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@Black_Kettle @branillionaire Pretty low bar tbf but I'll take what I can get @queenjulesverne I kept all my linguistics and world languages notes... And geology. I really liked geology. @Silanota @envywithani Money's on "son/daughter of" just based off of the other Germanic ones @Black_Kettle @branillionaire Well if you're gonna be oppressive, at least be organized about it @LaymansLinguist French surnames beginning with "de", "du", or "dela" (all meaning "from the" or "of the") are very…
Retweeted by The Layman's Linguist @queenjulesverne NERRRRRRD (I love this) @LaymansLinguist In the Turkish language, individuals got the best adjective or noun that perfectly determines who…
Retweeted by The Layman's Linguist @caliskan_nesli That's wonderful! I mean I feel like that could result in some roughhhh surnames but I love that an… @queenjulesverne Well now this is a delight @LaymansLinguist In Latin, surnames were commonly based on physical characteristics. For example: Cicero means chic…
Retweeted by The Layman's Linguist @corniest2016 @aaj1an Plus there were bynames in Old English, which served a pretty similar function. Think they mostly died out after 1066. @wizopindy @RPKarlinguist @Ciel_Funtom I'm sure that German surname was anglicized as well, but Old English definit… @RPKarlinguist @Ciel_Funtom It's been a long time since I learned this as an undergrad, but I always heard that the… @aaj1an I don't know about every country in Europe but it was considerably earlier in England – nearly everyone had… @DrPaulFlanagan Oh I never thought of Rufus as a hair color! I always heard that Black and Brown were anglicization… @Ciel_Funtom Oh and I think <Fitz->? That came with the Normans though so I don't know if it technically counts as… @Ciel_Funtom Oh yes, but we're quite literal with our patronyms: Johnson is the son of John. @Ciel_Funtom Yeah I thought of physical characteristics in Spanish specifically right after I hit send. I don't *th… Any neuroscientists or audiologists want to chime in here?
Retweeted by The Layman's Linguist @dan_wisneski @brianportnoy Oh I found that thread @dan_wisneski @brianportnoy The neuroscientists got mad at me for this one actually; it's not technically the McGur… questions: In cultures where surnames are the norm, how and why did that become the case? Do most cultur… my daughter first watched Frozen she recalled Anna’s name as [ˈʊnə] rather than [ˈɑːnə] because she had interp…
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@Doc_Doak Ah yes, little gullibs @brettrey3 @qpheevr @EmmaSManning @kirbyconrod Yeah I mean I studied Greek so it's not really a difficulty so much… you're curious, here's the article he's so upset about: @garicgymro But it is SUCH an intense opinion about SUCH a specific origin, and I can't find one thing referencing it. I am fascinated. @aryaman2020 That makes sense, though it also just makes it funnier that I should reassess my entire website over it. @LinguisticsGirl Yeah, I put as much in my piece; that's the part he's arguing with. @SimonMusgrave1 I swear I thought that from the first sentence but then it got *so* specific to what the article ac… anyone know what this feedback means? I just got it in reference to my piece on diminutive suffixes in English… @PreetiKParekh Thank you!no one speaks in complete sentences, this is a language ideology that doesn't reflect reality. people speak in utte…
Retweeted by The Layman's Linguist @megandfigueroa In a heaping basket of chaos, as God intended. @joshraclaw I swear to God if you say slack @sesquiotic @qpheevr @kirbyconrod You get a little prescriptivy when you drink, James. But yes, that's certainly my… @sesquiotic Oh yes, I don't consider them the same but I get more annoyed when people automatically assume passive… @sesquiotic @qpheevr @kirbyconrod I don't really get that either. But maybe it's because it doesn't actually change… @EmmaSManning @qpheevr @kirbyconrod Surprisingly yes @sesquiotic Still the same vibe as passive voice though so I'd let it slide; even though the subject is also the ag… @qpheevr @kirbyconrod Have to disagree about the funness of saying tmesis @phil_lol_ogist Etymologically, it seems like it was a thing but maybe just in England. <gauntlet> came from French…'ve finally listened to my Linguistics Twitter friends and signed up for kofi. I'm hoping to open an online store…
So my daughter @412emma is reading a Pinker book. Any suggestions for balancing things out, linguist Twitter?
Retweeted by The Layman's Linguist @PossumRites That's so kind, thank you! @VineethRajan9 Pretty sure my friends think I'm lying about being a linguist because I'm constantly going "that hap… @numberedsoul Yeah I'd chalk that deletion up to an instance of haplology, if I had to guess.I wrote a thing about sound changes to go along with the chart everyone seemed to like. Let me know what you think!… day brings a new opportunity to do linguistics at my friends
Retweeted by The Layman's Linguist @jemappellecait The fact that we learned about any phonemes that don't exist in European languages on a separate "expanded" IPA chart... Oof
@garicgymro It's a ✨special✨ alphabetLerner (2004), Collaborative Turn Sequences
Retweeted by The Layman's Linguist @NickSJenkins @MaureenKosse Looking at the fine layer of Penny-fur everywhere as I tweet this @MaureenKosse It's always been <past> in my head but you have me doubting myself"It's _____________ to do a load of laundry"
Retweeted by The Layman's Linguist @megandfigueroa That's how George looks at people who say his name. I think he thinks they can't see him if he only… human behavior doesn't mean just treating people as data producing entities.
Retweeted by The Layman's LinguistWe gotta clean our own house. If the only good we're doing is not doing bad stuff, that's bad stuff. @doriecp It's been a real Linguist v Linguist week on the bird app @doriecp Don't mind me, just observing closely @doriecp You're gonna throw all the applied linguists with short names into a tizzyA shout out to Enrique & Zsombor for their amazing discovery and to the Babylonian lady that picked up her stylus t…
Retweeted by The Layman's Linguist @megandfigueroa error messages should contain profanity
Retweeted by The Layman's Linguist @ginsengburger @raciolinguistic Oh stop it, you two ☺️ @serbianvriska Bout as accurate as the original @DougStanhope @DaveWeasel Today is International Pronouns Day (I have learned). I'm fed up of the really basic scope that conversations ar…
Retweeted by The Layman's Linguist @dietweeterei @officialacebuck Make the thumbnail her looking at you proudly @colleenawilson @ShlomoArgamon Lots of sentences don't convey this much information#Persian (and other Nasta'liq) users, do you have suggestions?
Retweeted by The Layman's LinguistI want to see more videos titled "I LEARNED *language* IN 5 YEARS! 😯".
Retweeted by The Layman's LinguistHey, #linguists - another example from grade school language instruction (4th grade, today). How fast can we come u…
Retweeted by The Layman's LinguistLanguage supremacy blocks languages acessibility.
Retweeted by The Layman's Linguist @pammalamma @megandfigueroa @BrettCNelson @LingTolls @EmmaSManning Why are you on a page called The Layman's Lingui… @colleenawilson He says he cares about both quantifiable and qualitative data but I'm wondering if he thinks they're synonymous. @pammalamma @megandfigueroa @BrettCNelson @LingTolls @EmmaSManning Hi yeah we're linguists talking about issues wit… @megandfigueroa @pammalamma @BrettCNelson @LingTolls @EmmaSManning You mean, this has nothing to do with the issue… @RKAmes I want to marry this tweet. @pammalamma @BrettCNelson @LingTolls @EmmaSManning @megandfigueroa Bring me a linguist who espouses those views wit… @megandfigueroa @pammalamma @jkspradlin @EmmaSManning @BrettCNelson @LingTolls Live footage of me right now @pammalamma @BrettCNelson @LingTolls @EmmaSManning @megandfigueroa Okay then my answer remains unchanged: dehumaniz… @colleenawilson Exactly what I said earlier: if he'd done the work he was supposed to do, he would understand the v… @pammalamma @BrettCNelson @LingTolls @EmmaSManning @megandfigueroa By whom? No one here said only certain people sh… @megandfigueroa @pammalamma @jkspradlin @EmmaSManning @BrettCNelson @LingTolls This thread started 7 years ago, right? @lukobe Just over a decade for me. High five! @pammalamma @BrettCNelson @LingTolls @EmmaSManning @megandfigueroa Biased language that dehumanizes people is bad.… cognitive dissonance of thinking this reckoning is because he's white and not because he's terrible. The mind r… @Heres_Alice @gweezlouise He's a grad student that one of us went to undergrad with. I see why you'd assume he's a child though. @lukobe Well plenty of academics are just as bad as him, and plenty of businesses outside that market also have hig… @TheExiaRoss00 @caitlinmoriah @LingTolls @megandfigueroa @EmmaSManning Getting his first job in language learning l… @caitlinmoriah @LingTolls @megandfigueroa @EmmaSManning I don't even care about the insults. Normal Thursday night.… @lukobe He most certainly is. One of us went to undergrad with him. @megandfigueroa @jkspradlin @EmmaSManning @BrettCNelson @LingTolls Imagine being a data scientist who thinks all th… @LingTolls @caitlinmoriah @megandfigueroa @EmmaSManning You've got to be fucking kidding me.For those of you just joining us, Josh Lester is a linguist who does not listen to the experiences of people he dee… @LingTolls @caitlinmoriah @megandfigueroa @EmmaSManning What an absolutely wild response. @megandfigueroa @caitlinmoriah @LingTolls @EmmaSManning Oh! I assumed this was in response to this horrifying revel… @megandfigueroa @caitlinmoriah @LingTolls @EmmaSManning I've never heard a linguist talk about him like that. If yo… @jkspradlin @BrettCNelson @LingTolls @megandfigueroa @EmmaSManning I know all the words you're using but I admit I…