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Lavish @LavishSsb Troy, MI

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@realHARTHUR They probs pac man/Gnw/Samus players or summ, they wont understand. keep doing you king @realHARTHUR Damn
Cute sideB tricks @SalemBane__
Retweeted by Lavish @realHARTHUR Fr bro they be keeping me at nightAnother lost child @Blazegoldnblade Mixy ass option. Tosses ur DJ out as part of the risk but we’re mf men out hereThe way that upair was snuck in 😍
Retweeted by LavishMelee would be a top Esport in the world by now if it weren't for Nintendo. #FreeMelee
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.@NintendoAmerica you were literally a large portion of why I made it through childhood, gave me so many games I lo…
Retweeted by LavishFor International Men’s Day, I’m going to highlight some things that men uniquely struggle with:
Retweeted by LavishWith your help, we can do it again. So if you think what Nintendo's done is wrong, if you think community is import…
Retweeted by Lavish @NintendoAmerica Ratio’d by Melee
Retweeted by LavishIn this time of social isolation, a nearly 19yo game called Super Smash Bros Melee connects a community of tens of…
Retweeted by Lavish#freemelee Nintendo some ABSOLUTE clowns. Only adds to the irony how bad ult online is in comparison to slippi. Ge… don't even like online but Nintendo can suck my dick
Retweeted by Lavish @sqrtevilssb Its still nice positionally if u steal a jump
Retweeted by LavishWeak hit game ft. your favorite players' favorite players
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@GoManSSB Some thumb action right there @ArmRotor 🥁🎹🎼🎤Up n Down with a Lavish guy
Retweeted by LavishI BEAT LEFFEN!
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lavish jr.
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@sqrtevilssb @MattyGOAT @sword_ssb *mattyG ladders gotta credit the man
Job offer = Lavish Nights
@ArmRotor @TheBigHouseSSB @BattleBeaverC Why not 500 😀 @ArmRotor @TheBigHouseSSB @BattleBeaverC MM irl any amount @ArmRotor @TheBigHouseSSB @BattleBeaverC @TheBigHouseSSB @BattleBeaverC @ArmRotor#TBHO reg is now open! We're celebrating by giving away this amazing Big House themed Battle Beaver controller. To…
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@camel_sshabib What’s your favorite movie, and why is it from the sideB downair trilogy? @camel_sshabib Who is ur second favorite pikachu player? @TM04_Kepler im home from uni in 2 weeks play me offline @TM04_Kepler it’ll come back I promise 😭😭😭😭My heart is broken if this guy quits idk what I’ll do anymore 😭
@codyisike FE-tage would be ignorant rn
I love my guy @2v2Hawk
Retweeted by Lavish @GomakenpiSSB Alr ima be checking in on u dont let this flop @GomakenpiSSB Im down u wanna run it?Offline ith a Lavish guy
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@ItMeansInfinite Vods? @ScriptJCR Im so sorry man. Always here if ya wanna talk ❤️❤️
Fun fact: 11/12 year old me would take my moms phone every single morning as she drove me to school and watch mess…
Gave chopsticks a serious try for the first time today. All I gotta say is GOD my movement is immaculate 😤 @Creepz_chrom Buffered airdodges, db 3 up also tumbles at 120~ can make some nice scenarios, I use db to cut spacie… @Creepz_chrom Hits 2 and 3 have so much secret sauce, gotta respect the whole moveHow come that chrom player’s side B’s are so devastating in their percentage and power of destruction?
I see it like this: People love to say lots of words cause TALKING about how you could MAYBE PROBABLY be sweet at… @JonErlichman That funding round completed 6pm on Christmas Eve in 2008. Last hour of last day possible, as investo…
Retweeted by Lavish @WellKeptStache @sqrtevilssb We dont do chrom puns on this side of smash twitter we are classy gentlemen who play t… I had inspired by @LavishSsb and his godlike side b usage
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@vintagedream14 SideB down air just aint hitting the same no more Mr. Lavish @SuperheroFire Rumor is if you beat world of light you unlock FGC inputs with sword guy. New content coming soon 😈 @camel_sshabib Ur onto something, i think for my next chrom clip ima kindly ask him to put his sword downNo disrespect to mans Karthik but I think I have seen this clip 5 times
Retweeted by LavishI think we all got so caught up in making money that we never stopped to wonder if maybe The Big House would feel a…
Retweeted by Lavish @Blade96876 *That is @Blade96876 Not true between sideB and najr1, but I say its optimal because i think taking that risk there is the c… @LavishSsb I'm done bro
Retweeted by LavishOptimal @Kalegbert Yeah, had no jump the whole time so its tough. I shoulda just done a dj fair/upB after the second sideB… @codyisike Moment of silence for this lost masterpieceBrain overheated :/ Combination of 2/3 very practical concepts tho @Victini_10 Woah woah that ledge option u did at the end is secret tech u cant be revealing that 😳
Festing with a Lavish guy
Retweeted by LavishSolo Shiek for November?
@gnAqua @Pikmanz1 *saved @Eman59x I think he rewards a lot of attention to detail and precision more, while being fast and explosive which i… that 2019 costume 🔥🔥 @MitsuRobin Its a good thing promise @yggdrasi117 absolutely @Sojourn_99 *ike @AquaticFox_ No idea ❤️ @SoulComet Unparalleled dopamine rush trust me @orTHOUGHTdox Matthew of the Genius variety @MitsuRobin 📈📈 @Falcohammed Chrom Fire Emblem def @AAG_PI Amazing 📈 @Oz_FGC @Proofyy_ Just felt right @SSBU_Kovu Who knows @TM04_Kepler Straight up dont try to communicate with me @thomelette Marimba concerto at Carnegie and Vibes at Umich top jazz ensemble. Love both to death @spsrei team GALACTIC @spsrei Im on a diff planet @TM04_Kepler @NectarSSB With a lot of emotion 😭😍😤😳 @PC3X3 Chrom! @Sojourn_99 Ever consider Krool? @Sojourn_99 Ever consider GnW? 📈 @TheDeltaSmasher Get unbad📈 @TheDeltaSmasher Understanding when moves work and killing the autopilot 📈 @Tohjo_ Get some commissioned ass logo of ysl chrom and burberry palu, slap it on some apparel 😍 @Daybreak502