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waiting for the great leap forward #skc #qpr #millerlite #listenlonger #blvdbattery #12thplace proud north london alum I talk a lot on @965thebuzz

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God damnit white women. Just fucking stop already. @JamesLauters Thanks!
Couldn’t find a bandanna or surgical mask thing so I’ve just been wearing this to Walmart and the liquor store. See…
This is how we social distance in this house. for now we are #stillhere thank you! YOU I finished ozark. Had a beer and thought man I need to listen to reo speedwagon. Just for clarification. That s…
Did we distract you today? #stillhere #justfuckinglisten!??! Chacho is 9? Hard to believe. Stronger, braver, smarter. for chacho to wake up. Hard to believe my little guy is 9.
And we wonder people aren’t just staying home. Its maddening. course it fucking did....this isn’t real. None of this is fucking real.! Such a great time suck. got an indoor pool. What do you want from him? YOU it really crazier than the time we all wore long sleeve t shirts under short sleeve t shirts? That shit was craz… YOU!
My new favorite thing ever. to be an issue here as well. your family and.....transport drugs?? YOU. not my fault it’s @KidRock
Thanks! @QuintonLucasKC you enjoy story time with uncle Lazlo? #justfuckinglisten #StayConnected #imyourdistraction @LittleHurt @stouffers Don’t sleep on this. I was pretty devastated my grocery store was out yesterday.
Why not top 14?! @homme_boyy @slimfast965 Seen it and loved it.
You don’t need to give it a shot.....
Why don’t you stick to fucking off. just put meatballs and steak sauce in the slow cooker. It’s a pandemic. There are no rules anymore.Is it possible we all just get a ventilator in our home? Seems like we should do this. If I had a ventilator would I know how to use it?
Huh @slimfast says no way. @aabcassie @slimfast965 This guy @slimfast965 says no @Nicks2007mom @slimfast965 Of courseFire this up and have a beer or nah? Can I do that @slimfast965 as I remember. am huge baseball fan and the season starting late is brutal on my happiness meter but let’s be honest. Baseball i… stop at 14? Seems like an odd number to start at.... who would be 15?
I’m just saying. You could always burn it down.I miss her.... “better drugs” video is officially yours 🥀 link is in bio
Retweeted by lazlo#letsdothis #justfuckinglisten story when they were babies and woke up in the middle of the night I quickly realized I didn’t know any childr… hits a little different. #OpeningDayAtHome, kid. It means the world.
One year ago today these went up all over the city. Good news is I believe you hate me now as much as you did then.… it really a show then? me old school but I long for the day’s of a good old fashioned penis show. is bringing you a collection of exclusive performances by some of the biggest artists, stre…
Retweeted by lazloIt’s 2020 #penisshows are canceled. It’s not the 80s anymore. about that?? Another show done! We will get through this thing together! I was born to be your distraction.… it looks fun! yeah, when you never hear from that person again it stings... ever just delete contacts out of your phone sober so future drunk you doesn’t text people they shouldn’t later?… @EvolBrew I just always pick the middle time and call it good. @Sweet_Jerry87 I can’t imagine that’s gonna help your “oops too soon” problem. @EvolBrew Where would one even find such information? @Bodhi_43 Thank YOU @Sweet_Jerry87 Again? @bustagrimes10 @JRiegerCo Deal @qyng1 The perfect snack.Tuesdays aren’t the same.....
We can only hope do you say? You want to hang out tomorrow at 1 pm? We will do a radio show. You social distance and stuff?… this guy @QuintonLucasKC first months in office from the chiefs (good but stressful I’m sure) to a pandemic. I…! are perfect.
Just put some anonymous beers on a few of my neighbors porches. if they don’t get those by around midnight I can to… are here all you to do is #justfuckinglisten! Thank YOU @Viotch StopDropAndRollWe're still working out the details but starting Monday, Lazlo & Slimfast will be broadcasting live from 1-5pm. So…
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Thank YOU! you like us! the news we have had this year.... keeps asking to go on spring break....she needs to settle down. always.! See you tomorrow. looks good on you. course! played and nice jacket. they are gonna chug beer on Facebook can we sip whiskey on Twitter? all do.
Couldn’t get the boys to take a drive to the worlds largest string thing....officially out of ideas.Is there another kind of man?
Just a quick question. Are you better off now than you were four years ago?Yo! Shit feels like it’s getting weird. We got this. #juststayhome #justfuckinglisten
There has to be one. Has to be. @Nick_Wright96 @LittleHurt @JasonKander @guylarious @Soren_Ltd @lindsaylohan Only 6 series for me was working and s… @EvolBrew @LittleHurt @JasonKander @guylarious @Soren_Ltd @lindsaylohan My talents are vast.1- cobbler 2- holiday inn room service (not nearly as good as it sounds) 3-bartender several places but Olive Garde…’s on my list of things to do this week! nice taupe hazmat parka?