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@RepAdamSchiff The famous Russian Seth Rich... @NYCMayor If black lives actually matter then do something about the daily shootings. @RealDrRusty Yes but at some point it isn't real pizza @lesleyabravanel @MeghanMcCain Obama is no longer president though...
@BuckDancer78 @Styx666Official @Ilhan @BuckDancer78 @Styx666Official @Ilhan @Ilhan Killed? Who killed them? @LevinMoones @EricTrump @FLOTUS That's sexy. @EricTrump Is this slam poetry?
@CNN So?
@brianstelter @TuckerCarlson @ispottv So sorry this is happening to you... @AnaKasparian @Timcast What does this have to do with the evil things the Young Turks did to the Armenians? @fuckyeahcollin @waspswaxx It was just 14
@fuckyeahcollin @waspswaxx 14 @waspswaxx Just 14 happens. @mchooyah Rusty Shackleford @truthwinged @TRHLofficial Your vote is a vote for someone else to vote for you. @ScottChalleen @RealCandaceO @Kaepernick7 He was a shit football player that was looking for a new way to make $...
@rebeccajmead @KamalaHarris They were playing on the interstate in the middle of the night when an African American… @MrAndyNgo Non binary sure does look female... RIP though. No one deserves to die so young. @MrAndyNgo It's ok they are immune to COVID-19 because they are "protesting"... @ericswalwell @JoeBiden
@stillgray Yea why did they have traffic blocked and why did they run in front of the car... They need to quit playing in the street. @AdamCrigler I don't like politics in my entertainment, but this guy did an amazing job.
@Greywulff1958 @CNN I am sure it hurt them to tweet this. They probably looked at every angle they could before writing the article. @PolitiFact Politihack running cover for the fascists... I am not surprised. @CNN Almost like there were already studies saying it helped... @lindseyvonn I am attracted to women of any color myself. @cnnbrk Breaking now the left wants to keep endless war in the middle east... Someone call code pink. @Timcast I wonder if code pink will come out pro war now...Trump tries to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan and now I'm supposed to oppose this move because Russia wants i…
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Why is this deflated blowup doll still in office?#NancyPelosi
Retweeted by Rowan 🐻 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @JoeBiden Your Twitter writer is lazy. @Belle_Igerant @woods_account @IlhanMN Guy wants people to follow the law so he is racist... Haven't heard that one… @IlhanMN Yes to their own countries.
@HillaryClinton @JoeBiden Seattle Police have deployed to CHAZ to restore law and order
Retweeted by Rowan 🐻 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @DailyMirror I don't give a shit what they want to do as long as I don't have to help pay for it.Tucker Carlson 2024?
Retweeted by Rowan 🐻 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @chadfelixg ACLU Twitter account is run by a teenage girl apparently. @ACLU American Pride is the new protest @simps4xandy @shoe0nhead They have always been involved with FPS. @mrsnyamajor The state is their daddy. @IwriteOK Maybe we could join them in support of abolishing public sector unions.Rand Paul rips Fauci's coronavirus response, says Americans should not be β€œsheep”
Retweeted by Rowan 🐻 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @LilithLovett @nypost Stupid because he was probably ethnic but not black. @AdamCrigler @rcasten1983 I heard this song when playing some of her music and it moved me. aunt shared this on FB. My uncle and cousin that lives with them both got coronavirus but she did not. She is t… @Tactical_review What does it mean to lean far right? @Alyssa_Milano The federal government mandating someone to wear something is tyrannical. I know you like this becau… @_Mack_Ten @CompletelyUp @franklinleonard And it has been disputed in the intelligence community. @franklinleonard it and try to defend Planned Parenthood. Go on.
Retweeted by Rowan 🐻 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @GKeile Trying to argue with a lawyer... @CandyComedy @MarcLobliner Qualifications to be president 35 years or older. Naturally born citizen and lived here for 14 years. @MarcLobliner He was also democrat... @MarcLobliner My grandpa was super racist. He was a WWII vet and volunteered at a food bank.
Retweeted by Rowan 🐻 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @JackPosobiec @ScottPresler If they don't they should.Best video on the internet right now. #AllLivesMattter #EveryonedeservesLOVE #DefendThePolice
Retweeted by Rowan 🐻 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @realDonaldTrump @GKeile @TrumpJew I think Tucker would be a great president. He is in touch with what most Americans are thinking imo. @JoeSilverman7 I want a smallish camper of some kind and a truck before I retire. @JoeSilverman7 I would have blocked this troll a few tweets ago lol @GrahamAllen_1 @KristinBoymom Those fields like @phataku @tweettruth2me Better tell all those gay people that are married. @Alyssa_Milano Cultural appropriation... @mlzema Political corruption. @IngrahamAngle For some reason that seems terrifying to me. I would not want to run into that on a trail.
@NYGovCuomo Yea because they are likely to get covid-19 from NY. @TrumpJew He just wanted to call everyone who aren't going to vote for him racist in some way. @bennyjohnson Pretty sure he forgot who he is running against. @JoeConchaTV Looked like he was reading. @BBC_dip Florida... Get your house in order. @GeraldoRivera Those black lives don't matter to them. They can't push their Marxist ideas that way. @RubinReport Seems like a nice pedo... @fuckyeahcollin Some can most can't. @fuckyeahcollin I am too lazy for lizards but I have 6 tarantulas lol. @fuckyeahcollin I should get one, but I am not really the travelling type atm. @MarcLobliner You are both just as beautiful. You are a little more ripped now though. lol @AdamCrigler @Mike76515007 @MarcLobliner Possible if the tests are for coronavirus and not covid-19 specifically.Dog and pony show @karimadukes Quick someone is thinking for himself get the mob to stop him! @BBC_dip It still tastes the same. They should buy real pizza. @ChelseaClinton @realDonaldTrump I don't think they have saved any lives. @JoeBiden Today's horoscope. @icecube @Timcast Wtf Adam... @KristinBoymom @wwjoehd @fuckyeahcollin @DaveInSoFla @DanCrenshawTX What? @fuckyeahcollin @DaveInSoFla @wwjoehd @DanCrenshawTX Context doesn't matter to the authoritarian left. @wwjoehd @DaveInSoFla @fuckyeahcollin @DanCrenshawTX Dude replied in a sarcastic manner to being asked where his ho… you are a child of God, you are my brother and sister. I have family of every race, creed and ideology. We must…
Retweeted by Rowan 🐻 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @wwjoehd @DaveInSoFla @fuckyeahcollin @DanCrenshawTX The Democrat twitter tweeted that going to Mt Rushmore was sup… when some ppl on RW twitter claimed the riots threatened capital?
Retweeted by Rowan 🐻 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @jesecuejimenez @DanCrenshawTX "Reports say"This is the official twitter account of the Democratic National Committee, stating that Mount Rushmore is racist.…
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