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Em Lazer-Walker @lazerwalker Toronto, Ontario

Experimental games, interactive art, & OSS tools. Games and spatial computing 🥑 @microsoft. Most recently: @flappyroyale. she/her 🏳️‍⚧️ 💕

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broke: machine learning is the future of medicine woke:
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walker @WritNelson I absolutely trust and believe you, but am also legitimately surprised
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@NeoNacho @SmileyKeith @mxcl Make every single repo on github a submodule of github/github @droqen I don’t know what it actually does, but I’m remembering how Vampyr’s difficulty selector (which you can’t c… @revodavid PC! Afraid I’m busy the rest of the day, but it’d be awesome to get some CA games going at some point! @droqen I’ve been meaning to write about how I only started liking Pokémon Go once I bought one of the Bluetooth th… @droqen Hahaha yeahhh A lot of games have short storylets that accompany each level. But a lot of it is just gri… @droqen Err, meant to attach a screenshot @droqen And a lot of games like that will have a “just keep doing that in an infinite never-ending set of new level… @droqen I don’t know how FE does it (the free one, the normal ones, or both?) but e.g. in this game, if that Auto b… @droqen I also played Nier Automata this way. If you set it to easy mode, there’s a button to toggle auto-combat @droqen Most F2P games have an auto-play mode, although there’s maybe an interesting discussion about the subtle di… years since Tolstoy bought the unnecessary horse
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walkerbrb, gonna go shoot various flavors of space mans so that I can make a fictional number go higherI cooould do any of the half-dozen things I desperately need to get done by the end of the weekend ...or I could play Destiny"how come a church organ doesn't sound like a chip tune, which is also built up from simple waveforms? Well, actual…
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walkerwittgenstein having a normal one
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walker @andypiper Parks and Rec comes to mind. Saccharine, but appropriate for the show.
@jaytholen @ben_304 @WritNelson To be fair, Vikings take very few plane trips, so business is *very* light @endocrimes omg, what’s in there?Still waiting for someone to make a Blair Witch-style AR horror game where you use your phone’s front-facing camera… @tametick I haven’t looked at this full report, but I’ve seen studies in the past that specifically looked at the t… also feeds into a vicious cycle of survivor bias! High attrition rates mean the people who stick around long e… games industry is overwhelmingly white cis men. If the average tenure across the whole industry is that short,…"When we found ourselves going from 0 to nearly 200,000 daily users in just three days, we also found ourselves fac…
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Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walker @AlxHague @tealtan This would be amaaaazing with WebVR support! 😍Hyper-specific advice: I've been dragging my feet in the trough of despair for an older game prototype, getting not… @slsoftworks asdf;lkwet; jealous. @KTamas not only is it a petty hill, it's also an incorrect hill :PTo pass the Jellichel test a movie must feature at least two jellicle cats having a conversation about something ot…
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walker @Jauxiles Yeahhh, I'm like 90+% sure spark ar doesn't let you run arbitrary code outside of their graph editor? Lik…大きい猫ちゃん
Retweeted by Em Lazer-WalkerJust thinking about how in Flappy Royale’s dark mode, it’s just nighttime in the city. We shipped it as a joke (wit… you imagine how amazing tools like Blender and Krita would be if all the game studios paying for site-wide lice…
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walker @MaryAGeorgescu This is SO GOOD @VividFoundry “Yeah, my health insurance is through an HMO. A Harem Marriage Organization”A lot is going on in the world but in South Dakota law makers passed a bill out of committee that would criminal do…
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@manekinekko To be fair, even when I worked at an XP consultancy that TDD'd "everything", spiking on some untested… up! My Toronto @MSFTReactor talk tonight had to be cancelled last-minute. We’re rescheduling for next week — stay tuned!The team that wrote puppeteer for Google built a successor that supports more browsers for Microsoft.
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walker @Pinboard “Michelle and I sleep on one of these mattresses every night, and we couldn’t be happier with it. Use offer code POTUS44 today!” @HylianJean @Justinoaksford They've hit the cheap Chinese white-label/drop-ship mass manufacturers (see:… @_Teejay5 Fffff, just saw the ad. What utter BS :( @_Teejay5 The times I've seen UBM-produced GDC promotional videos, every single person featured (who wasn't just pa… @autotectonic imagine codifying "it would be hella sweet if statues came to life" into your language's core grammat…
Retweeted by Em Lazer-WalkerToday workers at Kickstarter are voting to form a union. The vote won’t be counted for a few weeks, but if successf…
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walker @autotectonic imagine codifying "it would be hella sweet if statues came to life" into your language's core grammat… @autotectonic The Sumerian language actually totally knew what was up with the two genders: "humans/gods" and "misc… @GalaxyKate "well, he didn't have any blood in his body, so it must have been blood loss" @lmichet (fffff, I've been at this job 5+ months and still haven't bothered to order myself business cards) @lmichet *puts fingers in ears* la la la, all events this year were cancelled @vogueandcode I'm curious to compare notes about learning resources! All of my Unity work in the past has definitel… @skinnylatte Ugh, what a country :( @skinnylatte FWIW, if you don’t actually need to be able to drive, the California DMV will give you a state ID car… mods of temtem, the pokemon-style mmo that just came out, seem surprisingly good and active
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walkermfw a friend is about to come out to me as trans
@aaiman_a Happy birthday!!! 🎉 @hondanhon "Dab to vote Bernie, Millie Rock for Warren" @b0rk I particularly love when recruiters use the challenge line on friends doing e.g. devops infra at FAANG. “Ther… @leighalexander Yes! I just can't view it through any lens other than "we wish we had more frontiers to colonize he… if that's how he communicated with someone who at the time was presenting as a cis white dude, I can't imagine… thinking about the tech recruiter years ago who, upon me mentioning multiple written competing job offers for… @ragzouken a version of detective pikachu where every single pokemon is replaced with an existing real-world plant… @mogwai_poet @vectorpoem @plentyofalcoves In case no one's mentioned yet: custom ML voicefonts exist!… @rmondello It doesn’t get old, does it? 😍 @catacalypto The real elysium was the friends you made along the wayi can name a friend or multiple for every single picture here
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walker @slava_pestov @__apf__ @alexainslie I appreciate that the “straight arrow” branding helps me ensure I am using a pr…
@waxpancake I absolutely adore “inandialia Jones Temple of Doom” @bitandbang I love computers, they definitely weren’t a mistake @charlesv 2020 energy: obnoxiously asking “who’s the father?” every time there’s a pregnant pauseI empathize with not having the time or emotional energy to proactively find and report TERFs/fascists/etc on Twitt… @JoeSondow If they're dessert, I think that means you have to eat your vegetables before you can have them. Which i… made a game that you win by giving up all your personal data. This will go down as “project most feared by legal…
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walker @increpare I should be preparing for a talk, but @autotectonic "I wish there was something we could do!" after being concretely told what to do is such a mooooood. @autotectonic you're going to miss all my hot takes on Parliament Funkadelic and George Clinton @MaggyHillen @IanColdwater Pretty much any decent tech-focused conference would probably LOVE to see something like that. @increpare Yeah, I'd deeeefinitely play a version that didn't have any of the f2p garbage If only someone had made… @Eli_White The Mac + Windows desktop Office apps also use RNMy vet has the news on precisely how little salami cats can have as a treat
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walkerthread: a public member did an FOI request on the TPL's internal emails re their decision to allow the room booking…
Retweeted by Em Lazer-WalkerI’m flattered that this $2 store-brand microwaveable burrito thinks highly enough of me to include instructions for… @modernserf “Supposed to” implies a level of intentionality I’m not willing to ascribe to any individual artistic choice in this film. @increpare There are turn-delayed attacks, but no idea when that gets introduced/tutorialized? I need to get my han… @increpare Oh huh, didn’t realize there was also an official (bad) mobile port @increpare Legend of Solgard is a recent game that (as I understand it?) basically steals C…
@yrashk A lot of local communities have tool libraries like this! I've heard good things about @hoverbird @issackelly @seandick This may be old news to you, but FWIW I just paired a joycon to my Mac and pulled… @hoverbird @issackelly @seandick FWIW, that README might also be misleading, since it's largely describing the inte… @hoverbird @issackelly @seandick Have you found code that handles sending the right handshake + polling packets to…, @parceljs is so great these days. Just set up a new project with a dummy HTML file, a TS file, and some npm… @ragzouken It's reali got curious about the amount of manual filtering for @dril_gpt2. so i ran the model that's shared in their pinned…
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walker @v21 @dril_gpt2 All of our signs are made by hand. No computers please. We do not do "GFX".i was born with an amazing brain but my parents got rid of the brain and made me a frog or something, but I love it…
Retweeted by Em Lazer-Walker @herval IIRC there's a group at Berkeley Haas that's done some research around worker health initiatives that touch… @shreyabasu003 Excited for an arms race where an enemy of the US builds a hexagonal-shaped military office, leading…