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Matt Lavan @lavanmc New York, NY

30. Twin. Campaign Specialist @viacomcbs. @feedingnyc board member. Boss grilled cheese maker. Scored a 39 on wonderlic

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@kellykeegs They're not Parker James so I don't know them @elikasadeghi Couldn't you apply for a Visa like you would need to for China? @elikasadeghi Is there any places you can go using the Iranian passport that you couldn't go using the US? Only one…
@turnerkehoe @JackKennedy @LightsCameraPod If you have enough room, socks should go in a separate drawer @ConnorSouthard @KFCBarstool She's mom from Futurama @RichardsCole @KFCBarstool Britney Spears has been under conservatorship since her meltdown. Legally can't drive, h…
@KFCBarstool Pump the brakes there Kevin. No one needs you for anything
Someone blasting 'reflection' from Mulan at the beach ... Not upset at that @TheGunzShow did the pop rocks channel on Sirius let you DJ today or something? Hearing a bunch of stuff that never gets playedif y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated
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@TheClemReport This is how we do it - montell jordan
@awfulannouncing Are they gonna show this on ESPN2 then? @timothycsimons It took him losing every poll to do it. He doesn't care if a million people die if he gets reelected @kellykeegs Not until like a week out for 30th. @DarthAmin It's a great movie to watch on HBO/Netflix. Probably not a great one to spend $15 plus food on. @YankeesFan4299 Ichiro
@TorreySmithWR Pickles are the devil @AdamSchefter briefly teammates with patricks dad @richeisen I think you meant to say racist
@JackKennedy NJ drivers are the safest drivers in the countryFace mask as economic policy
Retweeted by Matt Lavan @elikasadeghi i understood what you meant. but you had a first hand experience that i will probably never experience. that's what i meant @elikasadeghi that's fine. and kfc just gets sued almost every time he opens his mouth so i think expecting somethi… @elikasadeghi that's fine. i'm never going to know your experience interviewing at barstool. but since erika has be… @elikasadeghi thanks for the condescension. might as well said ok sweety @elikasadeghi ok. lets talk leadership. i think erika has been a good leader for barstool. and has brought diversit… @katebarstool you're not moving again are you? @elikasadeghi PMT is boring. PFT especially
@TheGunzShow This happened to a friend of mine from college. Fortunately he never paid up.
@KFCBarstool Speaking from experience? @elikasadeghi Also overweight people with conditions like sleep apnea are more at risk than other groups of people the same age. @ltillustrations @mikepiazza31 @Mets It's my twin brothers bday on the 22nd. Will they be shipped by then?
@hexflores87 @SprotsCenler @AdamSchefter It's a fake sportscenter account @kellykeegs Except for the whole Coronavirus thing @ClaireMPLS @DarthAmin Lay it flat.Listen to homeless New Yorkers! We need #HousingNotPolice! 🔁 Retweet to stand with 55 orgs calling on @NYCMayor &…
Retweeted by Matt Lavan @KFCBarstool Jordanny Valdespin @marty_mush @KFCBarstool @TimJDillon Gotta lower the testosterone treatments @vtrel Ann Coulter and Jimmy Walker
@TheGunzShow @MTV I still remember his Jetsons monologue @TheGunzShow NY Sal's on 10th Ave haha @DarthAmin @Goran_Dragic Was that the last time you wore a tie? @The_Cannon94 @KFCBarstool Watched Watchmen over last weekend. Was a really good show. I think the only one season… @TheGunzShow But the economy Gunz. Think of the economy. @tpelly @KatyTurNBC Republicans in congress wouldn't be afraid to push back against Pence like they are Trump @THEKIDMERO That's not why he canceled. He just didn't want the bad press @KFCBarstool In his Florida house or his Long Island one? @THEKIDMERO Bedminster. Its right off of rt 206 @TheClemReport @GottaBelievePod The SFW option is big meat pete @phiLOUsophy44 @Foxworth24 @GetUpESPN @ZachLowe_NBA @RealTannenbaum @LeBatard_Reddit @LeBatardShow Say something funny Mikey! @PabloTorre
@UncleChaps Rotten bananas are worse than dog poop @minakimes The Antarctica stretch is really good too @WorldWideWob @ColeyMick I did not know/remember that Anthony Mason played on the Heat. @KFCBarstool @howiemandel @FeitsBarstool I have. Mostly happens when I'm sitting in a terrible posture. @katebarstool Check that the charger isn't messed up
@TheGunzShow Facts @ShayaJjjjj @ShamsCharania This was my first thought too. @brickrat @atrupar Sure. Unitary executive is basically because the president (vice president in cheyneys case) is… @elikasadeghi Hello your one time Ticketmaster code is 091144 @JackKennedy Have you watched Korra at all? I watched the first couple episodes and it seems ok. Wondering if it's a must watch or not @atrupar He finally said the thing that I've been screaming since learning he was a Cheyney guy. He doesn't care th… @rocky25579 @tallmaurice Yeah. Something like that @rocky25579 @tallmaurice Im wrong. Nevermind @rocky25579 @tallmaurice It's be like 5 years. 52 weeks x $4,000 is $208,000 @TheGunzShow He just gave it. Seems less than the list of states with increasing ratesCuomo getting a trump level tan @barstoolsports @katebarstool Kate are you a TI person or a Sea Isle proper person @AnyTimeYouCall @bbbmj2324 @BigGezzy1 @minakimes linking to your own article really proves that. nice self own there @becoconutwater @AnyTimeYouCall @minakimes good luck in this division @roque_coral @AnyTimeYouCall @minakimes check your stats. the only top 10 category he was in was yards @AnyTimeYouCall @minakimes you might want to check what i first said then. @AnyTimeYouCall @minakimes what goalposts have been moved? ceedee lamb is the cowboys best player. that's been my p… @AnyTimeYouCall @minakimes i mean sure. but lamb is by far your best offensive talent and it's not really close. co… @becoconutwater @AnyTimeYouCall @minakimes he had 8 touchdowns and 1200 yards. that's not great for a #1 receiver g… @ColeyMick and a top 5 high jumper at the same time, right? @BigGezzy1 @AnyTimeYouCall @minakimes zeke is one of the best 32 rbs in the league
@BigGezzy1 @AnyTimeYouCall @minakimes He has way more touches than any other back on the leaderboard. GTFO @AnyTimeYouCall @minakimes Amari Cooper isn't someone I'd be hyping. Zeke and Dak are good not great. @minakimes I meant that can score touchdowns. But touche @minakimes Their best offensive player is a rookie? @tj_jurk @KFCBarstool Agreed. I absolutely hated season 2 when I first watched it. But I gave it another shot and w… @KFCBarstool You should give it another watch. The docks season was just so different from season 1 I understand wh… @ColeyMick Apple Jacks and Fruit Loops @TheClemReport 5 is the christian laetner on the dream team.
Retweeted by Matt Lavan @LightsCameraPod Larry the Cable Guy and Scarlett Johansson star in a sci-fi movie directed by Jordan Peele. @JoyAnnReid So Van can blame Hillary Clinton voters again @TheGunzShow It's not quite as good as carton/russo but still really good
Happy anniversary to me. #falloffabalconyandbreakyourwristproblems @TylerIAm Mike Breen not included on the list already makes it invalidRewatching Chernobyl because I enjoy torturing myself before I go to bed @DarthAmin @maddogsports Theres two good things about Along Came Polly. @HankAzaria 'do you want to scuba' and Phil… @Philme01 @TheClemReport sorry. i meant to say a little much. @Philme01 @TheClemReport that was all in the finale essentially. the fake serial killer, the fake stories were all a little @TheClemReport The worst is easily the last season.
@TheGunzShow Sunday scaries are fast approaching @Epiphany108 @minakimes That's proving my point?