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I wear braids, wigs, ponytails, twist, locs, ALL of it, so the hair shaming is wack asf, switch it up, where whatev…
Retweeted by Lalaif you are someone who more often than not has drama with majority of your friends then you're probably the issue.… University's Kionna Jeter drafted to WNBA; first in school's history
Retweeted by LalaBraids are MY thing. I look perfect in them each time.Note to self: Proud of you shorty! You get back up swinging EVERY time baby!
Retweeted by Lala @JazzViceversa you know im not free 🙈 unless its late sunday lol @Aryka_not_Erica the fact that its even a conversation is weirdi have alot of girlfriend dates that need to be scheduled !Definitelyyy, indian for lunch. Nothing else to think about.My client asked me what made me get vaccinated(because she’s really against it) and I told her because I kno Beyonc…
Retweeted by LalaThe moment I let all that dead weight go ( people, relationships, friendships , jobs that don’t appreciate me , etc…
Retweeted by Lala @darriqueenn because the girls lack self confidence and place that on other people lmaoperiod @MadeNChynna lol sameMen with good hygiene > @cameramanjake @Return2Mars lmfaooo yall funny.Ppl stay talking bout some “I’m bout to delete my social media”. Just do it, you don’t need to let us know ❤️
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@StarsCHI_nHutch @Heytobs We here 👀🥳💁🏾‍♀️ @problackhoodrat loveee them @SayItLikeJay a beauty!!My new body is loading! Give me 2 months. Just took some progress photos. 🥳happy hour is clearly the best ice breaker
Retweeted by LalaThis is one of the most disgusting takes I’ve ever seen on this app in 10+ years
Retweeted by Lala @seangarrette yesss lol i watched nyc prep @SoKellee scarf
anxious thoughts through the roofthis upsets me smh @MeMeSyndrome_ lmao period, because no😭 my client had a breakthrough moment in therapy today and i feel so proud of him and myself @SunflowerShan i just remember him on clubhouse being a weirdo and only adding lighter women on there stage 🙄 bye loser. dont trust anything @EccentricWORLD_ ❤️❤️today has really been a bad day for me 😢😔“Girls be using guys for dates!” = “my personality is trash so women typically don’t like me after meeting me in pe…
Retweeted by Lala @Truthfully_Mike LMFAOOOself control is a mf... @TonyMBaddd afexpress then drunk text and tell them to pick me up just want unlimited tacos , bottomless margaritas, and hookah 🙃
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Any “mistake” made by a police officer resulting in someone’s death should result in automatic termination and loss of pension.
Retweeted by Lalaonly had it once... im drinking it this weekend 😅 ability to show up for my clients in therapy while still dealing with my own mess is so interesting. For that 5… @ThatUPTKid 😕 tbh i really dont have the answers but i do know that its a little bit of competition between myself and a want for changeWorking out is definitely becoming apart of my daily routine. I have to at least do some sort of exerciseThis weekend will make it two weeks that ive been working out consistently everyday 😭😱a little haitus wont hurt nobody. 💆🏽‍♀️I don’t like slavery, we can hire a maid service
Retweeted by LalaIf you don’t like me you are a fucking hater. I mind my business & I don’t bother nobody!
Retweeted by Lala @Ohjaywash social media is a drag and toxic lmfaooo @Ohjaywash i deleted all of mine on IG 😅The amount of women I know that we’re molested as children is really insane. And then when it happens within the fa…
Retweeted by Lalawhen im on my period im super clingy and everything bothers me 😔😢really annoyed...
I’m not stupid. I just play along after awhile, until I’m tired lol.
Retweeted by LalaA man that is always saying “I’ll see” is just not for me. I am sorry
Retweeted by LalaI look so cute when my lashes are done. forever making appts, idc idc idccan't wait!'all wanna excuse being bad friends so bad and making your friends expendable meanwhile bending over backward for…
Retweeted by Lalaespecially when the perpetrators are also a man...... uh no thanksI don't like men who try to diminish victim experiences by saying " that allegedly happen" ....stay away from men that be sucking joe budden and kevin samuels dick every chance they can getMy coworker always wants to have lunch in the kitchen.. and its like girl i like to be in my office alone. 🥲 not socializing....I don’t like how I’m seeing all these black kids and young adults going missing. Like these babies deserve to live…
Retweeted by Lala @darriqueenn chile, those symptoms had me down for two days and now i feel fine @RavenElyseTV @ her she sounds goofyI will always pick an apartment with huge windows all over. That amount of sunlight really makes your days better
Retweeted by LalaCleaning my apartment today because noA cluttered space can have a direct negative impact on our mental health @SayItLikeJay extremely 😩 @iamkeishabrewer any tips?Not this time though.. im being extremely intentional and learning discipline. Self-talk is also extremely importan… @aribody_loveme good because no lolboyz ii avoid
Retweeted by LalaWhen i get back into working out im usually extremely consistent and then i flat line. @alexusreneestar trashbeing passive aggressive is not cute. simple.that passive aggressive behavior makes you look crazy and nobody else ✨oot, but i actually agree. was THAT girl. Wow. 30 is so damn young. I’m praying for her daughter and loved ones 💕💕
Retweeted by Lalaso unfortunate and sad. ✨ @anjg___ 😂 feel better.. taking my black ass to the gym today 😬I’m all for the people but there will never ever ever EVER be a day I stop saying nigga lmfao
Retweeted by LalaI gave him everything that i ever had and it still wasn't enoughI was a real bitch for a fake nigga so it never added upDear Black Women: If/ when you have the resources, pay for the thing. Be it a nanny, cleaning service, laundry…
Retweeted by LalaI for one think we should defund the “summer body” industrial complex. Just wear the bikini you look fine
Retweeted by Lalathese cramps are something serious too ugh slept all day and now im up smh 😥men who snore< @RIEOSEI large for suretrash delete this
@viabreaa i think its tacky @asia_kiara @SunflowerShan omg stop yall @cameramanjake can we get some prints soon too 👀😒 @___QueenJade my page is private @heybbyface maybe they are still processing things before running to social media or maybe they privately gave thei…