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Em Lazer-Walker @lazerwalker Toronto, Ontario

Experimental games, interactive art, OSS tools. Games & spatial computing 🥑 @microsoft. Formerly @recursecenter @mitmedialab. she/they 🏳️‍⚧️ 💕

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It reminds me of the time I met the person whose job was modelling every cobblestone and brick in Shrek 1. Like, th… all of shader/3D graphics Twitter is freaking out about how good the new liquor physics are in HL: Alyx, it re… @devopsjacquie Can you send over some of those spiders to eat all the tiny little gnats that hang out on my balcony? 😂
@GalaxyKate token or placeholder? I tend to primarily think of them as “a thing that stands in for another thing th… @unormal Give people exclusive prestige/rebirth loot that swaps out each annual expansion, and you've even recreate…, a Black woman named Regis Korchinski-Paquet died in Toronto. Multiple witnesses say the police pushed he… find it hard to get too excited about HMDs that aren't standalone or wireless, but it's SUPER cool to see Valve,… looting
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walker @heyitry @bitandbang @p5xjs My modifications aren't in a place yet where I can easily link you a live version, but… @heyitry @bitandbang I'm running a 13" MBP, haven't particularly tested on lower-end hardware than that. @heyitry @TedMielczarek @modocache @MozillaHubs @devdevcharlie There are limitations in WebGL browser implementatio… @toggleModal I'm sure there's a gender component at play, but I have a friend in Berlin whose doctor regularly give… be “gentle” and heard at the same time is a path that is open only to the most privileged. REMEMBER THAT.
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walker @ragzouken a transylvania is a metroidvania where, once you’ve unlocked new mental health tools and coping mechanis… really can't shake how profoundly evil it is to tear gas folks protesting the suffocation of a man by the police…
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walker @derElbi Look, the Key is Mysterious, we have no way of knowing what will happen when you pick it up.there is almost no art made by a trans person which harms other trans people more than not seeing art made by trans…
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walker @jaydestro let's make this happen
@bitandbang I'm just now realizing my decades-old assumption that the "M" stood for "monitor" was incorrect 😂 @JasonEtco @bitandbang I have the exact same one, it's straight-forward and just works. @devopsjacquie Trying to think of some specific recs: A Short Hike was one of my favorite games from the past year,… @devopsjacquie The whole discourse that led to my post came out of an event called Wholesome Direct that featured a… @bitandbang Does the M imply you care about displays, or just looking for a switching USB hub? If the latter, I’ve… @devopsjacquie As in recs for indie games? What sort of stuff do you like? @erbridge Yeah, these are great. Super comfy, and I haven’t encountered any wear-and-year issues. @erbridge American Eagle Aerie, if available in the UK. Solid colors and patterns, usually on sale for 6-8 pairs fo… @jaydestro I don't believe you, gonna need to see a picture of Rico for proof @catacalypto the hero we need @catacalypto I will have you know that this is still eating a hole inside of me. Koster suggests the term may have jumped from MMOs to non-game tech via Flickr, a company that was building an… will never tire of teaching people that when you talk about "sharding" (as in databases, etc), you're directly re… @lanewinfield The time between this happening gets shorter and shorter, until it tweets nothing but this photo over… explanation from @lazerwalker on how to create a game where you play against 99 other people, even when nob…
Retweeted by Em Lazer-WalkerThis is the moment the bot starts to slowly gain sentience on my slides for my ⁦@narrascope⁩ talk (Monday 6/1 at 1:45pm ET!), and realizing I would 100% play this game @Jauxiles Caught literally red-handed! @johnnemann If it’s made under unethical circumstances, it’s merely a halfsome game. @liquidx @KrauseFx I just picked up whatever was cheap, under the assumption that when/if I start streaming more re… @Seemo I get these all the time with my dad too, it's so bittersweet. It feels really good to know other people do too 💜 @bitandbang It frustrates me how much the incentives on this site so actively encourage negativity. @derElbi @SteelSeries Gosh, now I just want to play some Netrunner @hayleyglyphs @autotectonic Gotta stan whatever legend decided Times Old Roman was due for a shake-up. @liquidx @KrauseFx My ring light is much smaller, but I don't have any issues with it being distracting or uncomfortable. @amyrobot omg 😭Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.'m speaking at 2:30pm ET today! Come hear me talk about and scaling a live Battle Royale g… the record, they still have TI-BASIC. This is still very frustrating and unfortunate.) @justMaku (err, poorly worded. I think most procedures other than routine checkups and basic fillings cost me a sma… @justMaku I don't know what things are like at e.g. startups or non-tech companies, but my megacorp employer gave m… @justMaku Are you taking a full-time job? I can't speak to raw price, but my work-provided private insurance almost… @johnnemann It's about time indie games started getting that sweet sweet baking industry sponsorship. @nicolehe your brain gets wrinklier, but so does your body @ckundo Ohhh, this is amazing. I'd heard of Plover, but had no idea I could literally just 3D print new keycaps for… @ckundo Do you have a steno keyboard, or does it work even remotely well with QWERTY? @ckundo Ohhh, this looks really cool.(Yes, this is complicated. Indie games existing outside hegemonic structures have existed for years, not just now.…"The voices in this emerging wave of creative output are too diverse to fit cleanly into a single label" is a reall…'m sad so many people are stressed and hurt over the term "wholesome games", but I'm ecstatic the discourse is ari… TI-BASIC games during middle school math class and sharing them with other folks is one of my fondest memori… @film_girl 💜 @lyyyndseyyy @KTamas I also (as someone who isn't a visual artist, and primarily uses pens to write) just use mecha…
@playerprophet ohhh, what a perfect cat 😭Going to start describing my non-binary friends as "like angels", this Legend of Zelda-themed sudoku puzzle is really cool, if devious: @katybeale Multiple times in my 20s this translated into “we’re going to underpay you by going off of the number of… @deniseyu21 me, sitting in a story estimation meeting, reaching into a cardboard box to pull out an appropriately-sized live cat...does someone want to write this conference talk for me? @Fenreliania Is it ? This sounds suuuper cool as a conceptVery good thread. I've personally been distressed lately thinking about COVID as a test run for how governments an… @jongold @EntranceJew +1. Having them in git can cause merge nuisances if you're working with other collaborators,… @autotectonic furtively sidling up to someone and whispering in their ear to ask if they “do the dew” @fakeMapClub 💕💕💕 @shortdiv (But I also recognize I’m super fortunate to not feel that massive a vanity metrics crunch on my team, an… @shortdiv Your goal is to help the community / your users. Being very visible is a good way to more easily to tell… knowledge or a greater sense of urgency wouldn't have changed my personal medical/living situation, and obviou…'m amazed at how my relationship to the world and to myself as a trans person has changed more drastically on 2-3… @mystic_muffins Porque no los dos? @theavalkyrie 💜 @Seemo a bloooooorpThis is art:’ve%20earned%20a%20follow&src=typed_query
Retweeted by Em Lazer-WalkerThis is art:’ve%20earned%20a%20follow&src=typed_queryMy favorite interaction on this site is when you make a joke, a dude replies to you with the same joke rephrased, a… @ragzouken A FPS where all you do is shoot oystersElite Dangerous lets you select your pilot’s gender... in the Graphics settings screen. @siobhanfgx @dinosaurrparty Huh! I’m on extra vitamin D and calcium supplements, specifically because trans estroge… @caraesten Even that cat is like wtf u doin @flavorjones Harry and David’s pears are very expensive, but are one of the best fruits on this planet. @editingemily I love that he is explicitly aware that it’s creepy, but still sends it🤮
@liv_artz Right now I mostly see it as a nuisance, tbh 🤣. But I can definitely sympathize with that! @autotectonic The simp-le of life @penelope_zone At least the silver lining he makes it really easy to find reportable tweets @dinosaurrparty Losing muscle mass is definitely an effect of estrogen HRT! I don’t know how much of that is affect…, or consciously choosing to take medicine that makes me incapable of opening a jar of pasta sauce by myself @hondanhon Actively requesting to be remotely stung by bees is a very 2020 mood.I just saw someone say they're looking for work in "IoS". I'm pretty sure they meant iOS, but I'm enjoying imaginin… @johnnemann I really like my Model M. It's a really satisfying enjoyable mechanical keyboar… @mcclure111 I still do not understand the conceptual difference between Google Hangouts and Google Meet, two differ… @lyyyndseyyy @jaydestro Woah! 🎉 @mildmojo (That also masks that your monolith func call might still end up e.g. pushing something onto a task queue… @mildmojo Cloud providers often fail to meet the mark in practice, but the promise of “serverless” (as opposed to j…