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tell me what color I am except there are no descriptions and each color is whatever you want it to be @CiaraW210 lime and white @chloegrace_l if this is the case I’ve had over 500 aneurisms today @jordanphippss it means that someone is either on their way to the store for a drive up order or they’re already at…
@Iluvsparklezz bitchevery time you hear a car sound in the middle of target just know that an employee’s soul leaves their body0 likes and I will adopt a puppyawake :( @asap_locky get them taken out, one of the best things I’ve ever donetwitter is boring rn I’m very bored ://When god made me he sprinkled in fat ass tonsils and chronic back pain, and for why
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clearly a libra rising♎️
Retweeted by LaylaNeed money to help adopt a dog so if y’all need yard work done or need a dog sitter or literally anything done in your life lmk @asap_locky @asap_locky HHAHA STOPP you 100% have the capacity to winbefore & after 🎨 i finally picked up a paint brush after a week
Retweeted by Layla @wowzacaroline I am still laughing @asap_locky does this mean you never want to play me again 😔monday night need a kith kith
watercolor on paper by mark adams
Retweeted by Layla @sadafzgr okay 1. You are so beautiful 2. I truly believe some screenshots from videos can make us look so goodmy bathroom + i
Retweeted by Laylajust signed my contract to be an RA again next year @storiraven @lexi_doyle damn y’all really took VT’s “invent the future” to the next level 😌 @storiraven @lexi_doyle THE TAPEAt 88, it’s a super quick survey, so if anyone could help out that’d be awesome
Retweeted by LaylaMY MOM LOOKED ME DEAD IN THE EYES AT THE DINING TABLE AND ASKS “IS NICKI MINAJ DEAD??” HELLO??????at least guys at vt are cute lmaotinder at home reminds me why I will never be attracted to any man in this town @shenalster I am not surprised that you quoted this
@mooopsy beautiful voice! beautiful human! everything about you is 🤩🥰scenic view was a little foggy today but still very pretty :))) around campus when it’s empty is so calm and nice :)starting to love myself more and more each day! yay!!
@johndenverfan can confirmthis is for sag men <333
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Retweeted by Laylacurrently: astral projecting @molly_meador glad my voice was soothing to youI will be passing away @storiraven Isnt she beautifulwhen I say I love aubrey plaza I MEAN IT.
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Retweeted by Layla @apositivespook YES MAAM @apositivespook okay so r u trynna get married or something @asap_locky WALGREENS BABYhappy friday!!!! we made it friends!!! thanksgiving break!!! PROUD OF YOU ALL!!!3:17 am, talking about how we are living in a simulation, I love my friendsGOOD MORNING @ItsQuinnMoore I WANT THIS TO COME BACK SO BAD @apositivespook lmk when you find out pls @MrEby1990 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. EBY I LOVE U AND MISS U!!!!!! @emfranks7 the way she sits...I love her
waiting for someone to do this to me @asap_locky maybe you should just 😳 eat them 😠🥴🙊🙈 @cmjones0704 WALGREENSdance party
Retweeted by LaylaSQUISHMALLOWS ARE 50% OFF WHO WANTS TO GET ME ONEEENDJSK1:10 AM @ DP Dough🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 @JakeRussell28 @fleetwooodzach I don’t know but it’s painful @fleetwooodzach @JakeRussell28 Scorpio this, Scorpio that, MEN ARE JUST NOT GREAT!!! EVEN THO IM ATTRACTED TO THEM >:(my Snapchat is literally a shitshow but it’s MY shitshow 🥰 @fleetwooodzach @JakeRussell28 long story short, men = bad!delete the world scorpio and yes.
Retweeted by Layla @JakeRussell28 true!!!!! me liking men is painful @All3nHyper @socc3rgur1ie Aquarius men just test my patience @socc3rgur1ie shut up I hate this @DannyRCaps I am neutral about Capricorn men @Idkyle_ thanks babe imy @socc3rgur1ie Aquarius and Leo men make me angryVIRGO MEN ARE ALSO BAD!Scorpio men are terrible and I will die on this hill @socc3rgur1ie babe :( @desraelii had a bangin bod, phat ass, is super cute, and has a great personality, who want her @emfranks7 I cried a lot @JakeRussell28 a midsummer night’s dream pleasethis is the most basic math I can do, I have nothing else to offertoday is Wednesday, tomorrow is Thursday, which means it’s almost Fridaayyyy 👉🏼😎👉🏼 @CiaraW210 bitch me too 💅🏼 @All3nHyper @storiraven you are already ahead of literally every guy I know @All3nHyper @storiraven do u use regular shampoo and conditioner @storiraven @meens_beans Stori pls i will scream @meens_beans @storiraven no! stop! @All3nHyper @storiraven yes, I’m gagging thinking about it @storiraven BABE NO @meens_beans meena I stghere’s the voice tweet requests 1. @socc3rgur1ie is literally no benefit. I have never benefited from a man. All they do is lie and use 2-in-1 @panini_e BITCH IM FUCKING YELLING CAN YOU HEAR MEFINALLY DIDNT FAIL A CHEM TEST PLEASE CELEBRATE WITH ME 🥳🥳🥳my mom just agreed to take tequila shots with me on my 21st birthday so uhh 242 days until my birthday :))to be frank, 17 year old me would probably just be shocked to know that i am alive at this age.
Retweeted by Layla @storiraven I would but I have to step on anyone that tries to test me ://
@anna_u_ this coming from u makes me cry 🥺💗 @meegan_98 you are so kind! 💗 @alyssabv_ I love u 🥺If you have time, go look at the moon!!!! She looks so beautiful tonight!!!! @wowzacaroline BAHAHAHA I CANTNT