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@bori_antt I seen heads playing it early i need to know how @juicegodjake:(
Retweeted by Laza @juicegodjake Tell me now. @juicegodjake ?!?!?! @AubieAnderson We’ve crossed paths @AubieAnderson Now wait a minuteI never wanna play Van Dijk again #PS5Share, #FIFA21 @bori_antt Lmk I’ll sell purposely @bori_antt look like he about to dance the best bachata ever
Retweeted by LazaNah lowkey wondering how expensive these Bad Bunny tickets gonna beWe getting these Bad Bunny tickets one way or another
Retweeted by Laza @may_wedda @xoxabstract @xoxabstract @may_wedda They only play each other in NY in August this year probably next year in LA @xoxabstract @may_wedda We can go see Mets vs Dodgers :31st place vibes 🔥🤷🏾‍♂️ @Mets
Retweeted by Laza @BojanBurner @Mets Last place tho....
Retweeted by LazaI love you @Josh_Tries @jakkuxd Meant Friday but it’s jakku so now I’m definitely not playing if I’m free @Josh_Tries Honestly idk if i would anyway i have something to do Wednesday evening LOL @Josh_Tries I’m not playing in 8s this week.It must be annoying to not get the Perfect Game, but man after everything Rodón has been thru, he must be so happyLETS FUCKING GOOOO RODONITS A NO HITTER IN CHICAGOOO THE WHITE SOX HAVE A NO HITTERSHUT UP OLD MAN FUCK @bori_antt They made a call LOL @mike5_5_5 not even close lmaoWe fucking hate you 3 ONE MORETHATS THE WAY TO LOSE THE PERFECTION??? MannnnNOOOOOOOOOWHAT NOOOOOOWHAT A PLAY.
Retweeted by LazaBeautiful stretch AbreuYES HE IS OUT EASYTHATS AN OUTI need more of this heard you have some rotation issues. I have a player for you @Yankees @Schovee @walkerwaifu Lets go Mets! THAT'S 3 IN A ROW FOLKS
Retweeted by LazaPUT IT IN THE BOOKS THE METS WIN THE BASEBALL GAME @andreaver19 Almost believed this and idk whyI LOVE LUIS GUILLORMEBest in Beisbol mom: who sold the house? me at the bad bunny concert:
Retweeted by Laza @xoxabstract Lets go to a baseball game2-RUN @McCannon33 LONG BALL! ☄️
Retweeted by LazaJames McCann - New York Mets (1) 2-run
Retweeted by LazaJAMES MCCANNNNHow dare you hit Conforto!!! (Please keep doing it. It’s the only way he gets on base)Gold on the @youngbucks waists, Diors on their feet 😤
Retweeted by Laza @notedub Watch your mouthLETS GOOOOplease manAsk. Believe. Receive. Welcome back to the G4 family, Ninja Warrior!
Retweeted by Laza @mike5_5_5 Not super upset but bummed, he deserves another inning @Blankzy__ @Josh_Tries Yeah you cost too much with your DoorDash meals @FelonyPS Them white Sox 👀DRIP BUCKS’re untouchable. Follow that.
Retweeted by LazaYermin Mercedes getting ready to rep DR in the WBCoh he launched that shit fucking despise Jean SeguraWhat i win @Kittyghostin damn thats unlucky @Kittyghostin its gon rain all day tomorrow im happy @LazasBautista michael and elvis could never write Friends & Family
Retweeted by Laza @walkerwaifu You see it @Rawrilol Never @PaintClown_ I ain’t hear about Elvis till i was like 12 years old from googling stuff LOL🙏🏽🙏🏽 Smith’s walk up music is DMX 😢
When an overdraft fee hits in the club
Retweeted by Laza🌊 @ActionBronson samples exotic olive oils and becomes one with the ocean on this episode of ‘F*ck, That’s Deliciou…
Retweeted by Laza @Josh_Tries You gotta type it in right, but Netflix should have season 1 and 2 @Josh_Tries @Josh_Tries No I’ll give you the free website i usedGame 8 of New York Mets baseball
Retweeted by Laza🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽ético Nacional play a big Libertadores games tonight, this is what the atmosphere should be...
Retweeted by Laza gave @bori_antt the controller lol
Retweeted by Laza @andywithanandy That crunch was amazing @Rwndz_ Best meal everThat body of Christ used to be HITTIN when i went to church hungryEden Hazard could return to Stamford Bridge in the UCL semifinals 💙
Retweeted by LazaLiverpool’s only shot on target was at the bus😭😭
Retweeted by Laza @jcupisinnocent @timmyshakes @Blankzy__ I’m just saying that’s WHOS it for. They gonna turn into titans because ain… @jcupisinnocent @timmyshakes @Blankzy__ I doubt any of them are willingly gonna be putting themselves in a jar to satisfy jakku or cryptic @timmyshakes @Blankzy__ My mistake how are you gonna fit a GOD in a jar. Oh that sounds soooo much better @Blankzy__ @Yuhuuur @Wis_Alt @CrypticNoHoes That’s not a good thing.Sounds like a game we played.... @Blankzy__ @Yuhuuur @Wis_Alt @CrypticNoHoes You have the smoothest brain ever @CrypticNoHoes @OffbrandMilkbag @Blankzy__ Nah they wish they had more of your money @CrypticNoHoes @OffbrandMilkbag @Blankzy__ This you