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I don’t even know anymore. #Ducks #Blazers #Braves #RCTID

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@keithlaw Privately-financed stadiums/arenas prove that it must still be worth it/profitable for owners to do it wi… progression of defenses: 1) It didn't happen. 2) Okay it did, but I wasn't involved. 3) Okay I was involved, b…
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@RealMessiah29 I have no idea if he was joking. I’m so tired. @RealMessiah29 People suck. For real.Charleston Chews have never been okay. Right and wrong are not subject to popular vote. @RealMessiah29 @CascadiaCougIII @Dux4Ever23 @DavidKaufer If you’re ever recognized publicly or run for office, thes… @RealMessiah29 @CascadiaCougIII @Dux4Ever23 @DavidKaufer Charleston Chews are barely > candy corn.This is so satisfying to me 😍
Retweeted by CFB Season is too Short @CascadiaCougIII @Dux4Ever23 @DavidKaufer Really? You Know, I Kan’t piKture that for you. @JaRomney we just put this guy away already and move on? @Dux4Ever23 @DavidKaufer Weather is slightly better tho. @Dux4Ever23 Once in 1999 I saw gas at some middle of nowhere station in Georgia for $0.69. I remember it for a coup… @Dux4Ever23 What on earth? For real? @PDXDiamondProj I love that your plans retract the roof behind the stands to avoid obstructing views in the seats.…* porn star WITH WHOM I cheated on my wife Let’s not abandon all standards, people
Retweeted by CFB Season is too ShortHey M’s. my gosh Jose Canseco as chief of staff is actually the perfect choice. Please let this happen.(Does massive line of blow off a Def Leppard CD jewel box, tilts head back and screams to the sky)
Retweeted by CFB Season is too Short @smorris793 Probably a little, yeah. The fact that this is the thing where the author of the tweet takes offense—wh… comment on cops in schools, why worry about getting student input? You don’t ask them about curriculum, pol… You'll never be satisfied.
Retweeted by CFB Season is too Short @SwooshMcDuck @CascadiaCougIII Pervert! (Terms that are now problematic because of the youths. #smashing)
Retweeted by CFB Season is too ShortThis past season Charlie Morton put up 3.5 WAR, raising his career WAR to *checks notes* 2.7 Astros Charlie Mo…
Retweeted by CFB Season is too ShortAccording to a source JT Realmuto will either be traded to an AL club or an NL team. Possibility remains he is not…
Retweeted by CFB Season is too ShortThis guy might be dead @PDXBaseBore @johncanzanobft lol You created a twitter account just to troll Canzano and complain about the possibility of MLB in Portland? @johncanzanobft Isn’t this a bad development for PDX? If they’re committed to/stuck in Tampa, it will be at least 2… @JaRomney @jordangerdes @jdamis @patronusisotter @wyattgladden This sure as heck looks like you low key admitted to…
@MattBerry05 @TessDeco Absolutely @jdamis @HuekahJohn Batman Returns While You Were Sleeping The Apartment gtfo @K_Bizz14 @kbnoswag Talladega Nights is not a comedy. @BigEyeDuck @_TD31 Okay, now do winter. Also the sun is visible to everyone on earth at the same time in this vide… or Cubs. @grantmcauley Really would have liked him in ATLHuh? seems like a bad thing for ⁦@PDXDiamondProj⁩. Somebody tell me I’m wrong please. @wyattgladden I would love to see him in the postseason and, frankly, winning the MVP awards he would get on a winner. @Fecta23 Oh yeah, no question. Trout alone could rebuild your farm system. @wyattgladden Angels will sink like the Titanic before they ever give him up. Hard to blame them. Red Sox have look… @Fecta23 I mean in a realistic trade where Acuña is one of many pieces to get Trout, I don’t like it.Acuña, Trout, Freeman, Donaldson. #NSFW @Fecta23 Straight up? Yes. In a real trade, no.Folty, Ender, Riley and some mid-tier prospect for Trout and some middle reliever. I’d do it. Please.What have we done to deserve this?’s him saying “Why would I trade Ender and Folty unless Trout was coming back?” for her. This is stupid. all of us are Mike Pence
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@Fecta23 @RealMessiah29 @ModernDayLawyer @Cianaf Look, I’m not going to pile on here. But the fact that this is suc… @RealMessiah29 I can’t imagine a scenario where a team in need of a better rotation trades away the only best SP th…👀🤔 @RealMessiah29 @MLB @TimTebow @TheKylerMurray @DeionSanders But he brought the tomahawk chop to Atlanta. @Cougsky @RealMessiah29 @MLB @TimTebow @TheKylerMurray @DeionSanders lol but seriously. @RealMessiah29 @MLB @TimTebow @TheKylerMurray @DeionSanders Deion was the only other competent player. He had a goo… @RealMessiah29 @MLB @TimTebow @TheKylerMurray @DeionSanders This is an obvious attempt to weed out Russian bot acco… @CascadiaCougIII @JaRomney @paulland100 lol @GoDucksHoogie I’m trying not to offend people who hold it dear to their hearts. I guess?Is The Santa Clause watchable as an adult? I never watched it as a kid and honestly have a hard time watching it with the wife and kids.
LMAOOOOO at @andreward having to nudge Stephen A. Smith
Retweeted by CFB Season is too ShortIt's Kenny Wooten's world. We're just all living in it. 🌎 The @OregonMBB forward had dunk after dunk after dunk en…
Retweeted by CFB Season is too ShortHow garbage is our society that it waits until Murray wins the Heisman to bring out tweets that existed 7 years ago…
When I root I root for the timbers! As the team arrives. #RCTID
Retweeted by CFB Season is too ShortThis is really cool. They have vending machines where you can buy items for people in need, and they’re distributed… @patronusisotter I’m not trolling you, but you’re right here. Wife and I went to his show in SLC last week. It was absolutely amazing. @patronusisotter lol It’s so wonderful. @patronusisotter @patronusisotter @CascadiaCougIII @Cougsky Her only other boyfriend was nicknamed “Tube of Cookie Dough,” so... @PDXDiamondProj I’ve already signed my name. Bring me the season ticket deposits! @jdamis Worth it tho? Pretty pumped about it @jdamis Wait, you already got to see it?? @RealMessiah29 You haven’t seen Ant-Man yet? Come on. @gtconway3d @Popehat
Retweeted by CFB Season is too Short @CharlesInPhx @jdamis I would have guessed it was Steve Miller; I think he lives down there. @RealMessiah29 Why is he drifting alone? He was with Nebula on Titan. Where’d she go? Better question : how did An… on that kid. But CBS just outed him/her as a snitch who rides that bus every day. @skywaker9 @MBStadium You lost three hours. You earned it dammit. @skywaker9 @MBStadium Albeit not a very good one. @skywaker9 @MBStadium Rose City red; what a welcome. @JaRomney @CascadiaCougIII This is a glorious gif. @CascadiaCougIII @JaRomney Is it possible—hear me out—but is it possible that people electing to attend school at O…
Whoever could've predicted this?
Retweeted by CFB Season is too Short @JaRomney @jdamis Imagine feeling a need to demand an apology from somebody you’ve never met for something they did…, something to pay tribute to Portland’s famously predominant Jewish population. background castle makes it look like DJ Minstrel is about to go nuts on his lute @SwooshMcDuck I like the McDonalds play castle in the background there. Watch out for Hamburgler. @nathanreid @shebainpdx @skywaker9 If they’re allowing kits because of the match, then Timbers are okay. No way a T… to this Judge who threw a drunk driver’s mom in jail for laughing at victim’s family in court
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Only 26% of people can consistently identify opinions vs. factual claims.
Retweeted by CFB Season is too Short @mbressler13 I like that twitter decided to ‘em to ‘e-mail @mbressler13 The imports cost more money, but we still need ‘e-mail, so...I get that I’m in the demographic for Fortnite because I’m a human man, but how many promoted tweets from gamers do… who support Trump "because he's successful" also think a bank teller "works in finance."
Retweeted by CFB Season is too ShortSensing a pattern here. Maybe Northern Virginia and Maryland produce products of great value to consumers.
Retweeted by CFB Season is too ShortAvengers 4: Dazed and Confused.’s like when people talked about trying to win a title during Jordan’s Bulls era. Come on. @JaRomney @theshaunbarrett @TweetsByDrae I read a phrase “in order to compete for a Western title” the other day as…