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TUH! @laurrrelyse Chicago, IL

Lauren • black • queer • 29 • vitiligo • she/they • makeup + drag artist • Venmo: Lauren-Elyse

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seth rogen explaining it in the simplest way possible
Retweeted by TUH! @buttsmacks OMGGGGSHSHZJ @AsmrFattie STOPPPPP 😂😂😂 @Anxiety2357 SKSHDHSJSJ @Rocioceja_ ROCIOOOOY’all I’m still laughing skdjhxmsks @angelsdiamandis heehee @unreliabledad1 SHUT. UP. SKJSHSJSJ @tinymira Also he’s beautiful, what a guy 😭 @tinymira You really make me want birdsWhen I tell you I’ve been wheezing for the past 3 straight minutes hung out on the porch with our landlord who also happens to be our upstairs neighbor. She was telling me that… @brysibb @TopPrivilege @themisstoto @thottynotsorry Here’s an entire list of all the problematic things he’s done o…
Retweeted by TUH! @Lithunium_Snow @amandaoee_ I mean... was like “let me butter them up with a post of her gramma hypin em up”I knew I should’ve kept my ass off Facebook. Made the mistake of scrolling past one post- ONE - and I’m already mad @amandaoee_ *laughter intensifies* @Lithunium_Snow @amandaoee_ I HATE YOU @amandaoee_ It was probably the same as what I’m doing rn skysjjsgkidzbmli wish you could’ve heard the sound that came out of my mouth
Retweeted by TUH!This is my friend Terrika, I worked with her at Hollywood highland Sephora and she’s been there for a very long tim…
Retweeted by TUH! @wokemua69 @RAGGEDYROYAL @anthnyjsph DAMMMMMNNN I knew about the trump fb posts from a year or two ago but I didn’t… @the_ari_gato I love you so much!!! And honestly, I can’t wait either lmao and I can’t wait to see you showcase you…
@charimonet You look beautiful!!! @zoeyy227 Congress really sat there and said yea let’s do thisWe do this every year: Marsha P Johnson did not throw the first brick at Stonewall. Marsha also didn’t fight for “e…
Retweeted by TUH!When GAGA said pop a 911 she meant punch a cop.
Retweeted by TUH! @bellewooods Whew I FEEL THISWelp he said it- time to start sh**tin these pigs @allaboutEve6000 take notes! source: nyt
Retweeted by TUH!Just saw this on ig and think it's important!!
Retweeted by TUH! @KeniaAngelina Why thank you- also happy birthday 🖤Why’d this take off lol anyways it’s muted but yea the convo went further but essentially went nowhere lolGemini season said “this you?” @abluworld SKSJSJXKSKXNot the beauty community having the TL in shambles @TNubian2 Apparently she’s talking about the first two shades of the rainbow and I’m just—So y’all be on the lookout cuz imma be hitting y’all up or if you see this and are down, message me a little bio/in… Pride season I wanted to highlight a bunch of my talented queer friends by collaborating with them and paintin… BIRTHDAY @the_ari_gato I’ll buy you hotdog buns any time 🖤 love you @xxnmtx I’ve heard that a few times over the years but damn @cjcoleworld @QueenBenex @catConspirator @Safya_Nadhira @savageharvi I WAS JUST THINKING THAT! One of my friends as… @tURNURhEAdNCOff That’s literally what I’ve been explaining to her in the DM’s yet she’s still trying to convince me lolDon’t forget that white men are the biggest proprietors of sex trafficking. Especially when it comes to children. A…
Retweeted by TUH! @Safya_Nadhira @savageharvi Zoe Saldana is light-skinned and was painted darker with kinkier hair to portray Nina S… @savageharvi Stop reactivating my memories lmao @UhShawnTea AJDGSJSJJ @savageharvi I was scrolling through Hulu and this popped up and I’m like NOPE NOT THIS @UhShawnTea You’re good! For reference I’m like 330-345 in Fenty lol @UhShawnTea @izzmythoughts I’m definitely light skinned tho! Now the vitiligo is just plain white lmao @savageharvi I TRY TO FORGET THIS @miraculousangie Lmao they responded and are talking about the first two stripes. If that’s the case then anybody d… @snitchery Saying the first two stripes are blackface—In today’s episode of ‘Lauren, the black person is doing blackface’ @danayshiamua I just donated to this one for black homeless trans women 🖤 @The_Sleepy_Bee I totally understand your initial reaction! I was actually very hesitant to post because of that lo… of black owned brands that people need to support: @shopacebeaute @theprimebeauty @RangeBeauty
Retweeted by TUH! @XzavierJJ Thank you and you know I appreciate you too! 🖤 @TheVenusDarling I can’t lol @tinymira Scamp the champ!I didn’t feel the need to hashtag anything or tag brands cuz that’s not what this is about. It was also not about “…’ve spoken out against white MUA’s doing an eye look then hastily scribbling BLM and a dying man’s last words on t… @happygomidget Of course! @MsCee56 Love YOU the most 😭 thanks gramma 🖤 @WhirlwinDigo Absolutely!I put this on IG but not here yet: here’s a list of funds to donate to in various cities across the US. There’s als… did the a few days ago + thought that with me being a queer black person it’s a way for me to acknowledge both co… @esantoinette_ Wait—— WHAT @DaljiImara @danahbananaa For one, I’m black and wanted to show solidarity. For two, I’ve donated more than once to… @amorseemsblu That one got scrapped lol but I definitely enjoyed being blasted on the stream! I didn’t document this one 🖤solidarity., one of my best/oldest friends asked to chat about everything going on with the BLM movement and how much… @breabeauty1 I’m scared/anxious, angry, sad and at times even numb. But overall I’m just exhausted. My spirit is ju… @NeonMUA I’m literally thinking about how I would go about that rn @AshlynSaba
Let’s remember that black lives matter everyday. Not just today. Or just this week. It’s all year, every year event…
Retweeted by TUH!INFLUENCERS (Black influencers ESPECIALLY)!!! If you have sponsored content coming up (Pride especially), do no be…
Retweeted by TUH! @ghostywoah @_vulpix These are so cute! Also just a heads up, the hashtag is funky/misspelled. I know twitter has t… @yu_go_glen_coco I’m so tired of this communityI’m speechless @MDNGTmakeup Well gahhhhddamn. If you have the link feel free to drop it here!Soooo are the MUAs who’ve been sitting on receipts of Jen Gerard being anti-black/low key racist in group chats for… @Glamazon1026 @bexdoesthings @margiesstyle @shesooextraa @ANSTYLEdotCOM Just cut em#BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by TUH!If you’re in upstate New York. If you’re protesting and things go wrong and you have no supplies or anywhere to go,…
Retweeted by TUH!Finally back home after being at my parents’ for over a month and welp- looks like another brand has yet to pay me… @Mascara4Mascara @RonalGamez @killerkingggg Dude we’re all out here donating, linking funds to donate to, spreading… @RonalGamez @killerkingggg @Mascara4Mascara You do know we can talk about more than one issue/topic at a time... right?ICONIC BLACK ARTISTS: A THREAD Decided to share some of my favorite black creators, because they are underrated an…
Retweeted by TUH!To everyone out there protesting; These anarchist groups are not with us! Please be safe!
Retweeted by TUH! @emilyannhayess Need to charge him with 1st degree and put him in open pop where he can get his ass beat on the dailyIf you can donate to the Chicago bond fund, here’s where to do it: @killerkingggg Idk who he is but I find the fact that he’s going on a rampage, thinking he’s spittin knowledge and… @MoniqueNonye I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t
@bexdoesthings @Meekkyle I’ve been blonde and silver several times!!! I prefer my Gemini hair 😭 @killerkingggg TUHHHH