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Lawey/Vivian Ng (she/her) | Comic artist at @Weatheredsweatr and working on personal comic on the side !

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Emily with a knife
Retweeted by LaweyEmily embarrassing Quinn in the outfit I usually draw her in but with longer hair ' lost track of my age after I turned 20CHAPTER 1 - PART 7 (PG. 26-28) A bit earlier patreon update today! I figure out how the shipping work out in this apartment I’m going to try and test printing ch 1-8 of the comic 😳Drawing Emily and such in general wasn't hard but now it just... I don't need to draw her 20 times and pick one that I like or somethingI have been drawing comics for a year now and my lines are becoming so on point without me having to erase much 😭🤧🤧commissions are open!!! Theres 4 slots available, so if you're interested, please fill the form below!!!! TYSM! 🍑…
Retweeted by LaweyHello again for #PortfolioDay I specialize in illustration/covers/projects focused on environments (games,visdev…
Retweeted by LaweyI just love shows where the character design doesn't make sense but they are so fun, different and crazy for absolutely no reasonHELLO i made another digital compilation for my 2020 stuff! also 100 pgs, around more than half are unposted, a mix…
Retweeted by LaweyThis person is offering commissions in order to donate to the natural disasters that have recently happened in Indo…
Retweeted by LaweyOnce Upon a Foolish Wish comic update 😳 🌟WEBTOON: 🌟TAPAS: 🌟PATREON…
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I can't wait until I introduce Emily's mom and then show a bunch of drawings of her taking care of chaotic snotty baby Emily @bucketofROBOTS CUTEEEEver since I found out Ging's dad's name is like Don it has been messing up my brain thinking that Don's dad's name… @GhostMillk omg... these people really expect these 12yo kids to have the mentality of a 25yo grown adult or something 😩😩 @GhostMillk exactly !! These analyzes do make some interesting point but in the end he's just a little naive kid wh… these hxh analyzes of how Gon is so evil is so funny to me because when I watched the show afterwards I'm like yeah... he's a kid..🌻 Opening up 10 commission slots on January 18th to help with rent before my next semester starts!
Retweeted by Laweybunny plush restock! this will be the last one 🐰🌿
Retweeted by LaweyJOB POSTING: My current studio is looking for 2D TRADITIONAL HAND DRAWN ANIMATORS for an adult musical series! It w…
Retweeted by LaweyKillua
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That's a lot of "outfit" in one sentence I apologize...I'm concluding that the tshirt over turtleneck outfit is a pretty gay outfit idk how else to say this bc I also wear this sorta outfit*ppl saying "omg its Killua" on my Quinn drawings* Me: *gets angry bc it was based on one of my gf's outfit* Also m… speedpaint @decembercamie Thank you !!Killua 004 little Emily and Quinn sneak peek cat person
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This is the outcome after watching too much cat videos for the past few daysA cat person feels very nice to grow older idk I’m just vibing with this feeling @bucketofROBOTS WOO HAPPY BDAY VALERIE !! 🎁🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉
comic has been updated time to finally sleep...Once Upon a Foolish Wish comic update 😳 🌟WEBTOON: 🌟TAPAS: 🌟PATREON…'m getting too old to try to stay awake after 10pmINTERCOSMIC UPDATE 🌼✨ Page 100!!!!- In which a new day blossoms! Hellooo 🙇 My webcomic is…
Retweeted by LaweyI have finally a desk so I can sit like a normal person instead of whatever position I sat like on the sofa 😎a flower in bloom
Retweeted by LaweyCHAPTER 1 PG. 23-25 is up on Patreon !
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New comic update on Webtoon / Tapas tomorrow !ShortBox now has a Patreon! Two simple pledge levels: $1: monthly peeks at upcoming projects, previews & process $3…
Retweeted by Laweygin-chan commission✨
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Ocs Emily and Quinn 😳
Retweeted by Lawey#PortfolioDay I'm melty, I like drawing cute things and would like to draw cute things for other people too!
Retweeted by Laweytw // death penalty I just spent the last hour or so looking into the three more people who are set to be executed…
Retweeted by LaweyI moved into a new apartent with gf yesterday!! It feels weird to see her again after so long. It feels like I'm me… 1 PG. 23-25 is up on Patreon ! @melty_chan THEY ARE SO CUTEEE
Reminder I have an etsy store! I recently left my job and I'm trying to move out asap so anything helps! Get yourse…
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@eternal_stargal Thank youuuu!! I hope everything goes smoothly ToTpreparing to move out has been more mentally draining than physical tiring this week aaaProbably my fave page from this week's update introducing a new character !
Retweeted by Lawey @Mogkki Yes! Emily is the character in the comic I’m making and the short haired girl I keep drawing! They are both the same characterEmily and Quinn being rivals in different teams....I can't wait until I introduce enough characters to make my little sport team AU of them 😳😳 @KingKibble Thank you!!🚨 Animation job alert! 🚨 Paramount Animation is looking for visual development artist, a storyboard artist, and a…
Retweeted by LaweyLet summer/autumn come so I can pick blueberries to freeze and eat for another 8 months
hi y’all I’m workshopping a lecture on storyboarding for song sequences - i’d love to test run it on a small audien…
Retweeted by Lawey @pupchans THANK YOU !! I'm happy you like them 😳💖💖The crops in these are making me crumbleOcs Emily and Quinn 😳 my fave page from this week's update introducing a new character ! remember really liking those battle tournament thing in shounen series when I was younger. What would a 12-year-o… @Himalayaa It iis !! 😭😂 I would never do it irl but it was fun just watching them go wildWell except the time I saw Gon hunting for Hisoka’s badge in the old anime version because seeing him puke eat gras… remember thinking hxh was so much fun when I was younger because they are traveling a lot, staying in fancy hotel… 1 - PG 15 (PROGRESS) hate crime ; went to her IG page and the gofundme is legit
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Art is hard 🤣🤣 I'm going to sleepomg Everyone dont forget to read vivs newest update introducing someone very sexy
Retweeted by Lawey @deejuusan I think just deleting the whole speech bubble really because it seems to overlap with the text on the same layer !Rewatching HxH and the hunter exam is so chill in comparison to the chimera ant arc ahuuehOnce I understand how I’m supposed to edit out the speech bubble tool in csp.... I will be able to rest in peace
@elvexx_ U SEXYOnce Upon a Foolish Wish Page 9-13 is up! ⭐️WEBTOON: ⭐️TAPAS: ⭐️PA… up Twitter! Do y'all know any storyboard artist/revisionist, animators, background artist, color stylist ava…
Retweeted by Laweyhi im a mixed black enby person trying to move from this apartment that is unhealthy and unsafe to live in. i’m wor…
Retweeted by Laweyim a bi poc my step-dad is literally a homophobic peice of shit, found out im bisexual and broke my phone plus my m…
Retweeted by Laweythread of some Black folks with ongoing/unmet fundraising:
Retweeted by LaweyI'll be starting a search for a studio-wide producer for @WeatheredSweatr, preferably BIPOC very soon. Any suggest…
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hey if you support trump, please unfollow/block me. you are not welcome on my page.
Retweeted by Laweypolice will pepper spray children at BLM protests because they “fear for their lives” but god forbid they use any f…
Retweeted by Laweyplease share im a black disabled trans man. im homeless along with 4 other family members. we need funding to kee…
Retweeted by LaweyHey! Please sign this: It's a petition for Falmouth University to put safety nets in place…
Retweeted by Lawey @elvexx_ Thank you babyyy @elvexx_ new thoughts of uuuu
I never thought my family members would subscribe Im happyOmg I think my v nice macho older cousin subscribed to my patreon !?? 😭😭😭
CHAPTER 1 - PART 5 (pg. 18-22) 18-22 drops tonight on Patreon!Art from last year
Retweeted by LaweyRough / lineart / flat colour / editing
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tw//transphobia and abuse . ‼️Im a transwoman of color living in a transphobic country & also in a transphobic abus…
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