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@currydtx Nah imagine sovereign phantom @Marved6 @texerino pause
nice stomp @JoshNissan @Rawkus @T1 more adr than acs.... sova op @Dronecsgo @GenG it's alright you just plan for the 0-4 comeback every mapYassine's Omen 🥶i perfectly baited for him and i dont even get a tag or an @? this is disrespectful af lol @nitr0 @s0mcs lets not even talk about my astra @nitr0 watch out for @s0mcs hes a menace on Omentrue caterpillar smokes've been released from my contract with @TheRiseNation and will be looking for a new team to play for. I have expe…
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@Asunaa did you LOL to your heart's content tho? @_xElias 1 2 3 dot thickness 2 outline on @krnnguyen_ it got stolen smh @Zellsis @Froste need u for this5k retweets and I'll remake this.
Retweeted by Nathanastra main 😄 @dizzy You're welcome for the carry on Astra 😉i need more @witmer shit post tweets when those come out god blesses americathis agent is so fun holy shit @MatthewCElmore @SpongeyGOD u trolling matt @Xeppaaa exists @WARDELL416 the smoke is so disorienting @Asunaa @minaweeb stealing tweets now, Peter. Douche. @FNS @minaweeb It's a little weird Pujan, no? @phoFPS @texerino picking astra is not even a troll that agent is insane
@texerino i either have duelists who take every fight and lose it or take 0 fights and are LMSmmr assassins are in full effect tonightLFT Valorant I am completely released by Equinox and ready to take my professional career to the next step with wh…
Retweeted by Nathan @V1Rara'D SAY SHES OUT OF THIS WORLDAstra is beyond busted @Zellsis chill out with that pose man @vanitycsgo maybe u should play this agent and have some impact on ur team kid @diceyzx 😳 @diceyzx How bout you speed it up to 2 CSTsomehow got #56 at the end i didnt even know where i was on the leaderboard til the last ranked game i played @aleksandarosa false
@dazzLeGO I think it's just really dumb how entries/duelists can use it on both sides on any round and also on defe… and Bucky need a nerf to their damage range imo 😃 @G2pyth Oni/Ion only good Phantom skinsskrt skrt
Retweeted by Nathan @FaNgJC @Xeppaaa this clip mid @Marved6 @hazedCS @chetsingh so much Chet slander on the TL man.. Ever think about what he's going thru? @CisionOfficial @Cloud9 we have to play better ppl if we want to make it to masters cant be an excuseggs to @T1 and my boy @currydtx gl in the closed fellastired of losing
Is this actually how Astra will work? 😮
Retweeted by Nathan @ANDROIDX23 when you hit match point in this game it feels so much harder than in cs @Marved6 @chetsingh U srs?
@Marved6 @JoshNissan U just gon take that?2-1 against @GhostGaming , for us being one of the top seeds definitely one of the hardest teams to play, insane in… @Shanks_TTV @jcrueL_ Chill let my boy bask in the spotlight.@jcrueL_ up next @steeFPS who cares if they are right next to b main tho lolwhy do ppl kj ult here when there's a raze on the enemy team pls inform me @maazy4PF @TheRiseNation @rikugoat cheating? against your friend? man new yorkers got no soul
@DonHaci @PlayVALORANT Prime Sheriff needs to be a thingGamers, assemble.
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@Subroza playing FPL with some ppl omg..
@daps @currydtx @T1 El Classico T spawn Viper @mooseloff wtf??? how didnt I know about this @maazy4PF @vanitycsgo @Marved6 happy bday bro @maazy4PF still colder than u tho @Asunaa @nate_rett58 yea bro real clean#TBTuesday
Retweeted by Nathan @nate_rett58 @Asunaa @Crashies @Sentinels mr crasherson nice win!
Victor "food" Wong also known as "The Wonginator" is known for his infamous tactic "Phantom spray transfer" and it works like a charm. @WedidOfficial yea I think if the flash was $300 id get 400+ fps ngl @nitr0 they just want us to fail @daprcs I am straight up done with Sentinels. These guys simply have no respect for anyone or anything. They alread…
@mummAyTV cant have shit in detroitAnyone wanna explain to me why Omen flash is $400 while Jett smokes that last 13.5 seconds is $300 and they used to last 27 seconds @kabooseCS @XSETGAMING That's Cold.gimme a sentinels envy rematch for finals (for seeding) @s0mcs Put a sticky note on the minimap and write down ideas, duh @vanitycsgo @DevilwalkCSGOD @floppyCSGO good physician, prescribed me with ligma after I told him only a couple of symptoms!week ruined
2-1 VS @natusvincere insane composure from the boys glad we closed it out on the last map, made the semi finals for #IEMKatowice2021 !!!
Retweeted by Nathan @1grimcs @natusvincere FROM FIRST ORANGE TO MINIPIT ALWAYS HOLDING IT DOWNWE LOVE @1grimcs @daprcs @hazedCS @Dronecsgo thats fucked up @hazedCS @Dronecsgo ill carry u next game promise @daprcs @hazedCS @Dronecsgo wasnt ur power out for like a wk bro 😂😂😂😂sorry @hazedCS @Dronecsgo
@Spadess bday to the superior nate @nate_rett58
@kilroyTV @RestFPS @witmer idk my pc is pretty overkill, but when i played some retakes in cs a wk ago i legit inst… @kilroyTV @RestFPS @witmer u tab back into cs faster than val loldefense side marshall force buy is a go @Poach @boxrTailored sorry not sorry @boxrTailored tbh if you do ur just weird
@WedidOfficial Sidewards @WedidOfficial do this one instead @WedidOfficial @ShahZaMk honestly didn't even know I wasn't following u @ShahZaMk @WedidOfficial LMFAOOOO @vanitycsgo you actually clip your toenails while playing omen dont lie#TBT @zacklombardo yw @zacklombardo nice