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Morbid creep of various trades. Writer of horror, weird fiction, and various unpleasantness. History nerd. Cat person. Noise project: Madame Deficit. They/them

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FACT: If you buy an attractive long-dead person's photograph at a flea market, their ghost is obliged to date you now, it's just scienceI love my dead priest boyfriend
Me, jotting down notes for the latter: Aww yeah, lance that boilThe stories you write because you want to follow this sudden strange, twisting thread that's emerged in your mind v… writing a book set in a concentration camp that had a Nazi flag on the cover and then flashing your book co… @esteemedmothman @esteemedmothman "It's like a bad pun" @esteemedmothmanI just can't resist Franklin Expedition-themed humor (humour?)
I read this in my office a block away from Hudson Yards, with its luxury mall, tourist-trap Vessel, and endless con… to the absurdly rich is a fool's errand. @esteemedmothman Seriously, good fucking god. "Love is the relinquishment of logic!" 🤮
Also disagree w/this article's author sympathizing w/people who find popular minimalism "revelatory" e.g. a woman "… I do take issue with the author of this "Longing for Less" book apparently contrasting contemporary capitali… hate hyperminimalist interior design so deeply fucking much., this is brilliant: be curious to see the Venn diagram of people who think cutting books in half to read them in public transit i… you can afford to buy a bunch of books that you're going to cut apart and presumably trash afterwards, you can a… I'm guessing these people who are like "Ripping books in half is fine! Stop being so precious and elitist abou… responses are just wild. "This is a FANTASTIC IDEA!!!1! Why would you spend MONEY on a BOOK if you don't intend… guys I've found it The absolute most pretentious way to let strangers know you've read David Foster Wallace hey, I'm in this one! Congratulations to Robert and my many Nox tablemates.
@philblackpool @katefear @Candinook @idwalfisher Egads, he looks so young!
Here's hoping I actually get a significant amount of writing done during the long weekend and don't end up slacking… @palecur @legaladvice_txt Oh, it ABSOLUTELY is. (Source: used to work at a pro-dungeon, where a standard hour-long… @idwalfisher I actually own a vintage paperback copy that somebody left on the sidewalk a year or so ago. I'll get to it eventually! @pauljessup That's why it's on my "surprised I haven't read it" list, considering my interest in the Age of Sail an…
Some books you may be surprised to learn that I (specifically) have never read: -The Haunting of Hill House -A Conf… @darpa42 On my commute this morning: "This station is: 34th St-Hudson Yards. Hope you like weird architecture!" @joannasaid @jason_m_heller ^This and The StrokesI've been having a deeply tiresome day ever since subway bullshit made me half an hour late to work. Here is a pict… portrait of my lack of social energy at the end of the day being menaced by FOMO
@farahrosesmith I don't know if you've only been seeking private practitioners, but I was able to get ongoing menta… @allohillary I mean HAH... or to HEH?
Retweeted by LC von Hessen @hotcistakes Been goth for 20 years here, bucko @silviamg I'm guessing a cisgender man made this comment?
@farahrosesmith Adding those to my list!Oh boy, one of the major names on my shitlist is playing a noise set in NYC on a really stacked bill next month. I'… @jblitz156 Oh indeed, that's a whole other can of worms. Neurotypicals can be DEEPLY uncomfortable with the idea th… @farahrosesmith I'm automatically dismissing this guy just for disliking Bataille and Lautreamont. Sorry your taste sucks, bro
@pauljessup I certainly hope not. Hence the "Poe's Law" tag.*doorbell rings* "Howdy, new neighbor! Name's Rob, and I'm a convicted sex offender. You see, when I was 26, I had… "The brain doesn't stop developing until you're 25, so having sex with anyone younger than that is STATUTORY… the fb invite had the word “ritual” but you get there and it’s just a noise show
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@joannasaid @storiesandnoise And The Smiths! @joannasaid @storiesandnoise Marilyn Manson, KMFDM, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, The Pet Shop Boys, Placebo, Radiohead @pauljessup Yep. And also wrote the novel on which Polanski's "The Tenant" was based.--or else wearing a badge with one of the endless identity flags I'm probably not alone in being unable to remember… identities are so new to the public consciousness that there isn't a ready visual signifier that someone… personally am okay with any pronouns except "it" (for fuck's sake) or those made-up ones like "xie" (although "s/… first-person narratives are also always deliberately genderless unless there's a specific reason not to be, e.g.… nonbinary has influenced my writing (for the better IMO) because I have no problem getting into the heads of… think (in addition to mental health-related stuff that's led to difficulty reading signals and whatnot) it's affe… of couples: though I mostly attract people who like women and femmes, any serious partner I might have wou… both Gomez and Morticia Addams, or the central vampire couple of The Hunger.Aesthetics and style are important (which is a whole other rant), and I'd prefer to physically embody my feminine/m… mostly present as female because it's just easier for the body I have, though I've slowly been accruing more masc… wondered intermittently if I was a trans man, but also knew that I didn't want to give up having a lady-body perm… this was at the turn of the millennium and nonbinary gender identities just weren't being talked about at all i…'ve been aware that I wasn't cisgender since my early teens--in particular I remember, at age 14, having a beautif… times I'll basically forget that I pass as a cis woman, to the extent that I've had public interactions with som… I would be able to swap out certain body parts in the manner of a Mr. Potato Head based on whatever I felt… I'm conscious of feeling "more male" or "more female," but much of the time I don't particularly feel like anything.According to Twitter it's "Non-Binary Day" or somesuch. Well, #IAmNonbinary (/Genderfluid/Genderqueer) and I might… daily dose of Poe's Law courtesy of my nonbinary ass
If this derelict house I discovered on a coastal walk isn’t creepy enough for you, don’t worry, there’s a fucking d…
Retweeted by LC von HessenIt bothers me that Mr. Mistoffelees is clearly a sleight-of-hand stage magician, but the other Jellicles keep pushi… I did it, man. I took that journey to the end of the night. #Cats2019
BRING 👏 BACK 👏 THE 👏 DIAGNOSIS 👏 OF 👏 NEURASTHENIA 👏I'm really curious as to whether this legend had any influence on The Shadow over Innsmouth. #HPLovecraft @farahrosesmith @pinguinus @coilingoracle @MichaelTCisco Sure! I haven't been there in a couple of years, and it is…
Another day, another person-who-has-made-great-art-that's-been-influential-to-me-personally turns out to be a giant… my copy of SL Edwards' debut collection (complete with terrible puns) in the mail yesterday. So great is its ap… @Jon__Padgett Accursed Inhabitants of the House of Grimscribe
If you aren't aware of, and concerned by, this active Supreme Court case, you goddamn well should be: "Planned Parenthood is a callous abortionplex that coerces expectant mothers into getting unwanted abor…
First story submission of the year: SENT!
Good bloody god. Someone actually drank from a fucking witch bottle. Happy 2020 I guess @farahrosesmith HARD SAMEI refrained from getting into the anti-capitalist origins of that game . . .A woman in this WiFi cafe was just talking about how she wants to buy Monopoly for her "millennial" nephews (who ar…
@farahrosesmith I've never used a beta reader, but I'm also perhaps-overly perfectionistic about my own work and wi… this mug specifically for the office and it's already gotten quite the workout. Pictured with Li'l Uncle Edd…*pushes up glasses* "Excuse me, they wouldn't have said 'precum' in 1910!"Nobody: Me: Man, the historically-inaccurate slang is really taking me out of this yaoi game
Just once I'd like to see a vampire narrative that acknowledges menstruation
@Chiliblade Grove Press editions. @Chiliblade It's a response to the general attitude on display (which I've seen older and ostensibly more mature people also demonstrate). @farahrosesmith Please don't.If, like me, you've spent years wondering where those "freaked out on acid/I'm the White Rabbit" Thrill Kill Kult s… @farahrosesmith Age 11 for fuck's sake(Seriously though, is a ~20% acceptance rate considered okay/pretty good?)Other highlights of 2019: -My last minor background role on Orange is the New Black aired -I performed at Hospital… highlights of 2019: -I took part in three readings -I was on a panel for the first time (two of them! back-to…'d set myself an arbitrary goal of 5 or 6 acceptances this year. I have no idea whether the above-reached acceptan…'s been a year since I started making a concerted effort to regularly submit short stories for the first time in…
I think if I get sufficient writing progress done this weekend, I'm rewarding myself with a ticket to CatsI have a story in one of the books on this list (Nox Pareidolia). Well gosh was I doing a decade ago? I was unemployed and getting intermittent work as a proofreading temp. I spent much…