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❝Juvenile and unsubtle❞-The NY Times. World Fantasy Award etc. Books in 2020: By Force Alone, The Candy Mafia. Comics: Adler #5 out now!

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bloody robots. i don't have time for this.I wrote a tiny story about a robot that was pretty much meant as just a tiny mood piece, only I kept wondering abou… PRH told me last week they can't post review books internationally, I e-mailed back to say I fully understand… @silviamg I can't even get a review copy! Am I going to have to BUY IT the horrorThe one remaining publisher could then put one one book a year, finally ending this tyranny of lettersLooking forward to the Big One publishers in 2024I bought this yesterday based on @samitbasu's recommendation and as it's just £0.50 on the… @jeffreyford8 not read it yet!Oooh. @drspacejunk I did a story once about the tech singularity happening in Vanuatu, though that's probably not a useful blueprint @zenaldehyde @drkarenlord once... and FOREVER.
@arrroberts Took. The forgotten prequel to Taken. @aghvesagirk i was surprised! i didn't even hear of it, just found it on a list of forthcoming books.and, like an idiot, I didn't attribute Dr Space Junk vs The Universe, it's by the brilliant @drspacejunk @fabiofernandes getting the tidbeck was a freaking missionI am particularly interested in international speculative fiction - hey publishers, maybe do more of them? Just an idea!Review books recently received (keep them coming!): Gautam Bhatia, The Wall Dolores Reyes, Eartheater (trans.) The…
@mrsftv OH. At least it's just one author though! I thought it was ALL THE ISBNs. @KaaronWarren @AlanBaxter @PRMcDonough you can still go to bookstores? sigh. my choices today were the bakery or th… @NateT_ dunno, haven't seen it @KaaronWarren @AlanBaxter @PRMcDonough I looked up first editions for my one and my budget most definitely does NOT… did I not know about the New Legends of Monkey @loldoc ohhh... that IS a nice one. @KaaronWarren That would totally defeat the purpose! @brimer80 Mobius? But he's not even dead! @mrsftv How...? Like, how does that even work! @KaaronWarren I challenge you to bring the next one! @silviamg According to wikipedia, his sons "followed their father and became successful insect collectors." @brimer80 I remember in Leipzig my agent was super keem to show me Mobius' grave and I was really confused because… went to a cemetery today, found some dude's grave, googled him and turns out he was a victorian explorer w…'m more like the cornershop than a cornerstone, but I'm open late and won't check your ID when you're buying booze reading this tonight -- really good!"She's a vampire...vampires are always guilty." Here's my quick review of JUDGE DEE AND THE LIMITS OF THE LAW by…
Retweeted by Lavie TidharVery kind! @yudhanjaya Ah, no. Prefer paper. @karenthology Must admit I'm curiousThe Six Million Dollar Man meets Antique RoadshowI would totally watch a spin-off of the Golden Girls where Blanche is a hardboiled P.I. though. @Mr_BenSmith The Lady From The Black Lagoon sounds terrific. @Mr_BenSmith I am curiousLooking at a forthcoming book catalogue to see if there's anything I want to request and one book is pitched as "Ba…
@ScampiDelight So glad you liked them! @renarossner Freed of London, yeah, they're the go to here @renarossner Freed?
@JoeZieja @bdpatterson2 Ha!! @theBekku @GranthaMaven Fancy new paperback editions coming soon, if it helps! :-) @theBekku Excellent choice!To be fair i can't get people excited about my books even when they do have covers on them @PeterClines But are they booksProbably the greatest novel published this year @MandisiNkomo I love Verhoeven... @MandisiNkomo the movie specifically, verhoven hated heinlein and the entire thing is constructed as a nazi propaga… @LianaBrooks ah, it's called "How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse". Did sound fun! It's pitched as "The Prince… @MandisiNkomo starship troopers!And of course The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, as we know from Adams, was literally: The Hitchhiker's Guide To Europe... IN SPACE!I was literally just trying to remember which one that was! Of course. @LianaBrooks that's a real book, I can't remember the title offhandThe Martian: The Farmer's Almanac... IN SPACE!recent PR e-mail I got also included The Princess Bride... IN SPACE!also hypothetically works with "... WITH GIANT WORMS!" or "BUT ROBOTS!"I think I only just realised this, but every science fiction book is just a regular book with "IN SPACE!" after the…
@tropicalsteve @silviamg sadly we've filed all our 2020 columns. our end of year roundup should be up this month...I AM JUST PUTTING IT OUT THEREOf course our two top books of 2020 would be Mexican Gothic and By Force Alone WHAT I'M JUST SAYING!So @silviamg and me thought we were super clever in avoiding doing a Best of the Year column... But they still made… sheets are signed and will go off just as soon as I get to a post office... @drspacejunk Tonight's winner of Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons' Award goes to... @dailypostdan Fidonet 4ever @samitbasu i cannot be a person to countenance this tweet
there are also some americans in it i guessThe most amazing thing about Fargo s4 is the crossover between Gomorrah and Subura, I mean Gennaro and Samurai in t… @Benjurigan don't talk to me about volcanoes! @Benjurigan pfft volcanoes @drspacejunk Got Stroon? @drspacejunk Norstrilia! @aghvesagirk Araq and grapefruit slushies on the beach @msmissyjane We have included self published titles! @pauljessup khaaaan! @KaaronWarren Warren! @silviamg @MetaphorosisMag Saying that, though, if i want to see a book i vastly prefer a physical copy. But i cert… @silviamg @MetaphorosisMag Those comments were really for Big 5 publishers, if you look at the column we feature a… @ComradeMorden @zenoagency Lolwhut @gwilymeades wt...? @jessicavitalis @silviamg personally yes! i think it's ridiculously under-served in reviews (I also love picture books). @JonOliverEditor 2020, isn't it, jon? i saw you got a nice mention in the FT! @gautambhatia88 the best thing really is to push your publisher to contact us. @thebrainofchris best to get the publishers/publicists to get in touch with us, can do so via the regular Post book… @PragmaticAndy best to get the publishers/publicists to get in touch with us, can do so via the regular Post book d… @aliettedb @silviamg @TorDotComPub they're pretty good! we covered a fair amount in 2020, but keep them coming! ;)… appreciate posting out books is expensive - at the same time, it's literally in a publisher's job description. Please, SEND US BOOKS.To the best of my knowledge, the only major newspapers to feature sf/f book review columns are the Post, NYT, Guard… mostly we're very active in seeking out the books we want to cover. But meet us halfway!Anyway: we're interested in odd books, in international fiction, in exactly the stuff that isn't getting frontlist… the time I don't even get the books publishers *did* say they'll send. So there's, writers, if you ever wondered why you don't get coverage in a newspaper? It's because we never got your book an… naively thought we'd be swamped by publicists, considering an sff book column in a major newspaper is rarer than… even when I specifically ask for titles, I'm told either (from the US) "We don't ship internationally"(!) or (f… has been so befuddling. Other than some generic frontlist PR e-mail from time to time we simply don't get anything.This is a heartfelt plea: publishers, *please* send me and @silviamg your 2021 books or we can't mention them in ou…