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Definitely more outraged by the latest injustice than you are—and therefore morally superior and have a more credible opinion #Ducks #Blazers #Braves #RCTID

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@reedstrong7 @RealMessiah29 This gif @bobbyflaiben @pinwheelempire Wandering in the wilderness for Zion confirmed.Wandering in the wilderness+bible quotes is Navajo Code Talker for “we’re going for Zion.” @JaRomney @CascadiaCougIX @Timcast Real parents would have moved on by now if they weren’t acting a script. @RealMessiah29 @GoDucksHoogie @JaRomney Seems more like a translation mistake than anything else. @CascadiaCougIX @Timcast They’re all bad. Cable news schadenfreude is pretty good though. Fox News on election night will be priceless.portlands not a state #zapped
Retweeted by Utah Stereotype From OregonMSNBC is grazing close to Infowars territory.
Retweeted by Utah Stereotype From OregonFinally, swimwear definitely designed by a woman who knows exactly what women want. think overall the reporting on Mueller and the Trump/Russia situation has been really good but if you’ve been get…
Retweeted by Utah Stereotype From OregonMad on TV. @RealMessiah29 @reedstrong7 @CascadiaCougIX @CBSSports @Progressive lol. For real? @melissawgaffney Kenny Wooten #1 Overall Draft Pick.
@RealMessiah29 @reedstrong7 @CascadiaCougIX @CBSSports @Progressive That photoshop looks bad.March Madness is actually a disease and it refers to fans of a 12 seed talking about the Final Four after one win. @CascadiaCougIX You’re not wrong.This is our opening day starter. TSIO #BarvesALL OF THE BLOCKS @BriAmaranthus Right now Wooten gets extra points to make up for his extreme lack of chill. sequence.Payton Pritch from Yard. I made that up. @Cougsky Coach K could kill a man during the game and keep his job.Zion’s NCAA check is going to be huge this season. @JaRomney @reedstrong7 @GeoffONeil @CascadiaCougIX The correct answer is D). I’m 99% confident that I could feed an… @Fecta23 Tilapia was an answer mandated by the FBI to weed out terrorists and olds.And while we’re at it: what’s with all the parenting magazines in the waiting room of every single OBGYN? @GoDucksHoogie Would your answer change if you had to look at it every time you ate it? is the best tasting fish? @GoDucksHoogie @JaRomney Off topic while traveling the blender rabbit hole, but still worth posting. @GoDucksHoogie @JaRomney Ah, shoot. It was coffee makers. For some reason I was thinking blenders. @JaRomney lmao. They used that money to spend on burning shoes and blenders. @CascadiaCougIX This tweet is a roller coaster that ended on a high note. Nice. And it’s dumb for me to complain b… got a federal tax cut. My state taxes are higher than they’ve ever been and resulted in a net increase. The stat… @patronusisotter He betterNew Zealand had each of these laws in place. Let’s reform gun laws. But pretending like they would end gun violen… @reedstrong7 I feel like it’s worse. Imagine building a country on racism, and then complaining when it’s only the… @reedstrong7 My favorite America thing is how we are so astoundingly prosperous that people who live better than 90…
@JaRomney Same. @JaRomney I feel like every time well-acchully’s a sport they should be forced to participate in that sport to some… picking Belmont. @RealMessiah29 Trump Tariffs are basically tea tax, right? When are we going to dump a boat full of Japanese cars into the LA harbor? @JaRomney Doing your part in the fight against climate change. @RealMessiah29 lol. Touché. Don’t tell me I don’t need a F-35 to defend my family and my country."Why do you pay for NBA League Pass?"
Retweeted by Utah Stereotype From OregonLet me tell you about my bracket: a thread: 1/ @RealMessiah29 @CascadiaCougIX From now on, bracket competitions are humans vs. animals. @BizballMaury Largest contract to a pre-arb pitcher ever. You’re right, but it’s also a good thing. Baseball needs… @CascadiaCougIX @RealMessiah29 You don’t get the show dot gif @CascadiaCougIX @RealMessiah29 @Dux4Ever23 @realDonaldTrump In 100% seriousness, he would pick the schools where pr… @RealMessiah29 You can’t go 100% upset. It’s never happened. @kipkesgard If a tree falls in a forest that hasn’t made the playoffs in like 15 years, does it make a sound? @theshaunbarrett We’re being played. @theshaunbarrett Why wouldn’t an Asian churro be available at Tokyo Disney? Or Shanghai Disney? Sounds like a Frenc… latest Navigator Research poll (national RVs) breaks up the population by partisanship and Fox News viewership…
Retweeted by Utah Stereotype From OregonDean Portman from the mighty ducks lmaooooooooooo
Retweeted by Utah Stereotype From OregonI’m lost. Hasn’t Ichiro already retired a couple of times?Guys, we’ve finally got a lead on those stolen Dalmatian puppies.
Retweeted by Utah Stereotype From OregonThis is 100% the bear making fun of how humans walk and look.
Retweeted by Utah Stereotype From Oregon
I’m normally a “don’t speak I’ll of the dead” kind of person, so twitter is terrible. But if there’s a way to org… being mad that nobody thanked you for doing something every other normal human being does/would do. And you’re the president. @JaRomney @reedstrong7 Isn’t the idea that Mr. Amber probably isn’t sitting in a parked car in Hermiston?Newcomb has 12 walks in last 12 innings. Can @braves PLEASE just pay Keuchal? Yeah, he’s getting older. But he’s a… the contract of a guy who’s never played at MLB? 🤔 @JaRomney @oregon_guy @Dux4Ever23 I’ve worked hard to cultivate my online bran. @oregon_guy @Dux4Ever23 Raisin Bran is for olds. This is an objective truth. Olds are bad. This is also objectively true. @Dux4Ever23 But I’m here to sell you a home oxygen service. It’s covered by Medicare and it comes with a free panic alert necklace.Lol @CascadiaCougIX @Dux4Ever23 gtfo. You’re a monster. Crunch Berries is a top 5 cereal of all time. @Dux4Ever23 Raisin Bran is terrible and you should feel bad for liking it. One of the worst food takes I’ve ever se…’s weird how vividly I remember this. always thought that Carmen San Diego was wanted for stealing famous stuff. But... USC §7734(a)(1)(B) & 7 CFR §301.80(b)(16) make it a federal crime to leave North or South Carolina with an ear of…
Retweeted by Utah Stereotype From OregonMLB hot stove season. @oregon_guy @CascadiaCougIX @reedstrong7 High taxes and lots of public services are not socialism. hth @CascadiaCougIX @reedstrong7 @CascadiaCougIX @reedstrong7 Exactly. @CascadiaCougIX @reedstrong7 I don’t see the big deal. They’re not using this for drinking water. They’re only, lik…’s okay, Braves. I’m sure that by the time your only good bullpen options are healthy, you’ll still be within 8 g…
@RealMessiah29 @DevinNunes It’s a joke from 30 Rock. Sorry, I felt compelled. @bryce_carmony @TheChosenOneToo @Mranthr0pe @senatorshoshana Deceptive? You’ve ordered a veggie burger believing it… @bryce_carmony @TheChosenOneToo @Mranthr0pe @senatorshoshana They should prevent fraud and deception. “Veggie Burge… @bryce_carmony @TheChosenOneToo @Mranthr0pe @senatorshoshana The plaintiff failed. @bryce_carmony @TheChosenOneToo @Mranthr0pe @senatorshoshana My 4 year old daughter made me mud pie last fall. It w… @bryce_carmony @TheChosenOneToo @Mranthr0pe @senatorshoshana That litigation seems to be about the adjective “nutri… @bryce_carmony @TheChosenOneToo @Mranthr0pe @senatorshoshana If Veggie Burger, Inc. marketed a “burger” as “this is… @bryce_carmony @TheChosenOneToo @Mranthr0pe @senatorshoshana You understand there’s a difference between using a wo… @RealMessiah29 @DevinNunes How can you defame someone who’s been arrested at three different Chuck E. Cheese’s? @bryce_carmony @TheChosenOneToo @Mranthr0pe @senatorshoshana You keep using that word, market. I don’t think it mea… @mbressler13 Because nobody has sued them yet and the government that approved this is flush with Disney Dollars. @CascadiaCougIX @JaRomney Brilliant. Rancheros Carne And Cheese Blaster Sticks. Now at participating Taco Bell’s.… @JaRomney But give them points for continuing a long tradition of selling foods that were invented in a college apa… game shows are crazy. 🤢
Retweeted by Utah Stereotype From Oregon @RossTuckerNFL Your tweets might not be actual torture, but I just used this one to extract information from a know… @RealMessiah29 I’m lost. Why don’t they just create a pact that says “we’re mad?” @RealMessiah29 This is terrible. So, a vote in, say, Oregon could depend on how many olds get out to vote in Florida. Terrible.Trout has already been worth $489M over his first 7 years. ☠️What are the odds that Harper making Trout comments actually motivated Angels to get an extension? Would be ironic. @wyattgladden I guess now we’ll all hope the Angels don’t blow this.