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#VetsAgainstTrump Jazz blues funk Political Awareness is So Important lack of it gave us Trump / My personal account to ldog562 #resistance

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Retweeted by Ldogls @AngelGenovese3 Sorry sis I made them chicken parmesan. With snacks 🤗 @AngelGenovese3 I have a separate 1 for the children Who have been ripped from their mothers arms put in cages Funn… @poppij @bobbiejaneV @MaryHow16 @RegVickers @PatriciaMillin @WHurensohn @Haifisch_Von @MairScott3 @jasonbaum @bobbiejaneV @zazzybritches @Helen504 @lady_j1961 @jpierni @MFrance923 @kristyshl @BandieraNancy @SadandMadUSA @poppij @bobbiejaneV @MaryHow16 @RegVickers @PatriciaMillin @WHurensohn @Haifisch_Von @MairScott3 @jasonbaum @zazzybritches @trom771 @IvyTwoPointOh @rbcb199 @demnotDem @HondoResists @PatriciaMillin @wookietim @patschurman
Retweeted by LdoglsOk I'm gonna try one more time I got both but not together This is the beginning of the Clip I put together. Ppl wa… million uninsured people could get health insurance for free! But they have to do it by tomorrow. believable...County judge orders 200,000 names stricken from Wisconsin voter rolls. @TeaPainUSA I just signed this. I hope you will too. They're so close to their goal of 10,000. BARR MUST BE DISBARR…
Retweeted by Ldogls @Helen504 @bobbiejaneV @jpierni @MFrance923 @kristyshl @BandieraNancy @SadandMadUSA @ldog562 @AlimonteLina @Helen504 @bobbiejaneV @jpierni @MFrance923 @kristyshl @BandieraNancy @SadandMadUSA @ldog562 @AlimonteLina @KEVINBARR420Sea I've given everything for My Fur babies. Boomer is only one left 15 diabetic hypothyroidism I call… @TheRealDWoo Grata Thornburg definitely is. Sincerely the American people 👇 @WasARepublican1 @puzzlepeaces @SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @RepJerryNadler @SenSchumer Moscow Mitch an his party… is outrageous! How long is this going to be allowed?@SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @RepJerryNadler @SenSchumer
Retweeted by Ldogls @DearAuntCrabby @KathleenMcCarr8 We can just release Grumpy cat's sister lol 🤗👇 This Tuesday, December 17, there will be nationwide rallies calling on Congress to Impeach & Remove Donald Tr…
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Retweeted by Ldogls @AngelGenovese3 @BonJS0370 @GreatTammie @GDThor1 @CunningSq16 @HollyHuntley3 @BarryVictor5 @StaryStaryNlght @shashatheitch22 @jclark5788 @zazzybritches @ldog562 @GDThor1 @Betterw05759703 @IMundebo @GreatTammie @EveScottGarner @shashatheitch22 @jclark5788 @zazzybritches @ldog562 @GDThor1 @Betterw05759703 @IMundebo @shashatheitch22 @jclark5788 @zazzybritches @ldog562 @GDThor1 @Betterw05759703 @IMundebo @GreatTammie @Bellatrixx2020 @cecekat60 I hope they impload with their Anointed one. Sincerely the American people LoL 🤗 👇 Relea… @WarriorVulcan @IMundebo @MykeyCantona7 @unbrokeMs1 @Betterw05759703 @yolalindayola @CatsRule1226 @62WalterP @IMundebo @MykeyCantona7 @unbrokeMs1 @Betterw05759703 @yolalindayola @CatsRule1226 @62WalterP @CunningSq16
Retweeted by Ldogls @shashatheitch22 @jclark5788 @zazzybritches @ldog562 @GDThor1 @Betterw05759703 @IMundebo @GreatTammie Everyone just wanted Post this clip here on My Alternate acc too. Have a great weekend Resisters. Thanks.
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Retweeted by Ldogls @MaryHow16 @bobbiejaneV @MairScott3 @AlimonteLina @ldog562 @jasonbaum @BlueTsuni @RenaAmerican @PatriciaMillin @MaryHow16 @bobbiejaneV @MairScott3 @AlimonteLina @ldog562 @jasonbaum @BlueTsuni @RenaAmerican @PatriciaMillin @MaryHow16 @bobbiejaneV @MairScott3 @AlimonteLina @ldog562 @jasonbaum @BlueTsuni @RenaAmerican @PatriciaMillin @MairScott3 @MaryHow16 @bobbiejaneV @AlimonteLina @ldog562 @jasonbaum @BlueTsuni @RenaAmerican @PatriciaMillin @IAmJulesWard @AliAdair22 @JoyceWhiteVance Again when the Dems took back the house They should have started Impeach… @dodo That's awesome.. thanksThis guy's living in an animal shelter until his favorite pittie gets adopted 💜
Retweeted by Ldogls @democracee @sonifid_m these Repugnant Republicans rather live like oligarchs then obay their Oath of congress. Nev… @LuLuRoche Thanks @MaryHow16 @bobbiejaneV @MairScott3 @AlimonteLina @ldog562 @jasonbaum @BlueTsuni @RenaAmerican @PatriciaMillin @EveScottGarner @GreatTammie @AngelGenovese3 @bettypge69 @ThomONeil1 @TrumpSuxPutins @IMundebo @madmamavotes @EveScottGarner @AngelGenovese3 @62WalterP @LCSTORM2 @TaggartRehnn @IMundebo @theresacastilo2 @GDThor1 @doug_in_nc @LuLuRoche Yes. I mess around My little guy made a few to but without background @AngelGenovese3 @EveScottGarner @62WalterP @LCSTORM2 @TaggartRehnn @IMundebo @theresacastilo2 @GDThor1 @doug_in_nc @AngelGenovese3 @EveScottGarner @62WalterP @LCSTORM2 @TaggartRehnn @IMundebo @theresacastilo2 @GDThor1 @doug_in_nc @MairScott3 @MaryHow16 @bobbiejaneV @AlimonteLina @ldog562 @jasonbaum @BlueTsuni @RenaAmerican @PatriciaMillin @AngelGenovese3 @EveScottGarner @62WalterP @LCSTORM2 @TaggartRehnn @IMundebo @theresacastilo2 @GDThor1 @doug_in_nc @Ldogls @62WalterP @LCSTORM2 @TaggartRehnn @IMundebo @theresacastilo2 @GDThor1 @doug_in_nc @StaryStaryNlght
Retweeted by Ldogls @EveScottGarner @62WalterP @LCSTORM2 @TaggartRehnn @IMundebo @theresacastilo2 @GDThor1 @doug_in_nc @StaryStaryNlght Why won't you Twitter let me Post a whole clip. Thanks here's the second half sorry The 1st half hasn't appe… @62WalterP @LCSTORM2 @TaggartRehnn @IMundebo @theresacastilo2 @GDThor1 @doug_in_nc @EveScottGarner @StaryStaryNlght @theresacastilo2 @EveScottGarner @doug_in_nc @GDThor1 @StaryStaryNlght @TrumpSuxPutins @yolalindayola where is the Icelady, Be best while Donnie was slashing children's healthcare to non existent I don't care wh… gained access to a family's 8-year-old daughter's Ring camera in her bedroom. that all house Democrats voted for Impeachmen. We already know 5 Republicans in the Senate will vote Yes for Im… @savvy4me @BagatorBryant Yeah but Rudy's always been Obnoxious and Belligerent. He an the Donald are cut from the s… @shashatheitch22 @EveScottGarner @CunningSq16 @StaryStaryNlght @IMundebo @bettypge69 @BonJS0370 @GDThor1 @LCSTORM2 know that the Impeachment has most of your attention, But please Don't forget 67,000 children have been ripped fr… Nunes an If My aunt had balls she'd be my uncle...Devin Nunes Claims Calls With Parnas Were Really With Parn…‘Do the Right Thing’ Star Danny Aiello Dies at 86 @EveScottGarner @CunningSq16 @StaryStaryNlght @IMundebo @bettypge69 @BonJS0370 @GDThor1 @LCSTORM2 @62WalterP @CunningSq16 @StaryStaryNlght @IMundebo @bettypge69 @BonJS0370 @GDThor1 @LCSTORM2 @EveScottGarner @62WalterP @CunningSq16 @StaryStaryNlght @IMundebo @bettypge69 @BonJS0370 @GDThor1 @LCSTORM2 @EveScottGarner @62WalterP's at the white house this morning. What do you think it's about, It's certainly not about Christmas presents..… @sach_vichaar @wolfblitzer @brianwilliams Shepherd Smith was the one real journalist 🦊 had . No Wallace is 🦊 broadc… beautiful first lady. She hasn't 👇 Obama tells Greta Thunberg 'don't let anyone dim your light' after Trump's tweet. Again WOW........Pete Buttigieg’s Progressive Early Backers Demand a Refund. wholeheartedly 110% definitely without a doubt agree.. Yes, Indeed, Fox News Is A Threat To National Security. @PatriciaMillin @jasonbaum @wookietim @WHurensohn @TheOldOlaf @Cyril75799972 @mccunecicki @RedStateBlues_ @jasonbaum @PatriciaMillin @wookietim @WHurensohn @TheOldOlaf @Cyril75799972 @mccunecicki @RedStateBlues_ @jasonbaum @mimilu @mccunecicki @PatriciaMillin @WHurensohn @TheOldOlaf @Cyril75799972 @RedStateBlues_ @MaryHow16 @mccunecicki @wookietim @jasonbaum @PatriciaMillin @WHurensohn @TheOldOlaf @Cyril75799972 @RedStateBlues_ @bettypge69 @LCSTORM2 @BonJS0370 @doug_in_nc @GDThor1 @EveScottGarner @62WalterP @theresacastilo2 @shashatheitch22 @PatriciaMillin @jasonbaum @wookietim @WHurensohn @TheOldOlaf @Cyril75799972 @mccunecicki @RedStateBlues_ @LCSTORM2 @BonJS0370 @doug_in_nc @GDThor1 @EveScottGarner @62WalterP @theresacastilo2 @shashatheitch22 @BenArbyLA @ScottImmordino I think it's more like Gym Jordan.. Putin knows how to shake down these Mutts. There's no such thing as ex KGB..