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I like lifting 💪🏼 and I like the Leafs 💙 McMaster U Alumni, Humber College '20. Always wishing I was on a beach somewhere

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Y’all can understand a white kid shooting up a school cuz he was bullied after 4 months of school but don’t underst…
Retweeted by 🌺For context this is the original 😂 IN FORCE MEANT @brandopvpi Lmfao I can’t get over “law in force meant”Everyone Shut up. I don't normally share my thoughts on important topics because I hate confrontation, but y'all…
Retweeted by 🌺honestly losing followers right now is bringing me happiness. my page is PRO BLACK, PRO GAY, PRO SEX WORK, PRO TRAN…
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You hide behind the guise of patriotism, that veterans fought for your freedom and not to “disrespect the flag” but… immensity of American’s hard on for the flag and anthem is simply beyond me. How you gonna worship mere words a… you haven’t already and you’re from or around Toronto, here’s a link of funds/organizations that are local:… Lives Matter.
Retweeted by 🌺 @brandopvpi It’s just a persistent victim mentality that upholds systemic racism. It’s part of the problem and clea… “All Lives Matter” is like going to a fundraiser for the deadliest cancer and screaming “All cancer’s matter”Justice for black lives everywhere. Protect their men, women and children. Fuck racism. Enough is enough the fuck up and go cry about it. White men are the cause of all this so don’t act like you’re helping when you… Pride Month. Stonewall was started because of police brutality.
Retweeted by 🌺A GREAT list of Black-led organizations in Canada for non-Black folks to support and donate to, and resources for e…
Retweeted by 🌺 @dylan_corriveau Oh I didn't kill him!!! But if he got close enough to the wheel he might've gotten squashed 😂 @L_Gennings You're right. I just mean we're not the victims in this. And part of being better is acknowledging the… @sforys92 yuck I really hate those fuckers too, and some of them are so BIG @dylan_corriveau it was on a suicide mission @sforys92 I'm very good with insects in general but yea those things are a hell nah, they make my skin crawl they're so spookyWas doing ab wheel rollouts earlier today and a silver fish ass mfer decided it was cool to just crawl up to me and… @Zone894 Don't see anywhere in this tweet where I mentioned anything you're saying @Zone894 All I said is white people who are complaining need to shut the fuck up, because quite frankly they really… @Zone894 There's also a lot of people using this as an excuse to steal and destroy, not to legitimately protest. In… @Zone894 Nobody's asking for cities to be burnt to the ground but alright. Do your part, both sides have gotten vio… is it so hard for white people to see what's going on, why is it always "but white people this", "but white peo… @ohshlebs Education is free up until post-secondary, and the healthcare is adequate up until you can’t afford it or… people were saying they were losing a bunch of followers for speaking out against racism, I thought it was an… LMFAO free education and adequate healthcare in the US? Do you live under a fucking rock?He’d be fine here in Canada actually. You kneel when you pray. It is peaceful. It doesn’t harm you. It does not con… @dirtbag_daddi BrilliantPeaceful enough for you? 😂😂🔥
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LAPD Union attorney Marla Brown says the protestors should be shot
Retweeted by 🌺The healing starts when he gets rid of your dad 🥰 @singlepayertom @semiinteresting
Retweeted by 🌺Twitter!!!! Do your thing😘😘😘
Retweeted by 🌺Where are all the girls who use spray tan and foundation 40 shades darker than their natural skin tone???? Hope you… @shepsmind ?Don’t be shy, expose sum more. #Anonymous
Retweeted by 🌺 @DailyMirror She looks like a fairy 🧚🏼‍♂️Anonymous, you’re doing great sweetie @crabsov @brittanyyyyy_h Then he shouldn’t give a shoutout claiming he loves the tweets of an account that is well… @crabsov @brittanyyyyy_h So it’s ok to shoutout a well known racist account because of ignorance? @crabsov @brittanyyyyy_h What part of tweeting racist bullshit publically did you not understand? @crabsov @brittanyyyyy_h The dude got called out for being racist and tweeting a whole bunch of BS publically. It’d… America suck my ass againBringing the disgusted Harry Potter proffy back because it’s me @ all these audacious bots spreading lies and spewing maga bullshitThere’s literal video proof he wasn’t resisting. Shut the fuck up, you’re justifying murder over a counterfeit bill… @berezin_goal Unrelated but I’m that exact size now 😭😭😭😭😭😭 lmaoThis is Legolas in 2001. This is Legolas in 2020. Feel old yet?
Retweeted by 🌺 @Sheistarian I think he just missed the guy!!! But he still came out on a mission with this bow and arrow, on some… is wild, I could post these two photos and everyone knows who i'm talking about @MatthewsIsALeaf universal healthcare?!? THAT'S SOCIALISM!!!! *collects stimulus check* WE CAN'T HAVE THAT!!!! @_marlanderthews NO WHAT THE FUCK @tommychillfigs THEY. ARE. PROTESTING. AGAINST. THE. MURDER. OF. INNOCENT. BLACK. PEOPLE. @tommychillfigs It's not guided by one incident and that's it. If they're protesting in Japan, you're really going… @tommychillfigs Ok but you do realize that even if they investigate Regis and it wasn't a result of police brutalit… @tommychillfigs They're looting corporations that have direct ties to the MPD (Target, helped fund the MPD and refu… @brittanyyyyy_h YAAAS QUEEN LMAO @tommychillfigs I don't agree with being violent but i'm also not going to tell black people how they should feel a… @tommychillfigs Because when they tried doing it peacefully, people burned their Nike shoes and Colin Kaepernick lo… @tommychillfigs Where are the homes being burnt down here in Toronto? I haven't heard of any? And also ask that whe… @tommychillfigs If your God mother is a good cop she will understand the outrage of black citizens having to watch… @tommychillfigs There are protests going on in Tokyo, London, Berlin, and different parts of America. The protests… @tommychillfigs These people know what can happen, it's their job to respond to it the right way. The same goes for… @tommychillfigs ?? You really think cops aren't prepared for this kind of stuff and aren't knowledgeable about curr…"All lives matter" he says, before immediately shooting somebody with a bow and arrow, potentially killing them officers just drove an SUV into a crowd of human beings. They could‘ve killed them, &we don’t know how many th…
Retweeted by 🌺 @tommychillfigs and what do you mean nobody knows anything about? People are protesting the murder of George Floyd.… @tommychillfigs If either of my parents were cops and got cussed out from protesters they wouldn't lay a hand on th…
@MerOutLoud @PamelaVoorhee10 I thought it was Mrytle 😂Lets put this "if he could talk he could breathe" bullshit to bed right now!
Retweeted by 🌺 @tommychillfigs Good, people have the right to protest here. I should of found someone to go with and have particip… links for donations: out. Sign the petition. Donate. March. Educate those around you. Petition Link: Minne… girl in the pink tie dye shirt really went ZOOOM @MerOutLoud @duarteelauraa VALID @MerOutLoud @duarteelauraa The advantage about forgetting what things are called: renaming them with something funnier than the correct termHe came full equipped with receipts
Retweeted by 🌺If you’re a white person at these protests, and you see other white people starting shit like throwing rocks or sta…
Retweeted by 🌺The irony @MerOutLoud @Carloumanati @HymanHustles @CoachBombayy Bystanders or witnesses who helped her say she was but for the sake of ev… @Carloumanati @HymanHustles @CoachBombayy She ended up in the ER cause her head hit so hard on the ground she was getting seizures.... @Carloumanati @HymanHustles @CoachBombayy This cop can easily remain calm when he tells a girl to move off the stre… @Carloumanati @HymanHustles @CoachBombayy But I’m literally talking about the girl in the video versus that. You sa… @Carloumanati @HymanHustles @CoachBombayy I just hope you’d hold that same energy when people push on cops and spit… @HymanHustles @CoachBombayy In some cases there isn’t more. There might not be a video out there from before and af… @HymanHustles @CoachBombayy No I’m saying there’s 3 clips on the very incident at different angles. Those can merel… @Carloumanati @HymanHustles @CoachBombayy So you legit think a cop can just push someone to the ground that hard ju… @HymanHustles @CoachBombayy No but things are taken to court regardless of how much evidence there is of the event.… @Carloumanati @HymanHustles @CoachBombayy The one I linked from her profile from her perspective, not this one @Carloumanati @HymanHustles @CoachBombayy If you watch the video you can see them walking towards her while she’s c… @HymanHustles @CoachBombayy Because he hit the phone out of her hand right before he pushed her???? Other people ha… @HymanHustles @CoachBombayy There’s another video with another angle if you wanna search for it. You see him knock… @HymanHustles @CoachBombayy @CoachBombayy @HymanHustles I agree, but people will say she asked for it and was antagonizing him. She ended up ha… @HymanHustles @CoachBombayy She didn’t spit on the cop she has a mask on, there’s a video from her perspective as t… mean to tell me that the amish, the people who don’t even USE social media or many electronics to begin with, k…
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