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I don’t even know anymore. #Ducks #Blazers #Braves #RCTID

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Heaven help anyone who nods their head to this as though it’s a valid point.
@Dux4Ever23 For sure. #12 at worst, but more like #9 @Dux4Ever23 Alabama treatment. Honestly last night I wondered if we would drop at all—we looked like a great team… move down after a W, Oregon moves up after a L. Order is restored. @PNW_Coug @reedstrong7 @RealMessiah29 He seems mad actually.Won division title (or pennant pre-1969) immediately after 3 straight seasons of 90+ losses 1967 Red Sox (3 seasons…
Retweeted by Official Account @RealMessiah29 Yeah. The real bummer of this game were the inches away from a solid dominant win we were. @RealMessiah29 Step on the gas. Remember when they brought the scrubs in early in week 1, then had to send Herbs back out?I like Jake Tapper being a good journalist. The slick response would have been “there is no presumption of innoce… Braves Country. For our city. For our fans. #ForEachOther
Retweeted by Official Account @JonathanAdams @BigShaun That’s me. I had given my shirt to a drunk Stanford fan who had lost his own shirt and was… LIKE for marriage, children, home ownership hit RETWEET for living on the tundra, harvesting edible lichens trying to prove a point
Retweeted by Official AccountThankful for all the support and positivity i have recieved from the fan base here, but I’m going to open up other…
Retweeted by Official AccountSucks when the players think they need to apologize for that. Good game. @JaRomney @Matt_Wiens Mike Pence will not allow it. @Matt_Wiens @JaRomney What does 2015 have to do with this year? @JaRomney This is totally what I’m thinking. Look like 10W.The loss sucks, yeah yeah. But how many teams left on our schedule are terrified after seeing us body Stanford for almost 4 quarters?
@CharlesInPhx I was bummed I missed it. Golfing in Sunriver. But he’s been through a whole bunch; it’s great becaus… @CharlesInPhx @GeoffONeil It looks fakeThe Steve Spurrier Dos Equis commercial is perfect.Animating every @mlb players total home runs by game this season...
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If I were McConnell I'd use every trick at my disposal to get Kavanaugh to withdraw and Barrett or Kethledge nomina…
Retweeted by Official AccountBrian Snitker dodged a foul ball from Freddie Freeman -- but not without a priceless reaction LINK:…
Retweeted by Official AccountMaking a defendant, let's say a John Doe — or a Josef K. — stand trial for charges, the substance of which he has n…
Retweeted by Official AccountBut what about Mayfield’s character?
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@jdamis @colewagoner @AaronCooper Weird that people thought the decent law abiding wife of a normal law abiding hus… @CharlesInPhx If you have a shot at a generational player, you take it. @CharlesInPhx Saw a “for entertainment purposes only” trade proposal for Trout-to-Braves and needed a minute.Ronald Acuña making a strong push to win my affection away from Mike Trout.
Walking into the postseason. #WalkDontRun @Cougsky It’s gonna be good. @KirstenPowers @redsteeze @Holden114 I think he’s implying that this is not a serious attempt to learn the truth, on either side.Lifelong Democrat. A proud member of #Resistance, I cried at the thought of Mitt Romney’s binders full of women and… @JaRomney @jdamis Makes you really wonder what was happening when you used those squid things. @GoDucksnet @RipCityMornings @JayWarner_ @DanSheldonNBCS @CoachNBurton Who is Mike B? And why is there a gif of Ad-Rock? I’m so confused.Walking to the postseason. Republican administration is making the case for a tax that covers 1,000s and 1,000s of products. Can’t wait for…
Retweeted by Official AccountHigh praise for Chris Christie. time lapse movie of what 2-year old twins do after they've been put to bed.
Retweeted by Official Account @ringer Love the Ringer but would prefer highlights that display his scoring ability. Rasheed Wallace was a highly…
Retweeted by Official AccountToday is officially National Rasheed Wallace Appreciation Day (*and his 44th birthday*)
Retweeted by Official AccountThat LRT in gif form. @united @haileys_hand United flight 616 please let people without luggage get off at Dulles when you diverted our f…
Retweeted by Official AccountI guess the Phillies are going to let the Braves collapse their way into the playoffs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Feel old yet?
Retweeted by Official AccountI am a life-long republican. I campaigned for John McCain and the happiest day of my life was getting Ronald Reagan… favorite political tweets are when person establishes their Dem/GOP bona fides and then completely renounces the… @Fecta23 @JaRomney Alprazolam???? What is this??? I specifically asked for Xanax. @Fecta23 $60 for Advil. Sure. @Fecta23 I have no evidence to back that up other than personal experience. @Fecta23 I’ve never heard of a gag clause. I do believe though is that one of the reasons—among many—that health… @JaRomney His memoir will be called “If I’d known, this is how I would have lied.”He meant “Decapitate you with MAD BEATZ, Dogg!” on a golf excursion in Sunriver this week. It’s currently 33 degrees there. back niche 90’s bands is the music craze of the future. New music from Soundgarden and the Goo Goo Dolls… Walsh rode for Trump. about how the middle finger can finish the pitch. That’s the one that matters. Clearly more than one way to do…
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It’s late in Utah guys. These kids have church in the morning.Siri, show me the easiest own of all time
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Defiant Dallas Police Officer Claims Anyone Could Have Mistaken Black Man’s Apartment For Gun…
Retweeted by Official AccountB1G l0lBYU IS ICING THE KICKER WHEN THEY HAVE A CHANCE TO SCORE AFTER THE KICKLol BYU using a timeout hereThe good news for next week is that if you’ve seen one Bay Area defensive line, you’ve seen them all.This has been a tough matchup the last couple of years. But these Connor Cook-less Spartans are not backing down.I feel like this ride is bumpier than I expected.’m pumped too, but I feel like I can enjoy this one without a seatbelt. In fact, imma sit on the hood; if I spill… @JaRomney Bookmarked for when you run for city council, presumably on an anti-The Troops platform. @JaRomney @wyattgladden Chip Kelly killed the novelty. Hard to get up for the same stuff twice a year. @wyattgladden @wyattgladden Remember when Gameday became old hat? @wyattgladden Will the kids show up for game day anymore? @JaRomney Denied. @patronusisotter @SwooshMcDuck What happened to Gresham? We used to be good.So dramatic! Dude from the weather channel bracing for his life, as 2 dudes just stroll past. #HurricaneFlorence
Retweeted by Official Account @paulland100 Blasting In My Time of Dying on the way home tonight. I know Phys. Graffiti isn’t their most popular a… @JaRomney After Pearl Jam, obvs. @paulland100 When you have the greatest drummer who ever lived, there’s no way to go but down. @paulland100 I remember my dad telling me how much Houses of the Holy was yelled down when it came out. I don’t get it.Led Zeppelin might be underrated. @CahnEmily Sitting on what?Somebody check on MGK. @patronusisotter He might actually be dead. @CharlesInPhx A HR shy of the cycle facing off against Soto. Stroke a walk-off dong and it’s yours kid.Soto has now been out twice, but he’s at third anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Also, since when is a POTUS denying an actual death toll relegated to “political topic?” If Spielberg denied the ho… want to guess who this guy voted for? It’s amazingly not in his profile. @JaRomney @SportsNSuds @jdamis Nobody talks bigger than BYU Guy. Nobody is more blindly optimistic every summer tha… @SportsNSuds @jdamis @JaRomney If I could wear a hoodie to work, I would. Otherwise, college gear on Friday always… @wyattgladden Our excuse is better tbh. @wyattgladden 😂😂😂The Register Guard continues to almost exclusively cover Oregon Football even though Alabama is ranked higher and w… @wyattgladden GTFO Wyatt. At least our coaching failures were on purpose. @wyattgladden That is one of the most amazing coaching failures I’ve ever heard. @GlobalWorkforce @jamesjones21 @DMKANDOIT @RaysStella @nytimes Read the sixth paragraph.6th paragraph: “A spokesman for Ms. Haley said plans to buy the curtains were made in 2016, during the Obama admin…
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