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Morbid creep of various trades. Writer of horror, weird fiction, and various unpleasantness. History nerd. Cat person. Noise project: Madame Deficit. They/them

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@knifesex I guess they don't agree 😔I have just discovered that Cadaver Synod memes exist 😮 @qveeraskvlt Bobs 'n' vagene
Sharing wholesome literary pursuits with my cat. Medusa but with intestines
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, October 4, 1908
Retweeted by LC von Hessen @seananmcguire For awhile I wondered why non-heathens kept saying their recently-deceased pets had taken the bridge… @DF_Lewis review of my story in the latest issue of Vastarien. could be us etc
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I don't own a sword but I do have daggers speaking, between the two of them I'm pretty sure the real enemy is American imperialism, just sayin'Me whenever I hear about this King Kong vs Godzilla thing that's apparently coming out: "But why don't they just te… Moines Tribune, Iowa, December 22, 1928
Retweeted by LC von Hessen @_Sheehogue_ @nadiabulkin The Marbled Swarm is a good one as far as Dennis Cooper unreliable narrators
(This, BTW, is the case in all three new stories I have slated to come out this year thus far)As I work on a WIP today I'm reminded that one of the apparent hallmarks of an LC von Hessen story is the fact that… this would be very sexy and I support this
Vital information 🍆🌮🐴 fragments of a 1909 movie called Mr. Physical Culture's Surprise Party
Retweeted by LC von HessenI have a poster of this very scene on my bedroom wall . . and I've been asked to contribute reprints to a couple of ebook releases this year, so this is more lighthea…, though: I've already got three stories accepted into anthologies slated to come out this year and am working… this year's submission goal should be "get rejected from EVERY anthology that's potentially up for a major horror-genre award" 🤔🤔🤔Two anthologies that rejected my story submissions made it onto this year's Stoker awards preliminary ballot, guess… @Lenniesaurus As an American true crime nerd, I can affirm that Americans as a whole know absolutely fuck-all about…
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Monty refuses to let me read any more of the infamous pizza horror anthology! FINE, buddy, I guess it's your book n… degenerate reading material purchased with my latest Covid stimulus.
@UndertowPubs @Valancourt_B The fuck is this guy's deal?Yet another reminder that I would be okay with the cover art for any and all future books I might publish just bein… @NMamatas Also: Kate Manne's Down Girl???This goddamn shot @dlbowman76 My father from Southern Missouri did, but he told me once that he pronounced it that way on purpose bec…
@NMamatas @NMamatas Wasn't there already a TV series like this with Norman Bates as a teenager, but inexplicably set in the present day? @_sarah_lyons_ Oh wow, so Putin has actually done one (1) good thing ever
So we all know the Trump regime's "1776 Commission" report is just neofascist propaganda, right? Right. Into the bin it goesJust a boy and his human.
Retweeted by LC von Hessenme, cradling the state of my wip
Retweeted by LC von HessenIDK, just a thought 🙃 got my first story rejection of 2021. Meh @NMamatas Mamma mia! 🤌 @esteemedmothman ~Dancing on your grave~Worth noting I did once play a set in a venue called Slut Factory which had walls covered with decoupaged gay pornCan't decide whether to make a joke about this being the name of a hot new post-Covid goth club or about where I as… @bitterkarella I mainly remember this song because Marilyn Manson was my favorite band at the time and this annoyin… realized after taking these pictures that a couple of links are missing in front! Oh well, I own a pair of jew… never knew how much I needed a chainmail headdress in my life until I found this one
'Tis a fine day for a butt bouquet weird anti-vaxx/Covid-truther bullshit was happening in Union Square this afternoon 🙄💩🦊💩 Sahoni's Venn Diagram of horror authors.
Retweeted by LC von HessenI hate to give that fanfic troll any further publicity, but the thing that perplexes me about that whole situation…'m gonna do it. I'm going to read the infamous pizza anthology 🍕🍕🍕
Well gee @NMamatas "Beavis and Butthead encourages cruelty to animals" @blackmetalbrews The Thing, Prince of Darkness, They Live, Halloween IIITook a trip into Manhattan to visit Gothic Renaissance and Halloween Adventure today. They are both closing soon an… 2021 is going: I just impulse-bought a high fashion face mask 👠💍😷 @_evildeadtrap, introverted city-dwelling loners who have some manner of eccentric streak and a propensity to make arch me…
THE MERCY SEAT: STORIES FROM DEATH ROW. Payment is $0.05 per word. Deadline's September 1st. 50% of proceeds will…
Retweeted by LC von HessenI had never heard of this author, so I checked out his Twitter page and . . . oof. Covid-truther and anti-vaxx view… anybody keeping a tally of the artists who’ve been outed as sexual abusers who went on to rebrand themselves as right wing?
Retweeted by LC von HessenWorth noting that the titular necklace in the Louis XVI-era "Affair of the Diamond Necklace," which severely tarnis…, have some adorable snakes cuddling @Micah_Castle Ariel Pink was at the Capitol rally/riot last week and is now whining about being "cancelled" as a result"People are so mean" - Trump supporter Ariel Pink @pinguinus @ninocipri I actually read your novel recently and wondered whether that was original or an adapted folk song!Fancy lad. @SarahRuthBest How is this dog real and not a Jim Henson creation?
Like yeah, we get it, you're 15 years old and read a quote from some second-wave SWERF on whatever Kids These Days… we're at it, the "discourse" I've seen on this site claiming straight male doms are all secretly misogynists/… - How pathetically insecure do you have to be as a grown-ass man to list your alleged IQ and height in your Twitter handle?Also hilarious to be able to whip out the fact that all of my ancestors were in America prior to the 20th century a…'m reminded of the time I made fun of the Charlottesville blood-and-soil bros on FB and some offended Proud Boy su… cool, dude who recently referred to himself as "aggressively centrist" is hanging with Jordan Lobsterman now 🤔 @HarryTWalton Ah yes, the only three types of art and art-related books: -Design fundamentals -Old Masters -Weeb shitExplicitly right-wing SFF and horror will never not be dorky as shit. Featuring a foreword by Milo and the presence… am some combination of the last three depending on what day it is what's the deal with this Armie Hammer sexting scandal? Did he actually harass someone or violate their boundari… is also your reminder that, while people love to bring up Byron, Percy was actually a total fuckboy. #BysshePleaseAlso between Mary Shelley, Claire Clairmont, et al, the fact that, much like the Beats who constantly ditched their… Wollstonecroft dead due to lack of sanitary medical practices, Mary Shelley pregnant with her fourth child at… I read about the Godwin/Byron/Shelley circle I'm newly thankful for reliable birth control and modern medicine 😬Just in case anyone feels inclined to nominate my stories from Nightscript 6, Oculus Sinister, or Vastarien Vol. 3… @dlbowman76 @pauljessup This fucko will never take our tweeds from us @pauljessup Yeah, the shade of leather obviously doesn't matchI'd say "ugh, Madison, don't ruin vintage fashion" except his jacket is already slightly too small and other photos… they're still in love with the ex, or it's mutually codependent, but yeah, this shit is troublingly common noting the prospective suicide issue is already taken care of in my fictional version because there are plexi… a few days ago I finished writing a horror story I'd started in March '19 inspired by my distaste for a certai… @_evildeadtrap haven't been posting enough Monty lately. Here he is, enjoy
Merrylegs, missing tips, garters, banners, and Ponging, eh!’ ejaculated Bounderby, with his laugh of laughs. ‘Queer sort of company, too
Retweeted by LC von Hessen periodically see claims that the current wave of proud fuck-yer-feelings edgelords was presaged by South Park and… how, 20 years ago, there was a prolonged cultural Eminem Discourse™ (which was every bit as fucking tir…