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@CFC_Ant I don’t think they are even doing the upgrade from PS4 to PS5 so Nah I’m good. Fifa at least doing it and… @CFC_Ant Fifa only one I’m copping current gen, idk if i got that 2k in me again @sebthe_crab Nigjt hermano!!! @Layymuun Mwah night laymoonGoodnight @yodogloI @atSerpentine @BasedGothlol @SamManlol Path @yodogloI @atSerpentine @BasedGothlol @SamManlol This man too. This community is full of wonderful people that will… @atSerpentine I’ll always say Haiyku!! First just because it’s my favorite and i love love love it @atSerpentine I’ll forward you to @BasedGothlol @SamManlol @BasedGothlol @may_wedda ? @dr2xter @Blankzy_ @WhosBreezyUK @SamManlol @BasedGothlol Smh!And look who’s your discord avi now. @itsWaddles_ @OnTheFlyTwitch Gotta check on my guy LMAOMind your business @OnTheFlyTwitch Is airid okay @zyereikcaj LETS GOOOOOO @zyereikcaj Yes @turky42069 When i did it i thought of you @turky42069 LMAOOOThis nanoswarm is jokes
@meltoosilly :D @meltoosilly Yes please @meltoosilly I’ll scratch you @meltoosilly That’s the one that scratches you? @MPleasing72 👁👁 @BWAMatt Lol maybe @Blankzy_ Just started! @turky42069#NewProfilePic @moonsuedo Awww look at my niece @may_wedda Ahhh yes can’t wait to use herNeed a girl to pay for my haircut @FabrizioRomano i need those 3 wordsI’ll personally put a stop to it @leahdb98 @leahdb98 GO GO GO❤️
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Retweeted by Laza @ImVictoriousUno Valorant @Mxriarose DUDE PLAY WITH USWE MOVEEEEEE @brfootball More goals in the Europa League than messi and ronaldo combined
Retweeted by Laza @moodkip2 we are doinf custom deathmatches and its the bestDEATHMATCH IS THE BEST THING EVERdon't worry about him just keep doing you 💯 RT @Leo__ffs: Why tf you using pictures of me??
Retweeted by LazaTONY MARTIAL SCORES AGAIN BACK match is the PERFECT confidence boost for me.Lingard goal vs LASK (1-1) #mufc
Retweeted by LazaLINGARDDDDDD @TwitAbuser HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER TOOTIE @Blankzy_ And i have no intentions yet @Blankzy_ I won’t allow it unless I’m the one canceling you @Blankzy_ BRO IT DIDNT SNOW THIS YEAR HAHAHAHAH @Blankzy_ bro I’m on the toilet crying at that @Blankzy_ LMAO THATS WHY YOU DELETED HAHAHAHA @Blankzy_ I’m 16 in this. @312DARIUS__ @TwitAbuser @BIackJohn Midfield of lingard McTominay Fred and mata on the wing. They don’t care one bit lol @may_wedda Dude this pic is from the same year but when i was 16 LMAOOOO @MarcusSmarfy Picture is from 2016 LOL @RCrabbioli but not quiet enoughwatching a midfield of fred mctominay and lingard. good times @serenatei Yeah @serenatei Now Serena @ffsSvet I’m cleaning with it on in the background LOL @VinnyCantFight LMAOOO shit came back 2 hours after i left home and i just got backPOWER IS BACK ON @SkreetMan @100TJackiee @OnTheFlyTwitch LMAOOO “hunter” @jackiereyz 🕺🏽💜 @WhosBreezyUK Stone cold eyes @may_wedda Bro i look better at 17 than 21!!!!! @k1gotsuspended LMAOOOO @resolute FACTS. This wasn’t on my 2020 bingo card @dr2xter I wish @may_wedda Cold eyes 👁Drake and I are the same I K E S @ILOVETHlCCJAWNS Conrad heatedI miss Ibra at United @may_wedda @CrypticNo LMAOOO @CrypticNo us @CrypticNo we gonna have matching ps5s 🙊 @atSerpentine @HarryButAverage ive been silver 3 since rank came out but i didnt really play much. ima play more this act @atSerpentine @HarryButAverage silver 3 @atSerpentine @HarryButAverage dude i still have no power LMAOOOWHEWWWWWWW @atSerpentine @HarryButAverage SMOKEDDDDDD ROSS PACK IN THE AIRYou tweet about the Mets as if they were an ex that cheated on you @jcupisinnocent im sickMy king lost 90 pounds and still going. Bless up 🙏🏽 Jake Paul's Home Being Searched by FBI, Warrant Issued
Retweeted by LazaUhhhh EXCUSE ME?
Retweeted by Laza @veefroggy proud of you vee lets goooooooo @veefroggy yessahhhhhhh @TiddyDropVids im shattering my shoulder if i pitchAfter I strike him out @jcupisinnocent @SamManlol @Mako @Froste now im not even in this blasted tourney. why am i here???? @Avalanche100T Yeah have no power at home so came to the city to chill with my mom