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THFC. ohhhhhhh Moussa Sissoko!!!

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How have I never seen this before? Absolutely love it
Positives from today: Harry Kane Lucas Moura 3 points Lamela cameo Harry Kane (goal machine) @CA_COACHING_1 He gets so much unnecessary flack. He’s an important playerHi people! New account again🙄 Please RT this so i can get back a few more follwers! Lost 500 odd #Coys
Retweeted by AB 📻Watch Tottenham start next season with just 1 striker again. 😂 @richacarle Yeah I was just joking around because they have already started training with themUnless you’re Chelsea who can apparently sign whoever they want at any time they like.
@TalkingSpursPod I think if the money is there then Partey is the best option but as you indicated, that type of op… Series Ep 2 now out - Defensive Midfielders. 🕵🏼‍♂️ I hope you enjoy, I feel there are some clear targets…
Retweeted by AB 📻 @TalkingSpursPod Enjoyed it, mate. Great pod👍 @krisCOYS Yeah I’m assuming he’s fit. Sanchez at RB wasn’t a good fit last time round @MysterBurns Yeah man. I can’t predict Jose as I don’t see training so most of the time I’ll just post my opinion.… @krisCOYS Who would play RB though?Team for tomorrow then: Lloris Tangs Sanchez Toby Davies Sissoko Skipp Lo C… article. Massive shame that it has come to this because he is a world class footballer that is being wasted a… @coys100 I think the point is that, just a year later we are 8th and looking unlikely to even make Europa League.… @ASpursyPodcast @SimplyStefario Agreed. He took no shit and lead by example. Exceptional nearly all the time @ASpursyPodcast @SimplyStefario All just opinions I suppose. I’m 27 so not quite old enough to remember Baresi. Mal… @SimplyStefario @ASpursyPodcast I would agree the red cards record is poor but also mightily impressive that he has… @ASpursyPodcast @SimplyStefario I think his defensive capabilities are overlooked tbh. He is a very capable defende… @ASpursyPodcast Over the last 10-15 years, it is without doubt Sergio Ramos. He has to be a contender for the all time greatest too
@CA_COACHING_1 @coys100 Gotta keep that momentum going. Started to see the strategy and gameplan so just hope it continues @CA_COACHING_1 @coys100 Newcastle away is going to be seriously toughSo now that FFP has officially been scrapped, where will this leave football moving forward? Will we start seeing i…
I hope today is the day Sanchez turns his form around and becomes a solid fixture @CA_COACHING_1 Partey, Periera and DigneClose enough @PeterCl44777546 AgreedToby Alderweireld and Davinson Sanchez were excellent today. Also massive respect to Sissoko and Moura. Both put a… WINJust reiterating this 10 mins later a fucking changeFitness really showing now. We are blowingVerts and Tangs for Davies and Aurier at HT please @yid83 Tbf I wasn’t clear at all budThis is in support of Aurier @yid83 Yeah that’s why I’m agreeing. It wasn’t his fault. He made the effort and others didn’t moveBig up Heung Min SonAurier was the one challenging. The others stood still @lukenev13 @Trevorlloyd92 Exactly, he had 3 touches before he hit that at Sanchez and Winks didn’t moveThink we just have to accept that this Tottenham. We can’t have nice thingsI really hoped it wouldn’t be this @LeeMcQueen @MartinCloake @Katspur71 3-1 win incoming. Kane, Alderweireld and Mustafi OGNLD day. That’s it today! #COYS @Gards44 @Faber1982N Agreed, we all want the same thing. We are all fans. #COYS
@swspurs @michaelck1972 I always come back to this. The grass may not be greener. Look at the issues with Wigan etc…
@cenkthfc Not seen him play. Who is he like? @AltuKop It’s a real headache. I think because there is so much wrong at the club, seemingly all parties are in som… @Craig_Spur I’m sure he has made mistakes but I think there are too many players that need to be moved on. If we we… @Craig_Spur Problems started long before him though to be fairNLD, I’d have to go with this: Lloris Aurier Toby Vertonghen Davies… go back and forth on the current situation but if I’m honest, I don’t think this is down to Mourinho. There are c… @CDEccleshare We can’t get better than 0 shots on target against a team that have conceded over 1.7 goals per game this season?I’m going to back Atalanta. They have been good since the return and have been strong all season. PSG haven’t played for months @primevideosport 😂 I’m already annoyedMy tactics at Spurs moving forward would be to: Take more shots at goal Shoot when you get an opening to score I…
@lukenev13 It’s a tough position to be in for us. I agree though. I always look out for Gillingham but I am stuck w… @lukenev13 Out of interest... who would you follow if not spurs? @MarcSco26629125 Still played better than everyone elseGet in! Another clean sheet. That’s a win in my books. Absolutely buzzing @darrensuperspur I haven’t seen any evidence he has had any attitude though. It’s all just rumours @darrensuperspur @Manoama89203646 Not worth it tbh @THFC_aidan_ Our best CB @darrensuperspur He might want to stay if he played @THFCsince76 Must’ve missed that one 😂 @darrensuperspur @Manoama89203646 Exactly. Neither are worth their inflated price tags either @THFC_aidan_ That’s a very good point @atek75 Tottenham no shotspurHow Ndombele can’t get a game in this squad is genuinely one of life’s greatest mysteries. There is no justification1 blocked shot this half against one of the 3 worst sides in the league. Bit odd that @ASpursyPodcast Fantastic interview mate. Really enjoyed it!
@darrensuperspur I’m deeply concerned Daz. This is the fixture that matters and under the circumstances we really need this win @12Kez12 That’s our squad depth Kez 😂 @PPunctures Yeah I wasn’t aware about Foyth. Hard to say on red cards, I imagine there will be a few that are up for it 😂 @COYS_Cris It’s a good point. @Trevorlloyd92 £10M and we spent it on a youngster from the championship @COYS_Cris Yeah you’re probably right. Needless to say Jose will likely rest no one anyway ha @COYS_Cris @theladdiePA We would still be miles of CL. @COYS_Cris Just factoring in the NLD. We need players fresh as arsenal have 2 days more rest. A pragmatic approach @spurdawg1 It’s a good point tbh. Feels like a lottery atm @krisCOYS There are many problems. Tough to know which to prioritise tbh 😂I am fully aware this will not be the team. But I’m wary that Arsenal have an extra 2 days rest before the NLD and… @TheEnochK 😂😂 Lool. Yeah I know Jose will never go for this. I just want a fully fit team for the NLD. They have 2 days longer rest @theladdiePA My eyes are on the NLD. This season is pretty much done, but we can still win that game @darrenquibby 2 days less rest than arsenal for the NLD. We need to rest players @COYS_Mindset Players need a rest mate. We go into the NLD with 2 days less rest than arsenal. That will be a big f… @thegreatgeesty We have 2 days less rest than arsenal for the NLD. It would be foolish to ignore that @krisCOYS We have 2 days less rest than arsenal for the NLD. That’s more important for meFew of the lads will need resting before the NLD so my team for tomorrow would be: Lloris Fo… @Daniely79 @rosy316 @Craig_Spur We sit deep enough that we will hopefully nullify a lot of that pace @lukenev13 @Daniely79 @Craig_Spur I’m quick. I don’t mind playing 😂 @O_Keeffe_ @CA_COACHING_1 Agreed. I think it’s too risky to play him in a game this big @Daniely79 @Craig_Spur No sentiment tbh. I would have played Dier. But Sanchez is too unreliable for me.Has to be Vertonghen with Toby on Sunday. It just has to be #NLD
@JackPittBrooke @Dan_KP Swap with Atleti for Partey? @Lilywhite_Rose Just play in white ffs @CA_COACHING_1 Don’t mind the pattern but it’s the shoulder pads @Trevorlloyd92 No individual at the club is more important for us. Not one. It is genuinely baffling @lukenev13 @Macaully_Moffat Sadly it looks that way. I would be absolutely gutted to lose him. But if it’s already… got MOTM last night?