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layla @laylaswhore Under ur gfs bed

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Depressed again 🤩Homestly I think these days ppl take things you say the wrong way on purpose just to start drama. @airihurts WHAT @f4twhorse @winterfa1ry 💀💀😭😭😭
I don’t need to BeReal I need to BeDead or BeRailedguys 😔😔😔 i 😣 love a man 😪😪😪
Retweeted by laylaim so gay omg
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@loveynine I feel like mines self explanatoryI would choose you over everyone.Running around the city together holding hands >>>I love roadtrips
I hate having feelings this is so stressful what.Bro actually just kiss me wtf r u doingMissing them 🥲🥲🥲
@23kqs Fr I be getting all giggly 🤭🤭Istg NatWest workers r the most unhelpful ppl ever.
Istg you put your vape down on your bed for one second and you never find it again
@hiddendying @rynncals @mellomishu THATS SO VILE IM CRYING LMAOO 😭😭😭😭😭Why do the funniest tweets always come on my tl when I’m in public and not allowed to laugh 😭 @valeriespo NAURRRR I NEED TO BE MORE SPECIFIC 😭😭
Dating cancers as a cancer is so nice
@httpsfaii Olive oil.Me waiting for that person to see my story like hate that I have an rbf Bcs I swear it be scaring the ladies like nooo pls come say hi to me I promise I’m really nice 😭😭
Nothing will ever compare to the excitement and anticipation of a heavy snowI’m still In love with the thought of talia Ryder and rosé dating like POWER COUPLEEEE
I feel like I’m either overly active on edtwt for a week straight or I disappear for a month. No in between @genderlessurge 6 times
Vaping as an appetite suppressant is all fun and games till you do it too much and you feel violently sick 😖
retweet if you weigh less than this burger
Retweeted by layla @sjliio I’d throw up
When they unadd u on everything but forget about Spotify 🤭🤭
I wonder if Diana and Lizzie r throwing it down rn in the afterlife likeeeeIf I say “sorry my mom said no” just know I’m lying Bcs my mom never says no tbh I didn’t even ask herOH MY GOD THE QUEEN IS DYING @youscals SO FREAKIN CUTE @kc4tz It’s always Void/Voidy 💀💀 @MiNS7L When I was younger I slept with a bra on for like 3 years straight Bcs I thought it was comfy 💀 probs why I have no titties nowJanuary-March this year was such a mfkn STRUGGLE 😭😭😭😭
Why is everyone queer baiting rn“Good girl” 💢⭕️💢⭕️😩🫶🫶🫶😩🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩❓ITS SWEATER WEATHER SEASON YES YES YESSSSSSome days I can go 5 days with barely any food completely unbothered by it and other days I can barely go 6 hours 💀Florence Pugh with an elf bar is making me giggle 😭😭😭I listen to music EVERY WAKING MOMENT.
Zarah sultana >>The only part I’m dreading about starting college is the awkward “icebreakers” I’ll be forced into 😭Anorexic girls have the cutest cats??Some days starving is literally the easiest thing ever and I literally forget to eat and other days I’m having to l… motivation to do skin care and look pretty everyday stems from my fear of meeting the loml while I look ugly lik… on drugs is actually so embarrassing sometimes like literally what am I doing 💀 I get the ick from myselfMe friends convinced me to watch Nevertheless but I don’t think I can get past ep1 Bcs the male lead reminds me of him SO MUCH 🥲I still want u 😭😭 @zoecalora Omg IK this is random but I just saw your bio happy belated birthday! 🫶🫶🫶🫶 @zoecalora The messages r so fkn weird 💀 @Bimbowhore222 Y’all r wild*years later* “hey babe whats that scarred into ur boob?” “an eating disorder twitter account that belonged to a 15 y/o 😊”
Retweeted by laylaI LOVE AUTUMN SO MUCH I CANT EVEN PUT IT INTO WORDS HOW MUCH I ADORE IT @disordermax Kris Jenner idk I feel like it’s time she’s lived too long 😭😭Not tumblr changing their app icon 🤮’s so funny to me to see my friends go to colleges that make u dress business casual and see them show up in blaz… is the Spanish version of Gracie Abrams
I wanna get drunk and nastyGood riddance @PritiPatel. You were an unspeakably cruel Home Secretary and won’t be missed by anyone with a shred of decency 👋🏽
Retweeted by laylaWhen they feel the need to compete w u 🤭🤭 @lightlorelei Getting those really bad hot flushes when your eyes stop working and your face is burning hot and eve…
Try explaining this outta context 😭 covid started in year 9 for me and now I’m going into first year college next week 🥲Edtwt so obsessed with 49,45,43KGWhy is the whole of the UK addicted to codeine 😭😭😭 @_monica404 Nah that’s just grossWhy do fat people stick their tongues out to eat??
Retweeted by layla @LylaCherrie Saying “break the cycle today or the loop will repeat tomorrow” @tiniestminnie How r they not embarrassed if anyone found out abt me I’d literally die in a hole @peakamani Bcs in England it’s all anyone texts on beside iMessage 😭😭“Come over here and kiss me” don’t play w me Bcs I genuinely will 🤭😭
@reaIsnowhite September/OctoberIt’s so weird to me that kids today know zendaya from Spider-Man and not shake it up or KC undercoverWhen you’re a Maude Apatow but they want a Sydney Sweeney 😒😒ok wait, starving september, omad october, no binge november.. but whats december?
Retweeted by layla @_MINCA Don’t die December 💀
Went out w my friend the other day and she ate an entire foot long subway sandwich and I can’t tell if that’s norma… who can’t tell the difference between tap water and bottled water 🥴🥴 @adoringkrissy Honestly I wouldn’t even know how to get an abortion without anyone finding out so I’d prob try starving till it dies 💀💀
@peakamani Especially after you convince your parents for ages to let you go 💀💀Can’t wait for the new kardashian series 🤭🤭
ANDROGYNY IS SO ATTRACTIVE. @tweecunt STOP IM DYING LMAOOOOOOIrl average edtwt obese 💀Realising I don’t actually starve to lose weight (even tho it’s deffo a benefit 🤭) I just like feeling in control of somethingI can’t wait for school to start I miss having a hallway crushtwitter is not a real place😭😭😭
Retweeted by layla @meandmytapeworm YESed tiktok:
Retweeted by layla @terrydiet Literallyyyy mfs be getting mad as if they aren’t basically doing the same thing???Building up the confidence to ask your parents for smthng or to let you do smthng is so nerve racking and stress provoking.Y’all ever feel like your stuck in a permanent hangover?
U ever meet someone whose just so desperate to be like iconic or meme worthy they try so hard to do funny quirky th… she calls you “meri Jaan” 😩😩😩🫶🫶😩🫶😩🫶😩🫶😩🫶If I was a man I’d deffo wanna be gifted bouquets