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D Hart @leaffan16 Colchester Ontario 🇨🇦

Proud Canadian . Flaming feminist Nasty woman Her/She #metoo #resist

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@donwinslow @CNN @ddale8 For the record @ddale8 is on loan 🇨🇦 @michaelcoren Or peeing. Sorry, British grand folks @brittlestar @MattBellassai My British born grandpa had these on the ready. I loved them! Thank you for the reminde… make it stop @kristadb1 Late. We’ve been playing that one for months
@JLCauvin But we can think it right? @jrusso67 @TheWindsorStar It’s based on comptency. Unless you know otherwise? And it’s spelt colour 🇨🇦 @jrusso67 @TheWindsorStar No. It’s a celebration of where we are and what we’ve overcome. and it’s * colour 🇨🇦This. It’s 🇨🇦. You cannot be this nice without being 🇨🇦 Congratulations Eugene ❤️❤️🇨🇦 he thinks this a bad thing 😂😂😂😂
This was actually a Cartoon for @chronicleherald #TrumpIsUnwell #Trump #TrumpFailedAmerica #TrumpVirusCatastrophe
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@TamiWritesStuff @erinentrada @JustinSwartz63 I have a big sofa 😂 @CEdmundWright @JustinSwartz63 Don’t forget the swearing. We are potty mouths @LindaMarkss @JustinSwartz63 Linda we will welcome you back! @timmyb58 @JustinSwartz63 Omg! Thought you had to be 🇨🇦to know all this. That’s a follow @samuelt22223 😂😂😂 @amarah31 @MonicaLewinsky The time a bee flew up my skirt and stung me..... well you know the rest. Never did find that stinger 🤷‍♀️
Canada's borders remain closed to all non-essential travel, while still permitting the flow of essential goods and…
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Let’s go.
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Published: January 2020
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@Nasty_007_ 😂 #same @ashlie_weeks You forgot “I will be nice” And “I will say Sorry 50 times a day”AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING @VancityReynolds & @blakelively
Retweeted by D HartTonight on Lake Erie 🇨🇦
@maryangelafitz And the greenhouses in Leamington. My sister in law works at one and just tested positiveMy new video. #TrumpsEvilPlan We really need ***15,000 retweets FAST*** to beat the suppression efforts underway…
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@maryangelafitz Still in phase 2 here. Just 2 hours from you. Because people here are stupid 🙄
@amarah31 I have two hands 😂What a great laugh to start out the day 😂😂😭🤣🤣
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Retweeted by D Hart"The mysterious, low-frequency noise that plagued the city of Windsor, Ont., for nearly a decade has finally quiete…
Retweeted by D HartRetweet this video folks! Heh @IvankaTrump how' are ya Got those Chinese voting machines ready to roll out? Are yo…
Retweeted by D HartI’m crying...😂😭🤣
Retweeted by D HartOnce in a while a great follow falls into your lap @GordonLeenders Looking forward 🇨🇦 @thebaldguyrants @nutfreezone @jamie2181 As a 🇨🇦 I get a little pissed. Wine helps 😂 @nutfreezone @thebaldguyrants @jamie2181 Biggest mistake tonight. Drink three glasses of wine and read the comments…
Vancouver: $5,000 to anyone who returns this bear to Mara. Zero questions asked. I think we all need this bear to c…
Retweeted by D HartThis fella has it right:
Retweeted by D Hart150,000 dead Americans. I’m working a 13 hour shift at the hospital. Trump is golfing with Brett Favre.
Retweeted by D Hart @Nasty_007_ Sorry. Still hilarious 😂😂 @Lady3The @JamesSu58979233 @CBCNews Not unfounded rumours. Do research. Greenhouses cannot get 🇨🇦 to do the work th… @Lady3The @Gina_3 @JamesSu58979233 @CBCNews Canadians are just unwilling.
@JamesSu58979233 @CBCNews This is my area. Some greenhouse owners pack them in living arrangements that do not allo… @Bethenny For any of your 🇨🇦 followers Make Good Food Canada is outstanding! Not a meal delivery but recipes with all ingredientsThe internet remains undefeated. Who did this?🤭🤣😭🤣🤣
Retweeted by D HartMy new video: #AmericasGreatestMistake We need 10,000 retweets in two hours. Please remember you can retweet tw…
Retweeted by D Hart.@donwinslow does it again with another monster of an ad. Retweet this gem far and wide. #AmericasGreatestMistake
Retweeted by D Hart @JLCauvin She raised a good man. Relax Mum. Time to reap your rewards x
...because music soothes even the most savage beast. 🎶
Retweeted by D Hart#trumptheDiaster Live from Panama. I'm standing here in front of this massive Canadian cargo plane. It's carrying 36,…
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@Nasty_007_ 😂😂😂😂
@MarkHertling @HoarseWisperer I thought he said he would cut funding to any state who didn’t open schools? @JSEveret Same name “Don the Con”
@amarah31 @fras99 😂why?R.I.P. #JohnLewis #CivilRights #CivilRightsICON #BLM #EqualityForAll #hero 17x11 watercolor / mixed media
Retweeted by D Hart @andreeamangeac @Andy @realDonaldTrump Justify this response. With facts please. I’m Canadian. We do facts (it’s li… @LauraSavino747 @beachguy291 Toothbrush and toothpaste. Pictures of kids when they were little. My mum’s pearl earrings.
For people who enjoyed the limited Mike Pence appearances here is 25 years of time lapsed Mike Pence coronavirus br…
Retweeted by D Hart @cogasdvt Yup! A bunch of GOP congress signed something about reopening 🇨🇦 border. So they want to open mine. But close theirs. Weird shit.
John Lewis was a fearless advocate for what he knew to be true, and he never stopped fighting for equality and just…
Retweeted by D HartThis is the video we released last night that twitter is trying to censor. Please share. We refuse to be silenced.…
Retweeted by D Hart @franklinleonard Fuck. I’m sobbing. Politics aside. I’m 🇨🇦. Just mourning a really great man. @AndrewTumilty I’m literally in tears. Uncontrollable tears. Please tell me the path he carved is the future. It doesn’t seem so right now @Trump_Detester Had everyone butted in on Germany’s business in 1938....well you know the rest @maryangelafitz @g_bittel I’m thinking $600 grand and you still look like that?
"Our government will invest over $19 billion to ensure the provinces and territories have the support they need to…
Retweeted by D Hart @Cre8iv_Canuck They are not perfect. Far from it. But my brother is a cop. He’s hugely important to this family. Pu… @kristoph_errr ❤️ @CandyisDandy100 @GhostOfLuv3 Same @michellebhasin @JLCauvin (not yet verified) and @bruceanderson @TheRickWilson @Lowes Yea they do. But there’s no evidence they contribute to Trump. I’m looking at you… save lives. That’s why we’re working here at home and with partners around the world to find one. And when…
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@PnPCBC @RepBrianHiggins Who gives a flying F what this guy thinks. Brian you do 🇺🇸 We’ll do 🇨🇦. How about that? @kristoph_errr Imagine the lawlessness when he doesn’t have to face the voters? Makes me shudder
@cbcasithappens @RepKathleenRice @nilkoksalcbc We. Don’t. Care. What. US Congress. Thinks. It’s our border and we will decide 🇨🇦💪🏻
@bruceanderson Maybe make the trees evergreen? Then let’s talk price 😉🇨🇦 @bruceanderson I’d buy this for my Lake Erie lake house. You captured it perfectly. Price? @CarreraRoz He’d look good in strips. At the end of a chain gang. Nothing else
@jenhansen31 Here’s 🇨🇦 Ben. Justin tweet coming soon x Donald Trump recorded a bonus episode ( of @TrumpPod live from the Roger Stone Rele…
Retweeted by D Hart @HamillHimself @sarahcpr Now do @JLCauvin
@ShacaYada2 I just returned from Vietnam early March. The precautions were intense. Temp taken before entering hote… Trump Mourns 7/11 #NeverForget (be sure to subscribe to my YouTube to not miss any or catch up)
Retweeted by D Hart @prashusingh2 @RealKiefer @realDonaldTrump Ok bot 👏🏻👏🏻
@michaelsinel_md Interesting. 40 year migraine sufferer here. Rx meds changed my life. Provided I catch it early I’… @RepStefanik @RepBrianHiggins Push away. You have zero say over my border. Canadians will decide based on what is g… @BeardedUniverse Beautiful. What’s the temp?
@DannyAShea Oh no!For more cartoons subscribe to Follow: @newcounterpoint
Retweeted by D Hart @Sundae_Gurl It’s for fuck sake. The fuck is not plural nor does it need an apostrophe But you do you. I can’t be fucking botheredMy friend Matt is correct. But the only PM in my lifetime who I saw drawing as much visceral hate as @JustinTrudeau
Retweeted by D Hart @NStein30132647 This is my neighbours. She had smokebush die two years ago of fungus. Close proximity. They did not…
@ItsCourtDeCamp Well. I’m working from home. Wearing a moo moo with no knickers. So I’m pretty goodDuh @LauraSavino747 I’m Canadian for god sake. We’re shy 😎 @LauraSavino747 Like.... this blew up. You ok? 😂. Holy hell if you suffer anymore trauma I’m not sure what I’d doThread
@Cheritech @CAFinUS It will Cheryl. It really will ❤️