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@AITA_reddit Nta ! Don’t pay @mymothrsdaughtr @BetsyDeVosED Ignorant , stupid , no common sense , flakiness ... I can’t stand any of it @_antb Congratulations @mymothrsdaughtr @BetsyDeVosED Fuck her !! Incompetent fool @whoisreese Preach !!!! @FookThis Sad so sad @capitolwhip @AlvarezTWCLabor I haven’t heard of any @KendraWilkinson Focusing on the positive & staying healthy @DavidAlexis1105 Prayed @AITA_reddit Nta !! Watch all the porn you want @mymothrsdaughtr @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump @ the end of the day it’s the parents responsibility. Don’t get me wr… @FrontStweet It happens @whoisreese Lol @swanson_cathy @paulcshipley @realDonaldTrump @billmaher 2 @AlyciaTyre lol @CNN Who cares ? People are loosing their entire life @whoisreese Lol @BuzzFeed Ummmmm no @JusticeAll4Me @dougducey @azdes What are you going to do ? @SenateRepCaucus @DonaldTrump @CA_EDD Bullshit ! Will you get back pay ? @JusticeAll4Me @dougducey @azdes They didn’t send you an email ? @scheana People don’t give a fuck @mymothrsdaughtr Actually my governor that shut down my job is a republican @mymothrsdaughtr Idiot
@thereallisaann Thank you @CNN Sad @thereallisaann is there pretty much not going to be any college football this season ? @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris AwesomeIf you are in Temple, Texas and know people that are unable to purchase food because of unemployment or soaring foo…
Retweeted by LAVIANA HAMPTON @fox7austin @GregAbbott_TX @rjlloyd4ever @mollyst He’s such a piece of trash @NewDay @edlavaCNN @rjlloyd4ever @_GlitterAndGlam happy birthday @DenzelWashngton Amen @MsAbigailMac Is that zack ? @CNN When you’re a criminal you don’t get to pick your jail “conditions “ @RBReich Nothing ... he’s not worth it @SpeakerPelosi Call me out @PiperCasey11 @dogsorpolitics @tedcruz All 30 million people are supposed to go work @ Amazon? My industry has been shut down twice @AdamDguitars @krista_ardito @BernieSanders Lies !!! The gop has had since May to get their shit together . Million… @Rachelrose2222 @BernieSanders Prayed for you @betsinger_t Are we going to get back pay ?
@justicepaynepub @chuckbarr21 @senatemajldr We need a new fbi building @KittyColeman15 @senatemajldr He must think we’re all dumb , illiterate or just take whatever the gop says as true @senatemajldr LIES !!! The gop has had since May to get their shit together !! You’ve got @tedcruz out tweeting mak… @danielsogay Straight people do that too @JeffLoVecchio I’m glad he asked you before paying 2500 @mymothrsdaughtr @WhiteHouse Idiot @WhiteHouse Hilarious!! Now we’ve got a comedian in the White House @CourtTaylorXXX Awesome sis @rjlloyd4ever He’s a piece of shit @tedcruz You’re such a piece of shit !! @CNN @rjlloyd4ever @tinnkky @MsAshleyDevonna Girrrrl yes @DWUhlfelderLaw Stupid stupid stupid @mymothrsdaughtr Phew ....... I mean I know I went to public schooling but damn I knew I was taught that @mymothrsdaughtr Lol @googleMKultra @iloveportwine @jackiembouvier What does looking cool have to do with not agreeing with you ? Is tha… @3illeh No wonder they’re an ex @thepaintednail Girrrrl @HKrassenstein Perfect @ccmamiiii Yes yes yes yes yes & yes @mariemamiii Say it again so the people in the back can hear you @FAIRYHE4RT Lol @violadavis @rjlloyd4ever @SherwoodAri_ If you’re paying for a wedding do what you want to do @ncboyer Prayed
@CampbellPolissa I’m so so sorry @DanScavino @realDonaldTrump Lol @iloveportwine @jackiembouvier Nah !!! She’s one of the wealthiest politicians & she’s fighting for the unwealthy @IanPanchevre Pro birth @IanPanchevre Truth @doodlebug0 @SpeakerPelosi McConnell is a coward & pawn @cin1210 @SpeakerPelosi LIES !!! Republicans have had since May to get their shit together . They decided to wait until last minute @iloveportwine @jackiembouvier By asking to extend unemployment to $600 ? Right ...... @jackiembouvier Really ?? She’s one of the richest people in politics yet she’s fighting for the “poors”. @LeahR77 Trumps “ executive order “ will put people out on the streets. $400 isn’t shit @FrontStweet Lol @marc9k @CrabcakeEsq @MrAndrewAu @TheDarqKnight1 @mymothrsdaughtr @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump Wrong ive known 2 pe… @AlyciaTyre You’ve got your whole life to have children . Enjoy life & do you @Kwade79 LIES !!! GOP has had since May to get their shit together @slmcrusader @ChuckCallesto No !!! This is going to hurt a lot of people @2000Revert @ChuckCallesto So since it’s more reasonable the $400 did you give that extra money back or give it to someone who needed it ? @yosse_official Did you contact a therapist ?This time next year I’ll be engaged to the man of my dreams @CNN Why is this news ? We are in the middle of an pandemic . She’s fine @Dawn_HPK My condolences @CrabcakeEsq @marc9k @MrAndrewAu @TheDarqKnight1 @mymothrsdaughtr @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump Some of these people just don’t get it @anmxlbrar Truth @KrisFloyd18 @ReaganBattalion @SpeakerPelosi @realDonaldTrump I didn’t say all the money was for covid unemployment. Where did I say that ? @JenSainty @AlyciaTyre Closed mouths don’t get fed @Stu_mitchell_42 Hmmmmmmm @nicolconcilio Me too !! Pray for them @Pelon Lol @JamesRFarley @LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump Lies !!! Democrats had something on the gops desk since May ! That was a good try though @mymothrsdaughtr Awwww fuck. Are we in the twilight zone?Call me crazy doesn’t the “executive order” have to go through Congress ? @thereallisaann anything positive happen to you today ? @ReaganBattalion @SpeakerPelosi @realDonaldTrump LIES !! Pelosi wants the 600My heart goes to everyone that is in someway suffering from this pandemic ... I’m praying for you