies @ShopTalkShow Still need to try out that one! So many to choose from 😅 #CodeNewbie @bendhalpern @RealTalkJS does a great job of that if you’ve not listened before! #codenewbieI also love podcasts that dive into the backstories of people whose work I follow. @eggheadio podcast does an aweso… @coffeecraftcode @SYSKPodcast We do that with @TheRewatchables but pretty sure movie podcasts fall outside the scop… also really struggle with podcasts and having them just turn into background noise. I used to listen while drivin…’ve really loved some of the podcasts explaining new features in frameworks and the explanation of implementation… @davidbrunelle @ken_wheeler @editingemily @ArleneAndrews_1 @kentcdodds This is critical. Also, all speaker notes are to be hidden 😈 @marcysutton That edges { node can be replaced with nodes in a graphql query!
@editingemily Would pay. @detwiler_amy Only one! lol @marcysutton I approveDevelopers: I have all this technical debt I need time to handle! Companies: Ok, I hear you. But what about instea… @saronyitbarek @CodeNewbies @ThePracticalDev So excited for you and the team! It’s a great match.