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Catholic with Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain-characteristics

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In about 8 hours I’ll be off for a while. See you lads around 👋🏻
Retweeted by 🇻🇦Cavalier📿 🐢 @settlerslament Of course Party of slavery and the confederacy @ServusJC Good @ToryPapist 🅱️erhaps @knight_atlantic Goodnight See you in 90 days11 o'clock breakfast as God intended
Retweeted by 🇻🇦Cavalier📿 🐢 @ToryPapist They’ve got guns and churches. For all its mediocrity, it’s working well for them right now. @settlerslament Lol what @KiddoMonokuma :( @Bdubs1776 He’s near me. Our province is in complete lockdown for religious gatherings. Three Prot churches in my c… @Fritz_Imperial DS9 @Crag_respector @PunisdSonnenrad Very profound @NameSearch_ @NameSearch_ Yee
@JacOb1teJ0lly Reverse the first three and you’ve got mineBy blood, I am an Englishman. By heritage, an American. By adoption, a Canadian. By choice, I am a subject of t…
Retweeted by 🇻🇦Cavalier📿 🐢In about 8 hours I’ll be off for a while. See you lads around 👋🏻 what The Protestant Reformation is where we get the idea of people being Protestants. We didn’t call Arians P… @RichardOfGbg @20thCenburger @OnlineXtians How does this disagree with anything I said? @RichardOfGbg @20thCenburger @OnlineXtians Not all Heretics are Protestants pal lmao @tokiIIthedragon @knight_atlantic @20thCenburger @OnlineXtians Protestants believe in the Crucifixion last I checked. They belief that Jesus Christ i… @20thCenburger @OnlineXtians What role did they play in the Protestant Reformation? @RichardOfGbg @20thCenburger @OnlineXtians The Church in its entirety. The Dogmas, the Papacy as a concept. Apostol… @RichardOfGbg @20thCenburger @OnlineXtians They accept the Papacy, and every dogma. They are not Protestant. Unless… @20thCenburger @OnlineXtians They aren’t Arians. @RichardOfGbg @20thCenburger @OnlineXtians Which is not what being a Protestant is. @20thCenburger @OnlineXtians No they aren’t. By no means am I suggesting they are correct, but calling them Protestants is retarded. @KillerQueen089 Imagine not putting eggs on your beans on your toast @mattkselby People be like “I’ll be home in like 30 minutes” an hour agoLooks: 2/10 Basedness: 5/10 Heteroness: 10/10 Intelligence: 4/10 Patience: 5/10 Creativity: 5/10 Whiteness: 1… @WidgetGizmo @kevinahegeman @ZayaRose7 @emrazz You say no to God daily. @mattkselby Why are you confused? @Sukham36796674 @scottyy147 @DabbyPeace @JeremyClarkson You think two million people have died of corona in the United Kingdom?
Retweeted by 🇻🇦Cavalier📿 🐢 @SoundladInnit Dutch are a bunch of fagsThis is a huge W for the Anglo Saxon“Please take that green and white flag off your wall anon, I don’t even know what country that’s supposed to be”… @knight_atlantic Goodnight @ALiteralLEAF Gn @MRai98 Thank you sir @Chungus1488 Very astute observation, I can only agree. @settlerslament They do They do indeed ;-;There’s a good reason this is unpopular. nigger @CottonTurtle9 Looks like dang is an Anglo word
@PDamian19 Epic @AgentSmeeth @Bdubs1776 What skill is someone who plays warhammer 40k cultivating @BadTakes_Ltd Well I gues it sort of is since he mentioned Word on Fire @BadTakes_Ltd It’s not directed at Bishop Barron priest showing off steroid muscles is not something to celebrate. It’s kinda repulsive. But then again, the entir… @settlerslament One cannot simply reply and not like @settlerslament Like the tweet niggaNever forget the 6 billion Indians in the Raj @simonelhanna Oofdog @CoolboyAtLodge It is old but it is beautiful And it’s colours they are fineRich, anxiety, taken 1/3 ain’t bad playing D&D over discord violate Exodus 90 @Bdubs1776Picture shown is the victim. Murderer’s name is Jamal.
Retweeted by 🇻🇦Cavalier📿 🐢 @ServusJC Probably trueEat Lasagna Loyal Orangemen @ServusJC Nigga whatShould we ensure 2022 is filled with a year of recognizing the efforts of remarkable Canadians as we mark The Queen…
Retweeted by 🇻🇦Cavalier📿 🐢 @noordinarysocks Fr. Mark McGuckin @PunisdSonnenrad Assumed you were a bit older than me Kind @DRetvrns @JacOb1teJ0lly Very true @Americanpius @ServusJC 5. Historical event 6. Patriotic 7. F… @MapleAndTea @TedShagger The first time I saw this clip was when it was edited to have ice cream truck music playing in the background lol;-;🎶And the first word in Rhodesian is Rhodes🎶 🎶That’s a name that everybody knows🎶 🎶It may be as Rhodesian as the fla… @KillerQueen089 WhatDestructiveness Oof @JacOb1teJ0lly Trying hard to disagree @mattkselby @ServusJC Ah yes, Billy and I are one person @ServusJC @mattkselby It’s me, obviously @ServusJC I prefer folk over country, mostly because country tends to have very limited numbers of themes, but I ce…
Your last saved image of a historical figure is your disposition going into 2021. @knight_atlantic I’m always ready to switch tabs/scroll down to the comment section when watching Mosley content… @literally_chad Wennee weedee weekee @knight_atlantic Based @noordinarysocks @baldpilled Kirkhammer best weapon @literally_chad Ecclesiastical Latin is easier than Classical thoBen Shapiro seizes infant libtard and dashes him upon the rocks of facts and logic✨ New Year's Kiss I'm preparing my best last year kiss and first of the next year mattkselby 😘💕 And you, who will… @knight_atlantic I turned 20 in 2020 It’s not fun I wanna be a teen again @LeafCavalier @NameSearch_ @mattkselby @knight_atlantic @ServusJC @jordanheartedXV @JacOb1teJ0lly
Retweeted by 🇻🇦Cavalier📿 🐢✨ Top Friends 🥇 @NameSearch_ 🥈 @mattkselby 🥉 @knight_atlantic 🏅 @NewfoundNation 🏅 @ServusJC 🏅 @jordanheartedXV 🏅… day you can RT this
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@letmegofishing This is a based map wdym @StokieDrew @ga_richardson Literally none of these make that list lmao Thatcher was a cucked Enoch Powell, Church… @luismen1991 @ego_obedire I don’t like ANY of this Aaaaaaaaaaaa @nickgshitpost @MathewRito @TODauer @Salon Planned parenthood mass murders babies, don’t really care about what they have to say. @nickgshitpost @MathewRito @TODauer @Salon It’s wildly immoral and the effects on the brain are astounding. @owenbroadcast 🤔🤔🤔