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The family of an "always smiling, beautiful" six-year-old girl who died in a crash as she walked with her father ha… Johnson is Leading Britain's Conversation from 7pm. Listen live here: and friends of three men killed in a terror attack in Reading have told of their heartache at a memorial ser… of Londoners have once again joined queues at stadiums which have been transformed into mass vaccination… Metropolitan Police officer is due to face trial accused of sexual assaulting a woman at a hotel while on dutyón Calderón of UEFA claims that the British public 'wouldn't understand' the need to make Euro 2020 delegates ex… Leeds lost his memory after a car crash in his teens. He explains how prompting his senses, including list… family and friends of the three men killed in a terror attack in Reading will take part in a memorial service t… UEFA delegates to waive coronavirus regulations 'absolutely shouldn't happen,' according to Tom Swarbrick.… Royal Family have marked the first Father's Day without Prince Philip, with the family sharing pictures from ye… are 'getting close to taking over some major cities' in West Africa after consuming Boko Haram and its recruit…'You cannot please everyone.' Quarantine exemptions for UEFA were 'always going to be contested' by people who 'wo… Kevin Fenton of Public Health England insists that the entire country should move out of lockdown at the… Justice Secretary has said the "culture was wrong" in rape prosecutions, as he faces calls to resign unless he…'The fact that we have juries impacts the entire system.' Dr Nina Burrowes of the Consent Collective argues that j… Kevin Fenton of PHE insists the public shouldn't be 'cajoled' into getting vaccinated, and notes how educ… Real Madrid President Ramon Calderon insists that the notorious European Super League was just an attempt to…'You cannot please everyone.' FIFA director Ramon Calderon tells LBC it 'is not possible' to force 10 day quaranti… caller worries that convicted child rapist Colin Pitchfork will reoffend if released from prison, and demands… Davey dismisses possible left alliance with Labour after by-election victory @TomSwarbrick1 | #SwarbrickOnSunday'Life should mean life when you do the crime that Colin Pitchfork has done.' Lisa Squire, mother of Libby Squire c…'It could be Labour's ultimate weapon.' This caller thinks believes John Bercow should become the Labour leader, t…'It is wrong to say' that convicted rapist and murderer Colin Pitchfork 'has to be released,' says Justice Secretar…'I think progressive alliances take voters for granted.' Sir Ed Davey dismisses rumours that the Lib Dems may work… Ed Davey joins Tom Swarbrick following the Lib Dem's monumental by-election victory in a former Tory stronghold… six-year-old girl has died in Stoke-on-Trent after she was hit by a car as she walked with her dad'We have to keep our young people safe and let them know that they too, are welcome.' Rabbi Anna Posner commends t… Anna Posner of Beit Klal Yisrael and the Norwich Liberal Community tells LBC she sees Pride as both a 'celebr… Tory MP and Speaker John Bercow has joined the Labour party, saying the Conservative government "needs to be… person has died and another is seriously injured after a vehicle struck spectators at a Pride parade in Florida… Covid-19 quarantine exemptions for VIPs risks 'class apartheid' becoming the norm in the UK, Maajid Nawaz… government is considering dropping forced self-isolation for those who have had two coronavirus jabs.… than 700,000 Covid-19 jabs were booked on the day the NHS vaccination programme was opened up to everyone over… holidays have become more expensive than Europe as demand grows @clivebull asks where would you recommend for a… has said everyone should be given the legal right to work from home after the pandemic ends. Angela Rayner h…
A man who collapsed on a London street after suffering a stroke is trying to track down the woman who saved his lif… has demanded Robert Buckland resign as Justice Secretary if he cannot reverse the plunging prosecution and c… Conservative MP John Bercow says he has joined the Labour Party, calling the Tories under Boris Johnson "re… Barnett is Leading Britain's Conversation from 9pm with the Legal Hour. Listen live here:… Biden’s dog Champ has died "peacefully at home", the US president has announced Conservative MP John Bercow, who became the scourge of Brexiteers as Commons Speaker, says he has joined the… Scotland fans returned to Leicester Square on Saturday to help clean up after it was left filthy following the… Devon is Leading Britain's Conversation from 7pm. Listen live here: @_NatashaDevon to allow 2,500 UEFA delegates into the UK without having to quarantine has been met by mass public outcry. F… a shock by-election loss, the PM is under pressure to rethink the introduction of the controversial plann… Secretary Robert Buckland also speaks to LBC to explain how the Tories move forward following a monumental… historic by-election win for the Lib Dems in a Tory stronghold has been tipped as the breaking of the 'blue wall… up at 10am from LBC's Westminster studio, Swarbrick on Sunday. @TomSwarbrick1 | #SwarbrickOnSunday'We're not talking about bad apples, we're talking about a bad tree.' The Morgan Report has shown the entire syste…'They're not talking to their own voters anymore.' Lib Dem MP Christine Jardine believes that the recent Tory by-e… man who collapsed on a London street after suffering a stroke is hoping to track down the "guardian angel" who sa… care home worker is furious at scenes in London on Saturday, telling David Lammy football fans 'made a mockery… of Covid-19 jabs are being administered in London after stadiums and football grounds were transformed in… Tory MP Anna Soubry tells David Lammy that the party has been 'taken over' by an ideology that doesn't repre… Queen was all smiles as she attended Royal Ascot for the first time since 2019 on Saturday terminally-ill caller shared his outrage at UEFA delegates who get quarantine-free access to the UK for the Eu… Covid-19 exemptions for VIPs risks 'class apartheid' becoming the norm, Maajid Nawaz fears. @MaajidNawaz'They're doubling down on their perceived role as arbiters of truth.' Big tech are 'not learning from their error'… Lammy is Leading Britain's Conversation from 4pm. Listen live here: @DavidLammy VIPs to waive coronavirus regulations puts the UK at risk of becoming a two-tier 'class apartheid' state,…'It is in their interest to keep us out.' SAGE adviser Professor John Edmunds warns Brits could miss out on a summ… 22-year-old man lost his hand and several others were injured during clashes as police tried to break up an unaut…'s 'about time' western powers 'stand up' to the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party, according to Donald… world-famous Shakespeare statue in Leicester Square has been left filthy after Scotland fans descended on Londo…'It was a bit miserable to say the least.' West Brom manager Sam Allardyce believes England's 'lacklustre' perform… opposition to Irish language provision in Northern Ireland is central to the resignation of Edwin Poots as part… testing is being rolled out in parts of south London and Cumbria amid a rise in the Delta variant on the Tories’ bruising by-election defeat this week England may be hit with more rain on Saturday, a day after parts of the South East endured a month's worth…'The truth is, that it's the Labour party that should worry.' Polling expert Professor Sir John Curtice claims the… Johnson was under increased pressure to rethink his planning reforms as they were partly blamed for the Conse… cargo vessel that blocked the Suez Canal is grounded again, says a law firm battling to help its client off-loa… Royal British Legion will no longer sell poppies in the European Union due to red tape following Brexit, accord… 20,000 Scotland fans descend on London & UEFA calls for 2,500 delegates to be able to enter the UK without quara… updated figure has said 30 people were arrested yesterday in London after Scotland fans descended on the city Met Police have said 18 people were arrested in central London yesterday after Scotland football fans descended… have warned Boris Johnson not to take Southern support for the Tories for granted after the Lib Dems over… Lib Dems secured a massive win at the Chesham and Amersham by-election @clivebull asks which party would get yo…
Fans have gathered in Leicester Square after England and Scotland's Euro match director general of the World Health Organisation has said that donating vaccines to poorer countries next year… fans celebrated in the Glasgow fan zone after drawing with England in tonight's Euro game Met said it has arrested 18 people during its England v Scotland policing operation - most in central London or… impressed after their fans partied in the capital - and they will have a lot to smile about after a battli… you have a consumer law Q you can call, text or tweet me after 9pm: ☎️0345 60 60 973 📱 84850 @LBC Handing ove…
Retweeted by LBCOne of Sir Keir Starmer's closest advisers has stood down after the Chesham and Amersham by-election, where the par… 2020 news LIVE: Both England and Scotland took the knee before the beginning of their match, which was welcome… Pierce calls for the "ugly white elephant" that is HS2 to be scrapped. @toryboypierce |…'s Christian Eriksen has been discharged from hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest during his country's… Fogarty: Football fans "get a free pass" from Covid rules. @ShelaghFogarty | fans have arrived in London for their country's game against England in the Euros"Are you inch by inch making a comeback locally?" Andrew Pierce puts it to former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron, as t… Johnson insists he has "complete confidence" in Matt Hancock after appearing to call the Health Secretary "to… MP Imran Ahmad Khan has been charged with the sexual assault of a teenage boy in 2008 Labour MP Emma Dent Coad is "blown away" Lib Dems have won in Chesham and Amersham, giving her view on the l… London bar manager has told LBC he is "worried" football fans will try to pile indoors to escape the rain. It co… 2020 news live: Scotland fans have descended on London ahead of the match against England huge crowd of Scotland fans have gathered in Leicester Square with hours until their national side's crunch Euro… man was arrested for the attempted theft of a police officer's hat, assault with intent of avoiding arrest and as… huge crowd of Scotland fans have gathered in Leicester Square with hours until their national side's crunch Euro… rain and storms are set to take over the South East throughout the next few days, with flood alerts in place…