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#VetsAgainstTrump Jazz blues funk classical music Political Awareness is So Important lack of it gave us Trump My personal account to ldog562 #resistance

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@DeeRey16 @JCrongeyer Women children Disabled senior Citizens and veterans. Fuck us Bcuz we have it too Good .. But… @senatemajldr Moscow bitch Your lying sack of shit like BenidicDonald 160,000 Americans are Dead Do your fuckin job… I may have signed death warrant by voting for Trump
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@HurricaneEve81 @MairScott3 @OklahomaPatrio1 @ldog562 @greger_mary @ShashaBrown12 @BonJS0370 @BandieraNancy @ldog562 @greger_mary @ShashaBrown12 @BonJS0370 @BandieraNancy @ThomONeil1 @TilghmanChris @MairScott3 @tSlacksMarin
Retweeted by Ldogls @MairScott3 @OklahomaPatrio1 @ldog562 @greger_mary @ShashaBrown12 @BonJS0370 @BandieraNancy @ThomONeil1 positive cases in George's latest school district. WTF is worng with GOP, Don't send your children back to scho… @thegoodgodabove The only Child who should be going back to school is the petulant child In'chief. Until GOP have… my fellow resisters! I’ve reached my max of people I follow so now I’m restricted in following others till I…
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@nut_history I'm Old school. If you hotdog you better be able to back it up or there's gonna be a kangaroo court. R… @nut_history They will never be another Micky @DCooper_Resists @SofiadelCielo Florida is too dangerous for GOP convention But it's safe for schools to reopen. Sc… @TDen2020 Until reporter asks BenidicDonald about why he has done nothing since Putin put bounty on American troops… @chefrocky413 Good seeing you too buddy. @chefrocky413 Hey Donnie how did you like Yankees opening day With the Washington Nat's. Both club's took a knee in…
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@RandPaul paramilitary Thugs stormtroopers, This is what totalitarian dictatorships do not USA. We are not a banana republic. @RandPaul Never gets old
Retweeted by Ldogls @LilfaeLochgelly @RandPaul BenidicDonald should be removed from office. He is a treasonous bastard . Nothing except… senator ass- wipe. your a disgrace &Your Also a coward. @LenayTatiana He's a blithering idiot Or worse knew the whole time and didn't care. Then again he's a sociopath has… @IMundebo @BonJS0370 @BandieraNancy @zazzybritches @SafiMaasai @Ezim79 @ThomONeil1 @kristyshl @LenayTatiana Ron Johnson (R-Wis) another Trump Ass Kisser, Traitor and a Russian asset. We have to watch him closely becaus…
Retweeted by Ldogls @LenayTatiana DeSantis Kemp Abbott Ducey Parsons & Betsy DeVos will Kill our children & grandchildren for their Ano… governor pushes reopening schools. Hear this teacher's response
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Retweeted by Ldogls @zazzybritches @ThomONeil1 @oldmanliver @kristyshl @LenayTatiana @TilghmanChris @sarahbeth0404 @BonJS0370 @2Winke16 @BonJS0370 Paramilitary Thugs stormtroopers This smells like Eric Prince . It's what Totalitarian dictatorships do… name I'm thinking of i can't say. Brains. As in the living Dead. 🤗 @BonJS0370 @BandieraNancy @zazzybritches @SafiMaasai @Ezim79 @ThomONeil1 @kristyshl @LenayTatiana @TilghmanChris @bobbiejaneV @BonJS0370 @zazzybritches @SafiMaasai @Ezim79 @ThomONeil1 @kristyshl @LenayTatiana @TilghmanChris @BonJS0370 @BandieraNancy @zazzybritches @SafiMaasai @Ezim79 @ThomONeil1 @kristyshl @LenayTatiana @TilghmanChris @BonJS0370 @zazzybritches @SafiMaasai @Ezim79 @ThomONeil1 @kristyshl @LenayTatiana @TilghmanChris @sarahbeth0404 @BandieraNancy @zazzybritches @SafiMaasai @Ezim79 @ThomONeil1 @kristyshl @LenayTatiana @TilghmanChris @BonJS0370 @zazzybritches @SafiMaasai @Ezim79 @ThomONeil1 @kristyshl @LenayTatiana @TilghmanChris @sarahbeth0404 @BandieraNancy @ChristianDem47 @CitizensFedUp This paramilitary No Stormtroopers Thugs in camouflage smells like Er… @zazzybritches @SafiMaasai @Ezim79 @ThomONeil1 @kristyshl @LenayTatiana @TilghmanChris @sarahbeth0404 @BonJS0370 @newtgingrich Tough right Not one fucking question on Putin putting bounty on American troops, & The silence from R…
@RegVickers @tSlacksMarin @bobbiejaneV @LenayTatiana @JoeBHall3 @2Winke16 @kristyshl @TilghmanChris @MFrance923 @ThomONeil1 @tSlacksMarin @bobbiejaneV @LenayTatiana @JoeBHall3 @2Winke16 @kristyshl @TilghmanChris @MFrance923 @TilghmanChris @tSlacksMarin @ThomONeil1 @bobbiejaneV @LenayTatiana @JoeBHall3 @2Winke16 @kristyshl @MFrance923 night my resistence friends & family, it's been a long month. Be careful everyone please don't take any unnece… @tSlacksMarin @bobbiejaneV @LenayTatiana @JoeBHall3 @2Winke16 @kristyshl @TilghmanChris @MFrance923 @IMundebo @TilghmanChris @tSlacksMarin @ThomONeil1 @bobbiejaneV @LenayTatiana @JoeBHall3 @2Winke16 @kristyshl @MFrance923 @LjTass I'm a Vietnam veteran & we are in distress, 138,000 Americans are Dead cause of This Motherfukers Narsasism… than 4 months HydroxychloroQueen is history. Bye-bye Bunker Bitch, it's time to take out the garbage 👇 sincere…
@RudyGiuliani dog's have Muzzles where's yours now, I'm terrified that I'm my daughter's sole source of education. I'm a trained pilot, not a trained teac…
Retweeted by Ldogls @BEVHOWARD40 @joycek111111 Neil cavuto hasn't been happy with BenedictDonald lately. I wonder is Neil gonna follow… @RogerSBaker2 She's gonna do well in women's correctional facility.I'd rather get the shingles. Then see your pathetic lying sideshow. football team hit with #MeToo allegations after being rocked by racism scandal
Retweeted by LdoglsDon't fuck with lady Liberty Donnie. karma's a freaking bitch 🤗 Lol OH yeah You'll never be Pres You just play one… everyone be careful don't take any unnecessary chances be safe, Too many of us have Lost Loved one's. Benid… @we_aint_found__ I want to know Who's Gonna make sure kid's Wear MASKS Social Distance 8 hrs a day schools are alre…
Retweeted by LdoglsMASKS and social distancing saves lives WEAR a Fuckin mask. @LenayTatiana @IMundebo @2Winke16 @kristyshl @TilghmanChris @MFrance923 @utahfog @doug_in_nc @tSlacksMarin @LenayTatiana @2Winke16 @kristyshl @TilghmanChris @MFrance923 @IMundebo @utahfog @doug_in_nc @tSlacksMarin @LenayTatiana @2Winke16 @kristyshl @TilghmanChris @MFrance923 @IMundebo @utahfog @doug_in_nc @tSlacksMarin @Ldogls @kristyshl @TilghmanChris @MFrance923 @IMundebo @utahfog @doug_in_nc @tSlacksMarin @patricia_millin
Retweeted by Ldogls @jpmstrategies @realDonaldTrump Why the wavier Kayleigh,Why do parents have to waive away liability if their child… @LenayTatiana @2Winke16 @kristyshl @TilghmanChris @MFrance923 @IMundebo @utahfog @doug_in_nc @tSlacksMarin @jan90067 @trom771 Thank you @trom771 Thanks Ted. . @LenayTatiana @kristyshl @TilghmanChris @MFrance923 @IMundebo @utahfog @doug_in_nc @tSlacksMarin @patricia_millin @trom771 After my Son suddenly died last month, I have no compassionn or empathy left for these fool's who refuse t… will not allow this treasonous bastard 2nd term,No motherfuker Putin having bounty on American troops isn't a de… @kristyshl @TilghmanChris @MFrance923 @IMundebo @utahfog @doug_in_nc @tSlacksMarin @patricia_millin @SafiMaasai @WTFUDOINPTUS @ArkEngineer60 @JaniceOnley9 @jake_brum @kscancion @62WalterP @GenXNukeBaby @MFrance923 @JonFinlay1 @GOPLeader Trumpism Alt right White Nationalists Freedom caucus just another word for Fascism,Ripping children from… @ShashaBrown12 Thank you Shasha My friend ♥️. I'll be ók ok I'm just worried about My daughter She still isn't over… @Ma3573 I'll get comfort when this Crime syndicate family are indicted & convicted. 138,000 CDC project 1/4 million… @sabatino996 Thanks it's been hard for me to even smile lately. Thanks @DearAuntCrabby BenidicDonald HydroxychloroQueen Donnie Bone-spurs. Baby In'chief. Will never be Pres He just plays… @Ma3573 Thank you. I didn't at first blame Trump, But I do now. If we had a competent president there's a Good chan… @wokeupeeps Depolarization COVID-19 style, No it's not a coincidence Trump's love for Totalitarian dictator's like… @KatytheOldLady COVID-19 gotta be running rampant in those INTERMENT Camps. Shut down these interment camps, Reunit… @bobbiejaneV @BonJS0370 That Magat bought 40% of Twitter few months ago. This smells of Trump & Barr. Using the Tre… Nazism would do this 👇 How many more people gotta die, Remove BenidicDonald from office! Trumpism=Nazism. 👇 U.… a second Time & I'll post this until it goes viral,Probably has already 👇 Michelle Obama is launching a podcast… @nwTGcpvrO1h3BpH I'm slowly getting better thanks. @Betterw05759703 Trumpism Alt right White Nationalists just another word for Fascism, Ripping children from their m…
Retweeted by LdoglsAfter My son suddenly died last month I have no compassion or empathy left for these fool's who refuse to wear mask… @nwTGcpvrO1h3BpH Good morning Maggie @ShashaBrown12 Good morning Shasha My friend ♥️ Sorry I've Been mentally and physically exhausted since My son sudd… @ShashaBrown12 Thanks @Betterw05759703 Trumpism Alt right White Nationalists just another word for Fascism, Ripping children from their m… morning My resistence friends & family.Please everyone Be careful don't take any unnecessary chances Be safe.T…'s Narsasism has Cuz 138,000 deaths,Called Putin's bounty on American troops a democat Hoax,No mother… @thenurse75 What parent is gonna sign that wavier. It's Criminal on the part of school board reps & if a parent sig… @ShashaBrown12 Looks like a water main break .Anyone actually know what happened. I could never get My wife to go t… SHIT ! 😨😨😨
Retweeted by Ldogls @mmass214 BenidicDonald No motherfuker Putin putting bounty on American troops isn't Democat Hoax 22 soldiers direc… county CA votes 4 to1 Reopen schools Without MASKS or Social Distancing.What the fuck is worng with'em.these… @Denise13057 @LauraVelezGonz1 Happy birthday 62 yrs young. You just started the best yrs of your life.