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Em @lazerwalker Toronto, Ontario

Experimental games, interactive art, OSS tools. Games & spatial computing advocate @microsoft 🥑. Formerly @recursecenter @mitmedialab. she/they 🏳️‍⚧️ 💕

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@polexa Ahhh that sounds so lovely!You can’t get a bodega bacon egg and cheese there, but I used to go down to my corner Späti every morning and pay 0… has Spätis ("spät" = late) that are as magical as bodegas. There's a bottle opener at the cash register so y…
@bitandbang may humanity (let alone the US) survive long enough to get a 420th presidentReminder: even in this weird liminal quarantine time, take vacation!! I’m currently bouncing between cleaning my a… are two hard problems in computer science: we only have one joke, and it’s no longer funny @GretchenAMcC @roguelike_con @WIRED I know, right?! I'm really excited for the stuff I'm working on to push that ev… would also shout out @tigershungry's great Party In A Google Sheet. no video, no names even... but it definitely…
Retweeted by Em @ali_heston Yeah, this talk is great since it's so much about "how do localization and narrative design/environment… @ali_heston I really liked the Destiny localization talk (, but IIRC more of the talk is ab… @roguelike_con social space (I really need to come up with a catchy name for it 😂) got a shoutout in this great…“But doctor, YOU are Pagliacci!” *a buzzing swarm envelops the doctor, leaving him wearing full clown makeup when it dissipates*My phone just autocorrected “Pagliacci” to “Pagliacco”, which I think suggests the latter is the singular and the f… if you’re still in line, stay in line. LEGALLY they have to sell you a PS5
Retweeted by Em“I appreciate our brand is queer-friendly, but shouldn’t there be an L and a G in there? What does the second Q sta… @SirPF @madjackmcmad @ImpactGameworks "2 of 98 users found this helpful"want to thank the teen on tiktok who said “NSYNC” by pronouncing each individual letter for reminding me that i am ready for the urn
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tired: `class Car extends Vehicle` wired:
Retweeted by Em @ChloeCondon He murders your emails and uses their contents to use to send as spam! @unormal @landongn @lucyamorris @catacalypto @Nonadecimal Because of course this is the way the world works, this a… @unormal @landongn @lucyamorris @catacalypto @Nonadecimal *raises additional volunteer hand* @transgamerthink Yeah, it’s deeply unsatisfying. FYI, “Pinnacle” just means “will drop above your current average… can’t stop looking at this
Retweeted by EmWhen I had functionally zero access to health insurance in Germany (long story), paying out-of-pocket for an EpiPen… tend to dip my toes into “lifestyle” games to see how they work, rather than deeply engaging as long-term hobbies… spent money on a 3D model of Jeff Bezos's head for this image
Retweeted by Em @ChloeCondon They grow up so quickly!!
this is my daily tweet asking @kotaku to please give a shit about how they lied to & endangered us for the sake of…
Retweeted by Emtfw you use your hands for anything that isn't petting grendel
Retweeted by Em @Rokashi If you want a longshot, cold-DM the person who owns it and ask if they're willing to switch their name. Th… @halftes6 I also love how weird and nonsensical the history is! Like, the screencap the emote is from isn't even ab…
Retweeted by Em @bitandbang *moves to the west coast*it’s called “castlevania” because it’s a metroidvania set in a castle @baphometadata @simulacracid I’d think of it less as F2P and more that an optional subscription (the season pass) i… new Destiny raid is... Good(For olds and non-gamers, “poggers” or “pogchamp” means something is cool/epic/good)In case you’re wondering how the AOC/Jagmeet Singh stream of Among Us is going, chat is referring to him as “pogmeet”brb, forming a non-profit that helps individual home renters register as businesses so they’re eligible for rent re…
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Retweeted by Em @MrMichaelAbon Oh totally! And squaring that tension for an audience that just wants to beat up some baddies and co… @mildmojo I think a big factor is what the expansion grind is like — Last Wish had the same 11-day delay, but from… @mildmojo Looks like it’s historically dropped either 1 or 2 Saturdays after the expansion’s Tuesday launch (at least for Last Wish / GoS) @mildmojo I didn’t play during any previous expansion launches, but isn’t the raid Iaunching afterwards normal? Pla… it when making your game not racist is allegedly so hard it’ll literally take years tell my cat “I know” whenever she meows but I’m gonna be honest, I have no fucking idea
Retweeted by Em @Seemo Look up three-point lighting for the conceptual underpinnings of what you want. The Elgato Key Lights are *s… @bitandbang Women like to listen to podcasts while men like to know what time it is. Classic gender roles.
@charlesv Yeah, this is an old personal project where that isn’t really feasible, hence trying to see how far gener… @thedak Every so often I get a Google alert for Major LazerNOT NOW, ZOMBIE MINKS am not looking forward to all the "lose that quarantine weight" New Year bullshit that's about to drop, so here's…
Retweeted by EmMicrosoft Flight Simulator can finally be played in VR on 23rd December. All PC headsets are supported so may your…
Retweeted by Em2020 mood @JanDavidHassel @NYUGameCenter Oh no! :( @JanDavidHassel I’m biased as an organizer, but Roguelike Celebration: NYU Game Center’s v… which fell asleep and woken up by its tiny counterpart
Retweeted by Em(To be clear, this isn’t me as a casual user being like “I don’t want it to be slow!” I’m trying something where on…’ve been nerd-sniped: what’s the lowest-latency way to stream playing a game to friends? Discord? A dedicated serv… organizers: if you have control over your marketing landing page and/or event platform, it’s worth adding in… my god, Paradox
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@LiToast We don't deserve cats 😭a mobage cannot legally call itself a "gacha" unless it includes Jean d'Arc and Evil Jean d'Arc as characters. othe…
Retweeted by EmModern web architectures.
Retweeted by EmThis is in Niantic’s DNA - a large part of Ingress’ creation was to gather GPS data on walking path behavior, plus…, Pokemon Go is now giving players in-game rewards/incentives for helping Niantic crowd-source 3D point cloud… @Pokachee It's not social in the sense of meeting strangers in-game, but it's otherwise fundamentally built for co-… @Pokachee I'm really digging both Destiny 2 and Sea of Thieves these days, but they're both admittedly not traditio… is hiring a director for a new game dev cloud advocacy team! This isn't part of my org, but I'm hoping th… @catacalypto I’m now also pronouncing the first half as if there’s a diaeresis. Löotcrates.I always appreciate the way Fallen London writers put choices in where they’re like “look, you can REALLY do this i… metal obelisk in the desert in Utah, but it’s an Xbox Series X fridge @yaleman43381258 @nnja Hah, I don’t have a Rancilio Silvia (mine’s a DeLonghi EC155), but I replaced my steam wand…
This is now a thing you can actually buy! 👃🏻👃🏽👃🏿👄😷 Every day since I tweeted about a “mask that unlocks your phone…
Retweeted by EmThis is awesome. Separate from this, Itch's default revenue cut is 10% (compared to at least 30% everywhere else)…'s government and police are shutting down efforts to feed and house the homeless, but refuse to do anything… your feelings are valid me: what if i FEEL that they are invalid therapist: [scribbles "oh fuck" in her notes]
Retweeted by Em @LiToast tfw you are a tiny baby who hasn't learned about gravity yet @nnja If you want an involved hobby project, I bought a cheap espresso machine at the start of everything and have… it’s Destiny new raid week, I’m seeing a lot of folks talk about “raid sherpas”. A reminder that the Sherp…
@docsquiddy @adurdin @lizardengland @droqen I feel conflicted. Skies is clearly a far better-designed game from a s… @ragzouken garfield.gif @droqen I think a lot about Sunless Sea, which is probably in my top 10 favorite games of all time, but I think is… got really lucky with the timing of my treatment that means this won't actually affect me unless the lockdown is… isn't great here — trans hair removal is covered in many places by health insurance, but is neither covere… in everyday transmisogyny: Toronto's lockdown allows essential medical services to stay open. Hair removal… game design degree, but you just take a course titled "intro to game design" 16 times, taught by the • CS depart…
Retweeted by EmCelebrate holiday food traditions all around the world with #SeasonsOfServerless! I've been working with a bunch o… @jongold I've managed to overcome that now in my current devrel job, but going back to that dynamic is something th… my ex-Pivots (and at this point this includes everyone still working at VMware) what cool post-Pivotal future-of…
Retweeted by Em @jaydestro relatable moodInstead of Twitch streaming and setting up a Discord instance for our conference, we built our own custom browser-b…
Retweeted by Em @davemakes new feature called beets where you upload and comment on photos of root vegetablesOops! All Shriekers!
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This may be the most adorable headline ever. 😍
Retweeted by Emone thing i love about social media is meeting stunningly beautiful & talented queer women who like synthesizers an…
Retweeted by EmPeople always talk about how you can learn a lot about consent from cats but as a consent educator I have yet to ed…
Retweeted by Em @charlesv the ol’ dicksaft @bitandbang @Microsoft @DestinyTheGame “Clovis Bray” is an anagram for “Bill C. Gates”today i offer you two cats in pants
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