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tafa is tired @lazytafa California, USA

(16) I have fun doing fun stuff. professional unfunny (ugly) guy #LetsGoLiquid #SFgiants #LakeShow priv - @tafas_alt

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@nahdeeyah_ League OMEGALUL legends @CrypticNoOnee @WhosBreezyUK @Yuhuuur @CorinnaKopf LMAOOOOO
@bumpaah @Glorinsz @Nefertidddy rosstopher
Retweeted by tafa is tired @zladam04 @bumpaah nice @humaira__x @bumpaah Imagine being a dolphins fangonna tell my kids this was joe biden and kamala harris
Retweeted by tafa is tired @atheliaweasley @FionnOnFire League OMEGALUL legends @COwOVID19 ..........IM GONNA LOSE TO TRENT WHAT IS LIFETook long enough, but we got in the paint😁
Retweeted by tafa is tired @Glorinsz @bumpaah @tytitv @root7K Carr really having th game of this life @COwOVID19 can i have one
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@picklespeng58 No way dave pic @NotAirid Yea :( @NotAirid Last in our division but we are in the hardest division @BumpFan69 @JakeSucky @bumpaah True @zi_was_here @CorinnaKopf @CrypticNoOnee He sounds like Mr Gibbs from pirates of the CaribbeanESPN reports it's lost its cameras at USC vs. Utah. #Pac12AfterCameras
Retweeted by tafa is tiredHOW DOES ESPNs CAMERAS JUST GO OFFLINE LMAOOOLMAOOOO GOT EVERY SINGLE ONE WRONG @bumpaah @Glorinsz ?????? @Comikazie @gwinchie If u use it for ur cat then it’s fine 💯💯 @aditwho I @_rockrob You can’t get “worse” than me. Look at my rank 😭😭is 400 dpi 1.1 too high of a sens for val???? @_rockrob unlucky gg @senithw_ @aleksandarosa @Dronecsgo @OfficialAproto @ANDROIDX23 @KOLER1337 I think ur forgetting shawn12590 @_rockrob @_A113N @TheSamsman @Reamey So y’all beat cryptic?? @_A113N @_rockrob @TheSamsman @Reamey how did y’all do
@_A113N thank god im not home to watch this @Willb3250 NO WAY THERE IS NO WAY ITS THAT BAD @NotAirid There is no way the boys team is doing THAT bad @_A113N @gandhu_ How bout now @_A113N How y’all doing @rinaeles It’s so good :(pineapple pizza is actually banging y’all have no taste
Retweeted by tafa is tired @fore_wright @aureliamarcelyn Vouch @rexclamation not all the timeDo u play board games toTHEY GOT YOU IN 4K @JoeyTheSuperJew
Retweeted by tafa is tiredi hate iceboxhigh ping/low frames not goodshort ranked stream @x2Pac_ThuGLorD hope she makes a full recovery ❤️❤️
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@COwOVID19 Suuuuuuuurrrreeeeeee @yayFPS @NRGgg gg yall got the next tourney ez @Poach health comes first youll get the wins i know u will ❤️❤️ @ANDROIDX23 @wardino @NRGgg @andbox_official goood luckk in games todayKSAIZE said if aproto can ace i can ace too LMAOOOAPROTOS IS TOOO GOOOOODDD @TrickVAL tsm 2-0 (and abx beating both nrg and faze) @bumpaah faze vs tsm and ssg vs lg starts nowhopefully faze can play the same way they did yesterday @WockWob I see i see @WockWob I’m pretty sure u can start taysom at TE @jakkuxd @JCFCofficiaI O ok @jakkuxd Tf is jcfc @LALakers824 @Wis_Alt @CryptiicNo Someone made a r*pe joke @bumpaah @muffinpooper @oFabz WTF That’s actually so messed up @oFabz Wait he isn’t talking about age???? @jakkuxd Shows @JoeyTheSuperJew ok so now i plan my night around being mad @JoeyTheSuperJew if allens team dont win imma be real madBro that Hail Mary was one of the best I’ve ever seen
5-5, 1v3, $600 on the line. This brought back some hype.
Retweeted by tafa is tired @Poach hope you feel better :)))) @AaronnFtw @FaZeClan gooood luckk in the rest of closed!!!!!!! @JordNoVanity i heard streaming makes up for all the pain :) @ANDROIDX23 @FaZeClan GOOOD LUCKKK @xoonies YESSSIRRRRR @AaronnFtw @FaZeClan @andbox_official gooood luckkk @CryptiicNo Ain’t the tourney this weekend???? @ElevateFN gn mr elevateWHAT CANT THIS MF ZLANER DO @Wis_Alt @CryptiicNo WHY THIS MF JHB LOOK LIKE DWIGHT SCHRUTE @TrentSoHorny @SportsCenter ONG LMAOOOOphilippine red cross charity stream, $250 starting goal! likes & retweets appreciated <3
Retweeted by tafa is tired @Sadrizer absolute garbage<kinda dog we love to see it
yo I’m on a billboard, I love myself and I love you all. lil flex b/c I’m proud of myself 😎
Retweeted by tafa is tired @ddoubledom1 i dont wanna @ him but poach @bumpaah #MALDSZNYou won’t find them cause their accounts haven’t been used in 4 years @reppinzzz make that tomorrow @reppinzzz The 2nd closed qualifiers start today @jessicaG96 @Sheathought @LeoFreund_ I bet u wouldLESS THAN 14 HOURS TILL FIRST STRIKEWHAT IS THIS LMAOOO was clean and nobody can tell me otherwise @JTayy_ 👍👍👍 @jakkuxd yep this is it @BennyTheAsian imagine not being excited for the next despicable me movie @rexclamation :(