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Lauren Windsor @lawindsor Washington, DC

Creator/EP of political reporting web-show The Undercurrent + Partner in Democracy Partners + Mike Lux Media CA + DC

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Tommy Tuberville is trending again, so I thought I'd reup this lil' gem: @Chad_Hurley MSNBC's @mehdirhasan discusses our Sen. Tuberville Electoral College Challenge scoop… @SteveHofstetter A website devoted to the whiniest Brady: OnlyJans prominent newspaper called Tuberville "dumb as a bag of hammers." A Bag of Hammers is suing for defamation.
Retweeted by Lauren Windsor @SteveHofstetter A messaging website for Trump supporters: Bitter12/19/20 CNN's @AC360 features a lengthy convo on our Sen. Tuberville Electoral College challenge scoop… Lives Matter, eh, @GOP?? 😮 CNN's @ErinBurnett discusses our Sen. Tuberville Electoral College Challenge scoop CNN's @Acosta on the Situation Room discusses our Sen. Tuberville Electoral College Scoop… is on a roll tide of stupid... CNN The Lead with @JakeTapper - Sen. Tuberville Electoral College Challenge #theundercurrent #presshits12/18/20 MSNBC @mitchellreports - Sen. Tuberville Electoral College Chall... #theundercurrent #presshits12/18/20 MSNBC @11thHour with Brian Williams - Sen. Tuberville on Electoral College Cha... CNN Don Lemon - Tuberville Suggests He Will Challenge the Electoral College Vote v… CNN Cuomo - Tommy Tuberville May Challenge Electoral College via @YouTube #theundercurrent #presshitsOf the over 70 individuals arrested so far for storming the Capitol — not a single one has been identified as a mem…
Retweeted by Lauren Windsor @erinmdurkin New Yorkers are smarter than that. He'll be about as successful as Bloomberg 2020.
I asked my colleagues if this was really a big deal and a SWAT team of DC reporter nerds kicked down my door and sc…
Retweeted by Lauren Windsorpowerful thread --> Bank Begins Removing Possessions From White House After Trump Defaults On Loan
Retweeted by Lauren WindsorWhat would Jesus do? @ihateee20 @ddoniolvalcroze @letterboxd that's certainly a statement bag 😳I wanna know who at Politico read this and thought, "HEY, let's give the Zip Tie Riot Guy apologist the reins of Pl… @owillis you heard about armie hammer and azaelia banks too? @FrankLuntz @chrislhayes well, @chrislhayes isn't an apologist for Zip Tie Riot GuySeems like Playbook has been a dumpster file for awhile now. I mean a newsletter should highlight top stories NOT d…🙏 please @RudyGiuliani 🙏't expect much more from a QAnon cultist. But @GOPLeader wants us to unite and heal - why isn't he condemning th…
Retweeted by Lauren WindsorJaime Harrison Said to Be Pick for Next D.N.C. Chair
Retweeted by Lauren WindsorTwo Virginia police officers claim they’re not guilty because they were escorted into the Capitol by other police
Retweeted by Lauren Windsor @DonaldJTrumpJr You read? @daveweigel MBS! @sandsmamawrites *was @daveweigel Maybe they could get MBS to guest“Devoted his services” sounds like “pro-bono” @RudyGiuliani 🤣 the 197 republicans who voted no on impeachment, what would it have taken? Storming the capital in a tan suit?
Retweeted by Lauren WindsorPREACH 🙌 @ThatEricAlper "Can I get ya anything? Coffee? Tea? Me?" @DanRather i guess you just heard about armie hammer being a cannibal and azealia banks cooking her dead cat on instagram @princessamiira YES2021 i can't 🤣 12 of 2021: Azealia Banks cooks her fucking cat.
Retweeted by Lauren Windsori took a break from political doomscrolling, thinking all the coup shit was too nuts only to find out that one of m… @senatemajldr @McConnellPress may be the spawn of Darth Vader, but she showed me kindness then and she did the right thing today. 3/3Rep. Cheney said, "You know, you and I probably don't agree on much, but I admire your passion for what you believe… met Liz Cheney on the Hill back in 2019 as I was getting dressed in my Marie Antoinette costume to troll Wilbur R…
@AdamParkhomenko Kirstie Alley @the_uninvited19 @babysmurfette11 @RepCawthorn @ProjectLincoln @MollyJongFast @AaronParnas @MuellerSheWrote I asked…🔥 cc @Jim_Jordan @babysmurfette11 @RepCawthorn @ProjectLincoln @MollyJongFast @AaronParnas @MuellerSheWrote what about it? @BaileyScieszka I know - that was part of the joke 😀Salvador Dali was a Trumper against @HawleyMO are happening this evening in Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbia and Springfield. @KCStar'…
Retweeted by Lauren WindsorBREAKING: Florida Man makes history with 2nd impeachment @RickFolbaum He moved his residence to Mar a Lago in 2019 so Florida Man fits the bill more @chef_kendra @IvankaTrump not calling them heroes, but today they chose country over party, and that's patriotic to meOnce should have been good. Will twice suffice? @senatemajldr are your American patriots @IvankaTrump 🇺🇸 Republican Rep. Peter Meijer will vote to impeach Trump. He is the seventh House Republican to support impeachment.
Retweeted by Lauren Windsorthank you @MichaelRapaport - i just laughed so hard 🤣 @MysterySolvent Lauren Boebert broke out her glock on him @asherhuey i keep missing them too @asherhuey oh announced. don't know about spoken @asherhuey at last count, 6OOOF. @MikeDrucker for the forever win
Retweeted by Lauren Windsor @marclar the fact that he's not explicitly ruling out an impeachment vote is a signalv important:👏 @tonyposnanski hold that thought for devin nunes @AshaRangappa_ Well, he is a Florida Mancc @RepBrianMast had bombs. They killed several people. They had nooses, zip ties, and pipes. They came armed & with bulletproo…
Retweeted by Lauren Windsor😮🤣 @MTeshich that's why i asked a question and didn't make a statement 🙂 @puroDylPickle ah, i'm multi-tasking, and missing them @jim_newell Auntie Maxine DGAF @laplkp Ah, yes, Putin's favorite congressman 😂Do we get to hear from Liz Cheney today or no? I imagine Gym Jordan won't let any of the R defectors speak... ? @AdamParkhomenko @kroltanz Pedo Gym Jordando we have a russian congresswoman?i'm watching @mtgreenee on MSNBC... she is literally NOT CENSORED @MEPFuller he's clearly a brilliant strategist @dionnewarwick we need auntie dionne commentary on the impeachment hearings rn 🙏 @amywscott SAMES @JoyceWhiteVance was that purple and plaid?dude, you are entitled to your own opinions, NOT YOUR OWN FACTSIs this Perry dude suggesting that Pelosi let this happen? And this is my favorite argument -- that the president*…
Retweeted by Lauren Windsor"What did the Speaker know and when did she know it?" THIS GUY HAS A LOT OF NERVE.@RepCohen doing Tennessee proud!DIGITALLY DISAPPEARING REPUBLICANS?? y'all really have no shameI FUCKING LOVE @CoriBush ♥️😂 railing about quickie impeachment are the same folks who had no problem with quickie SCOTUS confirmationBreaking: Republican. Rep. Dan Newhouse says he will vote to impeach Trump. Six House Republicans now support impeachment.
Retweeted by Lauren WindsorBRING IT Auntie Maxine 🔥